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Blogging has been one of the biggest revolutions on the internet. The concept of an extended internet with humans as the node points has started becoming a reality because of the use of mobile devices to access the internet. It is essentially, the possibility of logging on to the network no matter where you are. As explained earlier, accessing the internet on the mobile phone has become a norm. Just as most tools available on the Net can today be accessed on your mobile, so can newer applications such as blogging tools and networking tools. Mobile Blogging is not just accessing a blog on your mobile device-it also means adding a post onto your blog or sending a photograph or any audio or video file to your blog, all with The help of a mobile device. This mobile device can be a mobile phone, a laptop, a PDA, or any other device that affords mobility. Technologically, the earliest developments in 'moblogging' happened in Japan. The reason is simple Japan was one of the first countries where camera phones were used widely. Though the first post onto the internet from a mobile device was done in1995, the blogger used a wearable computer and not a mobile phone. The first post onto the Internet using a conventional mobile phone happened in May 2000, and is credited to tom Vilmer Paamand of Denmark. The term moblogging was coined a couple of years later by Adam Greenfield. Greenfield also went onto organize the first mobile blogging conference in Tokiyo in July 2003. The burst in the popularity of moblogs came after the tsunami that hit India and parts of SE Asia in Dec 2004, when much of information about relief operations and ground conditions were put up on the Internet with the help of mobile phones. Weblogs made from portable devices are also sometimes known as Cyberlogs, abbreviated as glogs; this term is used mainly for photo blogs or image-based blog posts. To understand how mobile blogging works, let us briefly revisit the concept of blog. Weblogging, or blogging, is an easy method for publishing whatever you want on the WWW without having to know HTML or any other technologies associated with publishing a page on the Internet. A blog is supported by a blog server, which generates pages from templates, and allows you to upload new blog entries. Most new entries are entered as plain text into templates provided through a browser. This means that you can post a blog as long as you have a computer or any device that allows you to access a browser and the Internet.

Now imagine a scenario where you've just walked up to the top of a hill and some good verse springs to mind. What do you do if you want to put it up as a blog post? You could take it down on a piece of paper and type it out later, or you could blog it right then and there. A less exotic scenario is that of the tsunami relief workers and people who neede to report the conditions on an urgent basis to a central relief station. During the tsunami of Dec 2004, the SEAT blog acted as one of the main points of dispensing information to relief workers. This blog had posts put up by relief workers an another volunteers using both personal computers and mobile phones. It also carried pictures of the affected areas clicked by volunteers with their mobile phones, which gave an exact idea of the havoc wreaked by the tsunami - all this before TV channels and newspapers could get their reporters and crew to the location. So how exactly does one access a blog or put up a post online using a mobile device ? Putting a post online using a mobile is essentially mailing your post-it could be written text or a photographto the blog service provider. You could also send via MMS to the address (or, in technical terms, shortcodes) given by your provider. If you use a smart phone or PDA, then it's just like adding a post using your computer and browser. Today most blog sites such as Blogspot and Blogdrive, among others, offer you services that enable you to post from your mobile device. These providers also have a mobile version of the site that can accessed using a mobile version, provided you have a multimedia-enabled mobile device. There are other sites used specifically for mobile viewing. Winksite is one such. You can add the RSS and other mobile feeds of your choice on the site, add a forum or poll, and even announcements and a chat service to your mobile blog as well. The simple user interface of this text-only site may seem very ordinary, but the site is heavy on functionality. Yet another service for mobile blogging is provided by Earthcam, which lets you access Web cameras on your phone. You too can set up your own Web camera on your computer and view it on a mobile device such as a phone or PDA.

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