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and Economics students. Responding to questions asked by Immy Williams (U6th, Cha), Harrison Campbell (U6th, L), Zara Qadir (U6th, Cha) and Seb Villars (U6th, S), Bruce spoke about banking and insurance in the UK, his career in the financial sector and his time as a student at College. It was fantastic to hear first-hand from someone with such extensive experience of the financial sector, particularly the ways in which the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is affecting both the economy and the banking sector. It proved to be a truly valuable and enjoyable evening.

Leconfield welcomed back Robert Marshall-Lee and Paul Robert Marshall-Lee and Sedgwick (both L, 1991) to talk Paul Sedgwick (L, 1991) to the pupils about their time in Leconfield, and their careers since leaving College. Robert works as a Fund Manager for Newton Investment Management and Paul is the Deputy Ranger at Windsor Great Park, reporting directly to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. They reminisced about their years as ‘shack-mates‘ and Robert found his name on the Heads of House board. Their talks were interesting and amusing and they passed on some important tips about

OCs inspire and support the next generation of College entrepreneurs Apocryphal though it may be, the story that more Old Cheltonians have been eaten by tigers than from any other school, suggests a certain adventurous spirit in OCs. There is rather more evidence to support the claim that there is a greater degree of entrepreneurialism amongst OCs than alumni of other schools. Last year saw a number of these OC entrepreneurs coming back to College to talk about their experiences of setting up and running their own business. These talks were part of the new Mini MBA course that was launched in September 2016 and culminated in 5 groups of students presenting their business plans to a highpowered panel of judges (Current Parent Touker Suleyman, OC Bruce Carnegie-

Brown H, 1977 and the Head) in the boardroom of a FTSE 100 Company in London in March 2017. The winning pitch secured a cheque for £1000 to help get the business started. Tom Smith (U6th, BH) and Kieran Thorley’s (U6th, BH) business proposition was to produce a re-usable and collapsible water bottle. Despite A Level exams being on the horizon, Tom and Kieran have achieved an enormous amount since making their pitch in March. Tom Smith reports that “We have trademarked our brand name (Aquari) and logo and advanced a huge amount with the designs and are only a couple of prototypes away from completing the design work (which was a longer road than we initially expected). We are registered at Companies House and have written up a shareholders’ agreement.” Do find out more at Kieran Thorley also reflects on what the Mini MBA Programme has meant to him “From my experience of the Mini MBA Programme we got to independently organise a project as a pair. I felt that from this set up the course let us develop entrepreneurial skills unlike any other course in College. I am grateful to have done the Mini MBA as it has taught me how to source

working in their respective industries. They also highlighted how important it is that pupils look at the bigger picture in terms of their career and consider taking the path that may not give instant gratification in terms of salary or position, but might have long-term prospects or lead to ‘the dream job’. They stressed that as we work for over half of our lives, it is important to find the right career. John ChatfeildRoberts (L, 1980) returned to College in September to be interviewed by members of the John ChatfeildUpper Sixth in The Roberts (L, 1980) Chatfeild-Roberts Library about his memories of College and career in Financial Services. This proved to be a very informative insight into the world of high-finance, as well as providing some invaluable guidance for those considering embarking on a career in this sector. ■ market information and develop valuable skills that are difficult to teach in any subject.” It would seem as if there is a massive potential market for re-usable water bottles. Bottled water is now a $100bn business; 81% of the bottles are not recycled and water is only 1.5% of the price of the bottle. There is also a compelling environmental case here given that it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish – which will mainly be down to disposable water bottles. The College Mini MBA programme is helping to ensure that the green shoots of entrepreneurialism continue to be cultivated at College. The second year of the programme has already seen a group of College and All Saints Academy students hearing first hand from OCs about the different aspects of running a business. OCs George Smith (BH, 2010), Richard Hine (H, 2011) and Sam Clarke (Xt, 1999) have given talks at College and the group has also visited the Commercial Group Foundation in Gloucester. In the New Year, the students will start developing their own business start-up ideas culminating in a presentation to a panel of judges in the boardroom of Smiths Engineering Group in London. There is a substantial cash prize available for the winner to go towards the business start-up which this year has been kindly donated by Jae Chalfin (L, 1996). ■ 63


OC Grace Knudsen (Q, 2012) returned to Queens for a highly informative evening to talk to a group of students Grace Knudsen about her studies in (Q, 2012) Medicine at Bristol University, and her successful application to join the Army as a Doctor. She talked of her experience since leaving College and

answered many questions from the students in 5th form to Upper 6th about the realities of studying medicine, the course content at Bristol and the demanding and highly competitive application process to join the Army as a Medic.

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The Cheltonian Society Magazine with articles from the full range of Society members, from pupils to parents, OCs and staff.

Floreat 2018  

The Cheltonian Society Magazine with articles from the full range of Society members, from pupils to parents, OCs and staff.