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Issue 1 December 2013

Strong Look is a magazine primarily for young adults like myself who enjoy both fashion and fitness. We work hard to make our bodies look good as well as to have healthy lifestyles. Why would we work so hard just to cover it all up with oversized t-shirts and unflattering shorts or sweatpants? The purpose of Strong Look is to see what else is out there. While not all of the articles are specifically about clothing only, many introduce new technology being incorporated within fashions as well as what’s new. This magazine covers topics within the fashion and fitness world such as winter coats, running shoes, bikinis, technologically advanced jackets, running gear, wetsuits, interviews with fitness fashion gurus and much more. Each issue will have a slew of new topics but will always have the same five main sections. Within its contents Strong Look has five sections: Glacial, Scorch, Bundle, Tidal, and Mogul. The Glacial section features stories about fashion found in snow sports such as snowboarding and skiing. Scorch provides information about fashion for warm weather or summer and spring sports like running and tennis. The Bundle section is about cold weather or winter and autumn sports fashion like sledding and soccer. Tidal is about fashions found in water related sports such as surfing and swimming. The Mogul section includes an interview from a fierce fitness fashionista, one who either has accomplished a major athletic accomplishment or one who has his or her own athletic fashion line. In this month’s issue we want to potentially save your life- with an amazing jacket featuring a GPS system and lights for trekking in the mountains (page 20)! We also found great new lightweight coats for this chilly winter season that provide mobility for snowy sport situations (page 24). For those of you in warmer climates, there is a new line of bikinis out with feel good vibes as well as new shark deterring wet suits (page 16)! But that’s not all! We also have an interview with Kate Hudson where we talked about her new line of athletic clothing, Fabletics, her workout motivation, and her new healthy lifestyle (page 11). No matter if you’re hiking the Catskills or surfing in the Pacific, Strong Look will also have something inside Follow on Twitter: @StrongLookMag for you. There is even more to see online (stronglook. com) with our daily updates of what’s trending, contests, reader’s fitness goals and inspirations, and celebrity trainer tips and tricks, as well as star quality athletic wear online shopping links. Also find us on Twitter (@StrongLookMag) and FaceVisit us online: book (! My hope for you readers is that each issue will provide new fashions for any location or climate you may be in. I want everyone to work hard to be what they want to be and to be confident while doing so. This Find us on Facebook: magazine should make readers aware of new fashion styles and news within the fashion and fitness world. I hope that each reader can find something to connect to and continue to read Strong Look. Thank you for reading! Do fashion the fit way,

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STRONGLOOK December 2013

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New running shoes you won’t want to miss!




Fitness Talk with Kate Hudson


She’s rocking her new Fabletics line, you can too!

Feel Good Swimwear Afro-Punk Style Bikinis & Shark Deturing Wetsuits


This Jacket is a Lifesaver A jacket with GPS and Lighting Capabilities!


Lose The Puff this Winter Warm Winter Coats without the Extra Weight!

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Authors: Sara Bauknecht,Cristian Burbano, Maggie

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HOT New Trends

Nike Zoom Structure +17 Shield Running Shoe

Article By Cristian Burbano Photos Courtesy of Runnersdenaz, SportsShoes

S porting

giant Nike has released the latest addition to their ever-expanding running shoe range:

The shoe will make the perfect companion for the coming winter season, with a wealth of features in place to keep you running whatever the weather. The trainer’s three-layer mesh upper with water-repellent film helps protect your feet in wet conditions whilst maintaining good airflow. Not only that, the mesh material features a highly reflective coating and overlays, which will ensure you stay visible and therefore safe during your run – something that is especially important during the winter months when the nights draw in early.


December 2013

Here is a quick run down of other Nike technology included as standard:

Crash Cuts – Aiding the heel strike for a smoother landing, and dissipates shock to reduce long term injuries. Dual Density – Higher density EVA on the medial (inside) of the shoe to help prevent over pronation and to keep your feet in an upright position. Phylon Midsole – A responsive, cushioned EVA midsole material prevents you from landing heavily and enables a more comfortable ride. Strategic Support Overlays – Supportive overlays lock your foot in place and stop it from slipping, reducing the risk of blisters and injuries. BRS 1000 – A carbon rubber outsole provides great durability in those areas that get worn very quickly. Duralon – Softer blown rubber in key impact areas of the outsole to provide comfort. Zoom Air – In the forefoot and rearfoot Nike Zoom Air enables a low-profile responsive ride, keeping you close to the ground but well-protected at the same time. Decoupled Crash Pads – Ensures the best possible dispersion of forces on heel contact, and gives you the best chance for a good take off. NIKE+Enabled – This shoe accepts the revolutionary new Nike+ sensor. Article By Cristian Burbano

As well as all the features listed above, the trainer’s fashion-led design makes it versatile enough to wear on and off the treadmill, especially with running trainers currently trending within the industry.There are two colour ways available – one plain black and one featuring an interesting metallic leopard print for those that really want to make a statement – with both utilising fluorescent lime green as a striking accent.



HOT New Trends Talk about a runway

Article By Susan Rinkunas Photos Courtesy of NOLCHA Fashion Week

Oiselle, a Seattle-based women’s running apparel company, showed its spring 2014 collection at NOLCHA Fashion Week, a showcase for independent designers during New York Fashion Week. Even more awesome than a fitness fashion show: Joining modeling agency talent on the runway were Oiselle employees, ambassadors, and elite team members. Real runners with real runner muscles who looked strong and confident—and whose clothes we wanted to steal. Founder and CEO Sally Bergesen launched Oiselle in 2007 after struggling to find running shorts that she liked. The brand now has its own elite running team, and for spring, they’re launching swimwear. Check out the awesome gear (and kickass women!) on the Oiselle runway. While certain items won’t be available until next year, you can find the Strappy Bra, Roga Short, and more on right now.


December 2013

1 . Strappy Bra, Competition

6 . L F S w e a t p a n t s

B r i e f,

On: Elite team member Kate Grace, who is the 2013 national road mile champion. Her personal best in the mile is 4:28.79 and she has run 1:59.47 for 800 meters.




On: Elite team member Lauren Fleshman, a t w o - t i m e n a t i o n a l champion in the 5,000 meters with a personal best of 14:58. Fleshman is a business partner at Oiselle and she had her first child in June.

2 . High 10 Bra, Lesley Tight



On: Elite team member and Oiselle marketing director Sarah Robinson, whose half-marathon personal best is 1:18:35.

On: Ambassador and Oiselle social media specialist Jacquelyn Komen.

3. Lesko Bra, Distance Short, Lux Arm Warmers

8 . Marty


On: Sarah Lesko, Ambassador and head of Oiselle Corporate Development. She’s also a family doctor and mother of three.

4. Winona Tank, Roga Short

9. Rizzo Swimsuit

5. Lux Side Zip Top, Flyer Jacket, Lesley Knicker

10. Oiselle founder Sally Bergesen high-fiving her modelsAnd, yes, she’s wearing the Strappy Bra under her button-down shirt.



Fi t n e s s Ta l k with Kate Hudson


December 2013

Kate Hudson Feels the Same Way We Do About Working Out: "I Can’t Motivate Myself, It’s Really Hard" Article By Kristin Tice Studeman Photos Courtesy Fabletics, Getty Images

"Do you mind if I eat a little popcorn while we talk? I am starving," said Kate Hudson. We're about to chat all things fitness with the A-list actress, but we totally understand the need for noshing. In her role as a dance instructor on Glee, Hudson flaunts her envy-inducing six-pack abs(which she can apparently have—even while snacking). Unfortunately, the actress’s new line of athletic wear, Fabletics, doesn’t guarantee a body like the daughter of Goldie Hawn. However, with the collection of shorts, sports bras, and leggings (all under $100), and an accompanying lifestyle site (with fitness tips and recipes), the longtime fitness fanatic is hoping to inspire healthy living around the world. Here, Hudson talks about derrière-lifting leggings, Cory Monteith, and juicing.

You have always been a big fitness buff but how did this project in particular come about? When I talk about getting my creative juices flowing in another field, I always wanted it to be something that had a consciousness. What is the message? And it was about reaching—hopefully—a large number of women who want to get involved in the community and helping them achieve their goals throughthe website. Then, I wanted to create a product as meaningful as the message. We wanted to make sure it was real athletic wear you can wear, whether you are an athlete or somebody who is really starting out that part of their life. I always wanted a legging you can wear to workout or throw some boots on and go out in. And not cost $100. We know you are big into Pilates.

tip you have gotten from your trainer? Um, that I have to do it. I actually have to get up and work out. I am like most women out there where I can’t motivate myself, it’s really hard. Then I have phases when I realize I am over the hump and I can do it. You realize it’s a state of mind more than anything. I think number one, the luxury of having a trainer has been a big help in terms of motivation. I have been lucky enough to have that. How has your fitness and eating routine changed over the years? We are obviously a family of storytellers and creative people who make movies, Fabletics: Kate Hudson’s new athletic wear brand

(continues on next page)


mogul but underneath all that, we are all very athletic. My mom was a dancer, my dad was a baseball player, my brother was a hockey player, and I was a soccer player and a dancer—we grew up very active. We were constantly doing activities like that, and that’s where it started for me, hands down. Nothing has changed, that’s all I know.

down an idea of a health fad and how it’s supposed to make them look. That’s impossible because everyone is so different. It’s hard enough to get motivated, let’s start with that. Then, once you start to not put pressure on yourself, you can try all sorts of things. You can walk, run, bike, and do yoga. Discover the things that make you feel good. It becomes a state of mind rather than a result or an idea. Once you start, you are never going to stop. You have to learn how to enjoy it. That’s the real thing.

On the subject of dancing, you get to do a lot of great moves on ‘Glee’. Do you have any special moments you can recall from working with your co-star Cory Monteith? Of course I do. He was a v e r y l o v e l y, w o n d e r f u l p e rson and everybody misses him. Tell us about some of your favorite pieces in the line. Designing for every body type is really important, and I think we have great stuff for all kinds of bodies. I love the seamless sports bra and the cross-back, multiple strap sports bra. I’m also a big fan of the snakeskin leggings. They are toneon-tone and they are awesome. My must on the leggings was how to make butts squeeze in and up. They have a nice firmness to them that makes you feel secure, so to speak. There is so much information out there about health and fitness. What is a health or fitness myth you would like to dispel? I actually really believe in cleansing, but I don’t believe in long cleansing, over 10 days is just too much. You know what I think? I think everyone is still trying to figure it out, because everybody is different. I find it hard when people shove down an idea of a health fad and how it’s supposed to make them look. That’s impossible because everyone is so different. It’s hard enough to get motivated, let’s start with that. When people shove 10

December 2013

Kate visits gyms to boost Fabletics

That’s not so easy for a lot of people… Totally. Emotionally, we get caught up in our lives. When you are dealing with things, whether it be relationships, friendships, our kids, our careers—the last thing you want to do is go get on a treadmill. You always have that light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone knows if you do get on that treadmill, you will feel better.

“I actually have to get up and She likes to wear the brand around the house too!

work out.”

HOT New Trends

Kate Launched althletic wear collwction, Fabletics, at Equinox in West Hollywood.



Feel Good Swimwear The Shark-Deterring Wetsuit Article ByJeff Foss Images Courtesy of SurfersToday, BozWetSuits, SharkWeek, Chris Rooney

Around the world, shark attacks are on the rise. In the United States alone, the number of incidents nearly doubled from 2011 to 2012, and there has already been at least one fatality this year. To combat the problem, Australian company Radiator has taken a unique approach: It has developed shark-deterring wetsuits.

The design of the groundbreaking suits, which go for about $460 each, is based on new research indicating that sharks are likely color-blind. The first, dubbed the Diverter, has the striped appearance of a poisonous sea snake or lionfish. The second, the Elude, aims to make its wearer invisible. ‘‘Since we know what sharks see in different parts of the water column, we can re-create those effects,” says Craig Anderson of Shark Mitigation Systems, which commissioned the research. “By matching the wetsuit to the palettes sharks perceive around them, we can hide in plain sight.”


December 2013

In brief, they function like camouflage worn by the military; future Elude patterns will vary by ocean and depth. Some scientists are skeptical, such as George Burgess, head of the Florida Program for Shark Research, who believes stripes might actually attract sharks, since the animals see contrast especially well. But Anderson and his team at Radiator have some compelling field tests to back up their claims. In footage viewable online, they fill a plastic drum with chum (chopped organic matter thrown into the water to attract fish), then wrap it in a standard black wetsuit material and lower it into the ocean, where a shark tears it to shreds; when the drum is covered in a new wetsuit pattern, a shark approaches but quickly jackknifes away. “We're scientists who've been studying sharks for decades,” Anderson says. “We saw the results, and now none of us will go in the water without one of these suits.”



Feel Good Swimwear

BANTU SURF: AFRO-PUNK SWIMWEAR FROM ETHIOPIA Article By Maggie Dolan Photos Courtesy of Nakimuli


December 2013

we talked to one of the coolest, cuckoo craziest and most creative fashion designers around the world to hear what inspires her and what it’s like to work in fashion where she lives. Addis Ababa-based Bantu S u r f b y Yo d i t E k l u n d . How would you describe yo u r d e s i g n a e s t h e t i c ? Bantu was created by merging the rich history of African art and textiles with Africa's deeply rooted surf culture. Using traditional African processes and working exclusively with local vendors and artisans in Africa, Bantu is functional and authentic. What are your design inspirations? I'm inspired by Africa's transition from Dark Continent to Bearer of Light, tales of the mermaid goddess of oceans Mami Wata and a passion for surfing. Also, the women of the African market place. They know everything about print, color and functionality. Who ion Afri They

are your fashinspirations? ca’s youth. are the future.

Where do your ideas come from? Where young people in Africa hang out beaches, bars, skate parks, music festivals, and concerts. Who do you dream of d re ssing? If you c ou ld dress anyone, past or present, who would it be? Africa’s youth. They epitomize cool.

HOT New Trends

If you weren’t in fashion, what would you be doing? Surfing, farming, dancing.... Describe the fashion and design community in your city. Given the tropical weather along the equator, its a pretty relaxed dress code. H ow d o e s t h e f a s h i o n and design in your city affect your personal style? I have a pretty relaxed sense of style. I’m really into urban trends in Africa, there is so much travel in Africa today that there is an amazing exchange between different African countries influencing trends in different cosmopolitan cities like Abidjan, Dakar, Addis Ababa and Nairobi. How does the fashion and design in your city affect the style of your brand? With over one billion people -- more than half under 20 years of age -- Africa today is quite literally the future of the world and the future of the will have its roots in Africa. Bantu is from Africa, and its inspired by young people in Africa. They real are the reason Bantu is able to exist. Describe the Bantu surf customer. Surfers, urban nomads and Afro punks What do you know now that you wish you had known when you star ted out? That having a surf brand would somehow result in less time at the beach. 15


This Jacket is a Lifesaver

Article By Jennifer Abell Images & Photos Courtsey of Wearable EXperiments, Royalty-Free/Corbis, Cozylayers


December 2013

If you’re one of those people blessed with more money than (fashion or financial) sense, you’ll definitely want to add a “Navigate” jacket to your wardrobe.

The jacket, invented by the Australian company Wearable Experiments, is equipped with GPS devices and other technological flourishes, to help pedestrians navigate through unfamiliar cities. Wearbale Experiements co-founder Ben Moir boasted that, “The technology built into the jacket is subtle and unobtrusive.” “Subtle,” in this case, includes flashing LED lights sewn into the jacket’s sleeves, and vibrating devices in the shoulders. The sleeve lights start flashing as the jacket-wearing pedestrian approaches a turn, then the left or right shoulders vibrate to indicate a change of direction. GPS-enabled clothing is nothing new; early in 2009, various snowboarding blogs heralded the introduction of GPS-infused coats marketed to snowboarders, cross-country skiers and other people whose hobbies regularly take them into cold, remote wilderness environments where getting lost can easily be fatal. And there’s no doubt that GPS clothing using directional vibrations to guide pedestrians could prove very useful for people whose vision is impaired badly enough to make personal navigation a challenge. What seems to set the Navigate jacket apart from earlier GPS clothes (in addition to the light-show rave sleeves)

is that, based on our own (admittedly brief) online searches, it appears to be the first such jacket intended as ordinary everyday wear, rather than specialized garments for wilderness explorers and other niche market customers. ordinary everyday wear, rather than specialized garments for wilderness explorers and other niche market customers. A writer for the BitRebels technology blog sounded excited about the world-freeing possibilities inherent in the new jacket: Wouldn’t it be quite interesting to wear one of these GPS jackets to guide you while in a city you have never been in before? I mean, just entering a destination through your smartphone and then head there with the help of the directions your jacket would give you. It would be the ultimate tourist accessory and with the subtle tappings and the LED lights not taking up too much of your time (where the smartphone would require you to constantly look at it) you would have more time to enjoy the actual city itself and what it has to offer. Huh. We’ve used both smartphones and independent GPS devices to help us find our way through unfamiliar cities and suffered no shortage of time to “enjoy the actual city itself,” because we didn’t realize we had to “constantly” look at our GPS in order for it to work. Not to brag or anything, but: we’re perfectly capable of, for example, looking at a GPS just long enough to determine “Okay, in three blocks we’re supposed to turn right onto Tourist-trap Street,” and then — we do. Granted, this requires a certain minimal level of intellectual effort — it helps if you read the actual signs, to determine which one is Tourist-trap Street — but this is not a problem because we figure the whole point of doing the tourist-visit thing is to look around and see what’s actually there. Thus far there’s no word on when the jackets will be available for sale, or what their price will be. We suspect it will be much higher than the cost of an individual jacket, GPS system and multiple LED lights, though.

Coming soon: vibrating flashing light GPS jackets?



Lose the puff this winter

Skiers warm up to lightweight fashion Article By Sara Bauknecht Photos courtesy of Landsend, Sam Nelson-Kennedy, Masterfile, Richard Austin


December 2013

I t's

a classic movie scene: The youngest son in the 1983 film "A Christmas Story" is stuffed in a bulky snow suit, with scarf upon scarf wrapped around his neck, to fight off the cold. "I can't put my arms down!" he whines. Decades ago, similar scenes played out at ski slopes all over as people layered puffed-up coats atop turtle necks and wool sweaters in an attempt to stay warm, compromising comfort and style. But thanks to advancements in outerwear technologies, outdoor activewear now comes in better fits and provides an improved shield against bitter temperatures.

“It allows us to bring those slimmer

"In the past, a heavier feel was silhouettes, less bulk and keep you associated with warmth and pro- even warmer than ever before ” tection," said Michiel Roesdi, outerwear design Some selections from Columbia Sportswear use a person’s body heat to keep them director at Lands' toasty on the slopes. The brand’s omni-heat reflective technology reflects a person’s End. "We're shifting." body heat back to them, yet coats are breathable enough not to trap perspiration. “It allows us to bring those slimmer silhouettes, less bulk and keep you even warmer Developments in than ever before,” said Fred Dennis, Columbia general manager of outerwear. down and other synBut being too warm isn’t good either. Special fabrics now can wick sweat, and thetic insulators have helped brands create coats that are lighter in weight yet greater in warmth. Some fibers used now as fillers are so thin they barely can be felt if placed in one's hand, M r. R o e s d i s a i d . "That's how light it is, but at the same time it gives you the same protection." Lands’ End lets people pick how much warmth they want by creating categories of down pieces, each varying in heft and protection. Water-repellent fabrics also keep coats from getting ventilation features such as pit-zips work to keep people from getting overheated. damp in snow and Versatility is another growing trend in ski apparel, allowing clothes to transition slush. Improvements from the slopes to the street. Coats with removeable components such as hoods and to fleece plus a partpowder skirts make them more wearable in daily life. Some include zip or snapnership with Polartec out liners that let wearers make the coat lighter or warmer, depending upon the fleece also have weather or the season. Technology pockets designed to keep cell phones and other enabled the brand small electronics safe and dry also make outerwear more modern and practical. to increase the coziFor kids, Lands’ End’s line of “grow-a-long” coats have sleeves that can be ness of its designs. extended by an inch and a half by removing a seam. As a result, most children

can wear the same coat for more than one winter without outgrowing it. Ski apparel also has taken on a more stylish side in recent years, even boasting its own fashion week in Aspen, Colo., for a few seasons. High-end designers such as Marc Jacobs and Maison Martin Margiela also have churned out their own ski-inspired collections. “Styling is faster, colors are brighter and the fabrics and constructions have improved,” said L.L. Bean outerwear product developer B r e n t Va n n i . Some brands have found ways to combine casual looks and materials with more high-tech activewear features. For instance, a luxe wool peacoat can incorporate active insulators for added warmth, or a wool piece can be trimmed with nylon for a sportier aesthetic.”It’s fun to see the trends,”




December 2013

c . k o o L g n o r t


m o