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Wu Cheng En

Architectural & Interior Design Portfolio 2016

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"We do not create the work. I believe we, in fact, are discoverers."


Glenn Murcutt

01. Minimalist House Academic : Architecture Program : Single House Location : Taichung City, Taiwan Area : 378 square meters

House for a pianist Living around the National Art Museum, a retired pianist is going to begin his new life in a beautiful surrounding. The site is located near a green belt which is extended from the National Art Museum. It is certainly a pleasant location. Few years ago, the pianist began to give children music lesson. Therefore, he wishes that he can still continue his teaching career after his retirement, especially to the neighboring children. And it would be really wonderful if his wish comes true at his minimalist house. As a result, I try to design a small house with two main strategies: the interaction with the environment and the interaction with the neighboring children. My idea is simply trying to make the house a suitable place for both of living and music education.


The National Art Museum

Site Location The green belt layer

The listening layer

The interaction layer


This location was once a children's painting classroom, but now it is vacant. Thus, it is a suitable place for building the pianist's house, he not only can enjoy the beautiful view around his house but also can give some feedback to the neighbors by providing children's piano lessons. By doing so, it can support his intention for music education.

Scale Reduce the size of the building.

Attraction Neighboring children will hang around in the open space. Rotation Rotate the main building. There will be more sunlight shining into the house. Main Building For the pianist's personal living space and practcing room.

Subsidiary Reserve some friendly space for the neighboring children and give them a place to interact with the pianist. 08

Performing Layer The pianist's personal space for living, practicing and performing.

Interaction Layer The pianist's living space, including a simple kitchen and a living room.

Listening Layer The children in the neighborhood can go up to the deck and listen to the music played by the pianist.

Practicing Area The subsidiary buildings offer the children some piano practicing rooms.


The subsidiary buildings are separated from the main building, they all have independent entrances. As a result, when the pianist stays at home, he can play the piano and interact with the children at the same time. And when the pianist is out, the parents can still bring their children to the independent practice room for practicing.

The different layers cross in the building, making the space become more interesting.



The interaction between the pianist and the children.


â–˛ As soon as the pianist steps into the foyer, he can see the whole flat at one glance. It is the reason why he can hold the music classes in this space. Every child can interact directly with the pianist. Besides, I use the multiple function kitchen system to minify the kitchen and dining area.

Practicing Area Living Area


1 : Foyer 2 : Living Room 3 : Dining&Kitchen 4 : Bathroom 5 : Practice Room (for piano duet) 6 : Practice Room (for solo)


6 6 6



4 3 1F Plan

▲ The listening deck ▲

The multiple function kitchen system.

The little space under the stairs.




â–˛ The aisle to the bedroom Bedroom


3 The first floor sometimes may be used as the children's music classroom, but the second floor is totally private. The pianist may relax here without being interrupted. With the French windows closed, he can play the piano alone. It would be really quiet. 16

1 : Bedroom 2 : Bathroom 3 : Stduy Room 4 : Piano Room 5 : Listening Deck

2 1 2F Plan

It can be viewed as a place for music education or simply a space for listening to the piano concert.


02. Bicycle Stops Academic : Architecture Program : Public Structure Location : Taichung City, Taiwan Area : 13 km-long track



13 kolimeters Taichung City Da-Ya

Down Town

In recent years, the environment protection issue has been magnified in the Taichung City, especially in the carbon reduction. More and more people ride bicycles instead of cars and motorcycles. Therefore, the government makes to plan to build some cycle paths, among which Tan-Ya-Shen Cycle Path is the newest that crosses over three districts in the Taichung City. Tan-Ya-Shen Cycle Path runs totally 13-kilometer-long, and the landscape along the way is


really beautiful and breathtaking. It includes some long green tunnels and two bridges. However, there is no place to stop the bikes along the path. Thus, I try to allocate some bicycle stops along the cycle path. People may rest at the bicycle stops while the bikes are parked in order.

13 KM

People will be exhausted after the long ride or they may just park the bikes anywhere to make the cycle path untidy.

The bicycle stops will allow people, especially the senior people, to rest at the stop site after a long ride.

The bicycle stops may promote the business and sales of the stores near the stops.


The forms of bicycle station in Taiwan

Double Layer Stand Pros & Cons



Front-Wheel Bike Stand

Low cost

Easy to steel

Double Layer Bike Stand

Safe Space

Unfriendly to the seniors

Public Bike System


Can't ride yourown bike


Public Bike System

Front-Wheel Stand

Bicycle Station Resting Area

Separated units

Connect units 20

Combine units

Devide units


Structure form



I think the best way to guarantee the bicycle safety is to lock on the frame instead of wheel of the bicycle, but take into consideration that different types of bicycles have different height. To solve the problem, I design an apparatus that is able to adjust the height so as to fit the different heights of the bicycles. No matter it is of high frame liek the trekking bike or racing bike, or it is of low frame like folding bike or kid's bike, all of them can be parked at the bicycle stops and displayed a neat bicycle look of the bicycle stop.


Trekking Bike

Racing Bike

Ladies Bike

Cross Country

Fixed Gear

Folding Bike

Kids 21



Front 23



03. Recollected Memory Academic : Architecture Program : Community Center Location : Taipei City, Taiwan Area : 1675 square meters 26

Site Location

Da Dau Cheng

Da Dau Cheng

At earlier times, Da Dau Cheng is the most prosperous place in Taipei. It was a legend. It played an important role whatever in the field of economy, culture, and social activities from the late Qing dynasty to the Japanese colonial period. However, such prosperity is no longer seen in recent years, except Di Hua Street that hustle bustle business activities are seen at certain occasions on special holidays. In addition to the change of the traditional industry, young people do not want to stay in their hometown, and the growth of aging population can be found in this area. In my opinion, such situation can not be stopped by a single building, but I can build a place that is suitable for interaction among local people, a place that people would like to stay longer, hopefully to bring back the memories of the place and the old times, and then pass on to the next generation. Schools Parks Da Dau Cheng Wharf Taipei Main Station

Groups around the site Students

eg: Elementory Students High School Students

Senior People

eg: Above 60 years old Retired People



eg: Foreign Workers Nurses Family Members



I found that students, seniors, and caregivers are three groups that appear most frequently around this area since traditional industries are the business operation mostly seen here. Besides, due to the schools and parks around this area are concentrated in certain area, this location plays an important role to link those groups together.


More circulation, more meet points

Verticle circulation

Multiple circulation

More paths to get into the building


Senior People Trying to link those groups together, I set up three essential elements. The first one is to add the plan circulations, which will enhance the opportunity for the residents to meet each other. The second one is to add the vertical circulations, which will give residents more choices to walk into the building. The third one is to create a space by making some square and corners for people to stay. 28

Multiple circulation


Students Caregivers

Single circulation


Staying corners

More corners

Corners formed by circulations


Creat a box

3F ● Roof

Separate (add circulation)


● Library

● Restroom ● Balcony


2F ● Day

Care Center

● Classroom ● Teacher's

● Restroom


● Balcony

Add fuctions

1F ● Restaurant

/ Store / Theater ● Reception Hall ● Office ● Restroom ● Balcony ● Gallery

Add vertical circulation








The room can be functioned as a gallery or a small theater. Residents are free to walk in and out in this building, just like a courtyard. This will allow the residents meet each other more often because of the free circulations. Besides, the restaurant/store in the first floor may serve the local cuisines or the specialty snacks to impress the residents and get thier sense of identity.


1. Main Entrance / Front Square 2. Reception Hall 3. Balcony 4. Gallery / Theater 5. Restaurant / Store 6. Central Square The local street food 30

Central Square : Plant a tree in the center of the square. The residents may interact with each other around the tree and let children grow up together with the tree.


1. Office 2. Balcony 3. Teacher's Lounge 4. Classroom 5. Day Care Center 6. Library 7. Roof Garden

2 1

3 4





2F Plan

3F Plan

I put in not only spacious balconies but also different vertical circulations in this case. For example, if the residents wish to go to the classroom at the second floor they have at least 3 ways to get there which will have more chance to meet other residents. Besides, the kids who want to go to the day care center can go through the gallery or the classroom first to look around for a while. People are free to move about in this building or find a corner for reading, chatting, or listening music. They may build up a comfortable public space by themselves. 33

The Da Dau Cheng Park is just next to the site location, so I try to bring the greenery within the sight. What I do is to put an open space roof garden at the platform of the 3rd floor. It is an important space for activities in this case, which has both the semi-outdoor and outdoor block. There is also corridor to extend and connect to other spaces to make a cozy and easy activity area. This community center is a 3-floor high where the view of the roof garden is just as high as the treetop of the Da Dau Cheng Park. Therefore, not only the French window of the 2nd and 3rd floor may enjoy the view of the park, but also the roof garden is connected to the green belt of the park and the view of the park is plainly visible.


The roof garden not only is suitable for students to stay for a while after school, but also is an ideal space for the seniors to take a sunbath in the afternoon.


I try to create a place where residents can stay and meet each other in this old town. The most important role of a community center is not having a SPA or a gym but a space to link the lives of the residents, isn't it?

04. It's All about Reading Academic : Conceptual Work Program : Reading Space


This case attempts to create a pure reading space where people may experience and enjoy the reading cozily. If light is the essential element to architecture, then it is also necessary to a reading space. To make this case simple and obvious I devised an empty box first, then I divide it into two units which will fuction as entrance and reading space. Besides, I intentionally left a huge area of glass panes to take in the skylight as much as possible in reading space, and the building form is integrated finally.

To satisfy the atmosphere of a reading space I plan to put in a large bookshelf against the wall up to the ceiling with the setting like a library. I once saw a picture of a bookstore on the internet by chance. I suddenly realized that books have different shapes, they can either be big or small, square and narrow or oval and wide, usually their sizes varied. It occurs to me that the bookshelf usually tries to organize those books tidily within a frame, but always has an exception. There is always a book that cannot fit into the bookshelf. Therefore, I am thinking about this, what if the bookshelf is not uniform? What if the bookshelf is formed by following the size of the books? And this is the most interesting part of this case— Ununiformed Bookshelf.

h t t p s : / / w w w. p i n t e r e s t . c o m / pin/244179611023987266/


05. The Circus' Camp Academic : Conceptual Work Program : Temporary Building


I hope the camp can be constructed by a simple temporary system, and also would not be too fragile. It can be converted to suit different sites randomly during the tour, spotted like the bug's eggs. Sample Site Loction

A touring circus makes a living by traveling and performing. They have brought great joyment to audience. However, the circus changes the locations twice a year. Is it possible for them to have a suitable shelter which can satisfy their needs? And this is the motive I design the "Circus Camp".

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Components 1 Base&Roof

6 Track Join

2 Track

7 Wall

3 Ceiling&Floor

8 Window

4 Base&Roof Join

9 Door

5 Ceiling&Floor Join

10 System Furniture


The Single Unit for example

Door Stairs Low Chest

Kitchen Counter

Table Cabinet Working Desk

Lifting Bed


Various kinds of composition


2 3


6 4


2 3



Type A : Single


5 6




Type B : Twins

Type C : Storage

2 5 4

2 8

5 8 5 1

4 5 5

Type D : Restaurant & Bar

1 : Entrance 2 : Cabinet & Chest 3 : Working Desk 4 : Kitchen Counter 5 : Table 6 : Lifting Bed 7 : Storage Room 8 : Bench

Restaurant & Bar Elevation


"Photography is art of observation. I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them."


Elliott Erwitt


Photography Works

1 Beginning Shanghai Expo China, 2010 2 Edifice



Tokyo Japan, 2008 2


Photography Works

1 50


1 Cave National Taichung Theater Taiwan, 2016

2 Interweave Xituo Taiwan, 2014


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Portfolio 20161019

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