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7–16 October 2022 #CheltLitFest


PLANNER 9.30am



12 noon



20, 21, 23 SEPTEMBER LS09 Emma Carroll: Story Hunting LS43 Katie and Kevin Tsang: Writing Fantasy LS45 Annabelle Sami: Writing Mysteries

Pre-Festival Webinar Workshops


LS27 Louie Stowell: Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good LS06 Joseph Coelho: Smile Out Loud

LS30 Struan Murray: Orphans of the Tide

Meet the Author

LS01 Lydia Monks: Adoette

Meet the Author

Meet the Author Meet the Author

LS04 The News: Fact or Fake?

Meet the Author


LS08 Emma Carroll: Escape to the River Sea

Meet the Author


LS18 Sarah Crossan: Chapter and Verse

Meet the Author

LS46 David Solomons: A Beginner’s Guide to Ruling the Galaxy

Meet the Author


LS11 Neal Layton: A World Full of Wildlife

Meet the Author

LS26 Pooja Puri: A Robot Squashed My Teacher

LS24 Rob Biddulph: Peanut Jones

Meet the Author

LS28 S F Said: From Varjak Paw to Tyger

Meet the Author

LS29 Sam Sedgman: Epic Adventures

Meet the Author

LS02 Tom Percival: Big Bright Feelings

Meet the Author

LS05 Katya Balen: The Light in Everything

Meet the Author

Meet the Author


LS10 Nadia Shireen: Grimwood LS22 Laura Ellen Anderson: Evil Emperor Penguin

Meet the Author

LS12 Steven Lenton: Genie and Teeny

Meet the Author

Meet the Author


LS25 Jenny Pearson: Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List LS21 Laura Mucha: Dear Ugly Sisters

Meet the Author

LS19 Jenny McLachlan: The Land of Roar

Meet the Author

LS13 Naomi Jones and James Jones: One More Try

Meet the Author

Meet the Author


LS07 Nick Sharratt: Super Silly Museums LS35 The Write Job

Meet the Author

LS32 Jonathan Stroud: The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne

Meet the Author

Meet the Author LS37 Luke Wright: Masterclass

Meet the Author

LS33 Lucy Strange: Exploring the Gothic Genre



LS36 The Write Job Meet the Author

Meet the Author


Welcome to The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival for Schools Programme 2022. This year’s Festival kicks off with three digital creative writing workshops in September before we welcome you to our Festival Village on Montpellier Gardens from 7–16 October for the second year of our Read the World theme. For primary-aged children, head to the Illustrated City with Rob Biddulph, escape to the River Sea with Emma Carroll and be inspired by a host of other fantastic authors and illustrators including: Joseph Coelho, Jenny McLachlan, Pooja Puri, S F Said, Nick Sharratt and many more. For secondary-aged children, we’ve got a fantastic line-up of writers, poets and industry professionals for you this year, including Carnegie Medal winner Sarah Crossan, fantasy writer Jonathan Stroud and Lucy Strange, who will be sharing her approach to writing gothic fiction. Be inspired by our industry panels The Write Job with guest speakers including Darren Charlton, Ione Gamble, Manon Steffan Ros and Yomi Sode or experience a poetry masterclass with Luke Wright. After your event, be sure to head over to the Waterstones Bookshop to meet the authors and have your questions ready. Between our ticketed events, check out our free Global News Trail courtesy of our fantastic guest curators, The Week Junior. See you at the Festival! Rebecca Smith Education Manager Loraine Evans Family and Schools Programme Manager

“It was amazing and I definitely want to go again!” – Student, 2021

Look out for these icons throughout the brochure! Look out for our Read the World themed events. We’ve included the retail price of books featured in the programme for children who would like to buy copies for author signings at the Waterstones Bookshop. All prices subject to change.

With thanks to the following publishers for their continued support: Anderson Press, Bloomsbury, Chicken House, David Fickling Books, Dialogue Books, Firefly Press, Stripes Publishing, Farshore, Guppy Books, Hachette, Harpercollins, Little Tiger, MacMillan Children’s Books, Otter-Barry Books, Oxford University Press, Penguin Random House, Quarto, Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, Usborne and Walker Books.


FREE ACTIVITIES Look out for our free activities and pop-up events in The Wild Wood in the Festival Village. No need to book – just come along.

Woodland Trust Roll up for some tree-mendously fun activities! Get crafty with our nature practitioners and find out about the importance of woods and trees.

The Week Junior Global News Trail Curious kids will love The Week Junior Global News Trail, featuring fascinating stories, inspiring people and amazing pictures from across the globe. Complete the news quiz for a free copy of the multi award-winning The Week Junior magazine.

“Our students were very excited to visit the Festival and they were not disappointed! We will definitely be booking trips to events in the future. It was a very enriching experience.” - Teacher, 2021

The Wild Wood From favourite book characters, free range storytellers and stilt walkers, to cartoonists and pesky pirates, you never know who you are going to meet in The Wild Wood.

Waterstones Bookshop Bring your children along to the Waterstones Children’s Bookshop in the heart of the Festival village to meet their favourite authors, have books signed and browse the bookshelves for the latest releases and firm favourites in this pop-up tent completely dedicated to young readers.

The Huddle See our public programme brochure for information on free events in The Huddle during your visit. The full programme will be announced in August.


PRE-FESTIVAL WEBINARS Work with a Festival author in your home classroom in our Zoom Webinars Participation will be limited to 12 groups/classes. Full details on how to take part will be sent on booking.






Webinar 11am–12pm



Emma Carroll: Story Hunting Zoom Webinar Ages 9-11 £40 per group Go story hunting with author Emma Carroll (The Week at World’s End) in this fun-packed writing workshop, where you’ll be tracking down what makes a great story. Emma will share some of her tips for generating ideas including asking what your character wants, what they will do to get it, and who or what is trying to stop them. Prepare to find inspiration from strange old objects, dogs in top hats, maps and monsters, as well as thinking about what makes you tick as a writer. £6.99

Katie and Kevin Tsang: Writing Fantasy


Zoom Webinar Ages 9-11 £40 per group

Writing Mysteries

So, how do you start a story about dragons? Design a dragon and create an adventure story featuring your new scaly friends with Katie and Kevin Tsang (Dragon Realm). Together Katie and Kevin share ideas and tips on how to write about these magnificent beasts and place them at the centre of an adventure story, while also revealing the impact behind a cliff-hanger ending. £12.99



Annabelle Sami: Zoom Webinar Ages 8-10 £40 per group

Calling all young mystery writers! Learn what makes a good detective story, design and draw your own historical artefacts then plan a mystery surrounding them with Annabelle Sami, author of the fun, fresh and exciting detective series Agent Zaiba Investigates. £6.99





Louie Stowell: Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good The Garden Theatre Ages 9-11 £6.50 per child Are you a fan of Norse myths? Have you ever wondered what Loki – the mischievous shapeshifter and cunning trickster god – would be like if they were banished to Earth in the form of an elevenyear-old? Well look no further! Join author and Norse myth super fan Louie Stowell to hear all about her brand-new book Loki: A Bad God’s Guide to Being Good, and discover fun tips on comic-style drawing, acting like a god, and pranking like Loki. Packed full of humour and cool facts about Norse gods. £17.99




Struan Murray: Orphans of the Tide

Lydia Monks: Adoette

The Garden Theatre Ages 9-12 £6.50 per child

The Hive Ages 4-6 £6.50 per child

Where do stories come from? Dive in with Scottish author Struan Murray as he takes you on a journey through his breath-taking fantasy series Orphans of the Tide, and introduces readers to Eternity Engine, the dramatic conclusion. Struan will explore the different places story ideas can come from, as well as giving the audience the opportunity to create their own fantasy adventure. £7.99

It’s not just people that live on your street; there are animals, plants and trees too. In her new book Adoette, author and illustrator Lydia Monks (What the Ladybird Heard) tells the tale of the life of one tree from a young sapling to a mighty oak that became the beating heart of a community until one day, people decided it would be best if she would go. Lydia will encourage children to think about the natural world around them with draw-alongs, readings and games in this interactive session. £12.99



The News: Fact or Fake? 10–11am


Joseph Coelho: Smile Out Loud The Hive Ages 5-7 £6.50 per child Calling all young poets. Come on an adventure with poet, author and performer Joseph Coelho (Smile Out Loud/My Beautiful Voice) to find your voice. Along with top tips on performing and the chance to join in, Joseph will be sharing happy poems from his brand-new collection to inspire you to write and perform your own. £12.99


The Hive Ages 9-12 £6.50 per child Meet the team behind the award-winning children’s news magazine The Week Junior. Editor Vanessa Harriss and art director Dave Kelsall will be joined by journalist and television presenter Nick Sheridan (Breaking News). Together they reveal how to write the perfect news report, what goes into creating a front cover and why it’s important to be able to distinguish between true stories and fake news. If you want to know more about making magazines and develop the skills to spot misinformation, this is an event you won’t want to miss. £9.99

MONDAY 10 OCTOBER 10.30–11.30am


Emma Carroll: Escape to the River Sea The Times & The Sunday Times Forum Ages 9-11 £6.50 per child Head off on an Amazon adventure with award-winning author Emma Carroll as she presents her compelling new adventure story (Escape to the River Sea), inspired by Eva Ibbotson’s classic novel Journey to the River Sea. It’s now 1946. War is over and Rosa Sweetman, a Kindertransport girl, embarks on a journey full of danger in search of giant sloths, jaguars and a place for herself in a changing world. Emma will share her inspiration behind writing the story, including details of her own trip to the Amazon. The event will be interactive with plenty to see, hear and even taste! £12.99




Sarah Crossan: Chapter and Verse The Garden Theatre Ages 12-14 £6.50 per child Explore the power of poetry and spoken word with Irish writer Sarah Crossan in her verse novels Moonrise, One and Toffee and her poetry collection Tomorrow Is Beautiful. Sarah’s books open our eyes to people in places and situations outside of our own experience and tackle big subjects in relevant and accessible ways. Join us for a lively, frank and open talk with this Carnegie-winning author. £7.99


David Solomons: A Beginner’s Guide to Ruling the Galaxy The Hive Ages 9-11 £6.50 per child Prepare for blast off in an out of this world event with David Solomons, author of A Beginner’s Guide to Ruling the Galaxy. Have you ever thought there is just a tiny chance that your neighbour might be a galactic space princess? No, Gavin didn’t either. But now there are actual alien warships getting closer and David needs your help to save the planet! It’s time to test your knowledge of all things intergalactic as David shares stellar stories from some of his side-splittingly funny books, including Waterstones Children’s Book Prize winner, My Brother is a Superhero. £7.99




Neal Layton: A World Full of Wildlife The Garden Theatre Ages 5-7 £6.50 per child All over the world, animals and plants are disappearing, and it’s a big problem…but you can help to make things better. Author, illustrator and environmentalist Neal Layton (A World Full of Wildlife) shows you how every plant and animal on Earth is part of an amazing web of life and will get you excited about how you can keep our planet bursting with energy. £6.99



Pooja Puri: A Robot Squashed My Teacher The Hive Ages 7-9 £6.50 per child Let your imagination run wild with author Pooja Puri as she introduces A Robot Squashed My Teacher, the highly anticipated sequel to the Marcus Rashford’s Bookclub selection, A Dinosaur Ate My Sister. Follow Esha and her snotty apprentice Broccoli in this laugh out loud, wacky adventure as they try to win the legendary Brain Trophy, the ultimate inventing prize! In this interactive event, find out more about Pooja’s story inspiration, learn how to generate your own bonkers brain-sparks, and invent your very own robot. £7.99





Rob Biddulph: Peanut Jones The Garden Theatre Ages 8-10 £6.50 per child Fizzing with magic, danger, friendship and art, Peanut Jones is the exciting and funny new adventure series from the Guinness World Record-breaking author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph – the creative genius behind #DrawWithRob. Follow Peanut Jones on a second thrilling journey into a magical world with Peanut Jones and the Twelve Portals, learn about Rob’s artistic journey and bring along pencils and paper to draw characters from the books. £7.99


S F Said: From Varjak Paw to Tyger The Garden Theatre Ages 9-11 £6.50 per child In a strange, alternate world, where the British Empire never ended, a young boy uncovers something incredible in a rubbish dump in London – a mysterious, mythical, magical animal. A Tyger. Blue Peter award-winning author S F Said tells his own story from being an avid young reader and Star Wars fan, to writing his prize-winning novels Varjak Paw, The Outlaw Varjak Paw, Phoenix and his new book, Tyger. Learn how he creates exciting, action-packed stories and unforgettable worlds in this energetic, fun and inspiring event. £12.99

WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBER 11.45am–12.45pm


Sam Sedgman: Epic Adventures Town Hall, Main Hall Ages 7-9 £6.50 per child



Nadia Shireen: Grimwood The Garden Theatre Ages 6-8 £6.50 per child Enter the wildly funny forest of Grimwood with fox cub siblings Ted and Nancy, on the run from Princess Buttons – the scariest street cat in the Big City. Shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, author and illustrator Nadia Shireen brings her fully illustrated Grimwood series to life in this highly interactive event. Find out how Nadia creates her quirky characters and bring your pencils and paper for a draw-along. £6.99



Laura Ellen Anderson: Evil Emperor Penguin

All aboard! Explore the world’s most incredible railway journeys with bestselling author Sam Sedgman as he presents his new, fully illustrated book, Epic Adventures, filled with maps and amazing facts about history, geography, food and culture. Learn how to research and write great non-fiction and find out how that compares to writing fiction as the co-author of the award-winning Adventures on Trains series tells us about his new mystery, The Arctic Railway Assassin. £12.99

The Hive Ages 6-8 £6.50 per child Cute and cuddly? Not this penguin. This is Evil Emperor Penguin. This penguin wants to take over the world and will stop at nothing to achieve his dastardly ambition. Don’t expect it to go smoothly... but do expect a LOT of laughs! Author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson introduces her hilarious graphic novel Evil Emperor Penguin and shares how she created the cutest evil genius ever. Draw-along with Laura in this fantastic interactive session to create a brand-new villain and their evil plan. £9.99





Steven Lenton: Genie and Teeny The Hive Ages 5-7 £6.50 per child Make every wish come true with author and illustrator Steven Lenton (Genie and Teeny). Meet Grant the Genie and his best friend Teeny the puppy and explore their magical world. Draw along with Steven as he brings his lovable characters to life. Packed to the brim with humorous life lessons and plenty of adventure. £6.99




Tom Percival:

Big Bright Feelings The Garden Theatre Ages 4-6 £6.50 per child Be open, be honest, be you! Tom Percival’s Big Bright Feelings series (Milo’s Monster, Perfectly Norman, Ravi’s Roar, Ruby’s Worry, Meesha Makes Friends, Tilda Tries Again) is the perfect springboard for conversations about empathy, positive self-image and building self-confidence. With live drawing, props and live music, author and illustrator Tom shares the craft of creating picture books and shows us that even little people can have big feelings. £6.99



Laura Mucha: Dear Ugly Sisters The Hive Ages 7-9 £6.50 per child



Jenny Pearson: Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List

Have you ever wondered how the pea felt under twenty mattresses (and a princess)? Or what a wizard’s job advert would look like? Or what bacteria would say if it could speak? Join Caterpillar Poetry Prize winner Laura Mucha (Dear Ugly Sisters) for a performance packed with poems exploring fairy tales, science and nature as well as tips, hints, and exercises to inspire you to write and perform your own. £7.99

The Garden Theatre Ages 8-10 £6.50 per child From Jenny Pearson, author of The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates and The Incredible Record Smashers comes another hilarious, heart-warming adventure about family and finding happiness, Grandpa Frank’s Great Big Bucket List. Discover what it’s really like being an author, find out why Grandpa Frank is grumpy and what a bucket list actually is! Get tips on setting a World Record and find out how to write your own funny stories. £6.99



Jenny McLachlan:

The Land of Roar

The Garden Theatre Ages 8-10 £6.50 per child Ready for a whirlwind trip to The Land of Roar? Help author Jenny McLachlan hatch a dragon egg with magic spells and invent your own fantasy best friends and villains as Jenny brings The Land of Roar to life with puppets, props and costumes. Take a sneak peek into the world of Jenny’s new series, Dead Good Detectives to meet a pirate ghost and his parrot… shiver me timbers! £7.99





Naomi Jones and James Jones: One More Try Hive Ages 4-6 £6.50 per child In this perfectly shaped event, geometry meets brilliant storytelling as author Naomi Jones and illustrator James Jones (The Perfect Fit/One More Try) introduce young readers to their shape characters. Exploring themes of belonging, celebrating differences, perseverance, and growth mindset with a bit of maths for good measure, enjoy fun games and bring your pencils and paper for a shape draw-along. £6.99




Katya Balen: The Light in Everything The Garden Theatre Ages 9-12 £6.50 per child Join Carnegie-shortlisted author Katya Balen (October, October) and author Sophie Kirtley (The Way to Impossible Island) as they dive in and explore the themes in Katya’s new book The Light in Everything. Meet the unforgettable Tom and Zofia in this life-affirming story about blended families, learning to trust and leaping into life with your heart open wide. Told from the dual perspectives of shy, sensitive Tom and wild, impulsive Zofia, prepare to fall in love with them both. Have your nimble origami fingers at the ready. £7.99



The Write Job The Hive Ages 14-16 £6.50 per child Author, Social Media Consultant, and Creator @booksandquills, Sanne Vliegenthart talks with Costa Book Awards shortlisted author Darren Charlton (Wranglestone/ Timberdark) and Welsh novelist, games author, scriptwriter, and musician Manon Steffan Ros (The Blue Book of Nebo) about their love of books, postapocalyptic writing, paths to being published and how to develop your own writing. Come prepared with questions for the panel. £7.99 £8.99



Nick Sharratt: Super Silly Museums 10–11am


Jonathan Stroud: The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne The Garden Theatre Ages 11-13 £6.50 per child Lose yourself in a broken, future England where gunfights and monsters collide, with international bestselling author Jonathan Stroud (The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne and Lockwood & Co). Discover how this award-winning author sculpts his landscapes and daring characters and transforms his middle-of-the-night scribbles into scenes, chapters, plot twists and spine-tingling monsters. £7.99

The Times & The Sunday Times Forum Ages 4-7 £6.50 per child Do you love visiting museums and being super silly? Well, do we have the perfect event for you! Much-loved illustrator Nick Sharratt will be taking you on a guided tour of the most magnificent Super Silly Museums you’ll ever visit. In this giggle-fest session packed with jokes, puns and drawing activities, Nick will also be reading from his brand-new picture book Unicorn Moonicorn. Bring drawing things, paper, and something to lean on. £8.99




Lucy Strange: Exploring the Gothic Genre The Garden Theatre Ages 11-13 £6.50 per child



Luke Wright: Masterclass VOICEBOX Ages 14-18 £6.50 per child Whether he’s playing master of ceremonies at a Libertines show or reciting Georgian ballads down your local, Luke Wright takes poetry places it doesn’t normally go. From tender and riotous to caustic and romantic, this poet delivers his poetry with the ferocity and panache of a raconteur at the top of his game. In this masterclass, Luke will perform some of his poems, talk about how he creates new work and encourage students to write their own short piece using poetic constraints. The session will be informal and fun with time for a Q&A at the end. £9.99


Critically acclaimed children’s author and ex-English teacher Lucy Strange delves into the gothic traditions and conventions that feature in her novels The Ghost of Gosswater and Sisters of the Lost Marsh, both selected as The Times Book of the Week. In this inspirational event, Lucy shares the secrets of her writing process and explores the legends and real-life history behind her books, leaving students brimming with ideas to create their own stories. £7.99



The Write Job VOICEBOX Ages 16-18 £6.50 per child Podcast developer, marketer and producer Clarissa Pabi is joined by Ione Gamble (content creator, podcaster and novelist), Emily Koch (journalist and novelist) and Yomi Sode (writer and curator). Together they talk about their love of books and writing, an entrepreneurial approach to being published, how to develop your own writing, and the opportunities they see for young people in the world of the written and spoken word. Come prepared with your questions for the panel. £7.99, £12.99, £10.99

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