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Operation 1. Please follow instructions in the specifications The product specifications are tailor-made to your company’s instructions. Therefore please operate according to the designed specifications to avoid inputting of higher voltage than designed, which will lead to heater damage especially operating in a high temperature environment. 2. When assembling the heater, keep the serial number of the dispatch date for future tracking. Completion of quality control test and labeling of serial number are done upon leaving the factory. (The same product with different production time will have a different production serial number: year, month, number). Production conditions can be recorded faster and easily for next additional purchases. Therefore please keep the serial number, do not wipe it out or cover it during assembly. 3. Prohibited is any splitting/cutting/breaking of holes/puncturing/folding which may lead to broken or bent conducts or wires. The product is designed based on the power resistance (power density) and heating theory and molded by baking under high pressure and high temperature during production. The internal heating wires are of a “no bending point curving” structure. The softness characteristics make for easy attachment to the surface of the object for better performance. Since the internal wires cannot be distinguished by their looks, any splitting/cutting/breaking[2009/8/6 下午 03:41:09]

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Silicone Rubber Heater - Grand Hold | Silicone Rubber Heater | Operation

of holes/puncturing/folding will lead to breaking and bending of wires. Relevant requirements should be proposed at the time of design for design confirmation. 4. Voltage AC 1500V (1min) and resistance insulation 100Ω and up. (DC 500V) to prevent being splashed with water (not waterproof). Please pay attention to humidity control. Since the internal structure of the silicone rubber heater is of strengthened fiberglass for protection from splashing water (but not waterproof), the humidity level of the operating environment should be taken care of, avoiding internal damping leading to wire damage from electrical interference between wires. 5. Product Warranty (Standard Silicone Rubber Heater) The Silicone Rubber Heater provides even temperature. However, over time with normal use, the rubber will wear out. The standard warranty time is SIX Months from the date leaving the factory according to the serial number. Usability in different environments should be contracted when ordering the heater. 6. Cause of wear Most of abnormal wear results from overheating and excessive voltage. Heaters without heat control protection suffer from abnormal wear through overheating. A. Overheating: Overheating causes overheating bubbles (sometimes also white smoke or burning and breaking) and stops the functioning of the heater because of damaged or broken internal electrical wires. This does not change the heater’s outward appearance, but we find that the power resistance value cannot be tested. B. Excessive voltage: As the external power supply connector is designed for 110V, connecting it instead to 220V or 380 V leads to the same damage as from overheating. 7. Others Do not overlay with any heating pad when the rubber heaters are looped, to avoid the danger of melting from speedy heating-up. A. The power for the rubber heater is designed for[2009/8/6 下午 03:41:09]

Silicone Rubber Heater - Grand Hold | Silicone Rubber Heater | Operation

conditions without any covering heating materials. A temperature testing point should be installed between heater and object to be heated to the highest temperature point of the heater (in the area from the center of the heater to the concentrated wires). B. An excess temperature protection switch should be installed for inspection of the K-Type sensor cable or the thermal detection system, etc. Requirements should be proposed during design confirm stage. C. Use of the silicone rubber heater entails the possibility of causing burns to a person or project. Therefore an external thermal detected system must consider. In case of questions regarding use of the heating pad, please call us rather than proceed with any trial-and-error method, in order to avoid danger.

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