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Announcements Marriages Matthew Hall (L, 1989) married Genevieve Kwintner (née Brown, Cha, 1990) on 11th March 2017. Andrew Saitch (H, 1989), Neil Pedoe (BH, 1989), Tom Forbes (S, 1989) and Rebecca Faskin (Cha, 1990) attended. Lulu Pearson (Cha, 2006) married Harry Hayes on 8th April 2017. Lottie Yarranton (Cha 2006) was Maid of Honour and Miranda Mason (Cha, 2006), Lauren Creed (Cha, 2006), Henrietta Jerram (Cha, 2007), Zara Smalley (Cha, 2004), James Young (NH, 2003) and Tom Hughes (Xt, 2003) attended.

Will Davies (NH, 2005) married Alexia Massey at the Rukiya Safari Camp, Hoedspruiton, South Africa on 4th May 2017. David Davies (NH, 2007) attended.

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Harry Osborn (NH, 2007) married Kia McLean (Cha, 2007) on 3rd June 2017. Emma Seccombe (Cha, 2007) and Georgina Davies (Cha, 2007) were Bridesmaids, Jack Avery (NH, 2007), Hugo Lear (NH, 2007), Ben Nelson (NH, 2007) and John Archdale were ushers. Will Sandbach (NH, 2007), Ben Lyon (NH, 2007), Henry Larthe (NH, 2007), Simon Kenyon (NH, 2007), Alistair Frost (NH, 2007), Ned Collins (Xt, 2007), Henry Cruickshank (Xt, 2007), Charlie StrakerNesbit (Xt, 2007), Murray Able (Xt, 2007), Ross Crane (L, 2007), Jack Boone (L, 2007), Chris Palmer (H, 2007), Josh Fernhert (L, 2007), Max Lopez-Valido (L, 2007), Edward Kennedy (S, 2007), Amy Cosgrove (née Griffiths, Cha, 2007), Jessy Harrison (A, 2007), Katie May (Q, 2007) and Gigi Dey (Q, 2007) attended. Richard Watton (OJ & H, 2008) married Rebecca Campbell on 17th June. William Holmes (S, 2008), Peter Evans (W, 1991) and Current Staff Member Matthew Gotrel attended. Joseph Arthur (L, 2007) married Aimée Knight on 15th July 2017. Max Arthur (L, 2010) was Best Man, Ellen Arthur (Cha, 2013) was a Bridesmaid and Murray Abel (Xt, 2007) was a Groomsman. Cecily Weinberger (A, 2006) married Charles-Louis de Potesta in Salzburg, Austria on 15th July.

James Stumbles (Xt, 2006) married Nicola James on 22nd July. Michael HumphreysDavies (H, 2006) was Best Man and Gareth Crossley (L, 2006), Richard Wand (NH, 2006) and Edward Clarke (L, 2006) were Ushers. Richard Kirtley (H, 1998) married Camilla Baker (Cha, 1998) on 6th August 2017. Craig Short (S, 1998) performed Master of Ceremony duties and Justin Rodley (L, 1998), Will Simmons (Xt, 1998), Caroline Benson (Cha, 1998) and Jonathan Hill (Xt, 1998) attended. Joanna Beetson (Cha, 2003) married James Jones on 18th August. Family members included Tim Beetson (Father of The Bride & H, 1962) and Will Beetson (Groomsman & H, 2005). Jen Stewart (née Boyens, Cha, 2003) & Rosie Watts (née Lucas-Scudamore, Cha, 2003) were Bridesmaids. Mark Stewart (H, 2003), Oliver Dupenois (OJ & L, 2003), Rupert Green (Xt, 2003), Andy Macleod (OJ & BH, 2003), Tom Bischoff (BH, 2003), Alex Wigzell (NH, 2003), Tom Hughes (Xt, 2003) and Will Dixon (Xt, 2002) attended.

James Stout (H, 2002) married Tina Rix on 19th August 2017 in Bermuda. Michael Stout (H, 2001), Andrew Stout (H, 2006), Christopher Stout (H, 2012) and Mark Briers (Current Staff) attended and Past Staff Member Reverend Nicholas Lowton performed the ceremony.

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Floreat 2018  

The Cheltonian Society Magazine with articles from the full range of Society members, from pupils to parents, OCs and staff.

Floreat 2018  

The Cheltonian Society Magazine with articles from the full range of Society members, from pupils to parents, OCs and staff.