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BIO - Currently a student in interior design program at Iowa State University, expected graduate in 2020. - His design style is start with a practical angle, embellish details of design with unrestrained and creative idea. Good at combining the delicate logic of the East with the creativity of the West. - He comes from Fujian, China. It is a beautiful coastal province. He studying in the United States since 2013. With more diverse cultural backgrounds and learning experiences, he has learned more skills and can apply different styles to his design.


Article Furniture Store Retail Design Team Work

Calm Cottage Architecture and Interior Design Individual Work

Photoshop and Water Color Rendering Residential Space Rendering

Software Drawing AutoCAD and Revit

Article Furniture Store

Location - 219 East Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA

Area - 3300 sq. ft

Team - Cheng Lin and Cheulhee

Instructor - Michael Ford

SPEND LESS. LIVE MORE. - Article is an online furniture company. The Article founders north of the Arctic Circle, in Tuktoyaktuk in the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. Article delivers beautifully designed modern furniture, with outstanding attention to detail. The founders and furniture industry outsiders laid the foundations of a new kind of furniture company - a company founded on a shared appreciation of simplicity and efficiency. They peel back unnecessary layers and eliminate inefficiency to give customer best price.

Concept - The design will include space planning to provide customers and staffs. The space allows customers to experience the furniture with a lounge CafÊ. The store will be designed using modern, mid century and Scandinavian style with distinctive interior design. Its atmosphere will be created through the use of white, gray, and black with wooden accents, and it can help the retailer’s furniture to stand out.

Spatial Planning This space is a bit small for a furniture store. Thus, we decided not to use too many walls to spilt the space and maintain the integrity of the space as much as we could. Therefore, we can show more furnitures. We planed to have one break room and two restroom on the rear of the space.

Due to the Article's features, it would be better to have some speacial display area for their beautiful chairs.

There is a consulting area in the middle of the space, which is surrounding the column. The remaining space will be used for display furnitures.

When I think about the Arctic, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Aurora. I believe that the founders of the Article also moved by the incredibly beautiful light of the nature. Thus, I decided to have some similar elements in the retail store. The wave wood ceiling seems a good choice to me.

Living Room and Outdoor Furniture Display Wood Material Display Special Chair Display Stage with LED Screen showing new products Fabric Material Display Checkout Cafe

The consulting area is one of our store features. We place two seating areas around the consulting area for customers to enjoy their coffee, have conversation, or place the items they bought. We will have seasonal decorations to embellish the column in the middle. Furthermore, there are four computers around the column for customers to complete their purchases with staffs' help.

In this East Section view, we can see different sections for different purposes. Start from the left, there are outdoor furniture and living room furniture display sections. Next is one of our store features, cafe. Leisure is a life attitude, we hope our customers can enjoy at least a moment of leisure in our store while shopping furnitures. Thus, we decided to have a cafe in our store. Then there is wood material and table display section. We think that hanging tables on the wall for showing is a great way to save space.

In this West Section view, from right to left, there are bed, light, checkout, and fabric material display sections. Before we started spatial planning, we scanned through Article's website, we found that bed and light are not their main product. Therefore, we did not allocate a lot of space to them. The checkout and help desk are next to them. Fabric display is located at the rear of the store. Article's main products are sofa and chair, but due to space limitation most of their beautiful products are not able to show in store. Thus, we set the fabric display for customers to see and feel before they make their decisions.

Calm Cottage Architecture and Interior Design Individual Work

Location - Serenbe, Georgia

Area - 2500 sq. ft

Instructor - Jamie Osmundson

Site Info

- This site is located in Serenbe, Georgia. The vision for the community

of Serenbe was born in an effort to protect the beautiful rural land just outside of Atlanta known as Chattahoochee Hill Country. Serenbe land planning protects the wetlands and preserves over 70 percent of the land as green space, with respect for the agricultural history of Chattahoochee Hill Country. Serenbe is reminiscent of communities of yesteryear, when life was simpler. The community is engaged and alive with outdoor performances, films, lectures and readings with friends, neighbors and notable visitors. Each of Serenbe's four hamlets have complementary commercial centers focused on the elements of a well-lived life: arts for inspiration, agriculture for nourishment, health for wellbeing and education for awareness. Everything is within walking distance and the world waits along the edges. Serenbe is a place you can enjoy for a meal, a weekend or call home for a lifetime.


- This residence is built and designed for a retired couple in their early 70's. They have quiet and

slow lifestyle. One is an artist and one has an outdoor garden who enjoys canning and cooking. As an artist likes painting in studio. Creating work with nature influence. They fell in love with the area and nature, the ambience of it. They like windows and natural light. The biggest goal of my design is to create a comfortable and relaxing space for my client and do my best to match their conditions. According to my client's profile, I do several unique designs for their conditions. I use lots of glass to maximize natural light in the interior space. For example, I use big piece of glass on studio and living room to maximize view and natural light. Seems they like natural feeling, I also use lots of natural materials, such as marble, wood, and brick. Furthermore, using light color and less color can minimize visual fatigue and avoid visual noise. Most importantly, application of split-level and high-ceilinged design on the living room also increase the open sense and interactivity of the space. I believe that those simply design tactics can build an extraordinary sense of superiority.

First Floor - Entry, Half Bath, Kitchen, Dining Room, Master Bedroom Landing Area - Living Space, Deck Second Floor - Laundry, Reading Space, Bedroom, Studio

Photoshop and Water Color Rendering Residential Space Rendering

Software Drawing AutoCAD and Revit (540) 998 - 1357 Cheng Lin

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