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==== ==== Mobile Affiliate Marketing EASIER and FASTER.... See For Yourself, I know I did and it worked. Just might work for you!! ==== ====

Affiliate marketing sites are websites a person visits and is given the chance to become an agent or retailer of a given product or service online. Most affiliate marketing sites are based on single items,e.g a site may be dealing with a certain health and wellness product, while another may be dealing or based on multiple programs, a good example is Ewen Chia's super affiliate site, where there are numerous products of the 'How To Make Money Niche',and for each you can choose to be an affiliate and hence generate a commission every time a sale is made through your Unique affiliate link. If you scour the web, you would be surprised at the thousands of affiliate marketing sites out there from the overly assumed to be saturated Work At Home Opportunities, corporate, mobile retail outlets, online gambling,dog food,dog training, home gardening, to anything you can think of. For most beginning online marketers, the question that is at the forefront of their minds is how to choose an appropriate product to market from the millions available on the internet, as this is the first amongst several crucial steps of making a serious income online. So how do you know what affiliate marketing sites to visit or market for?, and what factors should you put into consideration when choosing a product or service for which you can be an affiliate? To many of you out there, making that decision is solely based on the amount of commissions' on offer for a given product.The higher the percentage commission, the more attractive it is.But before you directly go down this road, you should know one thing,many other people, prospective and already hugely successful marketers are already riding that same boat! As a beginner it will be probably difficult for you to compete for affiliate commissions in any niche of choice, given the prevailing condition of saturation. So for you to succeed online what you need to do is optimize,and I will teach you how to get into any market of your choice, edge yourself in and make a real income doing so, and even probably with a little more discipline and focus become the super affiliate of that product. So here are a few pointers for you in deciding your destiny as an affiliate marketer and in choosing an appropriate affiliate marketing program: 1. Choose a product of interest to you, something you are passionate about, as you may already have found out, majority of the products are digitally down-loadable e Books covering almost every niche known to man. Choosing a product in itself is a skill you will need to master. But to get you

started, go on to the click bank homepage if you are not registered and register, if you are, then just log in. You can browse through the product categories at click bank; you will find them arranged in categories. After you choose a product you may find it has the following stats: • $earned/sale: $51.75:-this is the average net amount you'll earn for every sale your traffic generates. • %earned/sale: 75% - it's the percentage commission of the current price of a product you will get e.g. if a product is tagged at $69, as an affiliate you will make 75% of $69 which is $51.75 •%referred: 84%: - This value represents the percentage of total sales generated by affiliates. This value speaks volumes about the popularity of a product in the market place and it also underlines the importance of affiliates. • Gravity: 300.25:- this is the number of unique affiliates who earned a commission in the last 8 weeks promoting this product. Knowing what these values represent will help you know choose products wisely as you decide on your affiliate associate programs. Next time will talk about how to determine what keywords will work for your product and how to use them to guarantee you make money. And remember the first steps are the hardest once you get over them you will be surprised at how well your life will turn out, so hold on.

Tony N is an online entrepreneur and proprietor of Integrity International Marketing who believes you can succeed online. For a quick way to improve your affiliate marketing business online please Click Here []!

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==== ==== Mobile Affiliate Marketing EASIER and FASTER.... See For Yourself, I know I did and it worked. Just might work for you!! ==== ====

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