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Cheltenham’s Health and Well-being booklet

Welcome to the new Cheltenham health and wellbeing booklet. Here you will find all the information you need about leading a healthy lifestyle, including activity classes available around the borough that you can get involved in, our health walks programme, exercise on prescription scheme, as well as information and advice on healthy eating and other health topics.


exercise referral programme

Re-Active is a physical activity referral scheme (also known as exercise referral or exercise on prescription) set-up and delivered by Cheltenham Borough Council and Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust. The scheme operates by various health professionals referring clients who meet with the scheme’s criteria to the referral co-ordinator for a prescribed course of physical activity. This scheme can be used by health professionals instead of, or alongside, drug therapy or other lifestyle interventions as a treatment method for various conditions. Whether used alone or alongside medication, physical activity has been shown to significantly reduce the effects of many medical conditions. Participation in regular physical activity has been shown to have the following benefits;

• Prevent or delay the development of high blood pressure as well as reduce blood pressure in hypertensive clients • Aids control of body weight and prevention and management of conditions such as diabetes • Improve bone health through regular activity which helps to maintain strength, coordination, balance and cognitive function. This also helps to reduce the risk of falls and accidents in older people • Decrease the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) – in some cases by up to 50% • Enhance the immune system contributing to the reduced risk of colon cancer and some other cancers • Reduces the risk of the onset of depression as well as working as a positive treatment method for reducing mental health problems and increasing mood and self-esteem • Preventative and treatment method for chronic low back pain

Menu of Activities The menu of activities will be able to be accessed at a pay-as-yougo (concessionary) rate at leisure@cheltenham which will be £2 per session attended, at any time. The menu includes the following based from leisure@cheltenham; • Gym • Swimming including aqua aerobics • Dry-based activities – including exercise classes, badminton, short tennis, squash and table tennis

As well as a programme of community-based activities; • Active Lifestyles • Walk Well • Women’s Running Network

For further information about this initiative, please contact the Re-Active Co-ordinator on 01242 774703 or your GP. For details of active lifestyles classes, health walks, running groups as well as the 50+ programme at leisure@ cheltenham, please see enclosed insert.

Active Lifestyles classes 30 minutes of light to moderate activity five times a week can help to reduce the risk of major chronic diseases including coronary heart disease, strokes and hypertension as well as significantly reduce the risk of obesity and improve psychological well-being. Active Lifestyles is our community-based physical activity programme and has three different types of classes run within it; Active Lifestyles, Active Bodies and Sit-Fit. The programme has been up and running around Cheltenham since June 2008 in a bid to try and encourage residents to be regularly active and lead healthier lifestyles. The classes are in the local community to try and encourage people to become more active near to where they live. It is hoped by doing this, we reduce the barriers such as time and distance down so that people have greater access to these types of classes. Classes are between £1 and £2 and you can try your first two sessions for free – so why not find your nearest class and come and see how you get on?

Class Descriptions • Active Lifestyles is a class for those who may enjoy taking part in a range of exercise classes similar to those which they would find at a fitness centre. A variety of classes will be available from week to week including aerobics, body conditioning and stretch and flex. • Active Bodies is our over 50’s low intensity aerobics class. This class is suitable for people who may not have exercised for some time but are able to take part in a gentle, stood, aerobics session. The class contains a mixture of aerobics, toning, strengthening and stretching exercises. • Sit-Fit is our chair-based class aimed at those who may have had a fall or be at risk of falling as well as for those with osteoporosis and low bone density. This class works as our falls prevention class but may also be suitable for those who are unable to take part in a stood exercise class but who would benefit from the seated class.

We have also added the following classes to the timetable; • Senior Splash is a fun water-based aerobics session specifically for men and women over the age of 50. • Women’s Only Swimming is a class designed for all women who may not feel confident in the main pool and which also incorporates swimming instruction for those who would like it. • Active circuits is a class which incorporates work stations, combining strengthening exercises to increase stability and coordination, as well as sports such as short tennis, badminton, basketball and table tennis.

women’s running network

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise? Don’t like going to the gym? Want exercise to be FUN? Why not come along and join the Women’s Running Network!

About the WRN The Women’s Running Network is an all women’s running group founded in 1998 in Devon by Pauline Beare and Peggy Wiseman to inspire women of all ages to run for fun and fitness. Since 1998 the WRN has grown from a handful of members based in Exeter to a large organisation with groups all over the country The WRN is affiliated to UK Athletics, but it is not a running club in the usual sense. For instance, there is not a single club house or a single club night. Instead, the Women’s Running Network consists of a number of locally organised groups that are co-ordinated through the network. At the current time the majority of the groups are located in the South West of England but there are plans to develop groups in other parts of the country. All organisers are trained by the network and in addition hold a Fitness in Running and Walking qualification through UK Athletics. Because the groups are relatively small and local, you will be given individual attention and your group leader will know you personally.

Why an all women group? Our groups are fun, social, non-competitive and open to every age, stage, shape and size. We genuinely support the complete beginner.

But I have never run before? But I haven’t run for years?... The Women’s Running Network caters for women of all running abilities including the complete beginner. Even if you are unfit and have never run before, the Women’s Running Network can help you get started giving you sensible advice, support and company while you run. We will help you to identify and reach your goals. “Giving all women whatever their age, size or ability the Please see the enclosed insert for when our groups meet. opportunity to run together to improve their health, fitness, confidence and safety.” Healthy Lifestyles Development Officer, Cheltenham Borough Council 01242 775202.

When do we meet? Contact Details:

Want to start your own WRN Group? Would you like to be put through the WRN and UK Athletics training so that you can lead your own group? • We will cover the cost of the training • Support you in the set-up of your Cheltenham WRN group

Please call 01242 775202

Health Walks Walking is the most common form of exercise as it can be incorporated into everyday life, requires no special equipment or cost, therefore minimising the barriers related to exercise. The following are just some of the benefits achieved through walking: • Social interaction with new and old friends • Increased confidence and self esteem • Weight management and the prevention of associated illnesses such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and obesity • Disease prevention • Positive mental health • Strengthened bone density

Why become a volunteer health walk leader with Walk Well? Walking can offer many benefits to those who take part; both physical and psycho-social, but there are also benefits to those who lead them. • Social opportunity to meet new people • Keeping active and fit and helping others to become more active and fit

Volunteer Walk Leaders We have a team of volunteer walk leaders who we have trained and who are set to lead the new walks in the spring but are always keen to find other volunteers who would like to come forward and lead walks as part of our programme.

What do you need to become a health walk leader?

• Develop new skills and qualifications

In order to become a walk leader, volunteers need to be:

• Transfer your enjoyment of walking to other people

• Over 18

• Develop a sense of achievement through supporting and motivating new people to start walking for health

• Reliable and enthusiastic

• Contribute to the building of communities locally, across Cheltenham

What we will provide you with By joining the Walk Well scheme and leading walks for us, we will provide you with the following; WHI Walk Leader Training: A one day course held in the county (venue will depend on the availability of the next course). Emergency First Aid qualification: A day’s interactive course covering the essential requirement needed to deal with an emergency. This is not compulsory however.

• Friendly and approachable • Have a love for walking! • Participate in the WHI walk leader training course and (optional) emergency first aid qualification

Support to: • Manage your walks • Publicity and promotion of your walks across Cheltenham • Collate data which we can then feed back to Natural England • A rucksack to carry on your walks • A high visibility jacket • A polo shirt • A first aid kit

Top Ten Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle 1

Base your meals on starchy foods: Breads, pastas, rice, potatoes – Try to choose wholegrain varieties where possible

2 3

Eat lots of fruit and veg: Remember your 5-A-DAY Eat more fish: Aim for at least two portions of fish a week including one portion of oily fish


Cut down on saturated fat and sugar: Try vegetable oil instead and use reduced-fat spread instead of butter. With meat, choose lean cuts where possible and cut down on sugary drinks and foods

5 6

Try to eat less salt: No more than 6g a day


Drink plenty of water: 6-8 glasses or 1.2 litres a day of water or other fluids to help prevent dehydration

8 9

Get active and try to be a healthy weight: 5 x 30 mins per day - Re-Active will help you achieve this!

Don’t skip breakfast: It gives you the energy you need for the day ahead Eat a wide variety of food – to help you achieve a good balance. Use the eatwell plate to help you achieve a good balance

10 Be aware of your alcohol intake: The current recommendations are than men can drink up to 3-4 units of alcohol per day and women can drink up to 2-3 units of alcohol per day without significant risk to their health

Remember – To enjoy your food!

the eatwell plate Use the eatwell plate to help you get the balance right. It shows how much of what you eat should come from each food group.

Contacts Healthy Lifestyles Development Officer tel 01242 775202 Re-Active Co-ordinator tel 01242 774703 Leisure@Cheltenham, main reception tel 01242 528764

Useful Websites Cheltenham Borough Council: For leisure / sport / play and health services Gloucestershire Primary Care Trust: Change4Life: Food Standards Agency: 5-A-DAY: NHS Choices: Alcohol Unit Calculator:

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Cheltenham's Health and Wellbeing Booklet  

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