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==== ==== How To Quit Smoking In 2012. Find the easiest way to quit smoking in 2012 ==== ====

Think about the frustration and exposure to deadly diseases you face as a smoker. Yet when you open yourself up to better understanding why you smoke and what you must do to quit smoking, you will find out that it is not as hard as you think. What I want to share with you in this article are experts tips for smokers to quit smoking and live a happy life. You want to live without fear or worry about cancer right? Get calm and ready to grab these quit smoking tips from the fact sheet I will reveal to you so you can be absolutely free. In this fact sheet on smoking, you will find the real reason why you smoke, false beliefs that have prevented you all this while from taking that bold step to guarantee your determination to quit smoking and hot to gain your absolute freedom. Quit Smoking: The Simplest And Easiest Way Facts Sheet On Smoking 1.Smoking is an addiction not a hobby 2.About 5 million smokers die yearly in America 3.Smokers smoke not because they like smoking but because they are not comfortable not smoking 4.Smokers are willing to trade food for puff of cigarette. 5.Smokers increase the quantity of smoking with time 6Nicotine is the drug in cigarette and contains poisonous and over 4,000 toxic chemicals 7.Smokers claim to be self-destructive but in reality the effect of the drug makes them fear not being able to cope without smoking 8.The death wish smokers express is never real

9.Smokers suffer from nicotine abstinence syndrome hence the drive to smoke more cigarette. 10.When smokers take alcohol, it reduces their nicotine level and hence the drive to smoke more often in double or triple dose. 11.Draining the blood of nicotine takes just 2 weeks. After which your withdrawal syndrome stops. 12.Smoking never reduce stress. Stress is a normal life issue which smoking never eliminate 13.Smokers give the following reasons to justify their addiction: to be happy, sociable, better, thin, satisfied and to celebrate joyful time. The truth is, all these reasons are false belief induced by nicotine. Nicotine creates irrational belief in the smoker 14.Smoking never solve daily problems. Non-smokers face daily life problems just as the smoker 15.Quitting smoking will prolong your life. Diana (not real name) lost his husband as a result of his going back to smoking. He had quit smoking for 3 years. Going back exposed him to heart attack. Diana dad quit smoking at 60 and lived up to age 95. He never took another puff according to Joe Spitzer. The simplest and easiest way to quit smoking is -NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF. 16.Smoking makes you stupid, weak and crazy. It also robs you of your money. 17.Chest pain is one of the withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking 18.Advertisers claim smoking is pleasurable. Smokers believe it and ignorantly make more money for the advertiser and cigarette manufacturers. 19.Low risk method of smoking like switching to low tar nicotine cigarettes makes it difficult for a smoker to maintain his normal level of nicotine. Smoking more cigarettes for a longer period quickly sets in to compensate for this shift. 20.Low tar and nicotine cigarettes often have higher concentrations of other dangerous poisons which increases your disease risk. 21.If you absolutely desire to quit smoking instantly and gain your freedom permanently, NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF forever!

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==== ==== How To Quit Smoking In 2012. Find the easiest way to quit smoking in 2012 ==== ====

Fastest Way To Stop Smoking In 2012  

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