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“Rusalochka” Jenny Chen Fall 2014 Creative Design Analysis

Season: Fall 2014 Size Range: 0- 22 Retail Price Points: $125.00-$300.00 Wholesale price Points: $50.00-$100.00 Target Market: Better Missy Contemporary 21 March 2013

Young Digerati Wealthy Younger  Family  Mix

Young  Digerati  are  tech-­‐savvy  and  live  in  fashionable  neighborhoods  on  the  urban  fringe.  Affluent,  highly   educated,  and  ethnically  mixed,  Young  Digerati  communities  are  typically  filled  with  trendy  apartments   and  condos,  fitness  clubs  and  clothing  boutiques,  casual  restaurants  and  all  types  of  bars-­‐-­‐from  juice  to   coffee  to  microbrew.     Top  10  Counties:   1. Arlington  County,  VA   2. New  York  County,  NY   3. San  Francisco  County,  CA   4. Alexandria  City,  VA   5. Santa  Clara  County,  CA   6. District  of  Columbia,  DC   7. Hudson  County,  NJ   8. Suffolk  County,  MA   9. San  Mateo  County,  CA   10. Alameda  County,  CA     2010  Statistics:   US  Households:  1.403,157  (1.21%)   Median  HH  Income:  $91,104   Lifestyle  Traits   Order  from   Go  Waterskiing   Read  the  Economist   Watch  Independent  Film  Channel   Audi  A3   Demographic  Traits   Urbanicity:  Urban   Income:  Wealthy   Income  Producing  Assets:  High   Age  Ranges:  25-­‐44   Presence  of  Kids:  Family  Mix   Homeownership:  Mix.  Owners   Employment  Levels:  Management   Education  Levels:  Graduate  Plus   Ethnic  Diversity:  White,  Asian  Hispanic,  Mix  

Lifestage Group: Young Achievers Young, hip  singles  are  the  prime  residents  of  Young  Achievers,  a  lifestage  group  of   twentysomethings  who've  recently  settled  in  metro  neighborhoods.  Their  incomes   range  from  working-­‐class  to  well-­‐to-­‐do,  but  most  residents  are  still  renting  apartments   in  cities  or  close-­‐in  suburbs.  These  seven  segments  contain  a  high  percentage  of  Asian   singles,  and  there's  a  decidedly  progressive  sensibility  in  their  tastes  as  reflected  in  the   group's  liberal  politics,  alternative  music,  and  lively  nightlife.  Young  Achiever  segments   are  twice  as  likely  as  the  general  population  to  include  college  students  living  in  group   quarters.   Top  15  Lifestyle  Behaviors   1. Travel  to  Italy   2. Travel  to  Eastern  Europe   3. Use  Online  Broker   4. Shop  at  Crate  and  Barrel   5. Travel  to  Germany     6. Shop  at  Ann  Taylor   7. Travel  to  France   8. Travel  to  Any  Western  Europe   9. Shop  at  Lord  &  Taylor   10. Use  Personal  Travel  by  Airplane   11. Shop  at  Bloomingdales   12. Shop  at  Saks  Fifth  Avenue   13. Use  Personal  Services:  Facial     14. Own  Apple/MAC  PC     15. Domestic  Vacation,  Spa   Top  15  Media  Behaviors   1. Read  Wine  Spectacular   2. Read  Los  Angeles  Times   3. Alternative  Rock  Radio,  Net  Audience   4. Read  Vanity  Fair     5. Read  Elle   6. Read  Fortune   7. Watch  the  Office   8. Read  Forbes   9. Read  Men’s  Health   10. Read  Harpaars  Bazaar   11. Read  Women’s  Fashion  Magazines   12. Read  Maxim   13. Read  Shape   14. Read  OK!  Weekly     15. Read  Allure      

Key Competitors

Alexander Wang                           Alexander  Wang’s  aesthetic  is  very  simple  and  classic  with  a  twist  of  specific  design  details.  Wang  visits   the  classics  and  applies  details“to  the  point  where  the  details  aren’t  the  first  things  you  notice.  You’re   attracted  to  it  because  it’s  something  that  you  recognize,  and  you  fall  in  love  with  it  because  the  details   lure  you  and  surprise  you”  (Schneier).  He  believes  sportswear  is  the  basics  and  the  foundations  of  a   collection.  Alexander  Wang’s  mission  statement  for  his  label  is,  “Anyone  can  get  all  dressed  up  and   glamorous,  but  it  is  how  people  dress  in  their  off  days  that  are  the  most  intriguing”  (Looby).     Product  Categories   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Handbags Women’s  Apparel   Men’s  Apparel   Shoes   Accessories   Leather  Goods  

Retail Price  Points:  $400.00-­‐$2,000.00  

Vera Wang                        Vera  Wang  has  a  unique  sensual  and  sophisticated  aesthetic.  Her  use  of  intricate  details,  and   exceptional  draping  visually  appeals  to  her  consumers.  She  first  introduced  her  revolutionary  bridal   designs  and  silhouettes  in  New  York  in  1990.  She  has  expanded  her  company  to  many  other  product   categories  such  as  bedding,  Fragrance,  and  Footwear.  Wang  “adore[s]  the  challenge  of  creating  truly   modern  clothes,  where  a  woman’s  personality  and  sense  of  self  are  revealed.  [She]  want[s]  people  to   see  the  dress,  but  focus  on  the  woman”  (Goodreads).     Product  Categories:   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Women’s Apparel   Bridal   Bedding     Eyewear   Fragrance   Fine  Papers   Flowers   Luggage   Tabletop   Simply  Vera  Vera  Wang   Footwear  

Retail Price  Points:  $500.00-­‐$2000.00  

Jason Wu

    Jason  Wu,  coming  from  a  Taiwanese  background  who  has  traveled  to  Vancouver  and  Paris,  has  a  diverse  and   youthful  design  aesthetic.  Much  press  has  been  received  as  a  result  from  dressing  Michelle  Obama  and  other  many   celebrities  and/or  well-­‐known  and  powerful  people.  He  was  a    finalist  in  the  CFDA/Vogue  Fashion  Fund  in  2008,   along  with  many  other  achievements.  Wu  believes,  a  person  does  not  have  to  spend  a  lot  of  money  on  wardrobe   to  look  beautiful  and  dress  well  (Jason  Wu).   Product  Categories: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Women’s Apparel   Men’s  Apparel   Handbags   Fragrance     Bed  &  Bath   Home  Décor   Bridal   Fine  Jewelry   Lingerie   Beauty   Shoes  

Retail Price  Points:  $50.00-­‐  $2,000.00  

Brand concept This brand  is  about  utilizing  technical  skills  and  design  details  in  a  sophisticated  and  high  fashion   perspective.  To  me,  fashion  is  a  highly  personal  form  of  expression.  My  philosophy  is  that  if  you  look   good,  you  feel  good.  Our  design  philosophy  is  about  expressions  of  joy  through  fashion.  

Statement When I  was  little,  I  believed  that  mermaids  were  real  and  I  dreamed  of  being  these  underwater   creatures.  The  aesthetic  of  this  collection  exemplifies  my  past  and  present  obsession  with   mermaids.  This  collection  is  based  off  of  the  Russian  version  of  the  Little  Mermaid,  Rusalochka,   and  is  accurate  with  the  Grimm  Brothers  tale.  When  the  little  mermaid  becomes  a  human,   every  step  she  takes  is  like  walking  on  knives.  The  prince  marries  another  woman,  and  the   mermaid  turns  into  sea  foam.  I  was  inspired  by  the  colors  in  this  animated  film.  I  found   admiration  in  the  mermaid  for  taking  action  and  even  going  as  far  as  changing  her  entire  life  for   her  dreams.  The  collection  is  about  bringing  the  sense  of  hopefulness  from  this  story  into  a   reailty.  I  don’t  like  that  she  did  this  for  a  man,  but  I  do  like  that  she  is  a  woman  who  took  a  risk   to  get  to  her  dreams  even  if  she  may  failed.  This  brand  is  for  the  feminine  strong  woman  who   doesn’t  wait  for  opportunities  to  be  presented  to  her,  but  who  takes  action  for  what  she  wants.  The   customer  is  a  woman  who  is  not  afraid  to  take  risks,  is  feminine,  and  is  confident.  By  utilizing   design  details,  such  as  embellishments,  lace,  and  beading,  this  collection  conveys  textural   feelings.                          

Trends Identified

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Rusalochka Merchandise Plan  
Rusalochka Merchandise Plan  

This is the merchandise plan for the Rusalochka Collection by Jenny Chen.