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RIC Medical

PROBLEM Heavy Gypsum Big Size Not Washable No Skin Breathe Ugly Un-convenient

Revolution of Plaster World

Solution New Type of Net-form Structure Easily Stiffen Electrical Activated Hardening System Molded Plastic Part + Metal

BENEFIT Customized Light Breathable Washable Beauty Convenient Directly possible be put on Face

MARKET 2 times fracture/life 6.3 Million in US/Year

Price Old Plaster In US 3$ bandages + 15$ plaster takes 45 min doctors’ time Total Cost 250$ for wrist more expensive for other body parts Us 20 min 20 $/piece (Own Price) Comparable Selling Price

Plan Self Develop (Cooperation) Subcontract Production Sell to large medical supplier

Private hospitals (Medical Equipment Supplier) Military/emergency (with Battle Field) Extreme Sports (Hurt/Wild) First Aid

Next Step Medical expertise Technical consultation 3D Printing Prototype Patent Investors and partners Production

Ric medical ttu  
Ric medical ttu