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Annual Report 2012 Taking Good News relevantly to every young person in Cheltenham.

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Governance and Public Benefit


Trustees’ Report


Director’s Report


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What the team were thankful for in 2012


What the team are hoping for in 2013

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Governance and Public Benefit Our trustees are appointed and reappointed at our Annual General meeting in accordance with our constitution. Trustees are appointed for a three year term. All trustees are voluntary and give of their time and expertise without receiving remuneration or benefit. Trustees meet approximately ten times a year. The charity adheres to all current child protection legislation and adheres to good practice guidelines in all areas of its work. Cheltenham Youth for Christ is a affiliated member of British Youth for Christ. Whilst operating as an independent charity Cheltenham YFC is a chartered ministry of British YFC and receives support and advice from them.

Our Trustees Debra Legge Sarah Stone Lindsay Houghton Kath Warner

Our aim Our aim is to see Good News taken to every young person in Cheltenham. This will be done in a variety of ways and through many different people. Our approach is to enhance the personal, social and spiritual development of young people through encounters with Christianity. We believe this can only be achieved when we work in partnership with churches, charities and other youth organisations.

Main activities undertaken for the public benefit Our work is focused on providing support for young people of any or no faith group. We seek to provide for their social, personal and spiritual needs. During this year we have worked with a number of young people to develop their confidence and social skills. This has been achieved through our various school activities. We have also provided mentoring services in schools in order to work with young people at risk of exclusion or facing significant challenges in an area of their life. This work gives young people the opportunity to make positive choices leading to greater opportunity both socially and educationally. Our work with young people from the Christian community enables them to lives that involve active and positive participation in their peer groups and society in general. These young people are also given the opportunity to develop leadership skills that will benefit them in their transition into the workforce.

Trustees’ Report Debra Legge has been a trustee since 2008 and has been acting Chairperson since September 2012. I am immensely proud to have served over the years as a trustee of Cheltenham Youth for Christ and more recently as its Chairperson. The work with young people has continued to increase and the support of them and provision for this has been made possible with excellent team work from Jon our part-time Youth worker, supported by Flik, Joe, Josh and Trev, all in their first, second and third years at Gloucestershire University. Cheltenham YFC has enabled them to undertake a placement that has been beneficial to their study whilst also helping to expand our work. The team works well together, seeing wonderful growth in the schools’ work under the care and guidance of the Director. This year I have witnessed God’s grace working in what have been difficult and testing times for the team. Redundancy is never easy and without another viable option, we reluctantly had to take the decision to reduce our paid staff. We continue to work hard to raise the profile of the work of Cheltenham YFC and look for new ways of raising much needed funding streams as we move forward. As we move further into 2013 we are focusing on strategies for growth and seeking new funding opportunities in order to make this growth possible. We are also looking to expand and strengthen our Board of Trustees and continue to seek God’s guidance for fresh and creative innovations for taking Good News relevantly to every young person in Cheltenham. Debra Legge Chair of Trustees

Director’s Report Paul has been the Director of Cheltenham Youth for Christ since 2001. As with many charities, 2012 proved to be a challenging year which included some incredible highs and lows. From the very outset we faced significant financial challenges that put pressure on the team as redundancy was a real possibility for at least one post. As a team, we worked hard to overcome these challenges through various streams of income from which we did see some growth. Ultimately we did not see sufficient increases in our income to prevent the threat of redundancy turning into reality. Dealing with redundancy is never easy but in a small organisation where the trustees, who have to make the final decision, know the staff well it comes with additional challenges. We worked hard to ensure we followed all the best practice guidelines and the trustees were committed to ensuring that the post holder who would be made redundant would be able to complete the second year of their university course. Following a period of consultation and due process Chris was informed that it was his post was being made redundant. This was a difficult decision for everyone but Chris responded with dignity as his time with us came to an end. This difficult but financially necessary decision put a real strain on the whole team, both staff and trustees. Throughout it all everyone was committed to working to ensure our provision to young people did not suffer. It is a credit to the team that despite such a difficult start to the year we have seen so many positive outcomes from our work. Despite these pressures, our work with young people has steadily grown throughout the year. On average we work with 175 young people a week, an increase of 20% on the previous year. Part of this has been as a result of extending our work into new schools. This is the first full year of working in Pates and Bournside as well as seeing Trev get involved in Tewkesbury School. We also saw many of our groups grow significantly throughout the autumn term. These young people come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some face really difficult home lives whilst others have happy stable families; some are excelling at school whilst others are facing exclusion; some are bullied, others self harm, some are Christians and others don’t believe God exists. The one thing they all have in common is the desire to spend time with people who care, listen and support. It is through this relationship building that we begin to see change come in the lives of the young people. Sometimes this change is seemingly insignificant but it is often the small steps that lead to the giant leaps. Seeing young people begin to turn around their problems at school and take control back in their life is exciting. Journeying alongside a young person who self harms may be challenging but the reward is worth the heartache. Watching a young person being open to discuss what they believe is a true privilege. Throughout the year we have seen some amazing highlights. Having Guvna B with us for three days was very special. Hearing

the story of a group of Year 8 boys being threatened with detention because they wouldn’t stop singing his song JLM (Jesus loves me) whilst getting changed for PE demonstrates how comfortable young people can become with Jesus in the right context. We also ran an Olympics day at St. Mark’s Junior School when we used a variety of sports, arts and storytelling to encourage the students to consider what it means to be part of God’s team. During the summer we ran cage football sessions at Greenbelt, although water polo may have been easier! We also took a greater involvement in the youth work at Gorsley Festival where it was exciting to see so many young people respond to follow Jesus. This year we nominated Sarah Stone for the Gloucestershire Association for Voluntary and Community Action (GAVCA) Trustee of the year awards. Sarah has been the Trustee Secretary since 2009 and has made a terrific impact on the effectiveness of the Board of Trustees. Whilst Sarah did not win the reward she more than earned her nomination for the marvellous work she does. Sarah is part of a fantastic Board of Trustees who do an excellent task in ensuring that we move forward as a charity. Throughout the year we have lost two trustees. Roger Widdecombe who became Chairman in 2009 stepped down due to increasing family and work demands. Running a busy church and being the father of three young children is a lot to juggle! Our treasurer Mark Penwill also stepped down in the summer after he took on a new job after two years as a trustee. We would like to thank Roger and Mark for the time they gave to their roles. The role of Chair has been filled by Debra Legge since Roger stepped down, Debra has been a trustee since 2008 and is very familiar with the running of CYFC. The role of treasurer has been filled by Lindsay Houghton. She came in at a difficult time for the organisation financially but as we come through that period we are once more moving forward. Kath Warner was also co-opted onto the board this year and she brings a wealth of experience from previous roles with charities. It is great to see Kath and Lindsay join us as we strengthen the Board of Trustees. The team has also been joined by Joe Bent this year. Joe joined the team in September as part of his Youth Work degree and will be on placement with us until May 2014. Joe is in his second year at University and was previously on placement at Saint James Church in Chipping Campden. We have also had Josh Hodgetts on placement with us for a few months at the end of the year. Josh is a sports student at the University of Gloucestershire and used his sports skills at Pittville School. We have also been pleased to welcome Anna Horton to the team. Anna helps in the office on a Tuesday along with Sarah Stone. Anna is involved in a variety of office tasks and planning events. It has been great to have so many new people involved in our work in addition to our other volunteers. This year we have also firmly established the auction as a regular feature of our annual calendar with income from the auction rising for the third year running to £2500. We are already planning for 2013’s event along with some other fundraising events. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in the life of Cheltenham YFC this year, whether as a volunteer, trustee, prayer, giver, encourager or staff member. Without you it would not be possible make the difference in the lives of the young people we work with. Paul Bennett Director

Jon’s view Jon is our part time Youth Worker. He joined the team in August 2010 and is currently in his final year at Gloucestershire University studying for a Youth Work degree. When I look back over the last year it’s been an amazing journey. There are so many stories to share. Back in February, which seems a very long time ago, we were joined by a Christian rapper Guvna B.

He spent a

three days with us visiting a number of the schools we work in. During this time he did mini concerts and music lessons, sharing his testimony of how God changed his life.

One of the most memorable

moments was a spur of the moment lunch

Guvna B at All Saints Academy

time gig, which took place in the play ground of one of the schools. It went down very well with over 200 young people jumping up and down to Christian music, shouting out 'Jesus Loves Me'. Even now, the young people in all the schools talk about when Guvna B came to their school. Our work in Pittville has been a real highlight for me this year. You may have read an article last year in our newsletter about my frustration regarding the size of Rock Solid at Pittville. It was through this that God taught me a lesson about the importance of relationship and his love and that one young person is as important as many of them.

Since that

realisation we have seen the Rock Solid group grow in size from 5 to 15 each week. They come week in week out and enjoy silly games and discussions around a life issue or subject.

There is always a Biblical perspective which the young people

respond to well. I've taken the lesson about numbers being less important and applied it to our lunch time detached, valuing the individuals that we meet each week. Most recently I've been chatting with two lads, where the conversation tends to revolve around the usual teenage life of girls, school and TV but recently we were talking about 'Soul Survivor' and what a Christian festival is like. One of the exciting things about our work is the variety; every school and group is different. When we first joined with the youth workers from South Cheltenham Churches to run the Bournside Christian

Union there were four to five young people coming along. At the start of this year we saw a massive growth in the Christian Union on a Thursday lunch time. The CU had been promoted within a number of church youth groups which has led to around twelve young people attending. The result of the increased participation of Christian Union was evident when they delivered a Christmas themed assembly to their peers in Year 7. Over the summer I joined the National team for a week of camping and sharing stories with the delegates of New Wine North. It was great meeting members of staff from National YFC, to exchange relationships.





build week


remember one of the most moving conversations was with a mother and her daughter. Their life story can only be

described as tragic.



It involved


parental separation, bullying and a variety of other situations. Talking with them both it was clear that God was holding them together, that he loves them and has a plan for them.


conversation went on and talking about the work of YFC seemed insignificant.

Jon with Thea Pitchers of British Youth For Christ at New Wine North

Spending time with those people was eye-opening and when the mother returned to the stand a few days later to say thank you, it became inspiring. I realised that God works even in what seems like the insignificant things; both the small conversations and the unseen things.

Jon Bull Youth Worker

Trev’s view Trev is in his final year at Gloucestershire University studying for a Youth Work degree. He joined the team in September 2011 and will be with us until the summer of 2013 . There have been many highlights this year for me and I do not think it would be fair to focus on just one. This year saw me start work at Holy Trinity Tewkesbury helping to oversee the youth work for the church as part of my placement with Cheltenham YFC. This has enabled me to gain experience in church based youth work and at the same time provided CYFC with the opportunity to resource a local church in need. My time at Tewkesbury has enabled me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses as a youth worker as well as reinforcing where my gifting lies. At Trinity I have been involved in supporting and running the Christian Union at Tewkesbury School where we have seen the amount of young people double since September. I have also been involved in Tewkesbury’s first School Prayer Network meeting where people pray for schools, staff and pupils in the Tewkesbury area. This was a big highlight for me as it really encouraged me seeing so many people come together who are passionate about supporting school communities through prayer. When the regular prayer meetings on a Monday morning were introduced I was a bit sceptical about them. I thought that on a Monday morning these would provide me with a bit more time to keep my eyes shut and extend my sleep! However, as is often the case with God, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I got out of them with the notion of sleep rarely being any sort of prospect. I find these meetings a good way of being able to look back at the great things God has done for CYFC and continuingly seeking His direction for our work. They also help me to focus on why we do what we do; that it is not about me but it is about God.

I find it a great

encouragement for the work that I carry out for the week, especially when visitors join us to pray. I feel it adds validity to what we do when people give up their time on a Monday to join us and support us in prayer. I cannot imagine a better way to start the working week off now and really look forward to it. At Christmas I was very happy to put my links with Cheltenham YMCA to use as one of the schools that we work in encouraged students to bring in items for hampers. The school approached CYFC to ask for our suggestion as to where the hampers could be donated and I put forward the idea of taking some to the YMCA. The personal highlight of this for me was seeing some of the pupils at the school hand over the hampers to some very grateful residents. I could not help but smile knowing that these school pupils were bucking the modern

trend of materialism where it is about taking and not about giving away. It was at this moment that I caught a glimmer of the meaning of Christmas being acted out. Through the giving of something that will make a difference in someone’s life I saw the similarity with God sending Jesus to earth to make a difference in our lives. I do not think that I can deny that one of my biggest highlights of the year (along with getting engaged!) is that I passed my foundation degree in Supporting Youth Practice. I know that this is down to the support of friends, the team at CYFC and the immense grace of God. I am now nearing the end of my final year at university with the expectation of gaining a full degree in Youth Work. It really has helped being in such a supportive environment that has been created at CYFC. There are four of us that are all on the same course which has helped to create an understanding of what each of us is going through. It goes further than that though as Paul has been

Joe and Paul getting ready for the hamper collection. Collecting the empty boxes in preparation took two trips!

brilliant at providing us with opportunities to meet university requirements and where necessary offer us time to work on assignments and portfolios. I know that achieving my foundation degree would have been much harder without the environment created at CYFC.

Trev Rawlinson Youth Work Placement Student

Flik’s view Flik is in the first year of a Youth Work degree with Gloucestershire University. She first joined the team as a gap year worker in September 2011. One of the highlights of my year has been seeing the Pate's Christian Union grow, both spiritually and numerically. Recently we have been using an Open Doors resource called My Heart Bleeds with the CU. It has been great to see the young people in the CU challenged by stories of the persecuted church and consider the value of their own faith. The group have particularly enjoyed a type of Bible reading called Lectio Divina, a reflective study of scripture. When we have done this in the sessions, the prayerful approach to Bible readings has resulted in God speaking into the lives of many of the group. One girl in particular, who is exploring faith, commented how encouraged she was, and said that the Psalm she had been reading was very relevant to her current struggles. To build on this, at the end of a session we asked the group to pick a verse or a couple of verses to read that week, and said we would discuss what God had been saying to them through those Bible verses the following week. Every young person in the group came the next week with what they had read and was keen to share what God had been saying to

Young people at CU’s and after school clubs explore life issues they are facing

them. As I continue to explore academically what it means to be a youth worker at university, the practical support and lessons I’m learning at CYFC continue to be very helpful. I’m looking forward to continuing my placement with them next year and seeing the young people I am working with developing further in all areas of their lives. Flik Hargreaves Youth Work Placement Student

Joe’s view Joe is in the second year of a Youth Work degree with Gloucestershire University. He joined the team in September 2011. This year has been a real opportunity for me personally to grow and develop in my practice as a youth worker. Coming to Cheltenham and joining the CYFC team has been a fantastic challenge, taking me out of a setting where I was comfortable and pushing me to do things that I have never done before. There have been so many positives that have come out of this time already and I know that there will be many more in the future. One of the main highlights for me personally was the day we spent in All Saints Academy (ASA) with the Message Trust’s punk band Malokai. We worked alongside them as they delivered five lessons during the day to each year group, explaining about how God has worked in each of their lives. This was then followed up by a concert in the evening for nearly 400 students. It was great to see so many young people engaged and responsive to the message that they were sharing. In the work that we are doing, we have seen a lot of growth in the size of the groups that we are working with, both the Rock Solid group at ASA and the CU at Pates have seen numbers increase and the young people are asking more and more questions about what they believe. I have also been involved in launching a Youth Café with the youth team from C3 church. We have a good sized group who attend regularly after the initial weeks when we only had one or two young people attending. As the weather improves and we have more daylight in the evening we are hoping that we can start doing some outdoor events with the young people to give them a wider range of activities to take part in. I am quite excited about the possibility of working with some of the members of the Rock School group at ASA as well over the coming year to help them develop in their musical gifting and explore themes and life issues through music. As part of this we will be working on song writing and recording skills that they will then use to create their own songs.

Joe Bent Youth Work Placement Student

What the team were thankful for in 2012

What the team are hoping for in 2013

Josh’s view Josh is a second year sports students at Gloucestershire University. During the autumn term he joined us for a placement as part of our school’s team. Whilst studying for my degree in Sport and Exercise Science I was given the opportunity to undergo a work-based placement. With my interest in sport and my Christian faith, I wanted to grow in my understanding of how both of these elements can work hand in hand in growing the kingdom. Cheltenham Youth For Christ has given me an amazing insight into the use of sports within Christian youth work. Before this placement all my youth work experience had been within the four walls of the church building. CYFC gave me an opportunity to go into schools and work with unchurched young people. This really broadened my view of youth work and made me realise that Christian youth work is just as important outside of a church as it is inside. I have particularly enjoyed getting to know so many young people and being able to build friendships with them. The use of sports has enabled me to be able to have a platform to work from as none of the young people will turn down a game of football. The friendships that I have been able to build through the use of sports have offered me opportunities to share my faith and also help people out. We have seen some great breakthroughs with students from schools really engaging in the faith based after school club we put on. They have been asking big questions such as ‘Does God exist?” “Why does he allow Suffering?” and “How do we know that everything isn’t just a coincidence?” What is even better is that the young people have asked if we would actually answer these questions. It is great hearing them asking these questions and seeing God work within the group. Hearing the young people ask these types of questions has really made me realise their spiritual hunger. You can see in youth culture today that they all want to feel accepted. Through Youth For Christ, we aim to make them realise God accepts them for all they are. We are all praying that we will soon see transformed lives as they accept Jesus Christ into their hearts.

Josh Hodgetts Placement Student

Treasurer’s report Despite having to make some difficult decisions regarding outgoings this year, we reached the end of the accounting period with a small surplus. This was largely down to the use of funds from reserves, which were transferred across to the operating account in order to cover the anticipated shortfall at the end of the year. We are blessed that we had these reserves to fall back on, and with expenditure reduced in order to tie in more efficiently with our income, and cash flow through the operating account becoming more stable, we can now begin to look to the replenishment of our reserves, which still stand at a healthy £5k. Income for 2012 was up by 8.2% when compared to 2011, and at its highest level since 2009. Expenditure, which was weighted most heavily during the first half of the year, was approximately 1.3% lower than in 2011 overall. Perhaps most strikingly, despite the fact that we live in “times of austerity”, I am delighted to be able to confirm that individual giving has increased again this year, as it has done year on year since 2009. We are hugely grateful to all of our stakeholders and supporters - without your continued support and contribution, our work would not be possible. For the year ahead, we are planning a more strategic approach to our financial management, including a review of our banking arrangements, looking at options which will provide us with a small amount of interest on the balance of the operating account, and facilities such as online payment and debit cards which will reduce the strain on individuals to front and then reclaim any necessary expenses. We will also be looking to try to further smooth out cash flow more evenly across the year. The trustees and I are confident that exciting times lie ahead for CYFC, and it is our pleasure and our privilege to steward the contributions made so lovingly for the glory of His kingdom.

Lindsay Houghton Hon. Treasurer


Income and Expenditure Account year ended 31st December 2012



transfer from restricted fund transfer from reserves individual donations church donations local grants trust donations company donations Gloucester YFC Events (inc Auction) Legacies tax refunds recycling Every click

0 9,000 27,765 17,375 3,150 2,725 200 525 2,179 0 5,597 0 69

1,039 0 25,331 15,144 512 3,556 0 500 2,243 0 6,601 178 0

Annecy 2011 interest other Restricted Funds Received

0 0 612 0 69,196

1,231 26 364 7,211 63,936

-45,228 0 -3,254 -5,725 -5,508 -542 0 -6,720 -250 -1,177 0 -68,405

-49,280 0 -1,079 -5,232 -3,947 -501 -1,394 -6,637 -148 -1,086 0 -69,304






Expenditure salaries and pension-direct salaries and pension-funded youthwork expenses rent and repairs administration expenses youth resources Annecy 2011 University fees Events (inc auction) Other capital write offs


Surplus/(Deficit) for year


Balance Sheet as at 31st December 2012

2012 Fixed Assets computers, software & hardware


2011 ÂŁ



furniture etc



office/other equipment



0 1,300

0 1,300









RBS-current account



RBS-deposit account



CAF-deposit account





0 3,193

5 5,051









Net Current Assets



Total Assets



general at start of year



surplus/(deficit) for year





other audo-visual equipment depreciation b/f depreciation for the year

Current Assets

CAF-(prev restricted account) cash debtors and prepayments

Current Liabilities restricted fund creditors and accruals


adjustments closing reserves

Cheltenham YFC, The Flat, The Pavilion, Hatherley Lane, Cheltenham. GL51 6PN 01242 524408 Charity no: 1059805

2012 Annual Report  

The Annual Report of Cheltenham YFC for 2012.