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Forever Home Animal Rescue


Home is just a few steps away.


Forever Home Animal Rescue

Forever Home Animal Rescue


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Forever Home Animal Rescue

1.0 Research 1.1 Research paper 1.2 Demographics 1.3 Creative brief 1.4 SWOT ANALYSIS

2.0 Creative Process 2.1 LOGO DEVELOPMENT 2.2 Mood boards 2.3 Designer Toolbox 2.4 sOCIAL MEDIA

3.0 Style Guide 3.1 Introduction 3.2 colors & fonts 3.3 logo standards 3.4 images & textures

4.0 Final Designs 4.1 Website 4.2 interactive media 4.3 Blog 4.4 Facebook & Instagram 4.5 Print Advertising

Forever Home Animal Rescue


1.0 Research 1.1 Research Paper 1.2 demographics 1.3 creative brief 1.4 swot analysis


Forever Home Animal Rescue

Forever Home Animal Rescue


1.1 Research abstract

The non-profit animal rescue A Few Steps From Home will be rebranded into a new organization by updating a number of creative tools that are currently utilized. The paper will address current issues and problems with the brand and discuss areas where improvement is needed. What makes this rescue unique and different from the competition will also be addressed. Topics such as: oneon-one care and extensive application guidelines are a few of the ways in which A Few Steps From Home stands out from its competitors. A new, upgraded marketing campaign will consist of a website that will be completely redesigned and maintained along with updated print materials and advertising, as well as the identity of the brand. Relaxing colors like blue will be used as a key brand color to promote trustworthiness, cleanliness and peace. A Few Steps From Home will be changed to a shortened title and a new logo will be made in conjunction to the change. Biographies of each animal in the rescue will be used to establish a connection with the audience there by promoting adoptions. By updating these marketing strategies, A Few Steps From Home will be more recognizable in the field of non-profits and therefore increase donation based funding and promote the adoption of their animals. This extra funding will be used for medical treatments and improving the housing the animals are kept in. This new brand will then be able to sustain itself and promote adoptions, increase funding and spread awareness of the organization.

Company Overview

A Few Steps From Home is a local non-profit animal rescue located in Bay County, Michigan. They rescue cats and dogs, provide complete medical treatment, and set suitable animals up for adoption. “We are committed to assisting animals find their forever homes as well as helping the animals and families to achieve the highest level of independence after adoption” (A Few Steps From Home, 2013).

This rescue, entirely run on a volunteer basis, spends one on one time with the animals and also spays orneuters them before adoption. The extensive application process ensures that the right person is matched to the right animal. The issue with this organization is that they do not have a consistent branding strategy. This absence of branding strategy leads to lack of resources and support. This rescue provides topnotch care for their rescues but is having a harder time connecting with consumers due to inconsistency in brand development. Forever Home has very little to no marketing presence due to a very old and dated website with no structure. There is no identity to this rescue that makes it stand out in any way from its competitors. A Few Steps From Home also holds pet adoptions but lack of marketing and promotion make a large turnout more difficult. The name itself is also a cause for a change as it is too long and can be confusing to remember for some. The new name will be called Forever Home. It will benefit Forever Home to have a complete website redesign, print and web marketing and a consistent identity as well as a name change. This will also allow for more exposure in the area and beyond, promote more adoptions, and raise funds or physical assistance to assist more animals. An increase in promotion for pet adoption events can also help promote Forever Home.

Campaign Objectives

There are a number of changes that can be made to Forever Home. The two main goals for this rebranding campaign are to increase their public appearance and influence but also generate more donations and more adoptions. One of the biggest improvements will be to change the name of A Few Steps From Home to Forever Home. The name change is due in part to the fact that the name of this rescue is very long. This can cause confusion to new customers by making these individuals unable to remember to the full name of the rescue. “Eliminate memory load whenever possible” (Weinschenk, p. 53). The phrase, “forever home” is a term used by animal lovers to describe the home where adopted animals will live out the rest of their lives. Because many animals are adopted and returned for various reasons, a “forever home” is the best possible outcome for a rescue animal (What is a Forever Home?, 2009).


Forever Home Animal Rescue

Another change that is desperately needed is a total overhaul and redesign of the website itself. The website for Forever Home is hosted by the outdated DIY website builder, Homestead. The big issue with the website is not its host provider, but the inconsistent layout and design of the website. Images are placed randomly and haphazardly throughout the site and there is no differentiation between pages. There are also a number of misspellings and links that are not consistently updated. No hierarchy is defined and the main page is covered in animated and static GIFs of clip-art cats and dogs. Steve Krug said this about websites without visual hierarchy in his book, Don’t Make Me Think, “…we’re reduced to the much slower process of scanning the page for revealing words and phrases, and then trying to form our own sense of what’s important and how things are organized” (Krug, p. 33). The e-mail addresses provided do not relate to the rescue and are Yahoo based e-mail addresses. The website relies on to host its list of animals up for adoption. By creating a website that looks professional and consistent, this rescue will attract more consumers and present themselves as a coherent, worthwhile rescue rather than a lackluster, unmotivated and sloppy rescue. Forever Home’s website should reflect the high quality care they give each animal with a high quality website. A key point to the campaign is to tell the story of the animals at the rescue. Each animal has a history and every animal should have an opportunity at happiness. Presenting these animals in such a positive light can do this. Each animal will have a biography and a series of pictures showing them in their best light. Animals at the rescue will also be chosen for the print campaign and advertisements. By shining the light on the animals actually housed by the rescue, this will promote adoption of these animals that live at the rescue. A person who may have seen these advertisements in the neighborhood would have the opportunity to adopt that same animal in the advertisement. The biographies for each animal will create an emotional attachment to the animal prompting more people to adopt. These stories will relate to people in a way that motivates the consumer to want to care for and rescue an animal. “Use stories as much as you can, even for what you think is factual information” (Weinschenk, p. 109). The advertisements will be photos of the animals in the rescue but presented in a professional way, not snapshots of the animal surrounded by other rescues. The headers and taglines with relate to each animal as it is deemed necessary. For example, the tagline “The purrfect companion!” will showcase a certain cat from the rescue or a number of cats from the rescue. This relates the viewer to the cats as being the right companion for them.

Social media will play a big part in promoting Forever Home. They already have Facebook and Twitter accounts but will gain more followers if the updates are consistent and relatable. Establishing an Instagram account will also allow the public to get a glimpse into the life of the rescue and see firsthand the animals that are housed there. Creating posts from the perspective of the animals will establish a humorous identity and also an emotional one by showing the animals from an anthropomorphic perspective. They will act like they have human emotions but will still be an animal. The voices for these animals will not be sad or depressing but funny and excited with hope for the future. The styling of this rebranding campaign will be kept simple. The animals are the main focus so the background, colors and logo will be simple and uncomplicated. The logo will be changed to reflect the new name, ‘Forever Home.’ This rescue will have more of a vintage and retro look and feel. “Nostalgic designs arise feelings, awake memories and better manage to involve broad range of readers even although they don’t really realize it” (Friedman, 2008). This rescue is supposed to have a positive and motivational feel and this vintage style represents that. “Retro can look cool and offer readers or visitors something they haven’t expected at all” (Friedman, 2008). The colors are bright and cheerful as well as the imagery. “Use warm colors in your designs to reflect passion, happiness, enthusiasm, and energy” (Chapman, 2010). The fonts are simple in contrast to the vibrant colors.

Conclusion Ultimately, the rebranding of this rescue will allow the public to see this organization in a positive and professional light and not as a lackluster brand with no consistency and an outdated website. This campaign will not only improve this animal rescue’s overall look and feel but also will shed light on the rescue as a whole, what makes them stand out from their competitors, and will aid in increased funding and promote more adoptions. By increasing funding and adoptions, this will make room for more urgent animal rescue cases and allow the rescue to perform more extensive medical procedures if necessary. These benefits will allow the rescue to expand and grow and become a much larger and more prominent non-profit organization. The marketing style as from the perspective of the rescue animals will create an emotional connection with the audience making the consumer more likely to adopt and donate. “A strong brand occupies a distinct position in consumers’ minds based on relevant benefits and creates an emotional connection between businesses and consumers” (Levens, p. 86). The dedication and passion that these individuals and volunteers have for their cause should be reflected in a passionate and dedicated design, marketing campaign and website.

Forever Home Animal Rescue


1.2 Demoraphics Forever Home is committed to finding the best home for each animal. The key demographic for this organization are adults that have the financial stability to own and care for an animal and those who are mature enough to understand and adhere to the responsibilities of caring for an animal. Their target age ranges from 23-65 and both men and women are included. Household sizes can range from large and small families with children, to older couples with grown children or young couples with no children.

Market Financially able to adopt and care for an animal. Individuals and families that are responsible enough to care for and love animals. Age Range: 23 and up

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Forever Home Animal Rescue Forever Home Animal Rescue

Forever Home Animal Rescue Forever Home Animal Rescue

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1.3 Client Brief


Forever Home Animal Rescue

Positioning Statement People who adopt from Forever Home Animal rescue will receive a happier and healthier pet in return. These animals are ready and waiting to head to their forever home. It’s only a few steps away.

Unique Selling Proposition This rescue provides a safe place to stay for animals. The caring volunteers make sure that each animal is loved and tended to in the meantime.

Key Tenets of the Brand 1. Playful: Animals are happy, healthy and loved. 2. Helpful: The volunteers are ready to help find you your perfect companion. 3. Caring: The rescue makes sure that each animal is going to a good forever home that is informed and responsible.

Call to Action To rescue animals, promote adoption and find them their forever home.

Copy Message Home is just a few steps away. Every animal deserves a forever home.

Forever Home Animal Rescue



Forever Home Animal Rescue

1.4 SWOT Analysis Positioning and Value Proposition This brand focuses on the love and attention any animals needs and deserves.They provide one-on-one attention and daily care to each animal in the rescue. The immediate medical treatment also allows them to stand out by providing a quality “product.” The animals are all healthy and have received necessary treatment. Some animals may require more treatment than others that the cost of adoption offsets this. The extensive adoption application ensures that each animal goes to a home that is qualified and ready for such a responsibility.

Strengths • Extensive adoption process • In home foster care • Immediate medical attention

Opportunities • Potential for adoption events • Potential to increase local attention • Opportunities for more foster families

Weaknesses • No exposure/marketing • Not many volunteers • Lack of permanent space

Threats • Rising cost of animal care • Less people can afford to adopt • Less donations

Forever Home Animal Rescue



Forever Home Animal Rescue

2.0 Creative Process 2.1 Logo Development 2.2 Mood boards 2.3 Toolbox 2.4 sOCIAL MEDIA

Forever Home Animal Rescue


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Forever Home Animal Rescue Forever Home Animal Rescue

2.1 Logo Development The logo for Few Steps From Home had no connection whatsoever to the rest of the rescue. The logo was simple and forgettable. An orange paw print with the name Few Steps From Home inside. The new face of Forever Home needed a logo that was fresh and unique and would be one that the public would not forget. A vintage style logo was sketched to keep in line with the retro “look and feel” that would be associated to the brand. A number of sketches were made for Forever Home but it was decided that the cat inside the emblem with a banner than read ‘Forever Home’ was the best choice. The final logo kept with the same vintage style and also utilized the color palette suggested.

Forever Home Animal Rescue Forever Home Animal Rescue

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2.2 Moodboard The moodboard and designer tool box allow the designer to get a feel of which way the brand wants to go in terms of imagery, text and color. The moodboard sets the tone for the designer as well as the brand. The toolbox boils everything down to the key creative conceps the brand wishes to achieve. Both of these items allow the designer to undertsand the climate of the brand and ways in which to expand upon the brand.


Forever Home Animal Rescue

2.3 Toolbox

Forever Home Animal Rescue


2.4 Social Media Social media plays a large role in Forever Home’s rebranding. By utilizing social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, the rescue will be able to showcase rescues that are for adoption. The ease of sharing between each site also makes it less time consuming for the rescue to update. A blog will also be created and utilized on the new Forever Home website which will showcase the rescue, how it operates and what the volunteers spend their time doing. The rescue will also host a weekly live video feed of puppies or kittens that may be at the rescue at the time. This video feed will also have a live chat so that the public can comment and interact with the rescue as well as one another.


Forever Home Animal Rescue

Forever Home Animal Rescue


3.0 Style Guide 3.1 colors & fonts 3.2 logo standards 3.3 images & textures 3.4 Voice & Tone


Forever Home Animal Rescue

Forever Home Animal Rescue



Forever Home Animal Rescue

Introduction The following pages contain the set of standards used to create the identity of Forever Home Animal Rescue. These standards are easy to understand and replicate and allow the designer to expand upon these standards in their own way. Forever Home Animal Rescue


3.1 Color & Fonts These colors create the vintage and retro feeling that make up the brand Forever Home. Use these colors to keep the brand image consistent and on trend. The colors are warm and harken back to a vintage style but still has a modern twist. The colors are used throughout the campaign.

Color Palette


PMS 166

PMS 2767

PMS 564

PMS 7515

PMS 141

PMS 7534

Forever Home Animal Rescue

Font choices

Lobster 1.3 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%&?

Ostrich Sans Medium

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890!@#$%&? Century Gothic ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890!@#$%&?

Forever Home Animal Rescue


3.2 Logo Standards The logo standards are an easy way to make sure the Forever Home logo is presented in a clear and consistent manner.

Full color against a white background

Its also possible to interchange the yellow cutout of into another cat or dog if so desired.


Forever Home Animal Rescue

Forever Home Animal Rescue



Forever Home Animal Rescue

3.3 Images & Textures The images and textures for Forever Home will be easy to use. The imagery will focus on actual animals inside the rescue and the imagery will be used throughout the website, social media and also the print advertising. The images of the animals will be professional and well done, showing them in a relaxed environment, content and healthy. Please remember to add a filter to each image to give it a vintage feel. The textures will be kept simple with a subtle grittiness such as old paper. “They work with pretty much everything. Even if they do not seem important, the textures can totally change a website and offer a totally different visual impact� (Vasile, 2011). The textures help add to the vintage look and feel of the rescue.

Forever Home Animal Rescue


4.0 Final Designs 4.1 Website 4.2 blog 4.3 Video 4.4 Facebook & Instagram 4.5 Print Advertising


Forever Home Animal Rescue

Forever Home Animal Rescue


4.1 Website The website’s use retro colors will have a playful energetic approach. The website will contain the following pages: an about page, a list of rescues page, a page that showcases the puppy/kitty cam, a donation page, a blog, and an adoption application page. The Forever Home website will be easy to transition through and simple to understand. “Simplicity doesn’t equal boring. Simplicity doesn’t equal shallow. Simplicity is especially important when designing information- and media-rich interfaces” (Almqvist, 2001). The vintage touches will be prevalent throughout the website by use of color, imagery, fonts and voice.


Forever Home Animal Rescue

4.2 Blog On the website will be a page solely dedicated to the blog. The blog will be updated almost daily (every 2 days at the least). It will feature postings from everyone at the rescue. They will be able to discuss the goings on at the rescue as well as specific animals unique stories and whatever else they feel would be relevant for the blog. Users will be able to comment and leave feedback for the rescue. This will appeal to other bloggers who can share these posts with others. The links to these posts can be shared to Facebook and viewed by anyone. The blogs voice will be positive and upbeat unless the post is something serious. “A positive user experience is an end-user‘s successful and streamlined completion of a desired task” (Goto, 2004). The blog will also contain images of rescues and post some of their stories as well. Blog updates can be shared via the Facebook, and Instagram pages. The blog will adhere the vintage and retro theme and be styled as such using the color palette used. “Nostalgic designs arise feelings, awake memories and better manage to involve broad range of readers even although they don’t really realize it” (Friedman, 2008). The blog will be a great way to give an inside view of the rescue from the perspective of the volunteers. This will allow the consumer to see how the rescue is run and how the animals are cared for.

Forever Home Animal Rescue


4.3 Video The website will also host the live puppy cam. This will be a weekly live video feed that will allow users to log in and watch streaming videos of puppies or kittens at the rescue. Users will have a live chat room running during the feed and will be able to discuss the video and engage in general conversation with other users. “The classic quote, “Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I’m yours” underscores the fact that emotionally engaging communication is the most efficient form of getting a message across” (Almqvist, 2001). The puppy cam announcements will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and the blog. The puppy cam will be excellent for anyone with Internet access to view from home. Anyone with Internet can access the feed when it goes lives and watch the puppies. “The key is to craft those experiences so they create delight for the people who determine the meaning and value of your brand—your customers.” (Neumeier, p. 97) When new puppies are born or come to the rescue there will be polls on what to name the puppies. This would help adopt out puppies more quickly and allow for more room in the rescue.


Forever Home Animal Rescue

4.4 Instagram The Instagram page will be a great way to show images of the rescues and allow them to be easily shareable which will increase the number of consumers seeing the animals. The Facebook, Instagram, blog and live feeds will all be able to share images and updates amongst each other. The Instagram will still adhere to the retro/vintage feel with the use of filters provided by the application. “Retro can look cool and offer readers or visitors something they haven’t expected at all” (Friedman, 2008). Users can comment on the images or the short videos that can be posted and share these postings with other users. Images that were posted in the blog can be found on the Instagram page as well as blog updates and puppy cam announcements. The Instagram will be most popular with younger people with smartphones who can easily share images to Facebook and Twitter. These inside views of the animals through images and video will allow consumers to see how the rescues interact with both other rescues and the volunteers. This will create more of an emotional connection with the animals prompting more people to adopt.

Forever Home Animal Rescue


4.5 Facebook The Facebook page will be updated the most with multiple daily postings. This can easily be done through a smartphone so updating multiple accounts should not be a problem. Volunteers can interact with consumers and comment on feedback. The Facebook page will also contain videos and images, updates and announcements and additions or changes to the rescue. People that ‘Like’ the page may have adopted from Forever Home in the past or may believe in what the rescue stands for. Fans can post pictures of pets they’ve adopted from Forever Home and show how well they’ve adjusted to life in their new forever home. Since the actual Facebook page can’t be redesigned, the images posted will be warm and enjoyable, still focusing on a vintage style.


Forever Home Animal Rescue

4.6 Print Advertising Print advertising will consist of images of animals in the rescue. There will be no stock photography, only well taken images of the rescue animals. The print advertising will be geared towards those who may prefer to read articles in magazines rather online. This can also lead to other forms of print advertising like billboards and promotional items. The fonts will adhere to the vintage color scheme and have a retro styled font. The photograph of the animal will be the main focus of the ad while the rest of the layout will be the text.

Forever Home Animal Rescue


References Boone, M. (2010, February 19). Advocates want more forethought in animal adoptions. The Gazette, A7. Retrieved from lnacui2api/api/version1/getDocCui?lni=7XV0-5CP0-Y8Y2-7370&csi=397229&hl=t&hv=t&hnsd=f&hns=t&hgn=t&oc=00240&perma=true Chapman, C. (2010) Color theory for designers part 1: The meaning of color. Smashing Magazine. Retrieved from Few Steps From Home Animal Rescue. (2013). Our Mission. Retrieved from Friedman, V. (April 21st, 2008). Celebration of vintage and retro design. Smashing Magazine. Retrieved from Krug, S. (2006). Don’t make me think: A common sense approach to web usability. Berkeley, CA: New Riders. Levens, M. (2010). Marketing: Defined, explained, applied. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. Swan, A. E. (2009, October 7). What is a forever home? Retrieved from Vasile, C. (2011). Graphic design basics part 1: Elements. 1st Web Designer. Retreived from Vasile, C. (2011). Graphic design basics part 2: Design principles. 1st Web Designer. Retreived from Weinschenk, S. (2011). 100 Things every designer needs to know about people. Berkeley, CA: New Riders.


Forever Home Animal Rescue

Forever Home Animal Rescue


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Borchardt 10 4 1 final