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Bump. Set. Spike.

Over the Net

Farmhouse takes on rival Alpha Gamma Rho in the first round of the fraternity bracket.

When it comes to raising money and having fun, theres no one that knows how to do that better than the Greeks at Western kentucky University. Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Omicron Pi hosted the fourth annual Spring Spike Tournament at the beginning of April , using the proceeds to benefit the Arthritis Association and Hope Harbor. “The fraternity wanted to find a way to stay in shape, have fun, and raise money for chrirty,� Sam Collins, Lambda Chi Alpha, said. And the Spring Spike tradition was born.


Every year when spring comes back around, all of the Greeks begin anticipating the Spring Spike tournament. Every organizaation enters a team into the tournament and competes for first. The winner gets a portion of the earnings donated to their specific philanthropy.

Clint Nally, member of Farmhouse Fraternity, gets ready to receive the ball and set it to a brother.

With a sand volleyball court right in their backyard, you can always see the men of Lambda Chi out in some very intense matches, setting a good example to all who pass them. By joining together with the women of Alpha Omicron Pi, they are introducing people to how fun volleyball can be while supporting charity. A Chi Omega prepares to serve the ball.

Playing Volleyball can benefit your body in many ways. The moves used in an average game or practice of volleyball tones your muscles head to toe, as well as your lungs and your heart. Some of the many health benefits of playing volleyball regularly are: • Visual Activity • Cardiovascular Health • Balance • Muscular Development • Weight Loss • Mental Health • Sustained Independence Besides burning major calories, playing volleyball is a perfect oppurtunity for social interaction. You must work together with a team in order to score, one prson cannot hold a match, forcing you out of your comfort zone to interact with new people. Focusing on physical health is clearly very important, but your mental health can play a huge role in improving your physical and all over health. If you are not happy and comfortable, chances are you are not as likely to succeed and improve your physical health. Interacting with others and playing sports helps get the endorphins pumping and get you excited and motivated in your journey to a healthy life.

Here are three of the basic moves used in volleyball, bump, set, and spike. In the top left corner, Jacob Easley, demonstrates a bump, where the one hand is clasped over the other and brought in an upward motion to hit the ball over the net. This move results in a high hit and a volley that is easier to pass and receive. This move mainly works and tones your arm and shoulder muscles.


This move, shown by Kyler Fleet, is called a set. In this move, you must generally bend down in a squat motion to receieve the ball and then you hit the ball with your fingertips, lifting it enough for a team member to spike it over the net. This move uses your leg and glute muscles mainly, as you squat to receive the ball.

Happy Volleying!

The most common move thought of when you think of volleyball is the spike, shown here by Derek Higdon. In this move you must jump up and slap the ball down. It is most effective when used close to the net to surprise opponents and not give them enough time to react. The tricky part is to not get blocked and stay out of the net. This move is really a full body move, utilizing your legs for jumping, and your arms for hitting the ball down with force.

Bump. Set. Spike.  
Bump. Set. Spike.  

The Mental and Physical benefts of playing volleyball.