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Use HMIS Labels To Stay Safe Chemical labels such as HMIS Labels are the pictograms found on the container of chemicals indicating the level of health hazard posed by the content inside. The chief motto behind creating the Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) was to caution those, who used to work with or near hazardous material regarding the nature of hazard posed by the chemicals and the necessary precautions. HMIS labels have their own significance. Hence it is important to know how to read these chemical hazard labels. When you look at the HMIS Labels, the white field would show you the name of the hazardous material. If you see multiple names in a particular location, it would indicate the presence of multiple hazards where the harm caused by those materials may keep varying. In the next step, you should check the number as present in the blue bar of the HMIS Labels. These numbers range from 0 to 4 where 0 indicates the least harm and 4 the most severe. With such numbering the level of health hazard can be determined. If you find an asterisk mark on chemical hazard labels, you need to understand that this sign indicates such hazard which involves chronic health risk. Numbering in HMIS labels The following step is about checking the number as in the red bar of the HMIS Labels. These numbers too range from 0 to 4. This range indicates the flammability of the chemical material. The number 0 means flammability is nil whereas, the number 4 means the material is highly volatile and can burn even in slight contact with air. With HMIS Labels, the orange bar is also important where you have to look for checking numbers again. Ranking from 0 to 4, these numbers indicate the stability of the material under normal conditions. The number 0 shows that the material is very stable; whereas, 4 denotes that it is highly reactive. Finally, for reading chemical hazard labels properly, you need to read the code given in the white bar at the bottom of the HMIS Labels. You would come across alphabetical codes which represent the safety equipment configuration while working with materials.

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Use HMIS Labels To Stay Safe