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CHELSEA HOWELLS Graphic Design Portfolio



Chelsea Howells

Sophomore 2nd Semester BFA Graphic Design

Tanglewood Books is a used bookstore in Kanab, Utah. I worked closely with the owner to develop a mark, logotype, logo, color scheme, and business card design. I also had the pleasure to upholster a couch in the color scheme for her store. See more of my upholstery at


Three Novel Set Chelsea Howells Junior 1st Semester BFA Graphic Design

Project Description & Learning This was an amazing learning opportunity. We chose 3 cohesive books from, designed and typeset all three books. Then we printed them in signatures and bound them ourselves. Each book has three different paper colors inside, and separate but cohesive color palettes. We also made the hard cover with book board and the image wrap technique. My covers were printed on linen book cloth that I made. The typography monograms on the cover is a typeface I drew myself for this project.


TYPOGRAPHIC FORM Chelsea Howells Junior 1st Semester BFA Graphic Design

For this project we were to create a composition using two words describing opposing actions. I chose the words enormous and itsy. After doing numerous process and exploratory sketches, I liked the idea of the “O�s in enormous to be like magnifying glasses. Looking through the glass you see that the letters are made up of the opposing word itsy.


Outdoor Nation Catalog Chelsea Howells Junior 1st Semester BFA Graphic Design

Outdoor nation is a non profit organization committed to getting people to unplug, and go outdoors. Their target audience is people 16-35. They believe that everyone should be involved with the outdoors from doctors to artists, and I tried to make the style of the catalog clean, and artistic.


Type Collage

Chelsea Howells Junior 1st Semester BFA Graphic Design

Sexy In the first collage, I used a set of stamps, and cut up letters to get the shapes I wanted. My inspiration was the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. The most challenging part was to get the semiotics, or the meaning of sexy by just using letters. (Left). The second collage is designed on an implied grid, with the letter ‘X’ as the grid structure. Part of the grid blocks in the text (Right). The two versions of sexy implies that sexy means something different to everyone. For some it may be rhythmic and flowing, and for others angular and bold.


Typographic Hierarchies

Chelsea Howells Junior 1st Semester BFA Graphic Design

SUU currently holds a shakespear event called the ThunderBaird Project. To learn the importance of hierarchies in typography, we were to make a mini broadside poster set containing a quote from the plays Hamlet, or Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. This was one of my first experiences using a letterpress, and included brainstorming, making style sheets, setting type, mixing ink, and printing the posters.


Wedding Invitation Chelsea Howells

Sophomore 2nd Semester BFA Graphic Design

For this announcement, I did the color scheme, layout, and the graphics. It was a bridal shower announcement, as well as a three card wedding invitation.


Jane Eyre Chair Chelsea Howells Junior 1st Semester BFA Graphic Design

I currently work in furniture upholstery, and really love the design freedom I have. For this project, I used the letterpress to print on the fabric. The inspiration for this chair came from a publication design project book, Jane Eyre. The quote on the chair is also in the book. I love using the letterpress, and this project helped me use it in a new and interesting way.

Chelsea Howells design portfolio  

This is my design portfolio as of November 30, 2012

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