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Enriched for Life Volume 3, Issue 3

w i n te r/s p r i n g 2 0 1 8 • Community Classes • School Calendar • PPSfor School Information Enrichment Classes Youth & Adults


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Enrichment Class Registration Information & Policies 4 WAYS TO REGISTER

1. Online Registration at 2. Call the Enrichment Office at (269) 323-6700 3. Mail registration form with fee to: Portage Public Schools, 8107 Mustang Drive, Portage, MI 49002 Attn: Enrichment Program 4. Visit us at 8107 Mustang Drive in Portage Payment due at time of registration. We accept VISA, MC, DISCOVER & AMERICAN EXPRESS. Checks payable to Portage Public Schools All classes must reach minimum renrollment. ENROLL EARLY! Registration closes one week prior to the start date. Mark your calendar!! Come at your registered time unless otherwise contacted. All classes must reach minimum enrollment. Registration closes one week prior to the start date.

All notification/receipts are sent via email. Please keep your email address current. SCHOOL CLOSURE POLICY

As a rule, when PPS cancels school due to unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather or power outages, the Enrichment programs will also be canceled. However, there are times when the decision may be made to still hold all or some enrichment classes that day. In the event that classes have been canceled, a teacher or off-site business may have the option to hold class. Please check the EfL website (, your email and/or contact the business where your class is scheduled to be held. Please have a current email address in your profile.


A full refund will be issued if it is necessary for us to cancel a class/ program because of insufficient enrollment. If the enrolled student calls within three business days before the first class meeting, a refund will be issued, minus a $10 processing fee. If you cancel after the deadline, you will not qualify for a refund. If the class you are dropping still has the minimum enrollment needed to run, you may transfer your registration to another session. No refunds or credits will be issued for one-time programs unless request is received at least three business days in advance. Once a class begins, no refunds will be given. A $25 fee will be assessed for returned checks. Please Note: The refund policy applies to all classes unless otherwise noted in the class description.


Receive a 10% reduction in charges on your class fees. (Applies to most classes.) Please call the office before registering to obtain the correct charges.







Registration Information & Policies.......................................................2 Guide To Finding Our Schools Class Locations............................................................................ 4/5

Fitness, Sports & Recreation

Adult & Youth.......................................................................... 6-19


Adult Aquatics ...........................................................................20 Youth Aquatics....................................................................... 21-23

Special Interests & Academics

Special Interests.................................................................... 24-25 Academics.................................................................................26

The Arts

Dance.........................................................................................27-29 Art .............................................................................................30-33

Business & Technology........................................................... 34-36 Registration Form..........................................................................37 PPS School Calendar and Information............................................ 38-39

✿ Look for this graphic for Spring classes! • Infant and Toddler Care • Full and half day preschool • Approved for KCR4ʻs • School age wrap-around childcare (six PPS school sites) • Middle school wrap-around childcare Curious Kids is a licensed child care and pre-school program offering structured activities in a safe and caring environment.





The Administration building is located at 8107 Mustang Drive. Mustang Drive is east of S. Westnedge near the Dairy Queen on Centre. Turn onto Mustang Drive and the building will be on your left. Please use the main entrance. COMMUNITY EDUCATION CENTER (CEC)/CURIOUS KIDS/COMMUNITY H.S.

The Community Education Center is located at 1010 West Milham in Portage (corner of Constitution and Milham, Constitution Road dead ends into the parking lot). Follow the parking lot around to the back of the building and use the north entrance. • CEC/Classrooms

Use the north entrance (glass vestibule), located at the back of the building. Proceed down the north hallway to locate classrooms 122-129.


Use the student entrance located at the corner of Centre Avenue and Mustang Drive. •

CHS/ Media Center (2nd Floor)–Use the student entrance. Stairs are located to the left. Proceed to the 2nd floor; the Media Center will be in front of you. Elevator is located to the right. Go to the 2nd floor, turn left upon exiting the elevator, proceed over the “bridge” and the Media Center will be on your right. CHS/Rm 1130-1136–Use the student entrance and proceed down the hallway past the office to find your classroom.

CHS/1122 (Art Room) & 1125–Use the student entrance, turn left and proceed through the blue double doors to find your classroom.

CHS Stable–Located behind Central Middle School on S. Westnedge Avenue, south of Central High School.


Located at the corner of Idaho and Oregon streets, follow Oregon to the parking lot located at the back of the building. •

NHS/Commons–Use the 3-story glass entrance.

NHS/Doghouse–Located east of the parking lot.



NHS/L114 Follow the sidewalk, located to the right of the 3-story glass entrance, to the door between the two wings of the building. Enter, turn right and proceed to the next hallway.


NHS/Community Room (Comm Rm)– Use the main entrance located in front of the high school, the Community Room will be straight ahead, past the office.


NMS/Pool–Entrance is located on the north side of the school on Idaho Street (facing Northern High School).

NMS/Media Ctr—Use main entrance, turn left and proceed to the end of the hall. Turn right and continue down hall, the Media Center is on the right.

Key to Rooms

ACT/Activity Area ART/Art Room CAF/Cafeteria COMM/Commons COMM RM/Community Room COMP LAB/Computer Lab CONF/Conference Room MEDIA/Media Center Enriched for Life is printed by Grand Blanc Printing Enrichment Coordinator: Cherie McMullin

Guide To Finding Our Schools/Class Locations






1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 14. 14. 16. 16.

AMB – Amberly Elementary, 6637 Amberly Avenue ANG – Angling Road Elementary, 5340 Angling Road CEL – Central Elementary, 8422 South Westnedge Avenue HAV – Haverhill Elementary, 6633 Haverhill Avenue 4 (269) 323-6759 LCE – Lake Center Elementary, 10010 Portage Road MBE – Moorsbridge Elementary, 7361 Moorsbridge Road TWL – 12th Street Elementary, 6501 S. 12th Street WOD – Woodland Elementary, 1401 Woodland Avenue CMS – Central Middle School, 8305 South Westnedge Avenue NMS – North Middle School, 5808 Oregon Street WMS – West Middle School, 7145 Moorsbridge Road CHS – Central High School, 8135 South Westnedge Avenue NHS – Northern High School, 1000 Idaho Street CEC – Portage Community Education Center, 1010 West Milham Avenue CEC/CK – Curious Kids Child Care/Pre-school CEC/CoHS – Community High School ADM – Administration Building, 8107 Mustang Drive H ADM – Enrichment Office, 8107 Mustang Drive H A d d i t i o n a l

C l a s s

L o c a t i o n s

Fitness Yoga – 614 Romence Rd. Suite 240 Great Skate – 10496 Portage Road KIC/Kingdom Sports – 8151 Merchant Place Mosaic Hall & Dance Center – 10097 Oakland Drive Quinn School of Irish Dance – 5534 West Michgan Avenue West Hills Athletic Club – 2001 South 11th Street Walker’s Tae Kwon Do – 8675 Portage Road

✿ Look for this graphic for Spring classes!



Fitness, Sports & Recreation FITNESS YOGA Functional Core FITNESS YOGA Yoga Sunrise Stretch RISE & SHINE! Seeking morning-passionate yogis who are looking for an uplifting way to start their day.We will use breath and gentle movement to increase blood flow to all parts of the body, including the brain. Ease morning stiffness and joint discomfort by slowly warming up the body and building energy to sustain you throughout the day. SUNRISE STRETCH - 113153W WED 6:00-6:45AM 1/24-2/21 FITNESS YOGA $55 / 5WKS PHILLIPS SUNRISE STRETCH - 113154W WED 6:00-6:45AM 2/28-3/28 FITNESS YOGA $55 / 5WKS PHILLIPS

Core stability plays a major role as we move through our daily activities. A solid core keeps your back healthy, helps you to maintain good posture, improves your balance, enhances performance and prevents injuries. This class will focus on training the many muscles that make up and stabilize posture and increase core stability. All fitness levels welcome. FUNCTIONAL CORE - 113146W THURSDAYS 10:15-11:15AM 1/25-2/22 FITNESS YOGA $65 / 5WKS EARLE FUNCTIONAL CORE - 113147W THURSDAYS 10:15-11:15AM 3/08-4/05 FITNESS YOGA $65 / 5WKS EARLE

Fitness Yoga 640 Romence Rd, Suite 111, Hillside Center in Portage

806-8618 640 Romence Road • Suite 111 • Portage, MI 49024

Angela Cassada

Registered Yoga Teacher E-RYT 200 PilatesFit Certified

Visit our website, and check out the introductory video.




Come release stress and tension in this effective and exciting “Mind” and “Body” workout. It combines aerobic and anaerobic movements, as well as elements from Hatha Yoga and traditional exercise, linked together in a flowing series of poses that create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Explore your limits physically and mentally, while working all parts of your body equally to create balance that will compliment other activities of daily life. Previous yoga experience recommended. EXPERIENCE BEG - 113158W TUESDAYS 9:00-10:00AM 1/23-2/20 FITNESS YOGA $65 / 5WKS CASSADA EXPERIENCE BEG. - 113155W FRIDAYS 9:00-10:00AM 1/26-2/23 CASSADA FITNESS YOGA $65 / 5WKS

Enhance your fitness routine with a blend of Yoga and Pilates. Work your core and stretch your muscles as you move through a blend of Pilates exercises, gentle yoga postures and stretches, you will increase core strength, balance and flexibility. Do you have a sore back? A strong core can help relieve or eliminate back pain. BASICS - 113150W MONDAYS 6:45-7:45PM 1/22-2/19 FITNESS YOGA $65 / 5WKS CASSADA BASICS - 113151W THURSDAYS 6:45-7:45PM 1/25-2/22 FITNESS YOGA $65 / 5WKS EARLE BASICS - 113152W MONDAYS 6:45-7:45PM 3/19-4/16 CASSADA FITNESS YOGA $65 / 5WKS


W! FITNESS YOGA NEIRON Yoga Experienced Beginner


Join us for this challenging full body workout. Iron yoga will help you burn calories, build greater strength and improve flexibility. Hand weights will be incorporated into our yoga postures for an extra challenge in your yoga practice. Hand weights available or bring your own. Previous experience recommended

Boost your energy levels and relieve stress and tension as you gently stretch and move your body through yoga poses in a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. The focus will be on posture, balance, range of motion, joint health and deep stretches, connecting breath with movement. This is an excellent class if you are new to yoga or perhaps healing from an injury.



E N R O L L E A R LY !

Registration closes one week prior to the start date!

Calm Your Mind & Settle Your Body

TURN THE PAGE for Meditation & Youth Yoga Classes.



Fitness, Sports & Recreation

FITNESS YOGA Yoga & Pilates Basics

Experienced Beginner

Fitness, Sports & Recreation

Yoga for Kids

ut C esh

After School Fun @ Moorsbridge EL Grades K-2 ­— In these fun and imaginative

classes, we will take yoga adventures, explore yoga poses, breathing techniques and relaxation. Through movement and creativity, students will learn to calm their minds and strengthen their bodies. Yoga promotes physical, emotional and social development and leaves children with a calm, focused and balanced mind. Mats provided. Instructor: Daphney Dotson, RYT. GRADES K-2 - 113206W 4:10-5:00PM TUESDAYS MBE/STAGE $40 / 4WKS

1/09-1/30 DOTSON

GRADES K-2 - 113208W 4:10-5:00PM TUESDAYS MBE/STAGE $40 / 4WKS

4/10-5/01✿ DOTSON

Grades 3-5 — Unwind in this fun-themed class. Students will learn to calm their minds while strengthening their muscles. We will build on knowledge of large muscle groups, heart functions, breathing techniques, partner yoga, and calm minds. We will explore yoga movements in engaging and creative ways. Mats provided. Please send a water bottle and snack with your child to enjoy before class. GRADES 3-5 - 113207W TUESDAYS 4:10-5:00PM MBE/STAGE $40 / 4WKS

* Fr


s a istmees

r h C


Firs: Balsam, Douglas, Fraser; Scotch Pine & Blue Spruce Sizes: 5ft. - 10ft.

Hours: Sun 12 – 6 pm Mon -Thurs 1 – 7 pm Fri - Sat 9 – 7 pm Mornings by call ahead 269-323-1094

2/13-3/06 DOTSON

MEDITATION (TEENS & ADULTS) Calm Your Mind & Settle Your Body Come explore meditation with Daphney Dotson, RYT. Learn to focus your attention on a single point of reference to relieve anxiety and stress. Students will be taught the process of meditation through a guided practice focusing on the breath to promote mental clarity, optimism, mental awareness, better sleep, and deep relaxation. Mats and blankets are available. ADULTS 18+ - 113209W THURSDAYS 7:00PM-7:45PM 2/01-2/15 ADM/CONF 1 $36 / 3WKS DOTSON ADULTS 18+ - 113210W THURSDAYS 7:00PM-7:45PM 4/12-4/26✿ ADM/CONF 1 $36 / 3WKS DOTSON



Corstange Greenhouses 1749 E. Centre Avenue

“Drop-In” Volleyball

Recreational Volleyball

Looking for players who love to play Volleyball! Join us Monday nights for a fun night of volleyball at a great location! There are three courts available. Ages 18+

Join us Monday nights for a fun night of co-ed volleyball. The class is designed for players with a basic understanding of the game, but we welcome players of all skill levels. Teams form nightly.


7:15-9:15PM CHS STABLE SESSION DATES: 6/19/17 - 5/21/18 (NO CLASS: 6/26, 7/03, 12/25, 1/01, 2/26, 4/02) LOCATION: 6/19/17 - 2/19/18 @ CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL STABLE (LOCATED BEHIND CMS) 3/05-5/21 @ CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL GYM





Busy Bodies Busy Bodies is designed to accommodate the needs of exercisers of all ages and fitness levels. Build strength, endurance and balance while improving posture and stamina with this great all around workout! This class is a 50/50 combination of choreographed aerobic exercise and body sculpting, ending with a stretching segment guaranteed to ease your muscles, slow your breath and calm your spirit. Join us; we have been helping bodies get fit for over 30 years! Please bring a towel or mat for the floor work. Registration for any two-day class includes unlimited attendance at any Monday through Thursday class. Drop In classes are offered on Saturdays. No preregistration. Fee: $6 per class BUSY BODIES III - 110108W MON/WED 5:45-6:45PM 1/29-3/28 TWL GYM $108 / 9WKS JENZEN

BUSY BODIES IV - 110112W TUE/THU 5:45-6:45PM 4/10-6/07✿ TWL GYM $108 / 9WKS HAROLDSON

5/24 @ WMS/CAF

2/19 & 3/26 @ WMS/CAF BUSY BODIES III - 110109W TUE/THU 5:45-6:45PM 1/30-3/29 TWL GYM $108 / 9WKS HAROLDSON BUSY BODIES IV - 110110W MON/WED 5:45-6:45PM 4/09-6/06✿ TWL GYM $102 / 8.5WKS JENZEN



✿ DON’T FORGET SPRING! Look for the Spring graphic.



Fitness, Sports & Recreation


Fitness, Sports & Recreation


Karate for Kids, Adults & Families & Self Defense for Women Fee: $35 per person for the first 2 family members in the same household, all other family members are free. Instructors hold a ranking of at least 1st Degree Black Belt and maintain a continual certification. Set in a fun, non-competitive and informative atmosphere, these programs are designed to empower you with knowledge that can save your life! Learn a broad range of techniques, including individual strikes, advanced combinations and more. You will also receive training on how to deal with, get out of and counter different grabs and other attack scenarios.Uniforms available, but not required. The Karate for Families is offered for the parent AND child (age 5+) to attend together. The Karate for Adults & Teens is designed for ages 14+/Grades 8+. The Karate for Kids is designed for ages 5 - 14. Our Sanchin-Ryu for Kids program combines Sanchin-Ryu Karate & Self-Defense with Project: Secure Child (child safety). Students will be trained with proven, age-appropriate techniques that are necessary for kids to protect themselves from attackers. This class is set in a fun, yet structured, environment with emphasis on healthy attitudes versus perfection! Participants will achieve great self- confidence and leadership through physical techniques, mental strategies, drills and exercises.

Sanchin-Ryu For Families FAMILIES - 221204W WEDNESDAYS 7:00-8:00PM CEC/CAF $35 / 7WKS

1/10-2/21 FULLER

2/21 @ CEC/GYM FAMILIES - 221205W SATURDAYS 11:00AM-12:00PM CEC/CK GYM $35 / 7WKS FAMILIES - 221304W WEDNESDAYS 7:00-8:00PM CEC/CK CAF $35 / 7WKS

1/13-2/24 BALLENTINE 2/28-4/18 FULLER

FAMILIES - 221305W SATURDAYS 11:00AM-12:00PM 3/03-4/21 CEC/CK GYM $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE FAMILIES - 221404W WEDNESDAYS 7:00-8:00PM 4/25-6/06✿ CEC/CAF $35 / 7WKS FULLER FAMILIES - 221405W SATURDAYS 11:00AM-12:00PM 4/28-6/16✿ CEC/CK GYM $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE

NO CLASS 3/31, 4/04, 5/26

Sanchin-Ryu for Adults and Teens ADULTS & TEENS - 221206W WEDNESDAYS 8:00-9:00PM CEC/CAF $35 / 7WKS

1/10-2/21 FULLER

2/21 @ CEC/GYM ADULTS & TEENS - 221207W SATURDAYS 12:00-1:00PM 1/13-2/24 CEC/CK GYM $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE ADULTS & TEENS - 221306W WEDNESDAYS 8:00-9:00PM 2/28-4/18 CEC/CK CAF $35 / 7WKS FULLER

ADULTS & TEENS - 221307W SATURDAYS 12:00-1:00PM 3/03-4/21 CEC/CK GYM $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE ADULTS & TEENS - 221406W WEDNESDAYS 8:00-9:00PM 4/25-6/06✿ CEC/CAF $35 / 7WKS FULLER ADULTS & TEENS - 221407W SATURDAYS 12:00-1:00PM 4/28-6/16✿ CEC/CK GYM $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE

NO CLASS 3/31, 4.04, 5/26

Sanchin-Ryu for Kids KIDS - 221202W WEDNESDAYS 6:00-7:00PM CEC/CAF $35 / 7WKS

1/10-2/21 FULLER

2/21 @ CEC/GYM KIDS - 221203W SATURDAYS 10:00-11:00AM CEC/CK GYM $35 / 7WKS KIDS - 221302W WEDNESDAYS 6:00-7:00PM CEC/CK CAF $35 / 7WKS

1/13-2/24 BALLENTINE 2/28-4/18 FULLER

(ages 5-14)

KIDS - 221303W SATURDAYS 10:00-11:00AM 3/03-4/21 CEC/CK GYM $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE KIDS - 221402W WEDNESDAYS 6:00-7:00PM 4/25-6/06✿ CEC/CAF $35 / 7WKS FULLER KIDS - 221403W SATURDAYS 10:00-11:00AM 4/28-6/16✿ CEC/CK GYM $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE

NO CLASS 3/31, 4/04, 5/26 10


You will be instilled with self-confidence as you learn how to protect yourself in any situation. You will learn kicks, blocks and strikes, along with Forms (a series of moves). We have fun in a family oriented environment and would love to have you in class with us! Owner, Master Mike Kadrovach, is a 5th Degree Black Belt, and his assistant instructors range from a 1st Degree Black Belt to a 4th Degree Black Belt. Uniforms available but not required. Wear loose clothing and bring a water bottle. We live by the five tenants of Tae Kwon Do. Courtesy-Be kind to others. Integrity-Do what you say you are going to do. Perseverance-Never give up. Self Control-Control your own actions. Indomitable Spirit-Your spirit can never be crushed. M/T/W/TH/F: 6:00-6:50 pm 1 day per week: $33 2 days per week: $60 Register for the number of days per week only. The day of the week is not required and can vary weekly. TAE KWON DO - 229107W WALKERS 6:00-6:50PM 1/01-2/02 5WKS TAE KWON DO - 229108W WALKERS 6:00-6:50PM 2/05-3/09 5WKS TAE KWON DO - 229109W WALKERS 6:00-6:50PM 3/12-4/13 5WKS TAE KWON DO - 229110W WALKERS 6:00-6:50PM 4/16-5/18✿ 5WKS

Walker’s Tae Kwon Do 8675 Portage Road

Self Defense for Women This is an ongoing study of personal protection at home, school, and at the work place. Street-wise techniques are taught and discussed so that size and strength are not involved. Learn to act in stressful situations rather than being controlled by them. This is a great opportunity for mother/daughter to spend time together. Ages 14+ Instructor: Master Sensei Steve Ballentine Fee: $35/individual, $70/family SELF DEFENSE - 221201W TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30PM 1/09-2/20 CEC/CK CAF $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE SELF DEFENSE - 221301W TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30PM 2/27-4/17 CEC/CK CAF $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE SELF DEFENSE - 221401W TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30PM 4/24-6/05✿ CEC/CK CAF $35 / 7WKS BALLENTINE


✿ DON’T FORGET SPRING! Look for the Spring graphic.

Prevention is the Best Self Defense

Fitness, Sports & Recreation

Tae Kwon Do (Ages 4-Adult)

E N R O L L E A R LY !

Registration closes one week prior to the start date!



Fitness, Sports & Recreation


Adult Tennis Level 1: A one-hour beginner level class. Players will be introduced to ground strokes, volleys, serves, and overheads as well as positioning on the court for singles and doubles. This class will meet others and a “Fun” way to exercise. Ages 18+ Level 2: This is the next step after completing the Level 1 class or for those who may have played the game in the past and are looking to get started again. This 1½ hour class will review and practice the shots covered in the Level 1 class with emphasis placed on more competition, including singles and doubles play. Ages 18+ Level 3: This class is for 2.5 to 3.0 level players. It introduces strategy and positioning for both singles and doubles play. Each session will feature drills/situational point play followed by supervised competitive match play. Ages 18+

1/22 - 3/07

Adult Tennis Day Time Adult Level 1

Class ID









5/07 - 6/13✿

No Classes 4/02, 4/04

No Classes 5/28

Class ID


Class ID

$105 (7)


$105 (7)


$75 (5)

$105 (7)



$90 (6)

$105 (7)


Adult Level 2 Monday


220111W $157.50 (7)

220141W $157.50 (7)

220147W $112.50 (5)



220112W $157.50 (7)

220142W $157.50 (7)

220148W $112.50 (5)

220113W $157.50 (7)

220143W $157.50 (7)

220149W $112.50 (5)

Adult Level 3 Monday


West Hills Athletic Club 2001 South 11th Street

All notification/receipts are sent via email. Please keep your email address current.

WEST HILLS ATHLETIC CLUB 2001 S. 11th St Kalamazoo, MI 49009 | (269) 387–0410 Group Fitness | Pilates Reformer | Personal Training | Small Group Training | Tennis | Kids’ Club

Bring in this ad to receive 50% off the enrollment fee.

Offer good with 12 month agreement. Other restrictions may apply. Offer expires January 15, 2018



Junior Tennis Ages 3-6 (Red Ball): Introduction to simple stroke mechanics, balance, throwing, catching and footwork. A 36’ court, a softer and slower ball, and a lower net will be used to aid in skill and confidence building. Ages 7-8 (Red Ball): The focus is on developing rally skills, working with a partner, footwork, and stroke mechanics with the goal of working toward point play. A 36’ court will be used to help develop rally skills and develop confidence. Ages 9-11 (Orange Ball): Learn the fundamental grips, footwork and swing paths. Rally and serve skills will be a predominate theme, with the goal of playing points. A 60’ court and a slower orange ball will be used to help develop rally skills and confidence. Ages 12-18 (Green/Yellow Ball): Learn fundamental grips, footwork and stroke mechanics. An emphasis on rally and serve skills will help players to learn the fundamentals of how to play a match.

JuniorTennis Day


1/22 - 3/10

Class ID


3/12- 5/05


No Classes 3/17, 4/02-4/07 Class ID

No Classes 5/28


Class ID


Ages 3 - 6 / Red Ball Monday

4:30-5:30 PM

220101W $105 (7)

220121W $105 (7)

220131W $75 (5)


9:00-10:00 AM

220102W $105 (7)

220122W $75 (6)

220132W $90 (6)

Ages 7 - 8 / Red Ball Tuesday

4:30-5:30 PM

220103W $105 (7)

220123W $105 (7)

220133W $90 (6)


10:00-11:00 AM

220104W $105 (7)



$75 (6)

$90 (6)

Ages 9 - 11 / Orange Ball Tuesday

5:30-6:30 PM

220105W $105 (7)

220125W $105 (7)

220135W $90 (6)



220106W $105 (7)

220126W $75 (6)

220136W $90 (6)

Ages 12 - 18 / Green/Yellow Ball Monday

4:30-6:00 PM

220107W $157.50 (7)

220127W $157.50 (7)

220137W $112.50 (5)


6:00-7:30 PM

220108W $157.50 (7)

220128W $157.50 (7)

220138W $135 (6)

West Hills Athletic Club • 2001 South 11th Street



Fitness, Sports & Recreation

Junior Tennis will introduce players to basic tennis skills, scoring, court positioning and etiquette. Age appropriate equipment will be used to aid in skill and confidence building.

Fitness, Sports & Recreation



Cheer Champion Force Athletics Champion Force Athletics is a fun and exciting program for students ages 4-15 with or without previous experience. Students will learn jumps, kicks, arm motions, stunting, cheers and chants and learn a pom dance routine. Students will learn the necessary skills needed for school cheerleading tryouts. Our program works to build self-confidence, poise, self- esteem and physical fitness. Division 4 is an advanced division for returning students. If you are interested in trying out please contact Champion force Athletics at 1-800-940-7469. Poms sets, with I.D. tags, may be ordered at class. Uniforms may be ordered at class. Optional events may be offered. CHEER (4-6YRS) - 511209W THURSDAYS 5:30-6:15PM 2/15-6/07 MBE/GYM $128 / 16WKS BRYAN

CHEER (10+) - 511211W THURSDAYS 7:00-7:45PM MBE/GYM $128 / 16WKS

CHEER (7-9YRS) - 511210W THURSDAYS 6:15-7:00PM MBE/GYM $128 / 16WKS

CHEER DIVISION 4 - 511212W THURSDAYS 7:45-8:45PM 2/15-6/07 MBE/GYM $160 / 16WKS BRYAN

2/15-6/07 BRYAN

2/15-6/07 BRYAN


E N R O L L E A R LY !

Registration closes one week prior to the start date!


s k i i n g , s n o w b o a rd i n g , t u b i n g

Skiing, snowboarding and tubing for kids & adults! Family owned since 1961, Timber Ridge offers sixty beautiful acres of outdoor fun with natural lake effect snow, snowmaking and lighted slopes. An inviting lodge with food, music, beverages and a warm atmosphere! Instruction for all levels and racing for all ages. Located just 15 miles northwest of Kalamazoo.



full price of lift ticket ! Valid anytime during the 2017-18 winter season. Must present coupon. NOT valid with other offers or discounts.



Simply The Best “Simply The Best” is specifically designed to enhance the sensorimotor development of children. The purpose is to promote neurological growth, develop motor skills, improve body awareness and cultivate a healthy self-esteem. If your child has a problem with basic skill development, movement, or learning problems, he/she may benefit from this program. Sessions are available for individuals not experiencing problems but would like to further develop their motor skills. Times will be arranged with parents according to placement of the child. A sensorimotor assessment ($65 fee) is strongly recommended for appropriate placement. Parents may be required to participate if their child is very young or has special needs that are more severe. This class is led by Ann Platte, an Adaptive Physical Education Consultant, with a Masters’ Degree in Special Physical Education and Early Childhood Education. Ann is also a former college athlete and coach. Note: All parents must speak with the instructor BEFORE registering for this class. Call the EFL office for contact information. Location: Wednesdays @ CEC/CKids, Thursdays @ Haverhill Fee Structure for a 4 week session: $95-Group $190-Individual $285-One Group and One Individual For more information call 323-6700. WINTER 1 WINTER 2

570106W 570107W

1/10-2/01 2/07-3/01

WINTER 3 WINTER 4 WINTER 5 2/08 & 3/22 @ CEC

570108W 570109W 570110W

3/07-3/29 4/11-5/03✿ 5/09-5/31✿

Do You Want to Move Better on the Court or Field? Enhancing the way an athlete moves will help dramatically improve his or her performance in almost any sport. Our performance training coordinator, Stacie, will help develop a plan based on your goals. These sessions can be for an individual, group or team. To make an appointment for a free consultation, call (855) 618-2676, ext. 4579.

Stacie Harris, MS

New location! Inside Softball Fans at 3433 Midlink Drive, just off Sprinkle Road and I-94, Kalamazoo.



Fitness, Sports & Recreation

(Motor/Social Skills Development)

Fitness, Sports & Recreation


Roller Skating Have Fun and Make Friends Have fun, make friends and learn the basic skills of skating. Class consists of 30 minutes of instruction and 30 minutes of practice. An award will be presented to each skater upon completion of the class. Bring your quad or in-line skates or rental of either is available for an additional charge. (Parents are welcome to enroll and participate with their child.) Repeat students welcome! For children ages 4-12. Great Skate is located at 10496 Portage Rd. ROLLER SKATING - 512102W MONDAYS 5:30-6:30PM GREAT SKATE $30 / 3WKS

1/29-2/12 STAFF

E N R O L L E A R LY !

Registration closes one week prior to the start date!




Tech & Play Soccer (Ages 7-11) This program is designed for players that wish to improve their soccer technique. Each week skills will be taught and implemented in a scrimmage. Bring a size 4 soccer ball, indoor shoes, and shin guards. $89/6 WKS TECH & PLAY TUE - 550316W 5:30-6:25PM 1/02-2/06 WED - 550317W 5:30-6:25PM 1/03-2/07 SAT - 550318W 1:00-1:55PM 1/06-2/10

Micro Kickers Soccer (Ages 2-3) This class is designed to build confidence through stimulating activities in KIC’s safe family-friendly environment. Adult companion required. Bring a size 3 soccer ball. Wear indoor athletic shoes; no cleats. MICRO KICKERS $89/ 6WKS SAT - 550310W 9:00-9:45AM 1/06-2/10 SAT - 550311W 10:00-10:45AM 1/06-2/10 SAT - 550410W 9:00-9:45AM SAT - 550411W 10:00-10:45AM SAT - 550510W 9:00-9:45AM NO CLASS 4/21

Mini Kickers Soccer (Ages 4-6) This class is a fun, age-appropriate, professionally-guided introduction to the game of soccer. Boys and girls play and learn, building a strong foundation of proper kicking, dribbling and ball-handling skills. Bring a size 3 soccer ball, indoor shoes and shin guards. MINI KICKERS $89/6 WKS TUE - 550312W 4:30-5:25PM 1/02-2/06 WED -550313W 4:30-5:25PM 1/03-2/07 SAT - 550314W 11:00-11:55AM 1/06-2/10 SAT - 550315W 12:00-12:55PM 1/06-2/10 TUE - 550412W 4:30-5:25PM WED -550413W 4:30-5:25PM SAT - 550414W 11:00-11:55AM SAT - 550415W 12:00-12:55PM

TUE - 550416W 5:30-6:25PM 2/13-3/20 WED - 550417W 5:30-6:25PM 2/14-3/21 SAT - 550418W 1:00-1:55PM 2/17-3/24 WED - 550514W 5:30-6:25PM 3/28-5/02✿ SAT - 550515W 11:00-11:55AM 3/31-5/12✿ NO CLASS 4/21

KIC/Kingdom Sports

8151 Merchant Place, Portage

Greater Kalamazoo World of Gymnastics_FALL_2011_0

2/17-3/24 2/17-3/24 3/31-5/12✿

2/13-3/20 2/14-3/21 2/17-3/24 2/17-3/24

WED - 550511W 4:30-5:25PM 3/28-5/02✿ SAT - 550513W 10:00-10:55AM 3/31-5/12✿ NO CLASS 4/21

Fitness, Sports & Recreation

Fitness, Sports & Recreation


Gymnastics for All Ages 18 months to 18 years

Teaches a progression of skills for success in gymnastics as well as strength and balance in preparation for all other sports.

Fewer students per teacher and longer class times create faster learning and the best gymnastics value.

Specialty Classes Cheerleading Tumbling & Trampoline

g in Specializinnastics gym g in ch a te ll ages azoo for a in Kalam ths to 18 ye ars 18 mon ast 27 ye ars. for the p ls, Beginner to Boys & Girtiti ve Levels. Compe

Our pr will increograms child’s self ase your agilit y, co -esteem, and coordnfidence ination. Accelerate Motor Skill Development

Creative, lively, structured FUN for small groups of 18 months to 6 years.

Enroll Now for New Term


Convenient location near 1-94 & Sprinkle Road

“There’s nothing else like it!”




MINOR LEAGUERS — This introduction into baseball focuses on proper fundamentals of the game. Proper throwing, hitting, catching and base running will be covered. Players must bring their own glove and wear regular tennis shoes or indoor flats, no cleats allowed. Bats and balls are provided. Ages 5-7 MAJOR LEAGUERS — This class focuses on proper fundamentals of the game. Proper fielding, throwing, hitting, catching and base running will be covered. Players must bring their own gloves and wear regular tennis shoes or indoor flats no cleats allowed. Bats and balls provided. Ages 8-10 MINORS - 550321W TUESDAY 4:30-5:25PM KIC $89 / 6WKS MAJORS - 550322W TUESDAY 5:30-6:25PM KIC $89 / 6WKS

1/02-2/06 STAFF 1/02-2/06 STAFF

MINORS - 550521W TUESDAY 4:30-5:25PM KIC $89 / 6WKS MAJORS - 550522W TUESDAY 5:30-6:25PM KIC $89 / 6WKS

2/13-3/20 STAFF 2/13-3/20 STAFF

Girls Lacrosse Lacrosse Skill Building — Come brush up on your

lacrosse basics! Skill building is a great way to get your stick skills up before the spring season. This session is also good for a beginner to learn the basics and feel more confident. Grades 5-8

Lacrosse Train & Play — Lacrosse basics will be taught in a fun and encouraging environment through a broad base of drills and games. Players will learn basic skills and the 4 week season will culminate with a game or play day for the girls to show off what they’ve learned. Grades 2-4

Enroll Early! Registration closes ones week prior to the start date. LACROSSE (5-8) - 516102W MONDAYS 6:30-8:00PM CMS/GYM $15 / 2WKS LACROSSE (2-4) - 516103W TUE/THUR 6:30-8:00PM CMS/GYM $80 / 4WKS

E N R O L L E A R LY !

Registration closes one week prior to the start date! 18


2/12-2/19 CHEATHAM 4/10-5/03✿ CHEATHAM

Fitness, Sports & Recreation

Register today for game changing training, with an elite coaching staff skilled at inspiring youth to get to the next level in the game and in life. Personal Development Programs Winter Training sessions

Flag Football

This learn and play program is fun, ageappropriate, and skill packed. Players will learn new skills, footwork, man coverage, key recognition and more. This is a learn and play camp with games to teach the concepts of flag football. Each week your player will receive 25 minutes of instruction followed by game play. Bring water! Ages 5 & 6 FOOTBALL - 550319W SATURDAYS 2:00-2:55PM KIC $89 / 6WKS FOOTBALL - 550419W SATURDAYS 2:00-2:55PM KIC $89 / 6WKS


1/06-2/10 STAFF 2/17-3/24 STAFF

school - related news & student calendar on pages 38 & 39 of this catalog

visit for more information DBSS Sting is committed to educating young soccer players in the game and in life. Our focus is providing players with a challenging fun environment that will derive key qualities such as work ethic, commitment and first class attitude!

Dan Bulley Soccer School The Pathway to Success



Aquatics Adult Aqua Zumba® Water Fitness Splash your way into shape with invigorating low-impact aquatic exercise! Aqua Zumba integrates energizing music and international rhythms with cardio-conditioning and bodytoning moves in shallow water. No experience necessary- just don’t be afraid to get wet and have fun! This is a great avenue to fitness for those with joint issues or who prefer a low-impact cardio work out . Come join the pool party that is Aqua Zumba. Portable steps available for easier pool access. Morning Class Mondays 9:30-10:30 am — 9/11/17 - 6/11/18 West Middle School Pool NO CLASS 12/18-1/01/18, 2/26, 4/02, 5/28 Evening Class Tuesday 7:30-8:30 pm — 11/21/17 - 6/12/18 Central Middle School Pool NO CLASS 12/19-1/02/18, 4/03, 4/24 Fees for Aqua Zumba & Aqua Power Drop in $12 per class 10 class punch card – $80 20 class punch card – $135 Payments can be made at class or through Just Move Fitness and More (269) 425-2387

Aqua Power Fitness Jump into the pool and get fit with Aqua Power! A high energy class that combines Aqua choreography, Aqua Kickbox and TabAqua Bootcamp. Get your total body cardio and toning workout while enjoying the pool! This class is available for all fitness levels with no experience necessary. Portable steps available for easier pool access. Morning Class Wednesdays — 9:30-10:30 am 9/13/17 - 6/13/18 West Middle School Pool

Morning Lap Swim LIFETIME FITNESS…Lap swimming is a means of staying in superb physical condition for a lifetime. Participants need not be a competitive swimmer to take part! For more information, call 323-6700. Fee: $5 per visit or $40 for 10 visits No Pre-registration September 11, 2017 - June 15, 2018 Monday through Friday 6:00 - 7:30 am West Middle School Pool In the event of a school closure, the pool will be closed. CLOSED 11/22-11/24, 12/5-1/05, 1/26, 2/23, 2/26, 3/30-4/06, 5/28

Water Exercise This class is a great all around water workout that includes cardio conditioning, toning, and balance components. Portable steps are available for easier pool access. WATER EXERCISE - 116104F M/W/F 8:15-9:00AM 12/11-2/02 WMS/POOL $72 / 6WKS BORGESS STAFF

NO CLASS 11/22, 12/20-1/03, 4/04

WATER EXERCISE - 116105W M/W/F 8:15-9:00AM 2/05=3/28 WMS/POOL $84 / 7WKS BORGESS STAFF

Evening Class Thursdays 7:30-8:30 pm — 3/15-6/14/18 Central Middle School Pool

WATER EXERCISE - 116106W M/W/F 8:15-9:00AM 4/09-6/01✿ WMS/POOL $92 / 7WKS BORGESS STAFF

NO CLASS 4/03, 4/24

WATER EXERCISE - 116107W M/W/F 8:15-9:00AM 6/04-7/27✿ WMS/POOL $92 / 7WKS BORGESS STAFF

For Class Locations Guide See pages 4 & 5 20


NO CLASS 12/25-1/05, 2/23, 2/26, 5/28, 7/04


For more information, go to: To register, go to:


Assessments: If you are new to PAC or unsure of placement, contact Coach Parker at Fall/Winter Season: September-March Spring Season: April & May Summer Season: June & July No Swims on these dates unless notified by the coach: Thanksgiving Break/Winter Break/Spring Break/Memorial Day/ Independence Day/Labor Day. School Closure Policy: As a rule, when PPS cancels school due to unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather or power outages, PAC programming will also be canceled. However, there are times when the decision may be made to still hold swim classes. If the decision is made to still hold swim classes that day, it will be posted on the PAC website by noon.

Fees: Monies collected through PPS Enriched for Life are used to cover administrative and coaching fees as well as costs associated with running and maintaining a pool. Swimmers who choose to compete must register with USA Swimming. See the Portage Aquatic Club website for more information. PAYMENT OPTIONS There will be no prorating of monthly membership fees if a swimmer chooses to swim fewer days or starts in the middle of a billing period. Payments due monthly on the 10th.

LATE FEES: A $10 late fee is applied if payment is received after the 10th of each month. An additional $5 fee will be accessed each subsequent week payment has not been received. MONTHLY AUTO PAY: Monthly fees automatically charged to your credit card on file. PAY AS YOU GO: You are responsible for monthly payments and subject to late fees. PAID IN FULL: 10% discount on full price if you register for ALL months in the session. Sibling Discount: To receive this discount, you must call the Enriched for Life office (269 323-6700). Family members with highest fees due will be charged full price; siblings will receive a 10% discount. Scholarships: The Portage Aquatic Club offers swimmer scholarships, please visit to view the parent handbook for more information.

• NEW! Dryland is optional and an additional fee. • There are 2 commitment levels in these groups and the option to add dryland. • For description and details see page 23.




Portage Aquatic Club was developed for age group swimmers who wish to cultivate their swimming ability. The program runs September through July. PAC is open to swimmers ages 6 and older who can swim the length of the pool. Participants are encouraged to swim the maximum number of practices offered. All new swimmers will need to be assessed to assure proper placement. Previous swimmers that are unsure of placement, contact Coach Parker at

Youth Aquatics


PAC Junior Teams GREEN and BLACK The focus of the Jr. Green and Jr. Black teams is on learning proper technique and developing basic skills upon which to build for the future. The goal is to provide both the swimmers and the parents an opportunity to gain a better understanding of swimming practice and meets.

Junior Green is the beginning level where the emphasis will be on learning the freestyle, backstroke, starts, turns, the breaststroke kick, and the dolphin kick. Jr. Green is primarily designed for swimmers that have just begun swimming. It is a lessons style format where swimmers hone their skills. No dryland option. 4/09-6/15✿ — TUE/THUR 6:15-6:45PM • SAT 10:00-10:30AM WMS/POOL JR. GREEN - 513201W SWIM ONLY: $70 Monthly (2 payments) $126 paid in full

Junior Black team will focus on advancing the freestyle and backstroke, with an emphasis on

learning the breaststroke and butterfly. The goal of this group is to learn how to swim a legal 100 IM. Dryland is optional, details on page 23. 4/09-6/15 — MON/TUE/THUR 6:15-7:00PM NMS/POOL • SAT 10:30-11:15AM WMS/POOL JR. BLACK LEVEL 1 - 513203F

JR. BLACK LEVEL 2 - 513204F



SWIM ONLY: $85 Monthly (2 payments) $153 paid in full

SWIM ONLY: $75 Monthly (2 payments) $135 paid in full

PAC Racing Teams GREEN (Ages 9-15) and BLACK (Ages 11-15) Croc Green covers swimming endurance, speed change and aerobic development, knowledge of the strokes and swim technique is expanded. Swimmers are expected to know all four racing strokes and are now focused on both their technical work and proper training technique. Mastery of the 200 IM is the goal of this group. Dryland is optional, details on page 23. 4/09-6/15✿ — MON/WED 6:30-7:45PM • TUE/THUR 400-8:15PM FRI 5:30-6:45PM WMS/POOL GREEN LEVEL 1 - 513205F 5 SWIMS/WEEK SWIM ONLY: $105 Monthly (2 payments) $189 paid in full SWIM/DRYLAND: $125 Monthly (2 payments) $225 paid in full

GREEN LEVEL 2 - 513206F LESS THAN 5 SWIM ONLY: $95 Monthly (2 payments) $171 paid in full SWIM/DRYLAND: $115 Monthly (2 payments) $207 paid in full

Croc Black swimmers must be in MIDDLE SCHOOL to join. The focus is on endurance, speed

change and aerobic development, knowledge of the strokes and swim technique is expanded. Swimmers in this group are more familiar with the drills, have a 200 yard IM time close to 3:00, and are more committed. Mastery of the 400 IM is the goal of this group. Dryland is optional, details on page 23. 4/09-6/15 ✿— M/T/W/TH/F 4:30-6:15PM NMS/POOL

BLACK LEVEL 1 - 513207F 6+ SWIMS/WEEK SWIM ONLY: $125 Monthly (2 payments) $225 paid in full SWIM/DRYLAND: $135 Monthly (2 payments) $243 paid in full

BLACK LEVEL 2 - 513208F 5 SWIMS/ WEEK SWIM ONLY: $115 Monthly (2 payments) $207 paid in full SWIM/DRYLAND: $125 Monthly (2 payments) $225 paid in full

Refer to PAC GENERAL INFORMATION on page 21.



PAC Senior Racing Team (Ages 15+) Swimmers will need to be in 8th grade or above to join this team. To join the Senior Team as an 8th grader, the swimmer must have 3 state qualifying times. All other swimmers may join when they enter High School. Dryland is optional, details below. 4/09-6/15✿— M/W/F 5:30-7:00AM • M/W 4:30-6:30PM • F 3:30-5:30PM T/TH/F 4:30-6:15PM • SAT 8:00-10:00AM WMS POOL LEVEL 1 - 513209F 6+ SWIMS/WEEK SWIM ONLY: $135 Monthly (7 payments) $243 paid in full SWIM/DRYLAND: $155 Monthly (7 payments) $279 paid in full

NEW! Dryland is optional and an additional fee. There are 2 commitment levels in these groups and the option to add dryland. Description and details below.


• • •

LEVEL 2 - 513210F UP TO 5 SWIMS/WEEK SWIM ONLY: $115 Monthly (7 payments) $207 paid in full SWIM/DRYLAND: $135 Monthly (7 payments) $243 paid in full

Dryland Dryland is an integral part to every swim program. All swimmers ages 10 and older are encouraged to participate. The dryland program begins with general athletic development (ages 9-10) and evolves through injury prevention and core training, to a more specific training (high school) for the older athletes. Dryland is optional and an additional fee. SENIOR DYLAND 4/09-6/15✿ M/W 3:30-4:30PM WMS/POOL DECK SAT 7:00-8:00AM WMS/GYM

MIDDLE SCHOOL 4/09-6/15✿ T/TH 6:00-7:00AM WMS/GYM SAT 8:30-9:30AM WMS/GYM



Look for the Spring graphic.

IMPORTANT! Before Registering Your Swimmer

• To receive the Sibling discount, you MUST register through the EFL office at (269)323-6700. For questions please contact Cherie McMullin at (269) 323-6770 or • Refer to PAC General Information on page 21. • USA Swimming membership optional and additional fees apply in order to compete. • Swimmers new to PAC or unsure of placement, contact Coach Parker for placement at parkertyk@ • Dryland is optional and an additional fee.



Special Interests & Academics Special Interests

NE W Casseroles, Lasagnas & One-Pot Dishes ! Cooking with Ken

Learning from scratch! One-pot dishes simplify dinner, save time throughout the week, and make healthier choices easy. From setting a slow cooker in the morning to just putting a pan in the oven for dinner, come learn how to replace the fast food drive-thru with easy home-cooked meals.

Chef Ken Bailey

Chef Ken Bailey has been in a kitchen for 23 years and has held the title of Chef for 17 years. He has been Sous Chef and Executive Chef at various Southwest Michigan locations and has been our Executive Chef at Portage Public Schools for the last 2 ½ years.

CASSEROLES - 470102W TUESDAY 5:00-7:00PM 2/06 CHS/1125 $15 / 1 NIGHT BAILEY

MEDITATION (TEENS & ADULTS) Calm Your Mind & Settle Your Body Come explore meditation with Daphney Dotson, RYT. Learn to focus your attention on a single point of reference to relieve anxiety and stress. Students will be taught the process of meditation through a guided practice focusing on the breath to promote mental clarity, optimism, mental awareness, better sleep, and deep relaxation. Mats and blankets are available. ADULTS 18+ - 113209W THURSDAYS 7:00PM-7:45PM 2/01-2/15 ADM/CONF 1 $36 / 3WKS DOTSON ADULTS 18+ - 113210W THURSDAYS 7:00PM-7:45PM 4/12-4/26✿ ADM/CONF 1 $36 / 3WKS DOTSON

E N R O L L E A R LY !

Registration closes one week prior to the start date! 24


Rubber Stamping

Boating Safety (TEENS & ADULTS)

Do you love to be creative? Even if you don’t think you are, join us and learn how easy it can be. Whether you’ve never stamped or are a seasoned stamper, these classes will appeal to you. Each class has new and different projects, so you won’t want to miss any of them! Some classes will feature new stamping techniques; others will have you creating unique card folds; but all are guaranteed to be lots of fun! Ages 13+ Participants MUST provide adhesive, scissors and paper trimmer (if you have one). All other supplies will be provided. ENROLL EARLY! STAMPING - 417105W $20 MONDAY 6:30-8:30PM 1/15 STAMPING - 417106W $20 MONDAY 6:30-8:30PM 2/05 STAMPING - 417107W $20 MONDAY 6:30-8:30PM 3/05 STAMPING - 417108W $20 MONDAY 6:30-8:30PM 4/09✿ STAMPING - 417109W $20 MONDAY 6:30-8:30PM 5/14✿ INSTRUCTOR: STENSTROM LOCATION: ADM/CONF1

Learn To Juggle Juggling is joyful, relaxing, and still legal! Amaze your family and impress your friends. It’s a great stress reducer for people who have too much to juggle. Almost anyone can learn how in just a few minutes. If you can throw and catch a ball, you can learn to juggle. Success Guaranteed! Ages 10+ JUGGLING - 224102W 6:30-8:30 PM WEDNESDAY CMS/GYM $18

This is the nation’s most popular how-to course on boat handling and boating safety. Developed by the United States Power Squadron, America’s Boating Course covers the topics necessary to operate a variety of powered watercraft on Michigan’s rivers, lakes and open waters. This class satisfies Michigan’s Boater Safety requirements for boaters born after 1978. All who successfully complete the course will receive certification of completion. In addition, participants may be eligible to receive policy discounts from their boat insurance carriers. $14/ additional family members who share a book. BOAT SAFETY - 488101W MONDAYS 7:00-8:30PM 3/12-4/23 CHS/1135 $47 / 6WKS STAFF


Fly Casting Join us to learn the art of fly casting. Our program is designed as a hands-on learning experience. Students are encouraged to ask questions as they practice casting with our team of instructors. You will learn how fly rods and fly lines work and how to tie the knots that put the whole system together. You will learn casting techniques to cover a variety of on stream situations, so you will be able to enjoy your own fly fishing adventures this season. All equipment is provided, or you can bring your own. Adults & Teens ages 17+ CASTING - 488201W TUESDAYS 7:00-8:30PM 3/27-4/24 CMS/GYM $65 / 4WKS STAFF


2/07 YOUNG

✿ DON’T FORGET SPRING! Look for the Spring graphic.



Special Interests & Academics

Adults & Children Ages 13+


Conversational Spanish INTERMEDIATE – This class is geared for those who have taken Beginner Conversational Spanish and for those who wish to build on their basic conversational skills. The focus will be on present tense with emphasis on building vocabulary. Additional grammar is included to prepare for subsequent tenses in the Advanced Conversational class. This is a good opportunity for those who want to continue to practice speaking the language.

Sleep Apnea Are you a sufferer of Sleep Apnea? Would you like to learn ways to make it easier to live with? Instructor Bruce Stein has been using the BIPAP system since November 1999. Through the school of hard knocks, he learned how to modify the CPAP/ BIPAP system to make it more user friendly. He shares the tricks he has learned and used regarding use of CPAP or BIPAP, both at home and when traveling. Come join him for an hour and go home to get a better night’s sleep. Fee includes: CPAP and Sleep Apnea - A User’s Manual By a User. SLEEP APNEA - 410103W TUESDAY 7:00-8:00PM ADMIN/CONF 1 $20

5/15✿ STEIN

ADVANCED – This class is geared for those

who have been studying Conversational Spanish for a while and would like to take their Spanish to the next level. Emphasis will be on new vocabulary and speaking ability, as well as using the present, past, future tenses and commands. Please call the Enrichment office for placement if you have not taken a Spanish class with Senora Jackson. 6 wk session: 4 wk session:

$125 Book included $105 Have book $90 Book included $70 Have book

INTERMEDIATE - 450103W THURSDAYS 6:30-7:45PM 1/18-2/22 CEC/123 6WKS JACKSON INTERMEDIATE - 450105W THURSDAYS 6:30-7:45PM 4/12-5/03✿ CEC/123 4WKS JACKSON ADVANCED - 450104W THURSDAYS 7:45-9:00PM 1/18-2/22 CEC/123 6WKS JACKSON ADVANCED - 450106W THURSDAYS 7:45-9:00PM 4/12-5/03✿ CEC/123 4WKS JACKSON

Sign Language Beginning ASL – This class will focus on

the basics of ASL (American Sign Languge). Participants will learn fingerspelling, numbers, colors, facial grammar and beginning-level conversation in ASL. Introductory information about Deaf Culture and History will be presented. Ages 16+

ASL II – This class is the continuation of the

basic aspects of ASL. Students will continue to focus on fingerspelling, vocabulary and develop additional conversational ASL skills.

E N R O L L E A R LY !

Registration closes one week prior to the start date! 26


BEGINNING ASL - 440103W MONDAYS 6:00-7:15PM 1/15-2/19 CEC/124 $65 / 6WKS ROBINSON ASL II - 440104W MONDAYS 6:00-7:15PM 3/05-4/16 CEC/124 $65 / 6WKS ROBINSON


The Arts —




Effortless Dance Country Line Dance Come join the fun and learn the latest Country Line Dances. No partner necessary. It is a great form of exercise and a way to meet other dance enthusiasts. Level 1 will start with learning the 44 basic steps plus the current fun-easy dances. Level 2 is our Beginner+ class, an extension of the foundations class. Level 3 is our EasyIntermediate level geared toward experienced dancers with at least one year of experience. Level 4 will cover current/popular high level dances in the area. Learn the art of Middle Eastern Dance, or Belly Dance! This dance form involves gentle, curving circular movements guided by beautiful music that improves flexibility and coordination. Plus, it is a lot of fun and a great workout for arms, shoulders, upper and lower abs, and legs. You will learn basic movements and combinations in Middle Eastern Dance. Why not burn away some calories and learn to dance at the same time? Adults, and children ages 9+ BELLY DANCE - 530509W TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30PM 1/09-2/27 $98 / 8WKS SAWALL MOSAIC BELLY DANCE - 530510W TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30PM 3/06-4/17 MOSAIC $75 / 6WKS SAWALL BELLY DANCE - 530511W TUESDAYS 6:30-7:30PM 4/24-5/29✿ MOSAIC $75 / 6WKS SAWALL


All notification/receipts are sent via email. Please keep your email address current.

For questions please contact instructor Debbie Snell at 207-7421/ LEVEL 1 - 226301W TUESDAYS 6:15-7:15PM NMS/CAFE $70/ 11WKS LEVEL 1 - 226302W THURSDAYS 8:15-9:15PM NHS/COMM $70/ 11WKS LEVEL 2 BEG.PLUS- 226303W TUESDAYS 7:15-8:30PM NMS/CAFE $75/ 11WKS LEVEL 3 EASY INT - 226304W WEDNESDAYS 6:15-7:30PM NMS/CAFE $75/ 11WKS LEVEL 4 INT/ADV - 226305W WEDNESDAYS 7:30-8:45PM NMS/CAFE $75/ 11WKS

1/16-3/27 SNELL 1/18-3/29 SNELL 1/16-3/27 SNELL 1/17-3/28 SNELL 1/17-3/28 SNELL

LEVEL 1 - 226323W TUESDAYS 6:15-7:15PM 4/10-6/05✿ NMS/CAFE $58/ 9WKS SNELL LEVEL 1 - 226324W THURSDAYS 8:15-9:15PM 4/12-6/07✿ NHS/COMM $58/ 9WKS SNELL LEVEL 2 BEG.PLUS- 226325W TUESDAYS 7:15-8:30PM 4/10-6/05✿ NMS/CAFE $62/ 9WKS SNELL LEVEL 3 EASY INT - 226326W WEDNESDAYS 6:15-7:30PM 4/11-6/13✿ NMS/CAFE $62/ 9WKS SNELL LEVEL 4 INT/ADV - 226327W WEDNESDAYS 7:30-8:45PM 4/11-6/13✿ NMS/CAFE $62/ 9WKS SNELL




Dance & Art

Beginner Belly Dance

The Arts


Dance - Adult Effortless Dance - Social Dance Foundations (Swing and Proper Slow Dancing) will cover the most common dances, getting you on the dance floor in a hurry. Material will be fun and easy. We will start with the 4-count Swing and basic moves that will add pizzazz to your slow dancing. This class is recommended before taking Levels 1 & 2. Level 1 will cover the basics and beyond with one type of dance per 6 week session. The Foundations class is recommended before taking this class. Level 2 is for experienced dancers only, covering intermediate challenge level. One type of dance taught per 6 week session. *It is suggested to take the Foundations class prior to Levels 1-2 & 3. *Singles welcome, please contact the instructor for singles networking.

FOUNDATIONS Six week Sessions $50/person or $100/couple Take two classes (two levels) within the same six weeks and pay $50/couple for the 2nd class. Instructor: Debbie Snell 269-207-7421 Location: NHS/Commons See pages 4 & 5 for location guide.

FOUNDATIONS - 226306W **MONDAYS 8:15-9:15PM 1/15-2/19 FOUNDATIONS - 226307W **THURSDAYS 7:15-8:15PM **1/18-2/22 FOUNDATIONS - 226308W *MONDAYS 8:15-9:15PM *3/05-4/16 FOUNDATIONS - 226309W THURSDAYS 7:15-8:15PM 3/08-4/19 FOUNDATIONS - 226310W MONDAYS 8:15-9:15PM 4/23-6/04✿ FOUNDATIONS - 226311W THURSDAYS 7:15-8:15PM 4/26-5/31✿

LEVEL 1 SWING - 226312W MONDAYS 6:15-7:15PM 1/15-2/19 SWING - 226313W THURSDAYS 6:15-7:15PM ** 1/18-2/22 LATIN MIX - 226314W *MONDAYS 6:15-7:15PM * 3/05-4/16 LATIN MIX - 226315W THURSDAYS 6:15-7:15PM 3/08-4/19 WEST COAST SWING - 226316W MONDAYS 6:15-7:15PM 4/23-6/04✿ WEST COAST SWING - 226317W THURSDAYS 6:15-7:15PM 4/26-5/31✿

LEVEL 2 SWING - 226318W MONDAYS 7:15-8:15PM 1/15-2/19 LATIN MIX - 226320W *MONDAYS 7:15-8:15PM * 3/05-4/16 WEST COAST SWING - 226322W MONDAYS 7:15-8:15PM 4/23-6/04✿

NO CLASS 4/02, 4/05. 5/28 * 3/05 1st Class @ HAV/Cafe ** 1/22 @ NMS/Gym

✿ DON’T FORGET SPRING! Look for the Spring graphic.



Dance - Youth Irish Dance (Teens & Adults)

Irish Dance – Mini Jiggers

You will get a taste of Irish dance in this 4-week introductory course. Learn the basic movements and techniques of Irish dance and how those movements fit with Irish music. This is a high energy, fun form of dance that anyone can enjoy. Wear comfortable clothing and socks or ballet slippers. Adults & Teen Ages 13+

Learn basic Irish dance movements, coordination and rhythm during this fun 30 minute class through Irish music and games. Ages 3-5

ADULTS & TEENS - 530103W MONDAYS 6:15-7:00PM 2/05-2/26 QUINN SCH $45 / 4WKS QUINN ADULTS & TEENS - 530106W WEDNESDAYS 6:15-7:00PM 3/07-3/28 QUINN SCH $45 / 4WKS QUINN ADULTS & TEENS - 530109W MONDAYS 6:15-7:00PM 4/09-4/30✿ QUINN SCH $45 / 4WKS QUINN ADULTS & TEENS - 530113W WEDNESDAYS 6:15-7:00PM 5/02-5/23✿ QUINN SCH $45 / 4WKS QUINN

AGES 3-5 - 530101W MONDAYS 5:00-5:30PM 2/05-2/26 QUINN SCH $35 / 4WKS QUINN AGES 3-5 - 530104W WEDNESDAYS 5:00-5:30PM 3/07-3/28 QUINN SCH $35 / 4WKS QUINN AGES 3-5 - 530107W MONDAYS 5:00-5:30PM 4/09-4/30✿ QUINN SCH $35 / 4WKS QUINN AGES 3-5 - 530110W WEDNESDAYS 5:00-5:30PM 5/02-5/23✿ QUINN SCH $35 / 4WKS QUINN

Irish Dance You will get a short introduction to Irish dance in this 4-week introductory course. Learn the basic movements of Irish dance and how these movements fit with Irish music. Wear comfortable clothing and socks or ballet slippers. Youth Ages 6-12

Princess TuTu Ballet Do you love to dress up and wear a tutu? This class is 4-weeks of waltzing to Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel and more! In this amazing class each child will learn simple ballet and expolore movement to the enchanted and enriching word of Princess dance! Wear a leotard, white tights and pink ballet shoes. Ages 3-5 BALLET - 530507W TUESDAYS 4:45-5:30PM 2/20-3/27 MOSAIC $80 / 6 WKS SAWALL BALLET - 530508W TUESDAYS 4:45-5:30PM 4/17-5/22✿ MOSAIC $80 / 6 WKS SAWALL

E N R O L L E A R LY !

Registration closes one week prior to the start date!



Dance & Art

YOUTH - 530102W MONDAYS 5:30-6:15PM 2/05-2/26 QUINN SCH $55 / 4WKS QUINN YOUTH - 530105W WEDNESDAYS 5:30-6:15PM 3/07-3/28 QUINN SCH $55 / 4WKS QUINN YOUTH - 530108W MONDAYS 5:30-6:15PM 4/09-4/30✿ QUINN SCH $55 / 4WKS QUINN YOUTH - 530112W WEDNESDAYS 5:30-6:15PM 5/02-5/23✿ QUINN SCH $55 / 4WKS QUINN

The Arts (Dance & Art) continued... Art - Adult Watercolor Painting Come experience the many facets of watercolor painting. It is an exciting medium, full of surprises for the artist. During this hands-on class, you will be introduced to and experiment with a variety of both conventional and unconventional tools and their use for creating a dynamic piece of Art. Find out where to purchase tools and learn the components of a painting: Shape, value, color and texture. You will be offered enough information to continue painting and exploring on your own. During the first class, we will look at a variety of painting supplies available and discuss the differences, so that students can purchase their own supplies during the week, ready for Class 2. The average cost for basic supplies is $35. WATERCOLOR - 421204W TUESDAYS 6:30-8:30PM CHS/1122 $60 / 5WKS

3/20-4/24 SEVERSON




Kay Severson Kay studied Art and Education in college, and now has years of experience teaching a variety of subjects and age groups. She studied watercolor with nationally-known artists Frankie Wheeler, Sterling Edwards, Ann Painter and Don Marek. Kay has had watercolor pieces accepted into juried Art shows and has sold pieces as a result, as well as having had works commissioned. Her work will be available at the Art On The Town Gallery in Pentwater, MI in 2018. Kay says, “I feel strongly that many Art teachers present students with a very narrow, mainly personal viewpoint, with the expectation that the student’s work will look like that of the teacher. I believe that students, who are interested in Art, and particularly in watercolor, need to be exposed to the variety of materials and techniques, and then have the opportunity to explore and decide for themselves what kind of result they wish to produce. Each artist sees the world differently, and this difference is what makes Art appealing to others.”



! NEW Photography Break out of AUTO and make your snapshots frame worthy! Have you

been shooting in AUTO mode and find you just can’t get that perfect shot? The flash won’t reach; the picture is blurry; the subject doesn’t pop... Maybe you don’t realize how restricting AUTO setting is! Why let your camera make all of those decisions? This course will teach you about exposure and the HOW and WHY of camera settings to get the shots you want! Beginners and intermediates alike will get the tools and inspiration they seek. Composition strategies will be covered to add artistic interest to your next photos. This course includes a guided workbook, seek & find on your camera, shoot time with discussion, and “how to” examples. Prepare to be wowed! You CAN do this and I can help. All you need is a camera that allows you to change your settings (shutter speed, ISO & f-stop). If you have a camera manual bring it, but not required. PHOTOGRAPHY - 450102W TUESDAYS 6:00-8:00PM 2/20-2/27 $60 / 2WKS POULSEN NHS L114

Daniall Poulsen Daniall teaches Science at Portage Northern High School and has a passion for photography that began in grade school. She has built a hobby photography business that has grown to include many workshops on photography basics, composition strategies, and soon-to-be post editing techniques. Teaching workshops and courses beautifully blends her two favorite careers. Daniall says, “I can easily see myself in my students. Learning exposure is hard on your own. I would have loved to have gone to a hands-on workshop like this one.”

E N R O L L E A R LY !

Registration closes one week prior to the start date!



Dance & Art

PHOTOGRAPHY - 450101W TUESDAYS 6:00-8:00PM 1/16-1/23 NHS L114 $60 / 2WKS POULSEN

Art - Youth Young Rembrandts Cartooning DEC- In keeping with the season, students will have the opportunity to show off their humor as they draw our reindeer imposters and our flamingo characters. FEB/MAR-Encourage your child’s enthusiasm for art and help develop his or her drawing skills. Your child will learn animation techniques in our anime-themed expression lesson. Your child will also learn personification as they transform ordinary cameras into fully realized cartoon characters. Learning to tell a story through a series of drawings will be the focus in our illustrations featuring a humorous drive-thru sequence and a colorful piñata sequence. APR/MAY-Your child will be exposed to the excitement of drawing and animating dinosaur expressions and funny anime characters. Students will also learn how to draw dynamic figures and action-filled scenes as well as draw cartoon animals of all shapes and sizes. Grades 1-5 CARTOONING - 521139W MONDAYS 6:30-7:30PM 2/05-3/19 CEC/122 $60 / 6WKS STAFF

Young Rembrandts After School Art September-December Classes DEC/JAN -The vibrant color of intricate design of our patterned lion drawing will engage students and your heart will melt once you see the adorable Dalmatian your student will create. Your student will learn important artistic themes and concepts in our art history lessons. FEB/MAR-Young Rembrandts artists will draw ALL NEW lessons this winter. Colorful pop art dog, incredible relevant art history and a powerful unicorn are just a few of the drawing’s they will learn. Good color selection, proper technique will be emphasized in all of our lessons. They’ll build on their skills, drawing and personalizing cool. APRIL/MAYIf your child enjoys the outdoors they will love the upcoming Hummingbird lesson filled with color and whimsy. We’ll be drawing all season creating motorcycles, boats and even the butterfly life cycle! Artists will be challenged as they draw and shade a realistic portrait of famous composer Beethoven using color pencils. Grades K-5

CARTOONING - 521149W MONDAYS 6:30-7:30PM 3/26-5/07 CEC/122 $60 / 6WKS STAFF

NO CLASS 2/26, 4/02

Young Rembrandts Pastels Pastels are an exciting media and the Young Rembrandts step-by-step method ensures dramatic and successful results. Students will learn drawing, shading and color blending with pastels by completing a new drawing each day. In 5 days you do 5 masterpieces that will take you around the world. Pictures by famous artists are the inspiration for a few of the drawings. Day 6 will be a day to finish up any unfinished pictures or a surprise new picture! Please wear an old shirt to class. Grades 1-5. PASTELS - 521129F MONDAYS 6:30-7:30PM 12/11-1/29/18 CEC/122 $60 / 6WKS STAFF

NO CLASS 12/25, 1/01


Young Rembrandts Watercolors Challenge your creative child by introducing them to the world of watercolor! This step-by-step method ensures dramatic and successful results. Watercolor allows us the opportunity to practice some truly sophisticated techniques such as dry brush and a grade wash. Young artists will have fun using the different techniques to showcase the transparency of watercolors. Please wear an old shirt to class. Grades 1-5 WATERCOLOR - 521159W MONDAYS 6:30-7:30PM CEC/122 $40 / 4WKS

Look for the Spring graphic.




5/14-6/11 STAFF



ANGLING RD - 521122F MONDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 12/11-1/29 ANG/ART RM $60 / 6WKS CENTRAL - 521123F MONDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 12/11-1/29 CEL/ART $60 / 6WKS HAVERHILL - 521124F TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 12/12-1/30 HAV/ART RM $60 / 6WKS LAKE CENTER - 521125F TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 12/12-1/30 LCE/ART RM $60 / 6WKS MOORSBRIDGE - 521126F THURSDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 12/21-2/01 MBE/MEDIA $40 / 4WKS 12TH ST - 521127F WEDNESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 12/20-2/07 TWL/UP MEDIA $60 / 6WKS WOODLAND - 521128F THURSDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 12/21-2/01 WOD/ART RM $40 / 4WKS

AMBERLY - 521141W TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 3/20-5/01 AMB/ART RM $60 / 6WKS ANGLING RD - 521142W MONDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 3/26-5/07 ANG/ART RM $60 / 6WKS CENTRAL - 521143W MONDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 3/26-5/07 CEL/ART RM $60 / 6WKS HAVERHILL - 521144W TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 3/20-5/01 HAV/ART RM $60 / 6WKS LAKE CENTER - 521145W TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 3/20-5/01 LCE/ART RM $60 / 6WKS MOORSBRIDGE - 521146W THURSDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 4/12--5/10✿ MBE/MEDIA $50 / 5WKS 12TH ST - 521147W WEDNESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 3/28-5/09✿ TWL/UP MEDIA $60 / 6WKS WOODLAND - 521148W THURSDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 4/12--5/10✿ WOD/ART RM $50 / 5WKS

NO CLASS 12/25 - 1/04, 1/25 SESSION IV

NO CLASS 4/02, 4/03, 4/04 2/05-3/19 2/05-3/19 2/13-3/13 2/13-3/13 2/15-3/22 2/14-3/21 2/15-3/22

NO CLASS 2/06, 2/08, 2/26

SESSION VI AMBERLY - 521151W TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 5/08-6/12✿ AMB/ART RM $60 / 6WKS ANGLING RD - 521152W MONDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 5/14-6/11✿ ANG/ART RM $40 / 4WKS CENTRAL - 521153W MONDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 5/14-6/11✿ CEL/ART RM $40 / 4WKS HAVERHILL - 521154W TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 5/08-6/12✿ HAV/ART RM $60 / 6WKS LAKE CENTER - 521155W TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 5/08-6/12✿ LCE/ART RM $60 / 6WKS MOORSBRIDGE - 521156W THURSDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 5/17-6/07✿ MBE/MEDIA $40 / 4WKS 12TH ST - 521157W WEDNESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 5/16-6/13✿ TWL/UP MEDIA $50 / 5WKS WOODLAND - 521158W THURSDAYS 4:10-5:10PM 5/17-6/07✿ WOD/ART RM $40 / 4WKS


Register Early To avoid confusion, you must notify your PPS school office/teacher before the first class. Registrations will be accepted through the Enriched for Life Office Only. Class registrations will NOT be accepted at class or at the Elementary School Offices.



Dance & Art

ANGLING RD - 521132W MONDAYS 4:10-5:10PM ANG/ART RM $60 / 6WKS CENTRAL - 521133W MONDAYS 4:10-5:10PM CEL/ART RM $60 / 6WKS HAVERHILL - 521134W TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM HAV/ART RM $50 / 5WKS LAKE CENTER - 521135W TUESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM LCE/ART RM $50 / 5WKS MOORSBRIDGE - 521136W THURSDAYS 4:10-5:10PM MBE/MEDIA $60 / 6WKS 12TH ST - 521137W WEDNESDAYS 4:10-5:10PM TWL/UP MEDIA $60 / 6WKS WOODLAND - 521138W THURSDAYS 4:10-5:10PM WOD/ART RM $60 / 6WKS

Business & Technology

Investing Basics

Excel, PowerPoint & Computers Don’t Byte Students are encouraged to bring their own Microsoft Office equipped computers to class. Otherwise, a computer will be provided. Register early — Min. 3 students required.

Maximize Your Excel Skills This class is geared to those new to the Excel program and to those wishing to improve their Excel skills. Students should be comfortable with basic computer skills. All students will progress from the beginning to maximize their Excel skills to the highest level desired. Students must bring a flash drive, with a minimum of 1GB. Register Early! EXCEL - 320105W THURSDAYS 6:30-8:30PM 1/11-2/08 CHS/MEDIA CTR $72 / 5 WKS BLAND EXCEL - 320106W TUESDAYS 6:30-8:30PM 3/06-4/10 CHS/MEDIA CTR $72 / 5 WKS BLAND


Do you want to invest, but don’t know where to begin? This class is designed to help the beginning investor understand the basic operation of common stocks, stock indices, DRIP (divided reinvestment plan) investing and mutual funds. Instruction includes tips and techniques to minimize investing risks and limit investment expenses. No investment products are for sale and no investment companies are endorsed. Please bring a flash drive so you can take the presentation materials home with you. INVESTING BASICS - 320109W WEDNESDAY 6:30-8:30PM ADM/CONF 1 $25 / 1 NIGHT

1/17 BLAND


3/07 BLAND

Computers Don’t Byte This is a great class for beginners and those with very limited knowledge of the Microsoft Office Professional Software Suite. You will learn to use Windows Explorer, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and photo-editing software. Dedicated students can progress from very basic computer skills to a working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Professional software. Students must bring a flash drive, with a minimum of 1GB. Register Early! The second hour will be hands-on learning working on in-class assignments. Don’t be afraid – Computers Don’t Byte! COMPUTERS DON’T BYTE - 320107W THURSDAYS 6:30-8:30PM 3/01-4/19 CHS/MEDIA CTR $85 / 7WKS BLAND

For Class Locations Guide See pages 4 & 5





Thinking Condo? Considering condominium living? Potential buyers often ask, “What are association fees? What do they cover? Can I have a pet? Are there age restrictions?” These questions and many others will be discussed. Seminar presenter is Kathy Fosmoe, a local licensed Realtor and certified teacher. Fee: $10/person $15/couple. THINKING CONDO? - 315109W 3/15 THURSDAY 6:30-8:30PM CEC/124 $10 / $15 FOSMOE THINKING CONDO? - 315110W TUESDAY 6:30-8:30PM 5/01✿ CEC/124 $10 / $15 FOSMOE

Buying a Home?

Selling a Home? Thinking of making a move this year? Learn what is involved in selling your home for the highest possible price in the shortest period of time. Topics include: Preparing your home before it goes on the market, the steps of the sales and negotiation process, inspections, and what buyers are looking for in a home. Seminar presenter is Kathy Fosmoe, a local licensed Realtor and certified teacher. Fee: $10/person or $15/couple

First-time home buyer? Thinking of downsizing and purchasing a smaller home? We will go over all of the steps involved! From working with a lender, to the forms inspections and negotiations involved. Seminar presenter is Kathy Fosmoe a local licensed Realtor and certified teacher. Fee: $10/person or $15/couple. BUYING A HOME? - 315111W WEDNESDAY 6:30-8:30PM CEC/124 $10 / $15


BUYING A HOME? - 315112W THURSDAY 6:30-8:30PM 5/03✿ CEC/124 $10 / $15 FOSMOE

SELLING A HOME? - 315107W TUESDAY 6:30-8:30PM 3/13 CEC/124 $10 / $15 FOSMOE SELLING A HOME? - 315108W WEDNESDAY 6:30-8:30PM CEC/124 $10 / $15

5/02✿ FOSMOE

E N R O L L E A R LY !



Business & Technology

Registration closes one week prior to the start date!

Business & Technology


The Estate Plan & The Estate Planning Process Knowledge is power. Knowing your options for transferring and managing wealth protects your assets, lessens your family’s stress, and enables you to plan for the future. This program presents information on estate and probate law and its application to an individual and their assets. The program will review documents comprising a comprehensive estate plan as well as their significance. Topics to be discussed: 1. Objectives of a comprehensive Estate Plan, including helpful information for your legal advisor. 2. Explanation of the probate process. 3. Documents which typically comprise a comprehensive estate plan will be reviewed, including: Will, Trust, Power of Attorney (Legal/Financial Affairs), and Powers of Attorney for Health Care. 4. Explanation of Federal Estate Tax and Federal Gift Tax. ESTATE PLANNING - 310104W THURSDAY 7:00-8:30PM 3/15 CEC/124 $25 / PERSON DOMBOS ESTATE PLANNING - 310105W THURSDAY 7:00-8:30PM 4/19✿ CEC/124 $25 / PERSON DOMBOS ESTATE PLANNING - 310106W THURSDAY 7:00-8:30PM 5/10✿ CEC/124 $25 / PERSON DOMBOS


Publish Your Book Bruce Stein, author of three published books, will walk you through the steps to publish your own book, for under $200, using Print on Demand (POD). Publishing through POD allows you to become the publisher, and to then sell through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other book stores. The instructor has ISBN numbers available for $30. PUBLISH YOUR BOOK - 410104W THURSDAY 7:00-8:00PM 5/17✿ ADM/CONF 1 $18 STEIN

• Get your body moving (by land or water) • Sharpen your mind • Explore your creativity • Learn a new language • Put on your dancing shoes • Try something new! Sign up for an enrichment class today!



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Required Information for all Sports Camps I certify my child is in good physical health and has my permission to participate in all activities. I authorize diagnostic, surgical, medical and hospital procedures as prescribed by a physician. If I cannot be reached in an emergency, neither I nor my child will bring any claims of any kind against the camp, owner, staff, instructors, or sponsors as a result of any injuries, expenses or damages that I or my child suffer in connection with participation in the program(s). Parent/Guardian Signature:_______________________________________________________ c Yes c No I also authorize the camp to have and use photographs or video tapes of my child as may be needed for its public relations programs. Primary Contact During Class: Contact Name_____________________________________________________________ Contact Phone_____________________________________________________________ Medical Information of Participant:

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the future of learning

Over the next several years, Portage Public Schools’ Northern and Central campuses will be getting a whole new look. We are building two new middle schools, two new athletic events stadiums and two new swimming pools, along with upgrades and renovations to West Middle School and the Portage Community Education Center. We are upgrading our fleet of school buses and making sure every student is ready for the future by initiating a 1:1 computing environment for our students and staff. The first Building the Future of Learning project was celebrated in September with the grand opening of Huskie Field. Here is the timeline for the other new facilities that are part of the $144 million dollar building and improvement project. You can follow our progress on the Portage Public Schools - Building the Future of Learning Blog at:

38 38 269.323.6700

2017/18 Student Calendar Elementary Instruction starts – 8:45 am Dismissal – 3:58 pm Half day dismissal – 12:00 Noon

Middle School & High School Instruction starts – 7:45 am Dismissal – 3:00 pm Half day dismissal – 11:00 am

September 5 First Day of School-Half Day AM, All Students September 13 Open House, High Schools September 14 Open House, Elementary Schools September 19 Open House, Middle Schools September 29 Half Day AM, All Students October 13 Half Day AM, All Students October 27 Half Day AM, All Students November 3 End of 1st Quarter- Half Day, All Students November 6 & 8 H.S. Conferences 3:30 - 7:15 pm, Regular Hours November 7 & 9 M.S. Conferences 3:30 - 7:15 pm, Regular Hours November 14 & 16 E.S. Conferences 4:15 - 8:00 pm, Regular Hours November 22 No School November 23 – 24 Thanksgiving Recess Dec. 23 – Jan. 7 No School—Winter Recess January 8 School Resumes January 22 – 24 High School Exams/Half Days for High School Students January 25 Half Day AM, All Students/High School Exams January 26 End of 1st Semester: No School for All Students February 6 & 8 E.S. Conferences 4:15 - 8:00 pm, Regular Hours February 9 Half Day AM, All Students February 23 & 26 No School – Mid Winter Break March 5 & 7 H.S. Conferences 3:30 - 7:15 pm, Regular Hours March 6 & 8 M.S. Conferences 3:30 - 7:15 pm, Regular Hours March 9 Half Day AM, All Students March 29 Half Day AM, All Students March 30 End of 3rd Quarter – No School April 2 – 6 Spring Recess April 9 School Resumes April 10 – 11 SAT/MME Testing (unless moved by State of Michigan) May 4 Half Day AM, All Students May 25 Half Day AM, All Students May 28 Memorial Day- No School May 30 Community High School Graduation May 31 Central High School Graduation June 1 Northern High School Graduation June 14 Half Day: Last Day of School*

*Cancellations beyond what the law allows will extend the final day of school beyond June 14.




Portage Public Schools 8107 Mustang Drive Portage MI 49002

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Enriched for Life Cherie McMullin (269) 323-6770 Michelle Karpinski (269) 323-5162

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EfL Winter/Spring 2018 Catalog of Classes  
EfL Winter/Spring 2018 Catalog of Classes