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When you are looking into joining the Multi Level Marketing industry there are many different routes you can take and sometimes you just don't know what to believe anymore. Typically there are three groups of people, one group really loves what they see and will most definitely want to join and get involved in your business, the next group, are the types of people that never join and are always spreading false rumors about the industry. The last group has a dream and can see the vision and sometimes join your business but they always give up. Since we have had the Internet PreLaunch MLM companies are sky rocketing, since 2009 to 2011 this industry has seen a 110% rise in new created companies. Almost every month you will see a new pre-launch of some sort sprouting up on the Internet. I personally receive thousand of new junk mail promoting these so called pre-launches. One thing that has really stuck out over the years is that there are so many MLM junkies out there, that they will tell you what ever it takes to get you involved in there new company even though themselves have not been successful at all. I've been told that its better to get involved with an MLM company in the beginning of the new launch so you will be on top of everyone... how many of you out there have heard this one before...? This is totally not true, you can succeed in almost any company no matter when you join it as long as you have the right training, good uplines and leaders who you can duplicate what they have done. It is true though that so many companies out there still do not have a good marketing and training system. These poor network marketers get sucked in to following and joining these pre-launches with this crazy illusion that you will be making $10,000 by next month but without a training system in place this is almost near impossible. There was just a new company a few months ago who had a prelaunch and said that they would open the doors in two months, so over 1500 members joined the first month for $60 dollars monthly.. Well so far the company has brought in over $90,000 a month, after two months they canceled the company.. long live the dreams of the new members that just joined, but needless to say the owners will walk away with some nice cash in there wallet. When a new MLM company just starts up, I hate say this but they usually hire a known leader or some heavy hitter from another company to get the launch underway. Normally this leader just brings his downline that he already had over to the new one, making it look like it's really moving and growing. Now another thing is we don't really know how many downline members he brought over, the number could be in the thousands and these members will be already be above you, but you are under the impression that this company is brand new. This causes Network Marketing companies to crash month after month. Now I know there are alot of good companies out there and I'm sure you have heard of them. But I'm not going to go through the good list right now. I just want you the networker to be aware of what is really out there, and how you can loose thousands of your hard earned money just on marketing alone trying to live your dreams and than be

crushed. I personally know that you can live your dreams and make a lot of money in Network Marketing but just do your research. It's great that we have a world of social media now,,, so you can meet groups and groups of networkers, and find out what people are doing out around the world. Make sure company is established and find out who the leaders are and what they have done in the past. Also make sure they have a good marketing and training for the new networker who just joins so you the upline can plug him in and put him on the right track to success. Remember you don't want to treat MLM like your gambling I know some people who have gone bankrupt and even had to seek help. Whatever you do decide to do make sure you train yourself, read books, videos and learn how to brand yourself as a leader before you jump into another company you don't really know.

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==== ==== Join The Community... A Must Read ==== ====

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