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Golden State Collegiate Baseball League Player of the Year Antonio Ibarra By Cherie Smith Antonio Ibarra played summer baseball for the Aurburn Wildcats this summer as a second baseman and a shortstop. This is Ibarra’s fifth year playing summer baseball. He played for the Central Valley Knight Elite for the last four summers. For the 2012-2013 school year, Ibarra was a sophomore at West Hills College in Coalinga, CA. He played his freshman year at Porterville College. He graduated from McLane High School in Fresno, CA. Sonoma State or Sacramento State is where Ibarra will be attending this year. At West Hills College this past spring Ibarra was a shortstop and a right handed pitcher. As a position player, he played in 36 games, 142 at bats, 19 runs, 43 hits, five doubles, three tiples, 25 RBI, 10 walks, Antonio Ibarra at West seven striekouts, two stolen bases, .363 on base percentage, .380 Hills College in spring slugging percentage, and a .303 batting average. He pitched in 15 2013 games, started three, 1-4 record, six saves, one complete game, 32.2 innings pitched, 44 hits, 26 runs, 18 earned runs, 12 walks, 30 strikeouts, homeruns, and a 4.96 ERA. Ibarra talked about playing for the Auburn Wildcats this summer and how it was fun. The Wildcats are one big family. He said, “home games are the best, there is no better feeling then having hundreds of fans yelling your name as you walk up to take your at bat!!!” At the away games random people and children wanted his autograph. “One of the best summers I have ever had!,” Ibarra said. He also said, “Some of my highlights this year were playing against Humboldt Crabs and showing them that little guys can really pack a punch LOL!!” The 2013 Golden State Collegiate Baseball League Play of the Year went to Ibarra. For summer 2013 Ibarra played in 40 games, 171 at bats, 37 runs, 62 hits, 17 doubles, five triples, two homeruns, 28 RBI, 15 walks, 26 strikeouts, 11 stolen bases, and .363 batting average. During this summer he was able to live with a host family, the Valencia’s. Ibarra said, “They are the best, they make me feel like family!!” “I started playing baseball at the age of 3 or 4; being Mexican Dominican you are always around baseball. My inspiration was my older brother Manuel Ibarra Jr. and trainer, who is my father, Manuel Ibarra Sr.” Without them he would have not played baseball. He said, “Would like to thank them and say much love to them both!”

Antonio Ibarra - Aurburn Wildcats