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English Trabajo Práctico nº 1 Year : 6º Level : Intermediate Teacher : Gabriela Belladonna 1) Open “Energy 2” and go to page 14. Do activity 3. 2) Look at the “Think about language chart”. Read and choose the words. Do you understand the difference between present simple and present continuous? Think of two examples in which these two tenses are contrasted. Write them down below. ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________ 3) Do activity 4. Then go to page 15 and choose the correct words in the phone call in activity 1. 4) Do activities 3 and 4 on page 15. Look up the new words in the dictionary. 5) Open your workbook and go to page 5. Do activities 1a and 1b. 6) Now do the activities on pages 6 and 7 in your workbook. Don’t forget to use your dictionary and to write down the doubts that come up when you are working on your own!

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________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________ 6) Now do the activities on pages 6...

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