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Hudson Wight HW1 sailing waterproofs £300 Hudson Wight is a new name in marine clothing. Its business model is a little different from the established brands with their large marketing budgets and pro sailor sponsorships. HW has instead invested to make the best waterproofs it can at the best price to its customers. The products are only sold online, so there are no chandlers’ overheads. It all sounds persuasive, but in the back of my mind was the fact that the established brands spend millions on R&D and HW almost certainly does not. The HW1 is made from a triple-layer, laminated, breathable fabric, not a double layer laminate like some budget ranges from the big names. In fact, these compare well with the coastal, offshore or even some ocean-branded ranges of the big name manufacturers. Detailing looks good, too, with fully taped, breathable seams everywhere including behind the logos. I’ve worn these waterproofs for five or six boat tests in a variety of weather conditions, including the heavy weather

sailing shoot for this issue (pp66-70). They have not leaked, which frankly is the minimum for waterproofs. I’ve discovered some nice touches too, such as the chest pockets, which are designed to be accessed with the opposite hand, making them easier to get at through the lifejacket webbing. The inner wrist cuffs are foam neoprene and feel more durable than the usual fabric-backed neoprene ones. They have all the expected safety and comfort features, such as reflective patches,

Above: these are modern, fully featured offshore waterproofs Above left: cuffs were of durable nylon-lined neoprene

Super rope cinch This is a concentric locking plastic device designed to stop people “getting into a twist over knots”. I initially wondered if the device might be of some use to allow young children aboard to help moor the boat. See our video At

£8 Below left: twist and the rope loop locks in the twin oval orifices Below: But apply just 65kgs and it’s all over

It provides a locked loop that will support up to 10 per cent of a rope’s safe working load. a bowline, by way of comparison, provides a locked loop supporting over 60 per cent of a rope’s tensile strength. The loop we made with this device using new 10mm line slipped at 65kg. as sWl can be as little as a sixth of break load, 10 per cent of this is not much. If you cannot tie a bowline - learning takes two minutes and costs nothing. JF verdict: H H H H H

64 February 2014

day-glo hood and handwarmer pockets. The only real downside to the jacket that I could identify was that the fleece inner linings of the handwarmer pockets do not Velcro in and out for quicker drying. The salopettes were of a sensible design too, forgoing an elastic waist for the increased longevity of webbing adjusters. as well as making them feel more cosy, they claim the adjustability here provides a unisex fit. The Velcro leg cuffs could be sealed well over boots. There are various bundle deals available; at the time of writing we were offered the jacket and salopettes, plus free kit bag, sailing cap and gloves all for £300. ‘RRp’ for these items is supposedly hundreds of pounds more, but the HW model seems to consist of almost permanent, sometimes baffling, discounting of one sort or another. It also offers bulk deals for sailing clubs. We were impressed with these oilies regardless of their price. They stand up well against some of the more expensive brands out there. JF verdict: H H H H H

Sailing Today February 2014  
Sailing Today February 2014