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PRESS CONTACT: for Carnival Cruise Line Marketing & PR Specialists Rachel Plotkin, Chelsea Gianan

When Disaster Strikes the Seas Ad Campaigns Illustrate Carnival’s Commitment to Consumers Miami, FL- February 2013 The public knows by now that Carnival Triumph has recently had to weather a storm. Not literally, but a tragic incident did occur on one of our cruise lines. What was supposed to be a stress free vacation that many enjoy aboard our fun ships turned into something quite different voyage for the passengers of our Carnival Triumph ship. We are so very thankful that everyone arrived safely to the destination port after enduring this event. Carnival Cruise Lines have released this statement to make our thoughts known onto this matter. We at Carnival Cruise Lines, believe that what occurred was an accident and we are fully investigating the matter and absolutely not hesitate to the share the information we discover during our thorough investigation. Carnival Cruise Lines consider our passengers and crewmembers like family, we go above and beyond to please them and ensure their absolute happiness. Our hearts go out to the passengers and crewmembers and their families that were affected by this incident. Carnival Cruise Lines acknowledge the fact, that no amount of words can ever change what happened to them on the Carnival Triumph. At Carnival Cruise Lines, we feel that in order to prevent future disasters we must discover what exactly caused the incident on the Carnival Triumph. We have cancelled many cruise ships, in order to protect the safety of our passengers. Carnival Cruise Lines believe this move was the best judgment call. During this time, we will fully look into the problems that led to this occurrence on the Carnival Triumph. We will do whatever it takes, and no matter how long it takes to make sure our cruise ships meet all of the highest quality standards. After an investigation is done, we will reach out to the National Maritime Safety Association and they will conduct their own investigations. Carnival Cruise Lines are working very closely to the NMSA to ensure that our ships meet their high quality standards as well. NMSA is a United Nations run organization and the safety of passengers is also of their utmost concerns. The Carnival Cruise Lines believe the next step after identifying the issue is fixing it. We will not rest until we can feel confident that conditions on our ship are safe and our passengers are not in harm’s way. We are willing to work on every issue that arises but it is a long and arduous task we have ahead of us. All we ask is that our loyal customers stay patient with us during this process. Carnival Cruise Lines will be unveiling a new ad campaign to run in the upcoming months, to acknowledge what had happened on the Carnival Triumph. We know we can never erase what happened to our passengers and crewmembers. We, the Carnival Cruise Lines, acknowledge that no amount of monetary compensation or apology will ever change the events that occurred on the Carnival Triumph and we are not attempting to buy or coerce anyone’s forgiveness; we believe forgiveness is best shown and not told. Carnival Cruise Lines are willing to do whatever it takes to show our consumers that our cruise lines will rise from this and remain the world’s popular cruise line destination for fun, safe, and affordable vacations. For additional information and reservations on any of Carnival’s “Fun Ships” vacations, contact any travel agent, call 1-800-CARNIVAL or visit ### About Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival is “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line®” with 24 ships operating three- to 18-day voyages to The Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, New England, Europe, Bermuda, South America, Panama Canal, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Norway, the Baltic and the British and the British Isles. The company’s 25th ship, an as-yetunnamed 135,000-ton vessel, is scheduled for delivery in winter 2016.

For immediate release

General Motor Company P.O. Box 33170 Detroit, Mi. 48232-5170

Investor Relations, 313.667.1669

Chicago, IL. – General Motor’s Co.’s (NYSE: GM) new approach of the new year of 2013; since the GM stock market have changed within these past months. The hype of the increase change of market manages to see the company’s improvement. Based from our former reputation of financial issues in 2008; we have filed chapter 11 in bankruptcy of the financial debt. That GM has encountered. Thankfully to the government loan us grant and loans to let us continue to prosper contribute to our nation’s fourth largest industrial company. Within these past months, we have seen an upgrade improvements especially in our December month sale market boost of five percent growth and “Our portfolio of new, world-class vehicles puts us on a strong footing to grow profitably,” said Dan Ammann, GM Senior VP and Chief Financial Officer, “we’re launching more vehicles globally than at any time in our history and some of most important models are targeting the two largest markets in the world – the U.S. and China.” We seek more developments in our vehicles to serve our clienteles to see our “committed to delivering vehicles with compelling designs, flawless quality and reliability, and leading safety, fuel economy and infotainment features” (About GM: Our Company). The new releases of 2014 vehicles have established an eye catcher onto our automobile features and qualities, to serve our clienteles to fulfill their expectations into the full max of happy satisfaction of what our vehicles have to offer to them. Our cars will be also seen in our website and the upcoming 2013 Chicago Auto Show at the McCormick Place: February 8-22, 2013. Two weeks of fun-fill excitement to let the world know GM have re-established, re-market, and re-branch the company’s standards but promised to stand by our customers satisfaction. General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM, TSX: GMM) and its partners produce vehicles in 30 countries, and the company has leadership positions in the world’s largest and fastest-growing automotive markets. GM’s brands include Chevrolet and Cadillac, as well as Baojun, Buick, GMC, Holden, Isuzu, Jiefang, Opel, Vauxhall and Wuling. More information on the company and its subsidiaries, including OnStar, a global leader in vehicle safety, security and information services, can be found at ###

Creative Brief Website: Location: 828 Ninth Avenue. (Between 54th and 55th streets) New York New Location! (In Chicago) 1200 division St. (on State and Division) Chicago, IL. 60611 Mission statement: “Built on a heritage of beauty, education and community, we aim to redefine standards in hair care and styling to address the distinctive needs of a multi-textural world.” Slogan: ‘Hair care and styling solutions for a multi-textual world’ ‘Great styles on the go’ ‘Going in wild, coming out great’ Vision statement: “To liberate and unite all textures by taking an honest, revolutionary approach to beauty by providing the knowledge to evolve mindsets, change perceptions and influence industry practice.” Goal: • Expand the hairlista promotion for Hair Rules salon and marketing goals in Chicago from New York • Dickey (Founder) will be expanding his second salon in Chicago, to raise the hype for hair care and gain celebrity customers in Chicago. In relations for Chicago is known for it’s movies and TV shows broadcasting here in the city. While Serge Normant, whom is another hair stylist will be helping with grand opening (May 1, 2013; Saturday) and gain more interest in the city since the co-founder Kara Young Georgiopolous have a solid professional friendship. Challenge: Convert into Chicago Style and gain interest with three different types of women, instead of two: · Businesswoman (on-the-go) · Stay-at-home moms · Celebrity interests (gain exposure for media attention) Media Outlets: Three Print Ad, Direct Mail, and TV spot Target Audience: Women with hair textures: wavy, straight, curly, and kinky Stay-at-home moms, celebrities, businesswomen

Research: A New York hair salon, Hair Rules, of whom is run by Anthony Dickey (Founder and Creative Director), Kara Young Georgiopolous (Co-Founder) and Kristy Engels (VP in Marketing); they want to create a safe haven for all people who have different type of hair textures. With their hair stylist tips and approach to teach others to achieve healthy hairstyles and hair texture from Hair Rules. Anthony Dickey has created iconic hairstyles for designers, advertisers, photographers and celebrities: Sarah Jessica Parker, Minnie Driver, Alicia Keys, Kelis, Andre 300 and such others; worked in editorial magazine: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence, Vibe, The New York Times Magazine, Glamour and Allure. Kara Young Georgiopolous: a co-founder with Hair Rules and a former model from the late 1980s and 1990s; she became friends with Anthony Dickey after many hairstylists told her to get her hair done professionally done before a photo shoot, which they directed to Dickey and later she made him as her session stylist for restoring her hair back into health. Georgiopolous worked in editorial assignments: Sports Illustrated, Vogue, ELLE, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. Kristy Engels: VP in marketing whom handles for all business operations in sales, marketing and communications. Dickey came to her for help for representing his book called Hair Rules, because she handles many accomplished artists and talented newcomers. Engels has worked with some of the world’s leading companies: Chanel, Cover Girl, MAC, Cosmetics, Aveda, Bumble and bumble, L’Oreal and Christian Dior and magazine works with ELLE, Glamour, Vogue and Italian Vogue, Marie Claire and collaborate works with Sephora, Bath & Body Works, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

For Press Release

PRESS CONTACT: For Hair Rules Marketing & PR Specialist Chelsea Gianan

CHICAGO, IL. - May 2013 This upcoming late July of 2013, Hair Rules will release a grand opening hair salon in the Chicago land area.

The first 50 clienteles will receive 50% discount on their choice of hairstyle, color dye and such more, and also receiving a free limited edition bag from New York City Hair Rules. Each bag contains free samples of shampoo, conditioners, skincare lotion, and a brochure of how to maintain a healthy glow for your hair. At Hair Rules Chicago, we will give our clients the high-quality service they will receive from our hair salon and teach you the learning experience of how to maintain a healthy hairstyle. Our mission statement is “built on a heritage of beauty, education and community, we aim to redefine standards in hair care and styling to address the distinctive needs of a multi-textual world.� The two founders, Anthony Dickey and Kara Young Georgiopolous have worked in many editorials and runways to create many iconic hairstyles for designers, advertisers, photographers and celebrities. The two owners will be residing in Chicago, IL to secure the stability for its reputation for their excellence services. Celebrity clients: Sarah Jessica Parker, Minnie Driver, Alicia Keys, Kelis, Andre 300 and many more. Editorial Magazines: Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence, Vibe, The New York Times, Glamour, Allure, and Cosmopolitan Hair Rules Chicago is located at 1200 Division Street (on State and Division). To book an appointment, please call 312-787-0913 or email: For more information, please visit our website: ### About Hair Rules Hair Rules liberate and unite all textures by taking an honest, revolutionary approach to beauty by providing the knowledge to evolve mindsets, change perceptions and influence industry practice. At Hair Rules, we built on a heritage of beauty, education and community; we aim to redefine standards in hair care and styling to address the distinctive needs of a multi-textual world.

Direct Mailer (Post Card)

Creative Brief Dexter (TV-show; Serial killer, psychological thriller, mystery with dark comedy) Campaign: “He loves me, he love you not.”

Research: SHOWTIME has broadcast since 2006; with millions of viewers watching Dexter, each Sunday and every season: the audiences have adopt this touch of anxiety of what will Dexter next move is. The main character: Dexter Morgan, adopted by Harry Morgan, who has worked for the Miami Metro Police Department. Harry has shown Dexter a precise route, “dark passenger” side to kill with a concentration mindset and make a clean get away from the murder scenes. Harry Morgan only adopted Dexter and not Dexter’s older brother, Brian Moser. The only reason Harry immediately knew Brian was ‘damaged,’ is witnessing their mother’s death and soaking in their mother’s blood for two days, not knowingly Dexter is damaged as well. For many of SHOWTIME viewers and Dexter’s fans would agreed: Dexter became a Blood Spatter Pattern Analyst in Miami Metro Police Department, due to his past horrendous memory as a young child, to sit in his mother’s blood for two days, and how growing up amused and fascinated with the sight of blood. Dexter is working with his adopted sister: Lieutenant Deborah Morgan, she knows about his homicide killing spree since season six and wants nothing to do with Dexter’s ‘dark passenger’ side. With almost to the near ending of season seven: Dexter and Deborah’s bosses (Captain Maria LaGuerta and retired Supervisor Tom Matthews), are closing in that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher and not Dexter’s biological brother, Brian Moser. As season eight is approaching, rumors are speculating that they will begin in the Dexter TV series season eight in June 2013. Market: ShowTime Cable Network targets their market audience usually in the age range of 18- 25 and 30-40 years of age, because of their feature TV-show series, movies, sports, comedy and documentary from ShowTime have provided on their network. For Dexter’s TV-show series: targets for their age groups from 18-65 years old, and both female and male gender specifically. Due to this TV series target market, their viewers like the tautness, rib-tickling, clever-moments and the anxiety scenes of what will Dexter do next in his smart, ethical, rumor, dark passenger way in each episode. Market: ShowTime Cable Network targets their market audience usually in the age range of 18- 25 and 30-40 years of age, because of their feature TV-show series, movies, sports, comedy and documentary from ShowTime have provided on their network. For Dexter’s TV-show series: targets for their age groups from 18-65 years old, and both female and male gender specifically. Due to this TV series target market, their viewers like the tautness, rib-tickling, clever-moments and the anxiety scenes of what will Dexter do next in his smart, ethical, rumor, dark passenger way in each episode.

Company’s Overview: Address: 1633 Broadway New York, NY 10019

SHOWTIME Networks Inc. first established in 1976 and owned by CBS Corporation. SHOWTIME operates 23 networks; shares of a common interest that many viewers can tune into. SHOWTIME offers movies, special events, on-demand programming, pay-tv, FLIX (older movies) and original series such as Homeland and Dexter. These programs makes CBS dominates week in TV rating from the top twenty-five most watched programs: SHOWTIME, the Movie Channel and FLIX, which produces more than 67 million cable and satellite subscribers.

Press Release | Dexter | Season 8

PRESS CONTACT: For Dexter Marketing & PR Specialist Chelsea Gianan

As a child, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) was traumatized when his biological mother was murdered in front of him. Dexter took on a chaotic double life working as a forensics expert in blood spatter analysis for the Miami Metro Police Department by day and as a cold penetrating serial killer by night. His deceased adoptive father, Harry Morgan (James Remar); Harry trained Dexter how to control his “dark passenger” by using Harry’s code system: only killing murderers who cannot be brought down by the justice system. The only person who knows the real truth of Dexter’s double life is his sister, Lieutenant Deborah Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter). The two siblings became close and face an overwhelming opponent in Captain Maria LaGuerta (Laura Velez), that forces Deb to do the unthinkable: to save her brother Dexter and shoot LaGuerta to end the motive of Dexter being the “Bay Harbor Butcher.” In the last episode of season seven, the Morgans appear to walk away with a clean slate by breaking Harry’s code for killing LaGuerta; Dexter’s former ex girlfriend: Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) knows about Dexter’s “dark passenger.” Hannah incarcerated herself to the hospital right before going to jail; she escapes from the hospital bed in the middle of the night leaving a great question of the recent episode. Will Hannah McKay come back to redeem her love for Dexter? Or will she seek in revenge for the Morgans for ruining her life? Premieres June 30, 2013 on SHOWTIME For more information on “Dexter,” visit Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Google + : Pinterest: Instagram:

Media Plan Facebook: • Four updates a day of merchandise sales • Still frame images from the episodes • Quotes • Promote games • Upcoming episode show • Interact with Facebook users MySpace: • Once a day updates • Improve updates • Music • Status • Director’s cut • Photos Twitter: • Three update daily • Promote times of SHOWTIME shows • Director’s cut • Quotes • Phone apps • Games • Links • Dexter’s Facebook • YouTube • SHOWTIME website YouTube: • Four videos update weekly • Short clips of the previews for the new upcoming season eight • Director’s discussions • Fan’s questions and responses SHOWTIME Website: • Once a week update status • Previews of the upcoming seasons/ episodes • Website layouts: •Company’s overview •Dexter’s “About” page •Merchandise page •Character’s biographies •Community fan page •Company’s contact information •Links • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Dexter Mobile app

Instagram: • Daily photos updates of shows in SHOWTIME • SHOWTIME will interact with Instagram users • Picture captions of asking a general question • “What does our fans think of what will happen in the next in the upcoming episode of Dexter?” Dexter Mobile App: • Weekly updates • SHOWTIME shows • Links • Facebook • MySpace • Twitter • Instagram • Community interact on discussion boards • ShowTime’s favorite shows • Viewer’s commentary • Viewer’s Predictions • Gather an interest for all to talk about on a daily base Merchandise products: Drink ware – ($12-25) (Coffee mugs, print glass, tube shot glasses, freezable cups) Clothes - ($20-50) (T-shirts, pants, Dexter’s killing outfit) Toys – ($12-20) (Bobble heads, Action Figures) Accessories - ($20-45) (Hats, badges) DVDs – ($40-200) (Season packed from 1-7, individual season, director’s cut) Soundtrack - $12-17 (individual seasons) Prints – ($14-45) (Posters, Poster cards, iPhone covers)

Character’s Biography Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) Born in blood, rise in blood. As a three year old, Dexter witness his mother murdered in front of him, left to sit in her blood for two days. With that event, it triggered a thirst for blood that entered Dexter into a field career of Blood Spatter Analysis; a part of a forensics team for the Miami Metro Police Department by day and a secret justice killer by night. Dexter stands by his adopted father code, “Harry’s code” to seek in justice: to kill the bad and save the innocent; if the justice system does not work, his knife will.

Joey Quinn: (Desmond Harrington) Officer prince charming of the Miami Metro Police Department: Detective Quinn recently proposed to Dexter’s sister: Deborah Morgan, she immediately turned the offer down which made Quinn’s life spiral down into a disaster. While the prince charming sinks into his depression, he meets the nanny of Dexter’s son: Jamie Batista, and the sister of Detective Angel Batista. Quinn promised to do right and clean up his performance at work.

Deborah Morgan: (Jennifer Carpenter) Hopeless romantic Lieutenant Deborah Morgan, lays a crossing between her heart and her badge, but her love life has a chain of bad luck. Her adoptive brother, Dexter Morgan: whom she wanted to love him more than sibling love but witnessing Dexter slaying as a serial killer; her life immediately changed. Deborah’s heart is torn for the love of her job and her family: she choses family to protect and honor, but only time can tell how much can she handle.

Vincent Masuka: (C.S. Lee) Partner in crime with Dexter Morgan, of course in the lab of the forensic team for the Miami Metro Police Department. Masuka is wise, smart and quite perverted mind of the ladies but has the eye of his long-lasting crush, Deborah Morgan. He has no idea that his forensic team member, Dexter Morgan is the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Harry Morgan: (James Remar) A former homicide detective and a father of Deborah Morgan and adoptive son, Dexter Morgan. Died before the first season occur, but seem to become the main character in Dexter’s life. Just when Dexter needs help or an advice from him, he’s right there: mentally and spiritually. Harry showed Dexter the right way to kill and cover up your own tracks but helped Dexter channel his homicidal impulses into more of a “vigilante justice.”

Angel Batista: (David Zayas) A retired homicide detective, divorced twice from his first and his second with Captain Maria LaGuerta, and a loyal friend to the Morgans family. After retiring with the Miami Metro Homicide Department, he runs a food restaurant. Batista host a retirement party to find out LaGuerta did not show up. In curiosity, he questioned LaGuerta appearance to find out that she has been missing the day of his retirement party and in quest to find her.

Episodes 1. “Confrontation is pointless” New Year of 2013 is here: LaGuerta is dead and no one else knows about the truth of the Bay Harbor Butcher. Except for one certain person returns to haunt the Morgan’s with a surprise visit. 2. “Daddy?” As Harrison grows up, he sees everything and hears everything, which begins to worry Dexter have to be more careful if what he do and say. Especially when Dexter’s step-kids comes to visit for summer vacation from their grandparent’s house. 3. “Be Mine” Surprise flowers keep showing up on Dexter’s desk while he thinks Hannah McKay’s back in town, while Deb is on high alert with the thought of McKay trying to killing her again. 4. “About last night” Hannah confronts Deb to clear her name of going into jail, while a surprise visit from Quinn’s past relationship with a stripper suddenly re-enter in his life, while he’s in a stable relationship with Jamie. 5. “I thought I closed the door” Tom Matthews visit LaGuerta’s house in search of missing person, and figuring out why she was obsessed with the Bay Harbor Case and pinpointing on Dexter, while Angel Batista is questioning LaGuerta whereabouts. While Dexter is still researching of his beloved deceased biological mother’s history. 6. “Vulnerable” On the search of his mother’s past life, Dexter believes that maybe he is related to Harry Morgan as his father. As the DNA test is being taken: Deb feelings become numbered to Dexter and take more therapy time and pills to cope her feelings of

Harry, Dexter and Quinn. 7. “Will you?” Quinn proposed to Jamie, and Deb is not handling the emotional ride of the death of LaGuerta’s, her career, and the idea of her ex is the verge of marrying someone who is not her while Jamie wants Deb out of their lives. 8. “Hello Deborah” Deb goes to rehab of her overdose on anxiety pills, Dexter visits her on a daily base to make sure his sister is okay while a surprise visit from Hannah McKay. 9. “That’s enough.” Dexter is tired of surprised flowers from Hannah McKay and wants nothing to do with her when Deb’s in rehab and Harrison is in the hospital with a sudden food poison. 10. “Good bye Hannah” With the endangering Dexter’s son of food poisoning, he’s on the manhunt to go after his ex girlfriend, Hannah McKay for risking his son’s life. A sudden twist of surprise awaits for him on his boat. 11. “What did you see?” Hannah’s friend, Arlene Shram, seeks revenge at Dexter, for she had witness in Dexter killing Hannah McKay. A huge mess is coming down, especially when Tom Matthews attempted to arrest Dexter for the being the “Bay Harbor Butcher” but forewarns Dexter to leave the city. 12. “Final Showdown” A huge mess; Dexter decides if he should leave his beloved city of Miami or kill a lifelong family friend, Tom Matthews, to save his own life here in the state. Should he run for his life or save it?


1. Early Cuts: A young male nurse captured by Dexter and laid out into the plastic wrapped room in the nursing homes. The male nurse is receiving his life taken away, due to putting out elder patients out of their misery because they are old and saving a lot more money for the nursing home. (Dexter, New episodes 9pm ET |PT, Showtime)

2. Dark Echoes: Each homicide case, there’s a secret note towards the Miami Metro Police Department. When in reality, the Morgan’s believed it’s towards them in secret but seem to not find who’s the secret pen pal in each homicide investigations. (Dexter, New episodes 9pm ET |PT, Showtime) 3. All in the Family: As Harrison continues to grow up; Harrison rips the heads off from dolls and began to enjoy it more frequently. Deb noticed the behavior and complains to Dexter that maybe it’s a “killing” genetics to rip off bodies. (Dexter, New episodes 9pm ET |PT, Showtime)

Major Themes:


“How much do you love me” A psycho twists of the final season: Dexter’s ex girlfriend, Hannah McKay. Hannah puts Dexter on the table with flowers. Dexter is reminded of Rita, when she planted the same flowers in front of her yard. With Deb in the room, Hannah aims with a gun in Deb’s head and tell Deb to stab Dexter: will Dexter finally received taste of his own medicine when Hannah kills him on the table? Will Deb have the nerve to stab her brother? Who will kill him, who will save him and most importantly who loves him more, Hannah or Deb? “Promise me” Captain Maria LaGuerta & retired Supervisor Tom Matthews: a huge lead after discovering Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher. Tom Matthews learns after LaGuerta have passed away, she have been tampering and pinning Dexter in relations with the recent case & the Bay Harbor Butcher case. But turns into questioning, more depth of Dexter’s life and why assumed Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher. Will Matthews keep his promise with Harry Morgan (Dexter’s adoptive father) to look after his kids? Or figure out the time line and storyline of the Bay Harbor Butcher of the events that occur with Dexter’s story? Can Deb save Dexter? Is Matthews the next victim on Dexter’s table? Or can Deb stop this before anyone gets hurt? Subthemes: “Eye of the tiger” After the new years from the last episode, Joey Quinn is ready to move his love life to the next level with a Dexter’s nanny and Detective Angel Batista’s younger sister, Jamie (Aimee Garcia). Things get a little heated once the secret dating comes out and possible proposal may happen. Can Batista and Quinn see eye-to-eye about Quinn’s dating Jamie? How will Dexter feel about Quinn being around his family? Can Deb Morgan accept the fact that Quinn is moving on? Or can the Koshkas gang is going to do something about Officer Quinn being alive for the death of George, the owner of a strip joint? “Deb’s in Rehab” While recovering the emotional ride of the rollercoaster: LaGuerta death, Quinn’s new proposal to Jamie, and her emotional ride with Dexter. While she received a surprise visit from an unexpected visitor: Hannah McKay. MLA: • • • “CBS dominates week in TV Ratings.” Web. 18 December 2012. com/cbs-dominates-week-tv-ratings-204206070.html • “Showtime Networks Inc. Company’s Profile.” Web. 18 December 2012. http://biz.

PlayStation Vize Mission Statement: “To experience the joy of advancing and applying technology for the benefit of the public.”

Specifications • Dual Band Wi-fi • Eliminates Interference • 1” LED Display • 1080 HD Resolution • Noise Filtering Mic • Filters out ambient noise

• Dolby Surround Sound • Immersive 360 Audio • 20 MegaPixel Camera • 1080px with autofocus

Creative Brief Target Market: • Gender: Male & Females • Zumba: Women & Children Age: • 11-24 • Zumba: 24-40 • Kids: 3-10 Gaming Target: • Casual • Professional • Educational • Fitness • Lifestyle

Price: • Visor: $399.99 • Bundle Pack: $300.00 • PS4 • Call of Duty – Vize • Free PlayStation Plus Card – 3 months • Vizor Places to Buy • Best Buy • Game Stop • Target • Toys R’ Us • Wal – Mart • Play N’ Trade • & Many More!

3 Years Media Plan 2013: November: • Two weeks before black Friday • Released statement / TV commercial ad / Radio /Facebook, twitter, G4, IGN, Game Spot, Game Trailers December • New game releases (3) • PlayStation Vize releases (12.14.13) • Advertisements: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Path, Pinterest, Google +, Vine, Tumblr, & Many More! • Articles: Newspapers, Online Article, News Broadcastings. • Gaming Websites • • • • &Many More!

2014: December 2013 / January •Advertisements: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Path, Pinterest, Google +, Vine, Tumblr, & Many More! •Games release (3) March: • Jenny Craig joins with PlayStation Vize • New game released (1) July: • Sony competition top score for fitness • Will receive six months free for PlayStation Vize December: • Games release (3)

2015: December 2014 / January •Advertisements: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Path, Pinterest, Google +, Vine, Tumblr, & Many More! •Games released (3) April: •Game release (1) •Kids (Easter game) • Releasing eggs •Will receive free 12months for PlayStation plus August/September: •Online tutor help •Rosetta Stone joins •Game release (1) •Education November: •TV Commercial • Black Friday – selected winners received new game before release date December: • TV/Radio Commercial 2016: December 2015 / January • Advertisements: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Path, Pinterest, Google +, Vine, Tumblr, & Many More! •Game release (4) February/March: • Family workout (new video game release) • Jenny Craig (new video game release) • Zuma joins July: • Top score receive full year for PlayStation Plus • Full online activation • Free Rosetta Stone for 3 months November / December: • Sony Tablet releases • Adobe Systems, Inc. joins with PlayStation

Creative Brief: Common Interest: • Focus on local community • Healthy choices on food • Trader Joe’s Mission Statement: • “Great Food + Great Prices = Value” • Feeding American Mission Statement: • “We believe service to others is fundamental to creating a hunger-free America. We serve with excellence, compassion and responsiveness to meet the needs, of those with whom we work, internally and externally. The better we serve, the more people together in commitment to our vision.” Role: • Trader Joe’s • Look good in the press, small tax write offs, solidify current customer base by doing good deeds • Feeding America • Give money to hungry families across USA. Target Audience: • 25-35 years old • People with money; possibly with families • Young professionals; secure in their careers • Trendy • Enjoy giving back to the community; attending community events in their areas • Socially aware on media sites (Facebook / Twitter)

Insights: • Unique Selling proposition (USP): • Go to the event and have fun • Give to families in need. • Money goes towards less fortunate people in your community Benefits: • Helping hungry kids & family within community • A night of food, fun and cocktails Brand: • Guarantee promise: • the money fundraiser will go to a good cause. • Feeding America • Both company brand will strengthen brand identity • Trading Joes • Feeding America • Trader Joe’s brand identity: • A gourment health conscious & sociall conscious grocery shopper • Feeding America brand identity: • A legitimate charity providing food Mandatories: • Charity must make people comfortable that all money is going where it should be • Check presentation ceremony at end of the night • Contracts with all vendors at the event to ensure they will not back out

Social Media Plan Facebook: • 5 days a week • (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) • 2 hours a day • Post statuses, photos, and quotes • Interact with customers on newsfeed • Facebook updates • 1x daily on specified days • 2 months before event • 2x daily for 2 weeks prior to the event

Twitter: • Twitter updates 3x daily on the specified days(@chicagocombatshunger) • Tweet about updates, foods, events venues • Interact with other tweet followers • Re-tweet inspirational quotes Instagram: • Share photos of the event as it’s happening • Inspirational quotes • Post photos for fighting against hunger • Post photos of Chicagoans giving back to community

Social Media Sites Facebook



Budget Plan $10,000

Media Plan Schedule May


Evolve Prints: Tickets Front


Direct Mail Front


Social Media Plan August 2013 Facebook



Facebook: Insights Traffic


Facebook: Insights Talking About This

Facebook: Insights Demographics

Facebook November 2013



Who is Chelsea Gianan? Energetic Determined Worker Social Butterfly

Full Biography Chelsea Gianan, graduated from International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago IL with remarkable skillsets in almost every department: digital creative director, social media/interactive marketing strategist, communications, marketing, copy-writing, and artistic skills and knowledge of Adobe Dreamweaver in HTML & CSS in Adobe Suite (Indesign, Photoshop) and event planning. Chelsea chose her degree in Advertising in Communications & Marketing because she believes with every word that she keys into her design piece will create a better world and makes a difference. With a proven track record of identifying high-impact opportunities that provide innovative new distribution strategies for clients and brands, Chelsea focuses on using many applications of strategy and technology integration with the social media space. She recognizes in her expertise and knowledge of public relations disciplines, traditional marketing, advertising, designs, brand development, event management and many more.


College Portfolio