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Leather  Goods  and   Accessories   Fall  2014   Chelsea  Kay  

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Executive Summary   The concept of the project revolves around working, city women who need everyday, great quality leather good/ accessories to fulfill their needs. The products from the Fall 2014 collection allows women to go through their lives with much more ease because the bags let them have everything they need to go from work-to-mom mode in one place. New York City in the fall is what inspired this collection and the colors used. All the products come in neutral colors because the bags are made for everyday use, which makes them easier to wear with any outfit. The products are: great quality, versatile, eco-friendly, and most importantly, practical.

Mission Statement The mission of Rag & Bone is to create wearable clothing and accessories that innovatively meld classic tailoring with an edgy yet understated New York aesthetic. Each piece is impeccably crafted from the finest materials available and approached from a form and function design standpoint. Vision Statement The vision of Rag & Bone is to make clothes and accessories that they and their friends, of all ages and different lifestyles, would love to wear/ use every day. Social Responsibility In effort to help save animals and expand target their clientele, Rag & Bone will use vegan leather on some of their products. Rag & Bone will work with International Fund For Animal Welfare, Inc.



Customer Profile Segmentation Types/ Bases

Illustrative Categories

Geographic Segmentation Region City Size Population Density Climate

North, South, East, West 200,000+ Urban, Suburban Hot, Temperate, Cold

Age Gender Household Size Income Occupation Education

Up to 29, 30-39, 40 Female 1,2,3,4, or more persons $250,000+ Professional, Housewife college, college graduate

Culture Sub Culture Religion National Origin Race

American, European

Demographic Segmentation

Sociocultural Segmentation

Social Class Martial Status Psychographics

Catholic, Jewish Italian, French, Brits White, AfricanAmerican, Oriental Upper class, Middleclass Married, divorced, Widowed Achievers, strivers

Affective and Cognitive Segmentation Degree of Knowledge Expert, novice Benefits sought Economy, Prestige Attitude Positive, Neutral, Negative Behavioral Segmentation Brand Loyalty Store Loyalty Usage Rate User Status Payment Method Media Usage Usage Situation

Divided, undivided Divided, undivided Medium, Heavy Current user, Potential Cash, Credit Card Magazine, TV, Internet Daily, Vacation


Customer Narrative My customer's name is, Madison, and she is a loyal shopper of Rag and Bone. She is 32 years old and is a new mother. Her style is contemporary and the household income is $250,000. Her favorite products from Rag and Bone consist of: accessories/ handbags/ leather goods. Madison lives in the lower West Side of New York City and is an accessories editor for Harper’s Bazaar. Madison’s husband is a lawyer. Madison wakes up every morning at 6:00am and has to get her two year-old ready for the nanny. She leaves the house at 7:15 am and uses public transportation since having a car in the city is not ideal. She takes the bus uptown, while checking her e-mails on her iPhone, to the Hearst Magazine offices on 57th street. However, before entering the office she stops at Starbucks to get her plain black coffee before starting a long day. Madison’s day consists of pulling accessories for different spreads in the magazine, styling accessories for photo-shoots, and attending meetings. There is not even time for a lunch break she eats while in the office. After a long day at work, leaving around 6, Madison takes the bus back downtown to be with her family. Once Madison gets home it is all about family. Her husband has dinner ready since he gets home from work before and they eat dinner as a family. She then plays and watches some night time television with her daughter, before putting her to bed at 8. Now it is time she spends time with her husband. They watch some television and talk about their days and how everything was. After talking and putting all her attention on her husband she goes on her MacBook Pro to check her e-mails one more time for the day. Finally she goes to sleep around 11:00pm so she is able to get up the next day and do it all over.


Inspiration Fall 2014 Leather Good/ Accessories


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