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“ ‘Slim-man-ery.’ Now that Hedi Slimane is doing menswear again, does this mean 'manorexia' is back in?“ – Anonymous

January 2013: Fall 2013 Menswear collection released “The kindest thing to be said about Slimane's first official men's collection was that he made a guy to go with his girl. ” – This was just as much about the plaid shirts, distressed jeans, drainpipe leathers, trailing leopard-print scarves, vintage coats and cavalry jackets… a rock prototype… all of it is thrilling in theory and practice, but it was a surreal incongruity to see it spot-lit in a very expensive fashion presentation… Slimane's passion for the music he loves, the bands that make that music, and the lifestyle that surrounds it is entirely understandable, laudable… [but] he spun his ardor into high fashion today, it made a lot less sense, especially as the kids who are the prime components of his vision can already shop this look for zilch down the funky end of any L.A. boulevard.

January 2013: PreFall 2013 collection released

…a rock star's wardrobe – unapologetically young, with an emphasis on the casual


Saint Laurent Paris: The Reign of Slimane  
Saint Laurent Paris: The Reign of Slimane  

"Saint Laurent Paris: The Reign of Slimane." How the Company's New Head Designer Has Transformed the Brand. Date Completed: March 2014. Brie...