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Mind is Matter... This is the portfolio of a person attempting to understand the world around him. Nothing is concretely solved, but everything is continually interpreted. Life is a serious battle between the soul and the experiential. To ask why things are the way they are is not possible. We can only live, learn, and develop. My journey has been all about growth. Not everyone has the ability to let development happen while also accepting the innumerable places it may take you. I certainly can’t present myself without presenting art. I am my art.

Watercolor flux and fluidity

Porta Pinciana investigating the aurelian wall

Urban Infill a project of constraints

Paintings unrestricted dialog

Photo Silkscreening a medium of vision and perseverance

Watercolor Sketching flux and fluidity

Vila Mariana based on Villa Mariana Sketch by Eduardo Bajzek 2018

Tree Exercise in Plan View 2018

Wilder Hall based on Wilder Hall watercolor sketch by Kirin Makker 2018

Sunken Garden, Hobart & William Smith Colleges Watercolor sketch 2018 As an assignment, my class was to pace the Sunken Garden on HWS campus, sketch, and watercolor the drawing.

San Cataldo Cemetery Aldo Rossi Drawing on Rome sketch 2016

Capitol Hill, Rome, ITL. Drawing on Rome sketch 2016

Smith Opera House, Geneva, NY. Watercolor sketch 2018

Room Watercolor sketches 2018

Porta Pinciana investigating the aurelean wall

This project proposed the creation of a space based on a gate of the Aurelian Wall. Each is its own and has its specific attributes. The function of the gate is to not interfere with traffic on both sides of the gate. One side is villas, green space, and entertainement, while the other side contains a cityscape.

Castle Street, Urban Infill a project of constaints

Ultimately, the program we came up with was, nourishment. We envisioned our future site as a co-op where people may grow and harvest food, and teach gardening skills and knowledge to one another.

The assignment for the urban infill project was affordable housing and public first-floor space. With six weeks we were responsible for designing an infill building that would respond to the communities needs and desires. Research and Outreach fueled the results. Geneva’s food desert status was the main inspiration for my partner and me.

Building: Carly Kinta

Concept of Troffs for processes of sowing, growing, and harvesting.

Courtyard: Chelten Leggett Building: Carly Kinta

Urban Infill, Courtyard The courtyard, designed as an extention of the program inside the structure, is a space for growing and holding vegetation for distribution and on site consumption.

Tic Tac No/Bro *in progress medium: acrylic, spray paint size: 5’x 7’


An unrestricted dialog

Untitied medium: acrylic size: 24”x18”

Pain medium: acrylic size: 3’x 4’

Photo Silkscreening A medium of vision and perseverance.

Perigrene Falcon medium: serigraphy Today, there seems to be a break in the connection between humans and the world around us.

Kemetian Priest medium: serigraphy As an African American, relating yourself to world history can be difficult. An ancient Kemetic priest with curly hair reads as a ancient relative.

Silkscreen Portait investigating the conscience.

After a class photo, each of us was assigned to create a self portrait that would come together as one large presentation. The assignment required the technique of bleed print. As an African American, identity is, at times, a complicated topic. Using inspiration from African masks, I inclined to create a scene on the west coast of Africa with ships in the background.

Complementary Prints unify. descern. create.

Working on a single print can be challenging. However, two prints at a time present a new challenge. For photo-screenprinting, brainstorming prints that relate to each other, yet present on their own requires a clear thought process.

Untitled medium: serigraphy

Untitled medium: serigraphy While geometry was the prominent motif, the subject played a role in relating both prints.

Chelten O. Leggett (609)920-8797

Work Experience Judy King Interiors LLC., Princeton, NJ Interior Design Intern Delivered furniture and accessories Showroom organization Client furniture placement and removal Lionel A. Scriven Architect LLC., Lambertville, NJ Architectural Intern Built SketchUp models for clients

R.U. Commercial Services, Trenton, NJ

May ʻ16 – Jul ʻ16

Graduated: May 2018 Major: Bachelor of Art in Architectural Studies Minor: Studio Art Jun ʻ16 – Aug ʻ16

Jun ʻ11 – Present

Actively engaged in quick pace, physically demanding construction environment. Commercial painting experience

Seneca Watershed Intermunicipal Org., Geneva, NY

Education Hobart College, Geneva, NY

Italy (Study Abroad)

Scoula Leonardo Da Vinci Gustolab Institute: Italian Food and Culture, Drawing on Rome, Intro to Architectural Design

May ʻ17 - Aug ʻ17

G.I.S and Research Intern G.I.S computation/map making Data management

Community Engagement Stewardson Society, Geneva, NY

Sep ʻ17 - May ʻ18

Class event planning Window Painting

Multi Media Club, Geneva, NY Critiqued theme oriented photos taken by members Learned Photoshop technique and skills for editing Lead Environmental Representative, Geneva, NY Group leader of public reach for ecoreps Leader of task delegation among ecorep group Design Week, Pordenone, Italy Group design brainstorming and development

Feb ʼ18 - Mar ʻ18

Aug ʻ15 - Dec ʻ15

Mar ʻ16

Publications Anna Williams and Friends Word Association Magazine

Skills Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Photoshop CC, acrylic painting, sketching, watercolor, SketchUp, AutoCad Geographic Information Systems ArcGIS, ArcOnline.

Chelten Leggett Portfolio  
Chelten Leggett Portfolio