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CCC Digest

CCC Premiere show - A Nostalgic note on 25 Successful runs of the show

CCC Digest

From the Producers Desk: Nina john – District 82 Governor

“CCC is an example of Toastmasters at its colloborative best.The need for a club in velacherry had been voiced for a long time, but it was Divya’s decision and determination to take it up that saw it coming through.The support Sarovelrajan as Division Governor and S N Venkatesh now,the early support from Mohana, Dharma, Thothadri and so many of the seniors has helped it grow. They used Facebook to make CCC a ‘Happening’ place that all the toastmasters in Tamilnadu know all about. I wish CCC all the best at its chartering and for its journey forward.”

Saro- IP Div G Governor(Mentor of CCC)

“CCC is a true example of Alfred Lord Tennyson's words "Men may come and men may go... but, I go on forever". In the last 6 months, I have seen several leaders emerge and have taken this club to success. What we see today is the result of the hard work by several toastmasters - who had a dream of making CCC into reality! It was not a smooth sail. The club officers had to make countless sacrifices. They kept

CCC Digest their differences aside and focused on the common goal of making CCC successful. Today, CCC can fly on its own. We have 21 registered members who are determined to take the club to greater heights. CCC is now officially a toastmasters club! With more power, comes more responsibility. Let us continue to help each other in becoming better communicators and leaders. Let us continue to take the benefits of toastmastering to more new members. I'm eagerly waiting for the day in which CCC will have 50+ members and celebrating its 100th meeting.” Go CCC ! Go...

Karthikeyan Srinivasan – DIV G Governor

“CCC for me stands for Communication, Confidence & Commitment! And it is exactly these three characteristics that I have seen in you guys over the last few months in realizing the dream of CCC; resulting in the Charisma that you guys have developed!”

Venkatesh S Natarajan – DIV N Governor

“I am excited to be a part of a young, exuberant and expressive club, CCC.

CCC Digest The club has embraced high meeting standards right from the start, and it is indeed rare. The club has a dedicated and committed team attracting senior toastmasters regularly coming to the meetings. I am convinced that the club is poised to be a representative club of TMI in this community. I wish CCC a glorious future.”

Rajesh Natarajan – Area N 3 Governor

“Margaret Creed said “never think if a small group of people can do wonders. In fact that is the only way people have achieved.”Like a child’s CCC was born, crawled for long time, took steps slowly but steadily. Today this child is standing tall and marching towards making history. I am sure this child will make a difference to many lives.”

Suganthi Periasamy- Area Governor G2

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up" - Babe Ruth. “I am thrilled and excited to know that Chennai Communicators Club has been officially chartered. I am all the more happy for Saro, Divya, Dharma, Siva Thanu and the entire team of CCC. This young and dynamic

CCC Digest team has proved many of us wrong - those many of us who had doubts about CCC. We are glad that this team is part of the Toastmasters fraternity in Chennai - we now look up to you to learn about how to stay focused and achieve results. Above all your Determination, Perseverance, Patience, Faith, Trust and Diligence is mind-blowing. Hats off to these young leaders and the entire CCC team for reaffirming to us that Hard Work, Patience and Success go hand in hand. You are definitely a class apart and am sure, we all will look up to you for life's lesson.

Wish you a wonderful Toastmasters journey and hope to see the Club DCP 10/10 soon :-)”

From the Director’s Desk: Divya Sivakumar – President

“A year and a half ago, I heard one of my friends say "The journey to the beginning" as the title of her debut novel. Although there was something strangely amazing about the title, it sounded logically inconsistent and left me wondering how reaching the starting point of anything can be a "journey" in itself. However, after 6 months of running Chennai Communicators Club (CCC), I am forced to revisit that thought. To every beginning, there certainly is a stormy, rough journey. I am glad that we sailed over them and have made it a fairly comfortable state today. Congratulations to all the club members and other Toastmasters who

CCC Digest stayed along the times and made this happen. This note will be incomplete if I don't make a mention of - My mother, for putting up with my running around building the club; DTM Aditya Maheshwaran for his guidance and support in all my leadership projects; and my best-friends who would give me stand-alone compensation birthday treats in the weekdays. CCC as an entity would've never become a reality but for the contributions of club mentor DTM Saro Velrajan, TM Sivakumar.V, Division Governor TM Venkatesh Nagarajan and the executive-committee members. Wishing CCC a high-spirited Toastmasters journey that empowers the leaders of tomorrow!�

Excerpts from cast and crew: Srihari

I heard about CCC from the club president and my best friend, Divya. I started coming to CCC from the 10th meeting onwards and I am happy to say that I haven't missed even one meeting since then. Before coming into CCC, I knew that I was a good speaker, but, if there was one flaw, it was the fact that I never did scripts. Even if it was a very important speech, I was so confident in my ability to make something up, on the spot that I never had anything prepared beforehand. Now, thanks to CCC I understand the importance of preparation and more than anything else, I have grown more confident, with each passing meeting. If there is one thing that is unique about CCC, it is the fact that it has a great mix of up and coming toastmasters and seasoned stalwarts, ready to guide them through. Most of all, I love the fact everybody loves to take up a role and there isn't a single person in the room, who has the same role every week. There is always a change, which is great to see. Finally, as far as my mission for CCC goes, it is only this; I hope to see the whole room filled, like

CCC Digest it was in the 24th meeting. And I would love to see more college students, studying in the nearby colleges to come in and join in on all the fun.


I first read about CCC in the Downtown supplementary issue, the article had covered the highlights of the zeroth meeting and before i even finished reading,I knew I was going to be a part of Toastmasters:) I was an avid speaker during my school days but subsequently lost touch with public speaking. TMI provides the perfect platform to rant my ideas and revive my long lost passion :) CCC is an optimal mix of people who are ready to teach and those ready to learn. In short, an "EXTENDED FAMILY". ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! So let’s put our thoughts for CCC in action. I have no doubts, CCC would scale Herculean heights, and I just want to be instrumental in helping CCC achieve such greats!

Thothathri Sadagoppan

I came to know about CCC from our common friend in Facebook :) CCC is a new club with plenty of opportunity to mentor many young toastmaster, in this way its

CCC Digest mutual Learning. It has Young dynamic energetic & committed TM voluntarily grouped together for improving their communication. Many senior TM like DTM Saro, TM S N Venkatesh, Area Governor TM Rajesh supporting this young team. For me, CCC should become No1 club in Division 82 for Quality of meeting & developing proficient public speaker.


I came to know about CCC club from DTM Saro when he attended TCS –orators chartering ceremony. I was quite impressed by the diversified set of personalities and topics discussed during the meeting. Also, spearheading a baby club was quite challenging and it helped me to improve my leadership skills. I envision CCC to groom and build many leaders to create an impact in the society.


I am aware of CCC during a TM meet at Medleys,Adyar.I attended the following meeting of CCC along with Dharma. It was quite a challenging task to nurture a baby club like CCC.Dharma along with Saro did a fantabulous job. They kept the momentum alive and it’s because of their dedication and hardwork, we are marching into the25th meeting. Kudos to Saro,Dharma,Divya and team. May our club reach heights in the days to come and create positive changes in our society.

CCC Digest

Some Nostalgic moments during shooting:

Marketing moments for promoting Movie:

CCC Digest Press Release:

“ Movie wouldn’t have come better without the support of cameo roles performed by other club members. We would like to thank them whole heartedly from the bottom of our heart.”- Team CCC

End credits Director – Divya Sivakumar Assistant Director – Thothadri Sadagoppan Cast selection – Dharma Art director – Srihari Script writer – Harish Camera and Visual effects- Mohan Budgeting – Aravind

CCC Digest # 1  

The 1st Magazine of Chennai Communicators Club

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