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Harmony China Korea Japan

the One-ness of a whole.

Š 2011. Designed by Cheng Yu Hui


ĺ • č€ , Living to old age in conjugal bliss; a devoted couple till the end of their lives.

孔融 让梨,

Deferential the senior; kong rong as a little child knows he should gives up his rights to his elder brother.

To respect and honour the age and the wise.



가족은 성공할 수 함께 조화를 이루는 작품을 경우에만

Family succeed by working together; working together harmoniously for a better future.

백지장도 맞들면 낫다

Two heads is better than one; it is always easier when you work together.

가는 말이 고아야, 오는 말이 곱다 Talk nice to other people and they will talk nicely to you; treat people with respect and they will treat you equally respectful.

Build a fence even between close friends; good fences make good neighbors.



Harmony between family.

Courtesy among close friends; bow as a form of greeting and respect.

団結 就是力量 , Unity is strength.

Life is about living in Harmony

- Orlando Bloom

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Publication on cultural values related to China, Japan and Korea

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