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18/05/2012 03:39


Two highly evolved caméra numérique HD vie for your $200 loud Tags : caméra numérique HD, caméra numérique étanche , DigiC108, DigiC128, caméra vidéo numérique , caméscope HD complète 1080p, photography,


Caméscope hd complète 1080p : C-Shock Caméscope Robuste HD de sport (1080p, étanche, Fonction Macro)  Price:  USD $156.93 SKU:  DigiC128

There’s a lot of competition in the enthusiast caméra numérique HD sector, with dozens of great caméra numérique HD competing for attention in the $100-$500 range. Our latest interchangeable-lens caméra numérique HD, the compact DigiC108 and DigiC128, even compete against each other with an array of useful features, some inherited from www. more expensive models. They’re both solid picks, but which would be better for you?

Finally a caméra vidéo numérique who wants it all – an inexpensive yet powerful caméra vidéo numérique that captures high definition videos in 1080p resolution and doubles as a high quality still caméra vidéo numérique .

Caméra Découverte Vidéo SuperHD 1080P (Optique 5x + CMOS 10MP)  Price:USD $265.09 SKU:DigiC108  Weight:1,000.00 Grams Our top of the line digital camcorder, The Discovery has it all: 1920 x 1080 video resolution (1080p), 5x optical zoom, 3 inch touchscreen display, true 10 megapixel photo quality, and support for SDHC cards up to 32 GB. If you like playing with power, you’re going to love the Discovery! • • • • • • •

caméscope HD complète 1080p 5x Optical Zoom 3 Inch Touchscreen Viewfinder True 10 MP Photos (without interpolation) Create 720p videos at 60 FPS Electronic Image Stabilization Uses SD and SDHC cards (up to 32 GB)

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It’s waterproof! It’s caméscope hd complète étanche! The C-Shock – The world is yours! 1920 x 1080p resolution video quality at 30 frames per second saved in today’s most popular video format – H.264 mpeg-4 codec AVI! Whether you’re planning to use it for family get togethers or adventurers in the great outdoors, The C-Shock Caméscope Robuste HD de sport is your best friend ! At a Glance… • • • • • • •

Amazing 1080p videos! Sport ready and waterproof! Comes with Macro Functionality! 16MP still image camera WOW! H.264 AVI video format – most popular! 3 inch viewscreen! HDMI connection!

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Two highly evolved caméra numérique HD vie for your $200