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Creating authority sites isn\’t as hard as one might think… Why You Should Sign Up to CMS Commander Now

With CMS Commander you can manage and control all your websites from a single control panel, no matter what content management system (CMS) they are built with.

If you own or manage multiple websites you know how tedious it can be to log into all their admin panel every day just to do some repetitive or mundane tasks – with CMS Commander that is not necessary: Do said tasks from within your CMS Commander account and apply them to all your sites at the same time with a few clicks!

But wait, there’s more:

Besides allowing you to remotely manage all your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB websites from one place CMS Commander also includes powerful affiliate content generation capabilities and autoposting features. Direct targeted content insertion into the articles you write, bulk article posting, PLR and CSV import and more can assist you in producing fresh content for your sites and help you monetize them better than ever before. Save time by managing all your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB websites simultaneously without the need to log into each admin area. Create better articles by utilizing CMS Commanders various autoposting features to fetch content from over 15 different sources. Make more money by including related affiliate products in your articles, bulk editing all your posts and adding affiliate ads and more monetization options. To help you achieve those goals CMS Commander mirrors most of the functionality that you are already familiar with from your CMS‘s own admin area where you managed your sites separately until now, with the difference that in CMS Commander the same functionality can be controlled and operated on any number of your websites at the same time.


In addition CMS Commander also adds its own tools into the standard CMS tool set, allowing you for example to SEO optimize all your websites, rewrite content or automatically interlink your site network for targeted keywords. The following are some of the most important features of CMS Commander, for a complete list go to the features page: Manage all your sites at once:

Approve or delete new comments, create categories, check new articles, bulk create new users and much more! One-click plugin updates and theme updates. Super easy plugin and theme installation to any number of websites at the same time. Enrich the articles you write with related images, videos or affiliate products and then directly post them to any or several of your websites. Fetch automatic content from more than 15 completely legal sources and then publish or schedule it on your sites. Automatically create backups of all your WordPress websites at the same time. CMS Commander is not finished yet and still a work in progress. Currently we are in an open beta phase and you can sign up for an account completely free without any strings attached to test the service. Join now and help us shape CMS Commander to suit your needs as good as possible – we listen closely to your feedback and feature ideas as a beta tester! If you want to read more about what CMS Commander can offer you first please continue to the Features page, where you can find an overview over all the functionality of the service, or have a look at the Online Documentation.Now the only thing to do is \”action!\” SEO secrets to creating authority sites fast.

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Direct targeted content insertion into the articles you write, bulk article posting, PLR and CSV import and more can assist you in producing...