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February 2009

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Chemistry Group Founded 2000 147 people

Chemistry Digital Digital Marketing



Chemistry Communications Relationship Marketing


Know How! We’ve been experts in our business for over 12 years and have delivered a multitude of websites, video productions, rich media and even print collateral projects. The chances are we’ve already tackled a project just like yours... So, whatever you want to design and create, we work hard to ensure we understand your business and meet your customer’s needs – and we work closely with you to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and in budget.

Some of our customers Our customers cover a wide range of industries in both the B2B and B2C sectors, what unites them is the strength of their brand and the common desire to use exciting and innovative digital marketing campaigns to connect with their target audience. For some customers we have delivered personalised credentials campaigns, to C-level contacts in their top 20 clients, while for others it’s been an interactive relationship building campaign, to 5000 existing contacts. And in some cases it’s simply about helping create a video for the annual conference, developing an interactive tool for the sales team or setting up a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for a new product launch. Whatever the project, we put the same energy, experience and enthusiasm into the work. And we’re quite happy to start small, in fact we find that smaller projects are a great way to start a relationship, build trust and show what we can really do.


Digital Strategy and Planning We spend time working with our customers to understand their business and their marketing objectives. This helps us plan the strategic direction for the project and to align the marketing objectives across a chosen range of digital platforms and tools. By developing typical user personas and requirement scenarios we ensure that all marketing communications fulfil the needs of the defined audience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital Services Our digital services covers everything from microsites and landing pages, to be used with PPC campaigns – through to large, multilingual websites covering pan-european activities. Our team includes many talented people; designers, directors, project managers, web developers and programmers.

Search marketing has become one of the most cost-effective and accountable forms of advertising. By placing marketing messages in front of people searching for a brand, product or service, our customers are able to generate qualified leads extremely effectively. The most effective SEM campaigns utilise a mix of organic search (SEO) to promote interest in brand and solutions, and paid search (PPC) to generate enquiries for products and promotions.

Web 2.0

Internal Communications

Websites built using Web 2.0 principles allow users to do more than just retrieve information, they are designed with an “architecture of participation” that encourages users to engage with the site. Integration with social media sites and user generated content help to increase stickiness and repeat visits.

Chemistry Digital use web-based technologies to communicate and engage with our customers’ most important internal audience, their colleagues.

The provision of a powerful Content Management System (CMS) enables our customers to keep their site fresh and current and present personalised content in a dynamic manner.

Dynamic Rich Media Content is king. This adage is as true today as it was in the early days of websites, however user’s expectations have increased. They have become used to seeing rich in all areas of their lives and expect the same when they visit a website or intranet. We help our customers develop rich media applications using tools such as video and flash, to educate and inform in an entertaining and effective way.

Intranets, DVDs, surveys, e-newsletters, competitions, viral games, wikis and discussion forums are all part of the communications toolkits available to managers.

Clever Campaigns It’s becoming increasingly important to design marketing communications campaigns in an intelligent and informed manner. The days of mass mailings to a generic audience are long gone and the future is in “clever campaigns”. Clever campaigns take advantage of the latest advances in digital technology, allowing us to develop highly personalised communications to a targeted audience. Our customers benefit from campaigns that deliver results and a vastly improved ROI.


Digital Planning Process

Banner Ads

We research the different audience personas until we understand their needs and motivations and we use this intelligence to design effective digital marketing campaigns.

Rich Media Ads


At the start of every project we develop a detailed digital strategy and campaign plan, both of which are tailored to the specific business objectives.

Paid Search

Press Releases


Social Media

Email Blogs

When developing the campaign plan we consider all available marketing tools and select the best mix to meet the business objectives.

RSS Feeds Widgets

Podcasts Forums


Strategy and Development


Business Objectives



Marketing Objectives

Persona Evaluation


Research and Planning


Campaign Development

Digital Project Process


Campaign Review


Campaign Measurement


Launch Campaign


Test Evaluation

Testing and Implementation


Campaign Testing

Our Customer Relationship Team consists of Account and Project Managers who carefully plan and manage the project process and timings from start to finish. Clear project plans are produced highlighting key milestones and activities, and regular progress reviews take place to make sure each project is delivered on-time and in-budget.

Content Management While it’s essential to have engaging content on your website, it’s also important to have an effective means of updating the content. Sitecore CMS allows users to rapidly and efficiently add new pages, deliver personalised web content and optimise search engine performance. Customers are able to simply and efficiently manage their own site content themselves, allowing them to focus their budget on content development and site enhancements. See for yourself how well Sitecore works by visiting our website

content management systems


ian Strategic All

We know what we’re good at, and we stick to it, for additional and complementary services such as CMS, hosting and e-marketing, we work with a small number of leading industry partners.

application development

hosting services adword services

enewsletter services

Our customers can take advantage of an integrated digital solution from a single reliable source. content management systems email services

hosting services




clear and a f o t n e pm t. the develo successful projec t a h t d n s n a r a campaign ws functio he foundation fo g o ll in t o f e k r m a r tm s t e that fo y provide we understand tha g e t a r We believ t s l agency g digita compellin an award winning s to od. as enables u t; o look go t ) n e However v io a it h t e o ojec Comp ites als r each pr and and r o f and webs B t , is e x c e n (Audie lopment. ies that w e it v ie n e v u d t e r r d o n C p a B op ign hensive A ges and paign des m a c g A compre rstand the challen in o s, n for ong de customer r u o h rapidly un rovides the directio it w r tion wp that all ou collabora e e r s u s lo c s this revie e in k pts ma th tive conce age. This process best of bo a e e r h t c p e lo id v e t pro e to dev t every s ctives and je b o We take tim refine our ideas a g in t arke and with the m ly then test e s lo c s align campaign ction. fun form and


Siemens Energy Interactive Solutions “Smart Metering” Solutions Presenter This solutions presenter was developed for both internal and external audiences, a combination of a live action actor with a carefully scripted 2D and 3D backdrop was created for a series of engaging and informative videos. Internal audiences such as the sales team could view the presentations and then answer a series of feature and benefit questions designed to increase their product knowledge, once completed they could then customise the presentation for their own purposes. External audiences can view the video and get a fully scripted presentation of the benefits of Siemens Smart Metering services.

Energy corporate website The Siemens Energy website was developed using their “corporate” template, however it was designed to communicate specific solutions and services for the energy sector. Particular emphasis was placed on delivering engaging and educational rich media content using a variety of tools including video and flash. This content, along with all pages throughout the site were optimised to drive optimum natural search results, a range of PPC campaigns run on a regular basis driving additional promotional traffic.

• Website ement • Content Manag • Rich Media

Experian Micromarketer Generation 3 product launch MicromarketerG3 is an integrated geographical analysis tool that provides customer profiling, catchment definition, sales territory analysis, data modelling, mapping and visualisation in an easy-touse software application. To support the launch of this upgraded product an innovative 3-dimensional brand identity was created, the identity was developed in a way that allowed it to be animated and used with all other marketing collateral. The brand animation was not only used at the launch events, but was also integrated into the product software, ales presentations, collateral and website.

Mosaic classification re-launch Experian’s Mosaic classification system forms a fundamental building block for many strategic marketers throughout the world. Experian wanted to re-launch the system to promote their work in mapping the latest social trends. This integrated solution was based around the development of interactive CDs containing all the essential Mosaic consumer classifications and segmentation including socio-demographics, lifestyle and behaviour. The launch CD was supported by a range of offline materials including desktop tent cards and product literature.

• Branding • Microsite • Sales Tools

Future Foundation nVision website Experian’s Future Foundation wanted to launch a new website showcasing their nVision range of consumer reports, they wanted the new site to fit within the Experian corporate template and be easy to use and navigate. The site that was developed incorporated a range of innovative features including interactive menus and engaging content using AJAX and Flash. Flexible search facilities were incorporated into the site along with shopping basket and ecommerce functionality.

Business Information Prospect Locator campaign Experian’s BI division wanted a campaign to launch their new online B2B prospect locator service. The campaign needed to make potential customers aware of the new service and drive them directly to the ecommerce website. An integrated digital marketing plan was developed utilising a range of tools including banner advertising, newsletter sponsorship and PPC campaigns, these were supported by a search engine optimisation programme on the website. The campaign resulted in a significant increase in site traffic and the achievement of all launch objectives and goals.

• Microsite • Advertising • Rich Media


Panasonic High Impact Product Laun Panasonic KX-TDE launch The launch of a new Panasonic PBX needed to have high impact to gain attention from both end users and resellers. An introductory video sequence was produced that had high impact; using the latest 3D plug-ins and motion graphics inspired by Sci-Fi movie, sequences were created that showed a meteorite crashing into a planet to launch the Panasonic : KX-TDE PBX Campaign around the world. An original soundtrack was also produced to accompany the video.

In addition to the video sequence a series of flash based presentations were produced that highlighted the key features and benefits of the new Panasonic PBX.

Panasonic KX-NCP interactive sales tool Panasonic were launching a new PBX targeted at the SME sector and wanted an interactive sales tool that would allow both end users and resellers to understand the features and benefits of the new product. The lead element of the sales tool was a 3D motion graphics video that gave users a “walk through” of the products key features. Using 3D animation the video clearly communicates how the new PBX benefits different types of users and how its functionality can be scaled in a modular manner. Additional functionality enabled users to read and print a variety of information including product literature, FAQ’s, technical specifications and price lists.

• Microsite • Sales Tools D • Rich Media/3

Intermec 3D Viral Campaign Persona based solution presentations Intermec produce a range of supply chain management tools including handheld bar code scanners, they wanted a simple and interesting method of introducing prospective customers to their range of products and solutions. A series of “character based” scenarios were developed using a combination of live action video and motion graphics utilising chromakey technologies. The videos give prospective customers the opportunity to experience a “day in the life” of a virtual distribution environment using Intermec products. The campaign was launched through a range of viral activities including email and video placement.

• Microsite • E-Marketing D • Rich Media/3

Cable & Wireless Up Close and Personalised Network Rail communications platform As part of their major account support programme, Cable & Wireless wanted to develop a communications platform for Network Rail, this platform would allow C&W to deliver regular and personalised content to a number of key contacts. A microsite was developed in the form of a notice board, the interactive board contained a variety of communications materials in the form of a video message from the Chairman, virtual postcards and personalised post-it notes. Regular email campaigns were used to notify contacts of new information and provide a quick and simple link to the site.

Cisco personalised tender response This Cable & Wireless tender for a multi million pound project in the Middle East and Africa needed to be delivered with impact. Firstly a personalised interactive flash website was designed and developed for EACH senior executive in Cisco Inc. This enabled the executive board at Cable & Wireless to deliver a personalised message to each of the key decision makers in support of the response to tender. A personalised HTML email was issued to the six key decision makers at Cisco. This email linked them directly to the dynamic website; the website automatically recognised the visitor to the site and tailored the video response specific to that individual. In addition to the interactive website, the videos were also uploaded onto a Sony video walkman with personalised packaging for each recipient and securely delivered to the intended recipient.

• Microsite • E-Marketing • Rich Media

pital’s transport modes

ca Transport for London: managing the Boy Racer Integrated Communications London’s ‘boy racers’ kill people. Getting their attention isn’t easy. Our insight was that their ‘street cred’ is all. So we demonstrated what losing that credibilty actually meant to them.

Event-based competition to win the value of this car at national venues

email drives the recipient to landing page

We dramatised this loss of cool using a broad range of media and creative including targeted dm, online, a viral game and experiential. Our specially modded-up car caused a sensation when we showed it at public places around London.

Online driving ‘anti-game’ (and viral)

Look at the results: • One in seven 18-24 yearolds were aware of the game (right) • Cost of 1% awareness was ten times less than that for traditional media • Post-campaign research showed that 70% of our audience said that the communication made them think twice about speeding in future.

• DM • Viral Game • Advertising

Backed up with a targeted press insert campaign

Auto Trader ad, placed by a child, dramatising the fact that ‘immature male drivers’ are responsible for the largest number of speed-related collisions in London

Oyster card Auto top-up Our campaign for Transport for London (TfL), in partnership with iTunes, is to offer new customers who register and set up an Oyster card Auto top-up facility the opportunity to download up to five free songs from the library of approximately 5 million tracks from the iTunes store. Name that station! The creative idea behind this integrated poster, press, online and downloard campaign for TfL is to combine some well-known artists’ names with famous London tube stations: i.e. Eric Clapham, Lionel Richmond and Lilly Balham. Online advertising for the campaign also allows consumers to come up with their own combinations of singers and stations. Early results indicate that we will exceed targets for this campaign with 38,000 people having signed up to Auto top-up in the first week of activity.

“Previously unheard of results by an outstanding team who are also nice people to work with.” Nigel Marson Group Marketing Director TfL

• Advertising • Microsite • Downloads

mme Baileys: award-winning CRM progra

“The creative is right first time and always demonstrates an innovative approach.� Diageo GB Baileys annual review

Baileys is perceived as a Christmas drink. Our brief is to increase consumer purchase and build loyalty. Our strategy has focused on creating new Baileys ‘occasions’ and serves throughout the year. As well as creating an adoring customer base. From working with Baileys over the last five years, our analytics and modelling programmes have identified a number of Baileys target audiences. The core elements are that they are predominantly women who love to spend time with friends but are often time‑pressured and want the occasions they do share to be extra special. And that’s a growth segement! Novelty Following on from this, we have also launched our awardwinning relationship marketing programme ‘The Baileys Lounge’ – an online space dedicated to making their ‘chill out’ time and ‘get togethers’ extra special, enjoyable, and fun in a sophisticated digital world. Success The award-winning (DMA Gold for long term relationship marketing), four-year, multi-channel communications programme for Baileys Lounge members allows us to deliver variety, fun and interactive dialogue with Baileys members. Developing potential in Europe

Valentine Microsite

Summer Microsite

Baileys Book

The success of Baileys Lounge in the UK has further led to our developing a new pan-European customer acquisition campaign entitled Million Moments of Pleasure. Our target is to sign-up 1,000,000 new Baileys members. The campaign is currently running in Russian, German, Spanish and Italian. To date we have signed up 1.6 million members. More are forecast!

Christmas Microsite

• E-CRM • Microsite • Rich Media Brawl in the Hall We worked with for more than ten years. During that time we have changed the entire process of acquiring, welcoming, developing and retaining business customers whose spend on Yell business increased year-on-year. Our most notable work, perhaps, culminated in the ‘Brawl in the Hall’, an evening of serious fun and entertainment but with a serious point: to drive home to media gatekeepers and buyers the important message that advertising in was a vital way of communicating with Britain’s millions of SMEs. was changing to offer more choice to national advertisers, but the media heavyweights were doubtful. 50 Agencies in the UK are responsible for 80% of the online spend so we invited 150 of media’s biggest hitters to a boxingthemed night out to convince them.

Winner of the 2008 ISP Grand Prix Awarded for creating the most successful experiential event, 2008. “One of the most innovative and resultsoriented agencies I’ve ever worked with.” Scott Maguire Head of Acquisition

• Microsite • E-Marketing • Rich Media

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty The ‘with Dove’ RM programme uses the hook of emotional engagement with the Dove brand and ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ to generate rational reasons to buy and use Dove products. The results showed a 15% average AWP uplift against ‘hand raisers’ segment with one in seven consumers on the programme buying a new category. Moving to a full roll out, it’s one of Unilever’s most successful RM programmes.

• E-CRM • Microsite • Rich Media

Healthy lifestyle hints and tips from Benecol


Benecol Healthy Times

The Benecol Healthy Times multi-platform programme aims is to drive regime consumption and AWP through saliency, motivation and entertainment.



A monthly email or a quarterly newsletter is aimed at those people who are serious about taking control of their cholesterol. So far, the program has seen above average results in terms of engagement and interaction.

es Healthy Tim get the balance right for

Look what’s just arrived

If undelivered please return to: Benecol®, Freepost, SCE 14638, Bracknell, RG12 2BR

Autumn 2008

A guide to taking control of your cholesterol

Making time work and play

tomato Munch on a basil past


Serves 4

to enjoy

a carb our new rty plus Paul Goga


• Tips on how to choose a carbon-friendly break • Win a three month supply of Benecol® foods with our cartoon competition.

• 2 tbsp of coriander leaves

Plus – tell us what you’d like to see more of in Healthy Times and you could win a stylish colour screen multimedia player for playing music, games and videos, sharing photos and much more. For your chance to win, simply complete and return the attached questionnaire. Good luck!


The Healthy Times Editors P.S. We’ve just introduced a delicious NEW Benecol® Dairy Free Drink in Strawberry & Berries flavour. We’d love you to try it, so we’ve included a handy 75p off coupon. Just detach it and take it with you next time you go shopping.



Benecol Dairy Free Strawberry & Berries Fruit & Soya Drink Valid until 31/12/2008


starting to use Benecol? For me, it’s part of a healthy diet Q2 If you put Benecol up against Eachthe serving containsand 1 ¼lifestyle We/I have been diagnosed with brands above, how do youportions think of Benecol® foods. high cholesterol it compares? Other/prefer not to say It’s definitely better than all other brands It’s a bit better than other brands Q6 And how many of the people It’s no better or worse than other brands in your household use Benecol? It’s not quite as good as other brands Just me It’s definitely not as good as other brands My partner Both of us Q3 Let’s get on to your routine. More than that How regularly do you use any of the Benecol products? Q7 Now we’d like you to think about the Every day Benecol brand as if it were a person Regularly (we know, it’s a bit weird). Which Occasionally of these phrases best describes how Very rarely you’d feel about that person? Never Really like and have a lot in common with Like and have some things in common with Get along with OK but do not have much in common with Alpro

11.3g 2.6g

• Find out how enjoying the recommended amount of Benecol® every day as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle can reduce bad cholesterol in your bloodstream by up to 14%* • Discover the different products available to you in the Benecol® range – and all the different ways you can enjoy them

Moisten and seal

Wouldn’t actually dislike but would have very little in common with Wouldn’t like and would have nothing in common with Q8 Do you, or does anyone in your household, have any of the following medical conditions: Elevated cholesterol Diabetes Overweight Q9 For each statement below, we would like you to indicate how strongly you agree or disagree, using a scale of 1-5 where 1 means you strongly disagree and 5 means you strongly agree. Benecol lowers cholesterol I see a lot of advertising for Benecol Benecol are expert in cholesterol control Taking Benecol makes me feel I can control my cholesterol Benecol is a brand that I can relate to Benecol is a modern brand Benecol are a pioneer in cholesterol control Benecol contains a unique active ingredient Benecol prevents cholesterol from entering your bloodstream Benecol is a brand I trust Benecol is easy to include in your diet

Q12 How about the different sections of Healthy Times? Can you rate them for us – where 1 is poor and 5 is very good.

• View details of all the free tools and resources we provide to help you take control * Ref. Law, M. Plant sterol and stanol margarines and health. British

Clicked through to the website/visited the website Sent it to a friend Talked about it with a friend or partner Just read it myself Deleted it without reading it Q14 Is there anything else you’d like to see in the Healthy Times emails/ direct mail?

Don’t forget, you can get your Healthy Times sent to you by email every month. Just enter your email address below.

Q11 How do you feel about the Healthy Times emails/direct mails? (tick all that apply) They make me feel valued by Benecol I like receiving them I look forward to receiving more No different to other emails/direct mail They are not relevant to me

Medical Journal 2000; 320:861-864. Visit for more information about the science behind Benecol and lowering cholesterol.

Q13 Have you done any of the following after receiving these emails/direct mail? (tick all that apply)

Now let’s talk about the Benecol Healthy Times emails/direct mails. We want to know how you rate them! Q10 Do you agree that Healthy Times is relevant to you? Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree

• Get advice on how you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Pulse (news) Postcard from Finland Dr Ben (product news) Cartoon Mind Gym Offers with other brands

I am happy to receive further communications from Benecol® via email.

Moisten and seal

Method Ingredients ® ® Melt theenjoy Benecol • 60g (2oz) BenecolTo Buttery Buttery Taste help us put more stuff1. that you’ll in every issue of Taste Spread Spread in a more wok or large Healthy Times, we’d like to know a little about youfrying and pan, Mr AB Sample your interests. If you can spare few moments, fill in anda heat until hot.please Add the spring • 6 spring onions, chopped Sample House this questionnaire and returnonions, it to us.pepper and beansprouts • 1 red pepper, deseeded Sample Street stirthank fry for mins until Win a multimedia player.and To say you3-4 we’ll enter and sliced Sample Town themultimedia chilli, pak choi your details into a prize drawsoftened. to win oneAdd of five Sample Shire prawns and continue stir frying • 110g (4oz) beansprouts players. The unique number and printed on this form will be used AB1 3CD for 2-3 minutes until the prawns to identify your entry. • 1 red chilli, deseeded and diced AB URN have turned pink. You’ll be able to play music, games and videos, listen to the radio or flick through AB selcode/ AB seq_num • 2 pak choi, leaves divided (Pak your favourite photo albums with this super stylish multimedia player. 2. Mix together the lime zest and Choi or Bok Choy are types of juice and soy sauce with the Chinese cabbage) Welcome back to Healthy Times Splenda® or sugar. Cook for one • 350g (12oz) raw tiger is hot. Q1 Have you heard of or everminute until everything Q4 Which of these Benecol products Dear Mr Sample prawns, peeled purchased any of the following do you use? (tick all that apply) the Drink It’s that time of year again. September’s here and with it comes that old familiar back• to brands products? 3. Cook the noodles according The finely grated zest andor juice Benecolto Yogurt instructions, then drainDairy well Free Drink work feeling. But don’t let it get you down – because in this latest issue of Healthy Times Heard of pack Purchased Benecol of 1 lime and divide between four serving we’re bringing you lots of tips and ideas to help you enjoy a better work/life balance. Yakult Benecol Yogurts • ½ tsp Splenda® or sugar Benecol Actimel/Activia dishes. Top the noodles with Spreads In this issue: Benecol Cream Cheese Style Spread Muller the stir fry and garnish with the • 2 tbsp light soy sauce Flora Pro Activ coriander leaves. • Travel journalist Paul Gogarty and life coach Padraig Hyland tell us about the best • 3 x 150g packs thick Q5 What reason did you have for Onkennoodles bits of their day jobs

Tips on how rt thiS iSSUe: with travel expe

chat ion. alSOoninfriendly break, acarto on competit

Fat (g)

Look forward to

Healthy Times Available every month by email, Healthy Times is an e-newsletter exclusively for users of Benecol®.

In every issue, you’ll find news, advice and mouthwatering healthy-heart recipes – as well as a little bit of healthy fun. Look out for your first issue.

Seriou SeriouSS about choleS about yo te ur lifeSrol, tyle

To make sure you receive your exclusive Healthy Times Taking e-newsletter, sign up now at the

right am cholest ount of ero Beneco if you’re l. But there are l every day commit lots of ted to other thin will help to achiev lower you gs you ing a hea r lthier die ought to con sider t and life style. Make sure

you eat

vegetab five por les a day tions of fruit and of heart – they can redu disease. ce the Aim to risk drink bet ween 1.5 per day – the cell to 2 litre s in you s of wat r body need wat er er to function properly ! Be seri ous abo ut fitness of exe – taking rcise on 30 min five or is good utes more day for you r heart. s a wee Watch k your satu the type rated fat of fats intake found in – they’re manufac anim tured goo al prod ucts and ds like cake and biscuits . Avoid smo king – it lowers levels and your HDL encoura cholest ges bloo erol Reduce d to clot you . how muc r salt consum ption – h salt is be awa in the re of food you to eat eat, no mor and try e than 6g eve ry day. you’d

If like to find and life style, Ben out more abo ut the ecol has princip prepar For mo les of a ed som re info healthy e fre rmation diet visit ben e fact sheets for you . .uk


Moisten and seal


In this pack, you’ll find lots of information designed to help you take control of your cholesterol. You’ll find that taking just a few simple steps can make a real difference.

24.4g 24.6g

Of which saturates

Take a clutch of fresh prawns, and add the sharp, tangy flavours of chilli and lime - that’s everything you need for a vibrant, zesty stir fry.



something for the fridge

sh the Britin Support datio Heart Foun

75p savin

Dr Ben says: Take control and enjoy it every day.


Enjoy a

Carbohydrate (g) Protein

Dr Ben says:

Chilli and lime pan-fried prawns with noodles


Per serving: Energy value (kJ/kcal)


Prawn tO be wilD

How you can take control

Nutrition Information (typical values)

Take control and enjoy it every day.

MUnch Of the MOnth

• E-CRM • Microsite • E-Newsletter


Orange: integrated DR communicatio

We were appointed the agency of record for Orange in June. Our task comprises all offline, online, data analytics and retail support. So we employ direct response press and online advertising driving prospective customers online, into retail or to respond by phone for consumer mobile, residential broadband and SME business audiences, for example. The work involves a high degree of testing and creative rotation on a weekly basis to maximise ROI both online and in press. The online creative approach involves a mix of standard flash banners, including MPUs, Skyscrapers and Leaderboards as well as an increasing use of rich media formats including data capture within banners. Creative is frequently developed for specific audience segments (e.g. youth, SIM, sole traders, students, enterprise customers) and aligned with appropriate media vehicles.

Providing more information about the Animal packages

The creative often involves multiple variants of tariff, mobile phones and promotional offers with up to 50 different executions running, according to value segments, at any given time in the market.

PAYG SIM card £30 + 1000 Free texts

• DM • Advertising • Rich Media

In the SME space...

Increasing Orange’s broadband subscriber customer base One proposition is to offer free broadband to existing pay monthly customers (PAYM). At the same time Orange wants to increase loyalty in the PAYM sector by offering (‘unexpectedly’) its current customers free broadband to show Orange really cares. So...‘pleasantly-surprised’ customers have a choice: free home broadband; or 3 months’ free mobile broadband. We are also using this campaign to test a Free vs Value message and to assess whether Orange customers respond more favourably to statement messages or personalised DM packs.

...we blend our communications across DR press, online advertising, direct mail and statement/bill messaging as well as mobile channels and in-store media. Our direct work integrates with Orange’s high-profile ‘I am’ brand proposition and exploits this engaging and original creative platform to drive action in response to a range of tailored messages. £10 voucher mailing Reducing churn is an issue for all network providers. There are, already, a number of trigger communications in place at key stages of the customer journey to encourage renewal/upgrade/uptake of new products and we have also introduced a further stage to thank those SMEs who had recently renewed their contract.

101008 PAYG1phone250x149 v2.psd

‘Surprise and delight’ We sent a £10 gift voucher to ‘renewing’ SMEs for mobile accessories to be used at any Orange Shop or on the website. The creative delivered a series of statements about the benefits of mobile accessories that came together to tell a ‘day in the life’ story of our typical customer by personalising it to their location. 101008 PAYG2phones+box170x264v1.psd

Orange wants their customers to be happy at Christmas time. So, like Santa, we’re giving them some gifts, of course! We have created new press and online concepts for a number of PAYG and PAYM offers. We have incorporated a PAYG Christmas ‘gift box full of surprises’ when customers purchase a phone worth £49.99 or more to make customers feel valued at this time of year. The aim is to drive-to-retail shops or drive customers online and success will be measured by footfall, traffic and purchase, respectively.

• DM • E-Marketing • Promotions

Emirates Keep Discovering Emirates flies to over 100 destinations worldwide. Each new destination is announced via a fully-integrated launch campaign including press and advertising in the local market, direct mail to travel agents and online advertising to attract customers to book.

“The highest scores for thought leadership of ANY of our agencies.” Tim Burnell Emirates International Agency Review

• Website • Advertising • Rich Media

Cadbury Blast from the Past On the high street An engaging on-pack promotion allows consumers to collect iconic branded items from yesteryear such as Space Hoppers and Rubik’s Cubes. The campaign capitalises on Mini Rolls’ heritage and fuses this with the ongoing interest and appeal of retro items. The results were brilliant! The site received 69,522 visits from 42,129 individuals of which 23,614 consumers registered on the site.

• Microsite • Rich Media • Competitions

Velvet Give Baby Panda a Home And a website for loo rolls! Velvet is proud of its commitment to the environment. This has been recognised by a number of organisations including WWF. The campaign idea was to give away Velvet branded pandas in return for a £2 donation to the charity. Each panda was delivered with information and a pass to a secret area on the Velvet website. This area contained a birth certificate for their panda, interesting animal facts, quizzes, and fun activities. Targets for Panda redemptions were beaten by over 50% with over 10,000 visitors registering on the site. There was also one panda reportedly sent to No. 10 Downing Street!

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It sparkles, but it’s flat When we say we work in ‘open plan’ offices, we mean open plan. Our entire work areas are just that. From Joe Garton, our CEO, to the newest account executive, the management structure is…well, flat. It means we can all be available and accessible to everyone else – after all, that’s why we come to work. But it means people have freedom. Freedom to express their ideas, their creativity and their individuality. Because this is what we want, we get the best work done this way. No knocking on doors, no booking appointments through secretaries, no artificial formalities.

Joe Garton – CEO Joe is one of the agency’s founding partners and a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing. He was Direct Marketing Director at Osprey, a director of Data Actif Limited, co-founder and Managing Director of KCJB Data Limited and the Managing Director of Manifesto. Joe is responsible for the group’s direction and overall strategy, mergers and acquisitions and for the agency’s senior client relationships.

Most of the time, anyway. David Coe – Chemistry Digital Managing Director

Diane Charlton – Group Managing Director

David has worked on a massive range of projects to develop and deliver integrated marketing campaigns both online and offline.

Before managing Chemistry, Diane held a number of senior management roles including Managing Director of TPD Contract Publishing. She has over eight years new media experience, launching Fusion Interactive in the UK in 1996. Her background is in publishing as editor of consumer titles for both EMAP and Dennis Publishing. Diane has managed Chemistry for the past five years’ and holds an MBA from the Open University.

Using innovative techniques for customer interaction and pioneering new practices. David is very experienced in internal communications, smart sales tools and experience architecture strategies.

Mike Cavers – Executive Creative Director Mike joined Chemistry as Executive Creative Director from Publicis Dialog where he was instrumental in delivering integrated communications solutions across the agency’s international and local client base for Powergen, Allied Domecq Zurich, Renault, Hewlett Packard, McArthurGlen and Nobel Biocare. He has won numerous creative awards and previous senior creative roles have included European Creative Director Integration for TBWA/H Amsterdam and Creative Director for Tequila/Payne Stracey. Mike’s proud to be one of Campaign’s select ‘A-list’ individuals (page 36!). He’s a respected industry player whose stated aim is ‘Do great work and get noticed’ – though not necessarily in that order. Mike sits on various creative awards and judging panels and is a frequent contributor to the industry’s trade magazines.

Martin Brophy – Chemistry Digital Customer Relationship Director Martin manages the digital customer service team and makes sure that our customers are happy with the standard of thinking, design and technical support that they are receiving on a project. He has many years Pan-European marketing experience, working in both the B2B and B2C sectors, he also worked on the client side of the industry before switching over to work for agencies.

Katie Dearden – Chemistry Digital Operations Director Katie trained as a multimedia developer before the internet revolution turned her attention to HTML and web browsers. She’s helped Chemistry’s digital division to double in size in the last 3 years – whilst also managing to have two children. That’s why her favourite cartoon super-hero is Wonder Woman.

Neil Cowan – Business Development Director Neil has worked on both sides of the fence: as a buyer for Boots the Chemist’s “proprietary toiletries and cosmetics” and then in the agency world since the late 1980s. Having worked with clients such as British Airways, the AA, Prudential, Henderson Unit Trusts, LloydsTSB, GE, Ricoh and many others, Neil spends his time these days as part of the team that tailors Chemistry’s services to match clients’ developing needs. And he never sits on the fence!





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One final word: Chemistry Managem

Ranked 4th in the UK by Precision Marketing, Chemistry’s Senior Management team is continuing to guide the agency through times of enormous change. Both in terms of economic climate and a dynamically changing marketing landscape. We now implement 65% of our work through digital channels. This has required a transformation of our skills, capabilities and processes. As an integrated agency, Chemistry has built a culture that also integrates all types of personality and expertise. All views are valued from any discipline and any level in the agency. We are not big on status. We are also not big on flash in the pan success. Chemistry’s position has come over a period of more than eight years of solid and consistent performance, leading to continuous incremental growth, development and success. Our management team has been carefully constructed from nurturing internal talent and recruiting from the best within the industry. And not always the immediately conventional choices but rather what we see as the interesting ones that add to our DNA as much as our client profile.

Joe Garton, CEO

“Over the past two years, our business has dramatically changed – 65% is now digital.”


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