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chelsea hall

) 2010 corporate identity

476 C

Chelsea Hall is a visual communicator specializing in freelance graphic design. The goal was to create an identity that captured the designer’s unique personality by pairing classic type treatments with feminine graphics.

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224 C

405 Cedar Crest Drive | Kingsport, Tn . 37663


freckles oatme al

) 2008 logo

development & packaging

320 C

Freckles Oatmeal is a new family-oriented brand created to help parents provide their kids with a healthy, organic breakfast. This company is unique and imaginative, offering lower fat and sugar than many kids’ products available today. They have infused their food with the right kind of nutrition for growing, active bodies. Freckles Oatmeal is a ficticious client.

161 C

465 C

logo evolution


design conscious

) 2009 logo

development & corporate id

Design Conscious is an original graphic design firm with a special interest in providing print and web services to non-profit organizations. Their aim is to create economical and environmentally responsible design through inventive techniques. They believe that it is their duty as designers to promote and inspire change by way of strong, creative, and sometimes unconventional design practices. The concept behind the designs was created in a group with two other students. Design Conscious is a fictious client.


the be atles mono box set


public r el at ions kit

The Beatles “Mono Box Set” is a compilation of the Beatles first ten albums in re-mastered mono. It is a special interest package created for the die-hard fan. This is my concept for redesigning the look of the album. The Public Relations kit includes: One (1) each 5 x 7 photo of the original album artwork, CD label, “News” page, “History” page, promotional poster, and pocket folder. I also chose to design a blog promoting the album.



il ta ck ross Y o C C D A ns : A Red N E Sonatio y t r e D D Pa r th. W Er | $: ar d za A Y e a o a D Re ty f A M late B B R re r 0 o et U : F Pa : 0 hoc rk A T | $ Sa

a S e M . arag ah A M g G


6 sC u` Lul

y da e un ruis A Y S r C D 5 ste ch U R 9.9 5 Ea run S A T - $3 21.9 $ B ts

nn 0 kin va 9 : 0 n Par so bin


1 2 Stre r


t R G Ar A T U rking a e r : N S $ hild nP G . il et C SI M binso E Tra lk A Y Stre o A D 0 |R a g r e e r : 0 ee Jo W D iv 9 : Fr g re T U R E R $ Ho atu S A | 9 09 N . .95 20 n & 0 P M- $39 1.95 Ru2 : 0 ults - $2 1 Ad ren $: hild C




iv ER

DaS U N | 9 E t r始s . .95 ec e h M 9 oj Y age ot 0 P - $3 1.95 Pr D A ar

M 2 : 0 ults - $2 1 Ad n


. ul M : Ad dren 0 P t | $ Chil 0 e :

t e ee uis Str Cr A Y iver y D R





k! ee Y W N D AF ree

ee : 2 Fr 7 13


r a O $: fo M t | it a M . Stree g mm A Y Yo 0 0 A 1 Bull Su N D 95 1 en O 1, re . M | $:

t . ree A M $: F 0 | 0 r



5 : ente C







ec re at ec oa st





This is a quarterly poster produced to promote the Creative Coast Alliance, a non-profit organization in Savannah, Georgia that exists to help create, grow and attract higher-wage jobs and knowledge-based businesses. The content of the poster is based on the creative events they have planned for each quarter.




) 18 x 24 inch



creative coast alliance

ril Ap y a M ne Ju



e o Liv Y & M ot n D A rs n 0 A h DeS o a ps R S be Le 8 : 3 anna Je T H U mem v o Sa G


the best butt handbook


exercise guide

I created the “Best Butt Handbook� to be a reflection of me and my style as a visual communicator. The book is humorous, yet functional as a portable erercise guide women can use to target their bottoms! It was important to me that he media support the message. When designing this piece, my goals were to successfully communicate the content and to leave behind evidence of my voice - This project whole-heartedly represents who I am as a designer and as a person.


it ’ s a barbie world of typography

) 8.5 x 8.5 inch

This book was created to showcase typography used specifically for Barbie boxes from the Sixties to the present day. I was given the freedom to choose my own “world” of typography and design a book with a thirty-two page minimum. I chose Barbie because she is a subject I am personally interested in. Knowing that, the process of writing and designing around her came naturally for me not and was a process I truly enjoyed.



cen tury schoolbook


t y pogr aphic pl ay ing cards

This deck of cards was created entirely from the typeface “Century Schoolbook”. Each cards design is made from it’s corresponding number or letter. The pattern on the back of the deck is made from one of every number in the deck, plus a “j”, “q”, “k”, and “a” representing the “jack”, “joker”, “queen”, “king”, and “ace” cards. The small burlap sack that holds the deck is a unique alternative to the easily worn paper boxes we are used to.


show time t v


“ united states of tar a” ta nk & coasters

“The United States of Tara” is a television series created for Showtime TV Network. Suburban wife and mother Tara juggles her family and career while suffering from a multiple personality disorder. There’s never a dull moment in their household, as Tara’s supportive husband Max and their two teenaged children try to lead as much of a “normal” life as possible. I created this design based on the many characters in the show. It displays all of Tara’s personalities while paying homage to Buck’s appreciation for military objects. Each alter’s name is written on an individual dog tag.


show time t v


“ the tudors” pillow case design

“The Tudors” is a historical fiction television series created for Showtime TV Network. The series is based loosely upon the rule of English Monarch Henry VIII, and is named after the Tudor dynasty. I enjoyed having a hand in the entire process; I was given the priviledge of being able to screen print the sample pillows. This was the first time I was able to take part in transforming my design into a tactile product.


self - initiated


w eigh t - lif t ing belt

This is a design I created for a leather weight-lifting belt as a personal gift for a friend. I did not create the “Grizzly� logo in the center of the belt, but rather the ellaborate motif placed on either side of it. Once complete, I had the vector image laser cut into the belt. The end result is the motif slightly burnt into the leather; the look is detailed, yet worn in.



pr in tm a k ing


crow n etching set

This set was my first attempt at Etching. I chose to use the ornate image of the crown or the contrast it creates when paired with the grit and texture that Etching can produce. The black was mixed by hand using colored ink to create a multi-tonal black. The final prints are printed on Arches Cover paper.

Society (b. Unknown) Female Legs, 2010

Society (b. Unknown) Male Torso, 2010

“1 out of 4 college women has an eating disorder.”

“70% of college males are dissatisfied with their body.”

mannequin in plexiglass

mannequin in plexiglass


install ation


body image

This project was an experiment of taking my own visual communication style and using it to solve a problem that is important to me. I wanted to make college students more aware of the body image issues that are present on our campus and in more of our peers than we realize. I chose to use mannequins for my media, to symbolize the unattainable ideal of a mannequin’s form; the Plexiglas box further emphasizes that unattainability by forcing you to consider it like a trophy of sorts and making it something you and I cannot touch, both physically and realistically.

thank you.

Portfolio 2012  
Portfolio 2012  

A collection of creativity by Chelsea Hall.