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BIP 4/2012 Autumn Issue Bulletin in Pictures

Dear friends and colleagues, let me begin with a very bad news: the summer is definitely over! The autumn has come for a visit with its brown, orange and dark yellow colors, falling leaves and never-ending rainy, rainy, raiiiiiiny days... Another bad news: Although everyone of us would solve his/her problems coming with the swap of the seasons by staying in bed with some kind of warming fluid, romantic novel or someone who turns this romance into reality, we cannot. Why? OK, let’s see it positively. The Chamber goes on with its projects and we all, feeling relaxed after holidays, are within. We can’t (and we don’t want to) stay in our beds! So, keep your fingers crossed for us to keep on hard-working – as we do for you all around the (Deaf) world... Warm regards, your Jana and CKTZJ

We do have a brand new secretary (our first one ever)! Her name is Lucie Břinková. She’s very... as intelligent as a dolphin, pretty as a rose, diligent as a bee and... she’s our One, our Precious! Look at our Lucy:

The Chamber in General Just before the summer holidays, the Chamber held the conference about our finishing project The Interpreter Through the Eyes of a Deaf Child. Everyone there could learn about the project’s philosophy, participants and outcomes. Hot September news: The most important of the outcomes, an interactive Internet portal, was the first in the non-profit sector in Internet Effectiveness Awards 2012! Wow! Check the project website.

Some of our members went to Rochester, U.S. , in August and took lectures of ASL. We can only hope that they were not successful enough to think about moving to America to become an ASL interpreter. We would miss you, guys! Of course and as usual, all of them were very representative.

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BIP 4/2012 Autumn Issue Bulletin in Pictures

The Chamber and Culture Of course, the chamber was a part of our holiday, too. Many of our members, whether hearing or deaf, voluntary or professional, participated in the performances during many summer music fest. The most famous of them is Colors of Ostrava which takes places in the largest Czech city of coal miners, Ostrava. So, our interpreters performed artistical interpreting of The Traband Band... and there were also some other performers like Alanis Morrisette and Bobby McFerrin... but who cares of them:-)

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BIP 4/2012 Autumn Issue Bulletin in Pictures

At the end of June, our interpreters got the opportunity to interpret a very special exhibition tour: it was a tour around a concentration camp which was built in Prague to show people how hard life in such a place had been. The exhibition took place on the occasion of 70-year-anniversary of the assassination of Reinhardt Heydrich,

The Chamber and Education As the school was beginning, we couldn’t let our interpreter sleep and we overwhelmed them with offers for their professional growth. Our interpreters can attend two longitudinal courses recently: Practical Exercises for Interpreting Professional lead by both a hearing and a Deaf lecturer, and A Practical Course for Transliterators (Signed Czech Interpreters) with Supervision. In September, we could also take part in these courses: An Interpreter and his/her Code of Ethics, Managing and Communication Strategies within the Interpreter’s Preparation, The Linguistic Use of Space in the Czech Sign Language, Practical Exercises in the International Sign and two e-learning courses: The Relation Between Language and Society and An Interpreter Through the Eyes of a Deaf Child.

the SS officer, Adolf Hitler’s right hand. Source:Hospodářské noviny

We enjoyed some culture during the summer but some of us couldn’t wait for September. Why? You must know! All our roads lead to Vienna, where EFSLI AGM and Conference took place. Eight interpreters of our country were coming and as I’ve heard (and seen some pics), some of them really did enjoy the event:-)

A kind of a must-have list, isn’t it?

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