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Flammable and Hazardous Material Storage Systems Critical Equipment Protection Enclosures

Flammable Material Stores and Critical Equipment Protection Enclosures Instant Safe and Secure Plant and Equipment Protection

Conforms with all Quality Management Systems

100% Compliant

Delivered on Site Ready for Use

ISO 31000, CE Certification, EMAS and IPC Licensing

Modular and Easily Transportable


Firevault Flammable Material Stores provide safe and secure storage for all your flammable and hazardous materials. Petroleum Spirits, Paints, Adhesives, Solvents, Inks, Pesticides, Lubricants, Coolants and Chemicals can be stored safely in our fireproof and secure storage containers. Features •

Tested to BS 476, part 22 standards

Electrostatic management system installed to prevent static sparking from igniting flammable vapours

ISO 31000, CE Certification , EMAS and IPC licensing

Fully flexible and easily relocated on site by forklift

1, 2 or 4 hour fire rated cladding fitted on all sides

Constructed from fully welded steel box section throughout

Self-closing door mechanisms and internally overriding door locks fitted to all units

Fully welded and leak tested bunding underneath floor level

Firerated intumescent air vents fitted at high and low level to ensure excellent natural airflow

Single or double access doors available

Fixed or adjustable shelving fitted

Firerated door seals fitted throughout

All electrical equipment fully ATEX compliant

Built under the approved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

Forced extraction system available

Our Firevault stores have been tested to BS 476, part 22 standards and comply with all relevant Health and Safety Regulations, Insurance Requirements and Environmental Standards such as, ISO 31000, EMAS and IPC licensing. All of our units are built under the approved ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. All stores are fully flexible and can be easily relocated on site by Forklift or Crane.


Firevault Critical Equipment Protection Enclosures are a turnkey, secure, fireproof facility which protects any critical equipment in harsh environments such as Oil, Gas, Mining and Pharmaceutical Process Plants. Our Firevault CEP Enclosures are used for the protection of critical equipment in zoned areas. Our Vaults are used to house essential process control systems in harsh environments. • Electrical Field Control Stations • Motor Control and Switchgear Stations • Process Control Stations • Gas Pressure Regulation Stations • Fire Shelter Protection Systems • Emergency Response Stations • Mobile Telecommunication Stations. The 2.5m and 5m Firevault critical equipment protection units are particularly suited to the Oil, Gas, Mining and Pharmaceutical industries where their modular and easily transportable design ensures your critical equipment is protected from fire, chemical or environmental hazards. Standard features of a Firevault Critical Equipment Protection Unit: • Up to 4 hour fire rated composite wall panels • A60 / A90 rated double and single fire doors • Intumescent ventilation panels • Internal support posts to take load bearing equipment • Grounding connections • Passive cooling or mechanical ventilation if specified. All Firevaults can be delivered to site fully assembled and ready for immediate use. There is no special site works required, and at any time in the future units can be easily relocated by forklift or crane. Process and Control Systems can be installed and commissioned ready for connection in a workshop environment.

FEATURES Firevault Flammable Material Stores Critical Equipment Protection Enclosures

FIRE PROTECTION Composite wall panels with fire protection levels from 1 hour to 4 hours are fitted to all Firevault units. The panels are constructed from an insulated sandwich panel consisting of a PVC coated, zintec steel external skin, 50 to100mm thick compressed mineral wool, lamella core (Density: 140kg/m3) and a polyester coated, zintec steel internal skin. When tested in accordance with BS476 part 22, 1987, the wall panels exhibit a stability and integrity rating of up to 4 hours and an insulation rating of up to 1.5 hours (Test Authority: The Loss Prevention Council U.K).

VENTILATION One hour rated intumescent ventilation panels are fitted as standard to ensure good ventilation through the Firevault enclosures. (Tested to BS 476 part 20). Vents fitted at floor and ceiling level. Optional electrical forced extraction system produces a minimum of 10 air changes per hour.



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Robust all welded steel framework (galvanized optional) Modular Roof mounted lifting eyes Low level fork lift channels Galvanized or aluminium floor panels for cable or pipework management systems.

Framework: OFFSHORE paint specification Colour: Ral Colors External: Longlife, maintenance free plastisol (PVC) Internal; PVC stelvetite panels.



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A60 and A90 fire rated (independently certified) single and double doors Automatic self closing doors Stainless steel hinges and 3 point locking system Push bar emergency escape locks.

The 2.5 and the 5m units can be modular The 2.5m units can be shipped in a 40ft container (5 Units) The 5m units can be shipped in a 40ft container (2 units) Bespoke design systems optional.

SPECIFICATION OPTIONS Fire suppressant system. We use the FIRETRACE System which ensures immediate and accurate emergency activation. Other systems are available as specified by the client. Units can also be fitted with fire alarm system and passive cooling and ventilation systems. Firevault design engineers will work with your team and design BESPOKE Units for the specific needs of your particular project. Options can include mechanical ventilation, passive cooling or temperature controlled. Over the last 20 years our design team have worked on projects for the Oil, Gas, Mining and Pharma sectors. Our experience will ensure your bespoke Firevault will satisfy all of your requirements.


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