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Business Personas Romy Henson Romy is a 43 year old owner of a small book-binding company called Book Smart. Romy has been into book-binding since 1990 and made over 400 hand bound books. She opened her own company in 2005, while at the same time she hired some one to design only her logo for one hundred dollars. In first two years there was a steady incline of customers, but since has hit its plateau. Book Smart is a very eco-friendly company and uses recycled products for the beautifully bound books. Recently Romy has tried to "get the word out" about Book Smart but has not seen any increase in customers and is getting frustrated. What Romy needs is a good design thinker to help her attract more customers by creating an "identity", let people know about the eco-advantages to going to Book Smart, and a creative way to remind potential customers that Book Smart is a great choice.

Todd Scheztle Todd is a 32 year-old entrepreneur in the food industry. He is doing well very well in the half-fast café business. He owns his own restaurant and is casually looking to expand and develop a small state-wide franchise. Todd is not married (although he has a girlfriend), has no kids, but does have a cocker spaniel. He came from a middle class family, and is good at saving money. He has traveled a lot in the few previous years for business. He doesn’t really know any other languages, although he is relatively “cultured” and open to new ideas. He doesn’t know much about graphic design other than he needs a good logo for his business.

Scott Sieb Occupation: business owner, steel home construction Scott is a 50 yr old resident of Merrillville, Indiana. He has been married for over 20 years and is a father of 2 college students. He loves pets and has 4 dogs and 4 cats. In his spare time he likes to draw and build things from scratch. He also loves the outdoors and riding his motorcycle. He has multiple tattoos and piercings. When it comes to design, he thinks more about the technical side and how it will work in the end. He has vast knowledge of materials and cost when it comes to his clients needs. He always puts the client first and makes sure he knows what they want from him and they know what he is capable of doing for them.


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