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How many times have you heard that phrase from other distributors or read it in an Internet forum? Or perhaps it may have happened to you in the past or recently. It's not uncommon that situation when it comes to an MLM prelaunch as there is a lot of risk that you are taking when you join a multilevel marketing company at that stage. Most of the MLM start ups that begin with a pre launch are not tested and many times are under-capitalized, not to mention the many scams that prey on the money of opportunity seekers and once they get it they close shop and leave. But does this mean that you should never join a new MLM company in pre-launch phase? That you should avoid getting yourself into such an opportunity no matter what gains you may get from it, just to be on the safe side? Well, as I always like to say avoidance is not the solution, not in multilevel marketing, not in business, nor anywhere else in life. The solution is always information and a good and in depth understanding on the given subject. That way you can harness the benefits while avoiding any pitfalls and reducing your overall exposure to risk. If you apply that into a new MLM prelaunch, as long as you have information, you can make conclusions on whether the network marketing company you are examining can survive and become one of the big ones in the future, or if it's going to fail. Of course you can never be a 100% sure of what is going to happen in the future, so you have to weigh the risk you are taking against the potential rewards from joining multilevel marketing opportunities in that stage. You are not an oracle to know for sure and no amount of information can help you become one in that area. At some point you have to either accept some risk or forget about pre-launches all together. If you are new to network marketing and you haven't join before any MLM business opportunity, getting involved in a new start-up is out of the question for you. What you should do instead is to find an old and established company that is operating for years in the market and join under a good sponsor that can support you and train you. The reason why you need to avoid a multi level marketing pre launch is because they don't have any training program at all. At this stage they are not sure even if the MLM software that runs the members back-offices would work correctly, so don't expect the company to offer you more advanced things like training. Because you are new and you almost know nothing about the multilevel marketing industry and its business model, you have to learn from somewhere how to run your home business and what are the things you need to do in order to succeed. Under that circumstances the training is vital to you and you can't do anything or hope to succeed without it. That's why you need to avoid a prelaunch MLM opportunity.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced network marketer, you know how this industry operates and all the ins and outs of it. You know what to avoid and what to look for in any potential opportunity and how to protect yourself and your money. You don't easily get carried away by hype and promises that are too good to be true, and you are better positioned to recognize a scam that is after the money of the gullible and unsuspected newbies that lack the wisdom that experience brings. In your situation a start up may be a potential opportunity for you to join if you are searching for one and you are ready to accept some risk for potential future rewards. Of course, some may argue that MLM prelaunches is only a trick and a gimmick to only create buzz and attract new distributors so they can turn profitable fast. That such companies are undercapitalized and if something don't go as planned they don't have the money to sustain themselves for a long time, or correct financial mistakes they may do. Well, to some point all that are true and are included in the risk you are taking when you are joining one. But everything is not all black or all white. A prelaunch in network marketing is just a business practice that can offer some advantages to a company. It can be used by both good and bad companies. Because most of the MLM companies that used it in the past where problematic from the beginning with no chance to survive and closed doesn't mean that any company that makes use of this business practice is in the same situation and would fail. Generalizations, although some times helpful, they never reveal the whole truth and some times can be dangerous too. So if you are an experienced multilevel marketing distributor with many years in the industry you know how to navigate your way into the network marketing sea and avoid losing money in an endeavor like this. All you need is some extra information and investigation into the founders and the workings of the pre-launch company that you are planning to join. That way you can tell if it would be to your interest to join a start up with all the rewards that is promising to you and the risk also, or to pass it and start looking for something else. If you are a new one in multilevel marketing the best advice would be to avoid an MLM prelaunch at all costs and try to find an established company for joining. You don't have the experience to judge a potential new company that is launching and the chances it has to succeed. Furthermore, it cannot give you what you are needing most at that stage, namely training that is vital to your success as a distributor.

It's not all white or black when it comes to a new MLM Prelaunch opportunity. Learn why the companies do it and what advantages it gives to them. Also find out about the risks that start-ups can hide that can lead you to loss of money, time, and effort. Information and knowledge is the solution when it comes to evaluating a new network marketing opportunity.

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