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Salty Cards Emojis Guac-A-Mole Grogo Juicefuse Juice Bar Pinch of Yum Kindness Movement Presidential Campaign House of Cards Mad Libs

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BRANDING // PACKAGING // ILLUSTRATION Salty Cards is a fictional card company that creates minimalistic and sarcastic cards for the four following occasions: Valentine’s, Birthdays, Christmas, and New Year’s. The components include: company logo, four card designs for each occasion, and the card packaging.

ILLUSTRATION // INTERACTIVE Emojis consisted of creating some of the most requested emojis that were not currently available for the iPhone. The components include: 21 new emojis.


INTERACTIVE // ILLUSTRATION Guac-A-Mole is a tablet application game based off of Whac-A-Mole, except users whack guacamole ingredients instead of moles. The components include: app icon, and tablet interface.


INTERACTIVE Grogo is a mobile application that allows users to search for restaurants, bars, etc. based off of their location and what they want to drink. It also allows users to add favorite drinks for future reference as well as information for cabs. The components include: app icon, and mobile interface.


BRANDING // PACKAGING Juicefuse is a fictional juice bar specializing in fresh, local, and organic juices. The components include: store logo, cup packaging, menu, rewards card, and apparel.

EDITORIAL Pinch of Yum is a food blog run by Lindsay Ostrom that includes tasty and simple recipes. This recipe book was designed based off of her vegetarian dishes. The components include: one recipe book with a cover, table of contents, three spreads, and dividers.

BRANDING // INTERACTIVE The Kindness Movement is designed to inspire people to participate in random acts of kindness. This was a collaboration piece with fellow designer Jacqueline Bantad. The components include: logo, promo truck, prize wheel, button, and a mobile app interface.

BRANDING // WEB // PRINT DESIGN The Presidential Campaign was created for a fake Democratic candidate, Heather Cadwell, whose target audience is young voters. The components include: personal logo, web interface, buttons, apparel, and posters.

EDITORIAL // ILLUSTRATION // BRANDING House of Cards Mad Libs are mad libs based off of the Netflix original series ‘House of Cards’. There is one book for each season and each features mad libs based on memorable quotes and scenes from the season. This was a collaboration piece with fellow designer Keith Lowe. The components include: two mad libs books, eight mad libs, and vector illustrations.

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