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Art of Taiwan landscape

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ABOUT GUGU’S WATCH Taiwan is a surprisingly beautiful island with many myserious and secluded places. The Spectacle Art series are created by appreciating the beauty of Taiwan from different perspective. We are going to integrate art to our lives and showing Taiwan to whole world through the art of watch. The watch faces are hand-painted abstract pictures to show the colors of the attraction in our mind. Each watch face is unique. The space on the watch face is left up to the collectors, so they can portray their wonderful menmory thereon after appearing the attractions in person.

Jiufen / Jinguashi Waterfall After seeping through mining area, the redox and iron synthesis transformed the water gushing out from underground into a golden acidic mineral water, so we call it “Golden Waterfall”.

Laomei / Green Reef Centuries of sea erosion has left neat trenches in the volcanic reef by the seashore, and every year come April and May, the reef is covered in green algae, forming the “Laomei Green Algal Reef”

Tianliao / Moon World The Tianliao Moon World is the most developed badland and mud volcano areas in Taiwan. It is filled with a desolate, barren beauty.

SPECIFICATIONS Price : NTD $4800 / USD $170 Movement : Miyota 2025 Watch Case : 316L Stainless Steel PVD Plating

Watch Face :


Watch Case Thinkness : 7mm Watch Length :


Watch Band Width :


Glass : Mineral Glass Water Resistant : 3 ATM Band Material : Cow Hide

Waterproof Lining Calf

Movement Warranty : 2 Years

Qigu / Salt Field The Qigu Salt Field was once the largest solar salt field in Taiwan supplying salt for the domestic agricultural and industrial sector. Its white salt mountain peak is approximately six stories tall.

Ruifang / Yinyang sea After the river from Jingguashi mountain area high in minerals meets the sea, it forms the half golden, half bluish green spectacle at the river mouth. We call it "Yinyang sea".

// The package of art of Taiwan landscape // The top surface of the package is hand-brushed with the color and exsiccated by a special method to create an unique touch. The touch makes people have an immersed scene. Futhermore, the paper tape symbolizes collecting the memories about the beauty of Taiwan.

Art of Taiwan landscape DM  
Art of Taiwan landscape DM