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Finding Fitness: 5 Ways to Fit In Exercise If like many, you lead a busy and active lifestyle then finding time to get your 5 a day, exercise, eat healthy as well as the other million daily tasks you have to do can be an on-going struggle. Here are some handy little tips courtesy of the team at Fit Fanatics that could help you maximise your daily exercise whilst hopefully not consuming too much of your time. Tip 1: Wash the car – Instead of driving in to town and taking the car to your local car wash, save some money and break out the hose. It may take that little bit longer, but hey, you would only be sitting in the car watching someone else do the hard work anyway, so get your hands dirty and if you power through this can be a good cardio exercise and really works your arm muscles if you decide to wax your car as well. Tip 2: Take the stairs – No excuses for not having time for this one, it literally takes an extra couple of minutes and is a fantastic leg and cardio workout, if you live or work on a particularly high floor then set yourself goals and walk up as many flights as you can before getting in the lift. Tip 3: Exercise in the morning – This may seem a bit odd, but, studies have proven that people who exercise in the morning are much more likely to stick with it and achieve their goals in the long term. Tip 4: Cycle to work – This is related to Tip 3, cycling to work kills two birds with one, erm, bike! You get your morning exercise done whilst you’re on the way to work, fantastic timesaver and shouldn’t take you all that much longer to get to work. Not to mention you’re doing your bit for the environment! Tip 5: Do what you enjoy – Many of us enjoy certain activities such as badminton, swimming, tennis, football, but don’t make time for them. Not only are we missing out on some great forms of stress relief but they’re great ways to keep fit and if it’s something you enjoy the chances are you won’t see it so much as exercise and more as just having fun. For more information related to fitness visit: and

Finding Fitness: 5 Ways to Fit In Exercise  

More information on nutrition and exercise visit our site like many, you lead a busy and active lifestyle the...

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