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/09. DEVICE DESIGN Lulla is a dome-shaped device that attaches to the wall above the headboard. When the user is ready to sleep, the device can be turned on through the mobile app, and the dome should be flipped down to cover the area just above the user’s head. The device is able to release scent from the nozzle, play soundtracks through the speaker, and turn on the blue light. When the user falls asleep, the dome will automatically flip back into its upright position, so that the user does not hit her head on the device when getting up in the morning.

INNER: Blue LED light + translucent acrylic cover

Scent Nozzle OUTER: Solid white acrylic cover


Scent Nozzle

When getting ready to sleep, the device is pulled down and sit just above the user’s head.

FUN sleep abov

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