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Subconscious Identity

I am Chelsea Ann Stambouly. I aspire to embrace, and create ground breaking change in the fashion industry.

“Style is quite impossible to define. Like charisma, you know it when you see it. Not too many possess it: unlike fashion it cannot be bought. Imaginative, one kind, it differs from individual to individual. Most importantly, it must be real - yours- not a slavish copy of someone else’s. Studying yourself to learn who you really are can be painful but it’s crucial to be curious. You have to care deeply and at the same time not give a damn. It’s elusive, exclusive, ephemeral: therein lies its magic.” -Iris Apfel

Nothing is New

All is Recreated...

“We tend to think that to achieve great personal style someone must have perfect clarity about who they are and what they stand for. I politely disagree. I think conflict about who you are often leads to even greater expression.� -Scott Schuman

There will always be a variety in interpretation, but there will also always be a common bond in expression.

The fashion industry is inseperable from the pursuit of sales and profit; art is in principle ruled by a non- commercial spirit. Fashion is for the masses; art is less readily accessible. Fashion implies conformity; art is deeply meaningful and aesthetically uplifting.

Dare to...


The worst enemy to creativity is self- doubt. - Sylvia Plath

We do not always understand why we like the things we like or wear the things we wear. Some people are content with that explanation, but a creative mind is not. It is always important to question where an answer begins. Without curiosity, innovation would cease to exist. Fashion is more than a designer brand or an upcoming trend. The beauty of fashion is that it has a different meaning for each individual. In my opinion, fashion is simply a creative expression, and the truth is found in individuality, authenticity, and passion. Find inspiration. Create. But first, you must find your Purpose.


This publication personifies my inspiration through a series of quotes, mood boards, modern images, and historical references.

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