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ABOUT US We stand for nature and we stand for adventure. We stand for climbing, hiking, surfing, and singing. We stand for dirt under our fingernails and sand between our toes. We believe in the power and passion of the Millennial Generation, and we stand for whatever you stand for. We are artists. We are activists. We are explorers, dreamers, students and teachers. We are Outdoor Nation. And we want to help you change the world. Outdoor Nation (ON) is a non-profit founded by a community of Outsiders dedicated to reconnecting millennials with the outdoors. We host Summits around the country, award grants for outstanding project ideas, lead outdoor outings, work with youth, and connect with others like us - all in an effort to mobilize a movement to get our generation outside.

GET INVOLVED Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from Outdoor Nation:




When you register for a profile on, you can start connecting with people who are concerned with the same things you are. Registering with us is free, easy, and allows you to attend summits, and get involved in movements that are being put into motion right now. You also have the opportunity to bring people from our site on board with your projects, raise awareness, and apply for grants.

The Outdoor Nation Summits bring leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs together for two days of intensive development training. We want to give you the tools to grow and sustain your community action plans, projects and organizations. You’ll also have time to present your one-of-a-kind idea to get more people outdoors with to potentially get funding.

Do you have an idea for connecting youth and young adults to the outdoors? If so, we want to hear about it. Outdoor Nation and its partners provide seed grants to millennial leaders and organizations. Whether you want to start an outdoor club, organize a service project, start a mentoring program or film a documentary, Outdoor Nation is investing in the most innovative, inspired ideas that make a real difference.

START A CAMPUS CLUB OR JOIN AN EXISTING ONE Outdoor Nation Campus Clubs aim to empower existing outdoor clubs on university campuses to connect more people with the outdoors. The program works by empowering college students to mentor their high school and university aged peers. Mentors introduce mentees to outdoor opportunities. In return, college mentors receive financial incentives, leadership training, gear, and program support. Lead mentors - or Outdoor Nation Fellows - have the opportunity to receive extra leadership training and financial compensation.

BUILD CAMPAIGNS AND ADVOCATE FOR LOCAL AND NATIONAL OUTDOOR POLICIES. We are Outdoor Nation, and we believe in reconnecting the Millennial Generation to the outdoors. Our health, the health of our communities, and the health of our planet depend on it. Here’s what we’re working to do: Raise awareness about outdoor educational programming to diverse and underserved audiences. Increase accessibility to outdoor gear and destinations for low income and underrepresented populations.


Two years ago, a group of 500 young leaders from across the country traveled to New York City and participated in the largest, most diverse Outdoor Summit of its kind – officially launching Outdoor Nation. Over the past year, thousands of Millennials have joined together to inspire a new generation of outdoor champions – attending regional summits, starting campus outing clubs and launching awesome on-the-ground projects. To date, Outdoor Nation has invested more than $150,000 directly into more than 50 youth-led programs and more than $1 million overall.

Our summits are the only national outdoor initiative that gives funding to young super-stars to transform ideas into action.

HOW TO ATTEND If you’re between the ages of 16 and 28 and are passionate about the outdoors, we have the experience for you. Our summits are free to delegates, thanks to our awesome sponsors. From food and lodging to training, all are paid for. You just have to register and get there. If you attended an Outdoor Nation Summit in 2012, register your profile on our website (www., then click the Join the Team button to get started.

ON-IT Summits

(Outdoor Nation Intensive Training) New York: June 23 - 24 Denver: September 22 - 23 Twin Cities: October 6 - 7 San Francisco: October 20 - 21 Atlanta: November 3 - 4 The Outdoor Nation ON-IT Summits bring leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs together for two days of intensive development training. We want to give you the tools to grow and sustain your community action plans, projects and organizations. You’ll also have time to present your one-of-a-kind idea to get more people outdoors with to potentially get funding. So, what are you waiting for?

BE THE VOICE Justin, a NYC Summit delegate was disappointed that there wasn’t a kayaking club at his university...So he did something about it. And today, over 100 students at Western Carolina University routinely paddle together and organize community festivals, introducing the broader community to the sport. In Charlotte, Anthony started an Outdoor Nation Campus Club that is now the model for other campus clubs across the country. Anthony got additional funding at last year’s Summit and developed a partnership between a local county park and a middle school, starting an outdoor program. Club members built a school garden, went on outdoor adventures and developed a greater appreciation for being outside.


Wanting a greater voice in decisions that impact youth and the outdoors, Kris, Palma and Kimberly launched the State Park Youth Ambassador Program; one young leader in every state is selected to increase awareness and support for the state park system.

Lots of people have great ideas but few are willing to do the hard work it takes to make those ideas come to life. We hope you will.



FOCUS YOUR IDEAS: Have you written your focused and concise mission statement? If not, do it. Unless you have access to a million bucks, focusing on your core idea is the first step to achieving success. Consider identifying your top two or three priorities – max – and focusing on those.

BRANCH OUT: group up the people around you who care about the same issues.

Develop your project

Advocate for change

We’ve highlighted

FIVE CRITICAL STEPS you can take to turn your idea into reality.

RESEARCH AND TELL YOUR STORY: Find out what resources already exist. Is anyone in your community already doing it? If not, take a look around the nation. Anyone to learn from? Piggyback onto? Understanding what’s already happening in your community is essential to putting together a budget, raising money and telling your story. Unless you’re first or best, you may have trouble securing funding or sharing your ideas.

SHARE & LEARN: Ask your team about your ideas and beg them for feedback. Nothing will doom an organization more than a leader who isn’t willing to turn the wheel when there are curves in the road. It’s called “founder syndrome” and it’s a no-win situation. ADVOCATE: Set up a meeting. Succinctly state the problem, clearly explain your solution and tell them what you need them to do. Be professional, courteous, respectful and realistic. Lastly, Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.




Outdoor Nation is anxious to hear about your ideas. We might even provide a small grant to support your project.

ABOVE THE FOLD: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it…blah, blah… you know the rest.

CONNECT: Going it alone isn’t a good recipe for success and it sure isn’t fun. Think creatively, plan thoroughly, and cast a wide net.

Thankfully, we aren’t alone. There are a number of other national outdoorfocused organizations that might be willing to help you with your project.

By now, you’ve written your story for advocates and funders, but there’s a good chance those stories won’t capture anyone’s attention in the media. What’s your hook? What’s going to make anyone care about what you’re doing?

Raise Dough

Also consider talking to business leaders in your area for their support. Most know that a healthy, happy person is the best kind of customer. Ask them for support.

Create Buzz

SOCIAL MEDIA: You’re young. You get it. Social media can help you generate attention, Don’t divulge information you don’t want your grandmother to know. Don’t post pictures that will negatively impact yourself – or your cause. People are watching and listening and reading. People who want the best for you and people who don’t.

Organize your community

FUNDERS LOOOOVE PARTNERSHIPS: Foundations and generous individuals who donate know that the more people and organizations involved in a particular program or cause usually adds up to greater success and achievement. If you’re fundraising for bike and hike trails in your community, they’ll want to know that local environmental groups, government agencies and other relevant organizations have teamed up together to solve the problem.

JOIN THE OUTDOOR NATION For a full list of information, questions, steps to take action and ways to get involved, visit our website

IT ALL STARTED In 2005 Richard Louv published a book titled, Last Child in the Woods. In his book Louv coined the term, “Nature Deficit Disorder” and used it to describe the growing divide between children and nature. Last Child in the Woods raised awareness about the problems associated with too much time spent indoors, and people around the country took notice. They began creating projects and initiatives aimed at re-connecting children with nature. These movements were revolutionary and inspiring, but they spoke to young children and their parents. No one was speaking for those of us left in between- the Millennial Generation. Luckily, we can speak for ourselves. In June 2010 the first Outdoor Nation Summit was held in New York’s Central Park, with the support of a coalition of retailers, outdoor educators, and conservation groups. 500 delegates between the ages of 18 and 28, representing all 50 states, attended the summit. They left the two-day event committed to breaking down the barriers to the outdoors.

Saving our children from


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