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chem·i e

(/’kem strē/) 1. the study of the properties of combine, and change to form

2. the complex emotional or psy between people

is¡try materials and how they interact, new substances

ychological interaction


Is Everything Chemistry refers to the freedom to explore and experiment, to mix and match elements in order to find just the right combination to achieve the desired effect—a connection between a brand and

its audience that’s personal, emotional, and human.


Is Everywhere

Successful relationships are the foundation of every part of our business, from the way we treat our staff to the way we treat consumers.

OUR PEOPLE Creating and nurturing a culture of openness, honesty, opportunity and fun. OUR CLIENTS Encouraging close collaboration and mutual trust. OUR AUDIENCE Recognizing the human experience and connecting on deeper, more honest level.

What Can We Brand Vision  and Story

Platforms  and Ideas

Understanding and organizing the problem

Bringing our insights to life

+ Strategy and Positioning

+ Advertising

+ Messaging Architecture

+ Digital

+ Research and Segmentation

+ Social

+ Design and Identity

+ Experiential

Do For You? Execution and Experience

Activation and Distribution

Transforming ideas into reality

Getting ideas out into the world

+ Video Production

+ Media Planning and Buying

+ Social Content + Print and Collateral + Interactive

+ Analysis and Optimization

Some of o rewarding pa

our most artnerships

Our Not Form

The best campaigns play by the r They’re honest, intelligent and int but it’s amazing how few compan few marketers who are capable of engaging people in human terms

t-So-Secret mula

rules of any other good conversation. teresting. These are simple principles, nies actually follow them. The rare f genuine empathy, of consistently s, succeed way beyond the norm.

monterey b What better way to attract visitors to one of the world’s greatest aquariums than by offering them a little peek inside? Our campaigns for the Monterey Bay Aquarium have centered on creative experiences

bay aquarium that are, well, immersive. Over the years, we’ve created work in a wide range of media—TV, radio, out-of-home, online, mobile and experiential— all to promote the magic of our oceans and their creatures.

Linke We handle a range of projects from many different divisions of LinkedIn for both internal and external audiences. Over the past few years, we’ve been tasked with developing a brand voice, messaging architecture, and

edin series of creative executions—video, online, social and experiential— designed to clearly communicate LinkedIn’s raison d’être with the kind of humanity that had been missing from LinkedIn’s past efforts.

san francisco muse In promoting the reopening of the newly remodeled SFMOMA, our goal was to attract a younger Millennial audience that has an appreciation for art, but doesn’t view a stuffy, sterile museum environment as the place

eum of modern art to go see it. Our campaign was intended to portray the new SFMOMA as a warmer, more engaging, more thought-provoking experience, with an expansive collection that offered something for everyone.

MOZILLA We were hired to help Mozilla Firefox redefine its brand and communication strategy as the browser category became crowded and fiercely competitive. At the time, most people didn’t realize that Firefox was the only browser created and managed

FIREFOX by a non-profit organization for the cause of keeping the internet open, accessible to all, and free. We created a brand book, videos, online and out-of-home executions to introduce this concept both within the company and to users worldwide.

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