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A MLM pre-launch is very important for the MLM company. It is a way to conjure up excitement for the new business and what ever product they are promoting. This is one way also of free advertising. I do not need to tell you how expensive it is. But by word of mouth and the internet it can generate a lot of buzz in turn giving them free advertising. Did you know that 80% to 90% MLM pre-launch companies fail in the first 2 years. What does that tell you? It better be, that you should check out the MLM company the best you can. The reason I say the "best you can" is because the MLM company has not started yet. There might not be enough information to make an intelligent decision. Usually these MLM pre-launch companies are started with leaders that were with other companies. Some may have been successful with other MLM businesses some have not. If you can find out the leaders of the company check them out. Strength in the leadership is the first stepping stone in a great foundation for the MLM business. Another important piece of the puzzle is the product that it is promoting. Ask yourself if it makes sense, and what I mean by that, is it something different, new, helpful, and in this day and age is it something that can save you money. How many more juices and vitamins can there be? (just kidding). Bottom line check out the product and see if it something legit and it is something you are interested in. You can not push something that you yourself are not excited about. Okay, let us get down to it, (Money). Tell me about the compensation plan you know this is the most important thing about joining a MLM prelaunch. You figure that if you can get in on the bottom floor you have got made. Well be careful this is all well and good but do not forget about the other pieces of the puzzle we talked about. Compensation in any MLM business is important but not the most important. You are a leader and if you take your downline into a new MLM marketing opportunity that is not proven, you have the obligation to explain to them what could happen. Remember this is why they follow you, they trust you. Remember also that no matter what MLM business or pre-launch you join it means nothing without prospects. You need to have a steady flow of leads that are coming in and have to have the ability to teach them to duplicate your system. After you have talked to all of your family and friends what is next? Choose your upline very carefully. This is the person or persons that you are going to rely on. You maybe new in the MLM industry so you are going to need all the help you can get. Make sure that your leaders have a plan to make you successful because and I hate to say it but about 97% of us

run out of steam from the lack of training and duplication.

To be a good marketer and leader for your team you need to have a system in place. Pete Waldron through these seven free training tutorials can help you achieve that success that will help you in your, new adventure.

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==== ==== Join The Community...WAZZUB, the world's first PROFIT SHARING PHENOMENON is going VIRAL ==== ====

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