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Is for the Androscoggin River. This river is one of the major rivers that are in Maine.

Is for Bald Eagle. There are more bald eagles in Maine then in Vermont. The bald eagle is a symbol for Vermont.

Is for capital of Maine. The capital is Augusta. The population that is in this town is about 18,500 people.

Is for deer. Maine has a lot of whitetail deer there. There is about 338,000 deer in Maine.

Is for ermine. This creature looks just like a pet ferret.

Is for finches. This is the state bird that everyone loves. They are very colorful like you can see in the picture.

Is for the govern of Maine which is Paul Lepage. He has just been governing for not too long.

Is for the honey bee. The honey bee is the states insect. There are so many of these kinds of insects in Maine.

Is for the Industry of Maine which is lumber. This is one thing that they are really known for.

Is for John Travolta. This guy is from Maine. He has played in so many movies.

Is for Kiddy Mountain. This mountain is the biggest that is in Maine.

Is for landlocked salmon. This fish is Maine’s fish. These kinds of fish like to put up a big fight.

Is for moose. This is the states animal. This animal is taller than a human. There are a lot more in Maine then in Vermont.

Is for nickname because Maine’s nickname is The Pine State. I think it’s called that because there are so many pine trees.

Is for Old Orchard Beach. This beach is in Maine that everyone likes to go to. This beach has an amusement park that kids love to go.

Is for Penobscot River. This river is the major river in Maine. This river is so long that it runs right through New Hampshire too.

Is for quahog clam. Maine has a lot of these in the water and people love to eat them. Chiefs like to make their famous dishes with them.

Is for Richardson Lake. This is one of the major lakes in Maine.

Is for Stephen King. This man has made a lot of books and was from Maine. Most people think that he is very worried with the books that he writes.

Is for the state gem that is called Tourmaline. This is a very pretty rock.

Is for Union of Maine enter was the year of 1624. The people that found this first was the Indians.

Is for Vultures. There are so many of these in Maine.

Is for the state herb which is wintergreen. They use this for cooking there food.

Is for xylophone and there’s a lot of people that like these. Most kids like this.

Is for yellow color that’s in the Maine flag.

Is for zoos that are in Maine. Kids love to go to them a lot to see all the cool animals.

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