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==== ==== How To Quit Smoking In 2012. Find the easiest way to quit smoking in 2012 ==== ====

When you quit smoking you are going to experience a number of changes. This is only natural because as a smoker, your body has been bathed in a steady supply of nicotine and poison. When you stop smoking, this status quo changes and you will suffer from a number of quit smoking symptoms brought on by nicotine withdrawal. The symptoms you are likely to suffer vary considerably from person to person but it is important that you prepare yourself for the forthcoming onslaught. The quit smoking symptoms you suffer from will give you an excuse to try and justify starting smoking. You must fight against this negative thought process and keep up your fight to stop smoking. It is important to remember that I am listing many of the known quit smoking symptoms that have been documented. You should not expect to suffer from all of these when you quit smoking. Of all the quit smoking symptoms I list, it is very uncommon for smokers to suffer more than a small fraction of these. One of the main symptoms of nicotine withdrawal will be the craving for cigarettes. This is only natural as your body is pining for nicotine that it has become tolerant of, dependent upon and addicted to. The cravings subside quite readily and only require a little concentrated effort to overcome in a committed quitter. Another common symptom experienced by quitters is the emergence of regular coughs, colds, sore throats and chest infections. These are perfectly normal and will subside, usually within three months or so of quitting. It can be quite soul destroying nevertheless to suffer from infection after infection but you must persevere! Quit smoking symptoms can be unpleasant and the changes you might experience in your digestion may be the most embarrassing and unpleasant for both you and those around you! Smokers often find that their bowel movements become irregular and they may also suffer from increased flatulence and constipation. When you quit, you will also find your appetite may increase and as you eat more food, often at times when you would not normally eat, this can upset your normal digestive function. You should try to eat foods with plenty of roughage and drink plenty of water and citrus drinks, particularly during the first week or so of your quit attempt to help overcome these symptoms. It is not uncommon for your digestive symptoms to last for several weeks and they may change your 'normal smoking routine' into a new 'normal non-smoking routine'. It is not uncommon for your daily movements to change time of day completely and permanently.

A more invasive quit smoking symptom that you may suffer will come in the form of a headache. These can be stubborn and will make it difficult for you to concentrate and focus. You may also become irritable as a result. Headaches are thought to be caused by changes in blood oxygen level along with blood sugar levels and the lack of nicotine change your brain's operating environment. It will take time for it to get used to this change so be prepared with a range of painkillers and drink plenty of water to help overcome the symptoms. Nicotine is a stimulant and it affects the way your brain works. When you quit, there may well be a number of changes in the way you are as a person and your behaviour. You may also experience insomnia as a result of nicotine withdrawal that will also make you tired during the day. Irritability, depression, lack of concentration, restlessness, feeling cooped up, boredom, anger, aggression and generally feeling and being rather unpleasant are all potential quit smoking symptoms you should be aware of. The good news is that you will only suffer them for a short period of time, maybe one or two months at most. If your quit smoking symptoms are getting you down, you should try to remember that quitting smoking is the biggest single step forward towards better health that you can make. You are not losing a friend when you quit smoking; you are dispatching an enemy!

Tom Dainty is a quit smoking therapist and author of The Quit Smoking Bible, a cognitive behavioural therapy approach to quitting smoking. His work is only available from

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==== ==== How To Quit Smoking In 2012. Find the easiest way to quit smoking in 2012 ==== ====

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