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December 2017-January 2018

Looking through Jon's lens

THE MONTH editor Jon Longman has visited more than 100 Essex and East London churches in his quest to illustrate the Cycle of Prayer and highlight the wide variety of architectural styles to be found across the diocese. On Jon's final journey, the unusual red brick

church at Ford End (above) caught his eye en route from Felsted (left) with its wonderful 14th century west door (inset) to the more traditional churches at High Easter, Beauchamp Roding (centre pages) and Leaden Roding (below).

DIOCESAN CYCLE OF PRAYER — December 2017-January 2018 Cycle of Prayer for daily use in Diocese of Chelmsford 'Be still and know that I am God.' Psalm 46:10


1 FRIDAY Charles de Foucauld, Hermit in the Sahara, 1916 ● Today is World Aids Day ● THE DEANERY OF DUNMOW & STANSTED—Area Dean: Cilla Hawkes. Lay Chair: Belle Beszant. Chaplain: Robert Burles (London Stansted Airport). Reader: Joanna Pratt. Pray for the Chaplaincy at Stansted Airport and all who work there. ● Diocese of Wau (Bahr El Ghazal, Sudan). 2 SATURDAY ● Advent begins tomorrow – a season of amazing overlapping themes: the coming of Christ at the end of the world; the coming of Christ in his ministry of teaching and healing; and towards the end of the season the coming of Christ at Bethlehem. Advent is very different from Lent. Lent is about penitence and prayer. Advent is about waiting in hope and expectation. One great teacher of prayer says that the great word for this season in our prayers should be “Maranatha” (1 Corinthians 16.22) and Aramaic word that means either “Come, Lord!” or “Our Lord has come” – both beautifully summing up the dynamic of this season.

Please pray for the clergy and congregations at Leaden Roding (above) and Felsted on December 4 ● Diocese of Wellington (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia). 3 THE SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT ● Almighty God, as your kingdom dawns, turn us from the darkness of sin to the light of holiness. ● Diocese of West Buganda (Uganda). 4 MONDAY John of Damascus, Monk, Teacher of the Faith, c. 749 Nicholas

Ferrar, Deacon, Founder of the Little Gidding Community, 1637 ● THE SOUTH RODINGS: Abbess Roding (St Edmund), Beauchamp Roding (St Botolph), White Roding (St Martin), Leaden Roding (St Michael)—Clergy: Vacancy (PIC). ● FELSTED (Holy Cross) and LITTLE DUNMOW (St Mary the Virgin)—Clergy: Colin Taylor (V). Readers: Joanna Pratt. ● Felsted School: Nigel Little (CHP). ● Most Revd Ng Moon Hing, Archbishop of South East Asia and Bishop of West Malaysia. 5 TUESDAY ● BROXTED w CHICKNEY (St Mary Vn) and TILTY (St Mary Vn) and GREAT EASTON (St John & St Giles) and LITTLE EASTON—Clergy: Tim Goodbody (PIC), Susan Hurley (A), Janet Parker (A). ● Great Easton School: Claire Jackman (HT). ● GREAT BARDFIELD (St Mary Vn) and LITTLE BARDFIELD (St Katharine)—Clergy: Robert Beaken (PIC). ● Diocese of Leeds (York). 6 WEDNESDAY Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, c.326 ● GREAT DUNMOW (St Mary Vn) w BARNSTON (St Andrew)—Clergy: Ruth Patten (PIC), Lea Williams (A). LLM: Nigel Warren. ● GREAT CANFIELD (St Mary Vn) w HIGH

RODING (All Saints) and Aythorpe Roding (St Mary Vn). Also: HIGH EASTER (St Mary Vn) and GOOD EASTER (St Andrew) w MARGARET RODING (St Margaret of Antioch)—Clergy: Dub Gannon (PIC). ● St Mary’s Primary School: Clare Griffiths (HT). ● Diocese of Western Izon (Bendel, Nigeria). 7 THURSDAY Ember Day; Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, Teacher of the Faith, 397 ● STEBBING (St Mary Vn) & LINDSELL (St Mary Vn) w GREAT SALING (St James) and LITTLE (BARDFIELD) SALING (St Peter & St Paul)—Clergy: Tim Goodbody (PIC), Cilla Hawkes (AD, AC), Helen Pelly (AC), Susan Hurley (A). LLM: Paul Green. ● TAKELEY (Holy Trinity) w LITTLE CANFIELD (All Saints)—Clergy: Rob Burles (PIC). LLM: Paul Green. ● Diocese of Western Massachusetts (Province 1 The Episcopal Church). 8 FRIDAY THE CONCEPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY ● STANSTED MOUNTFITCHET (St John) w BIRCHANGER (St Mary Vn) & FARNHAM (St Mary Vn)—Clergy: Paul Wilkin (R). ● St Mary’s School, Stansted: Christine Tonkins (HT). CONTINUED ON PAGE II


THE MONTH — NB SUPPLEMENT December 2017-January 2018

CONTINUED FROM PAGE I The retired clergy, Readers and lay ministers who live and work in the Deanery of Dunmow and Stansted. Diocese of Western Michigan (Province V, The Episcopal Church). 9 SATURDAY One of today’s readings tells us that “when he saw the crowds, Jesus had compassion for them, for they were harassed and helpless...” (Matthew 9.36). Mercy, compassion, loving kindness – these words are at the core of Jesus’ ministry, and form a constant theme throughout the Bible: the Hebrew word “hesed”; the Greek word eleos (as in “Kyrie eleison”); the Latin word “Misericordia”. Mercy is not soft peddaling the Gospel – mercy IS the mission of the church. Diocese of Western Newfoundland (Canada). 10 THE SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT Pray for all who work in radio or television, the work of Premier Radio, and all stations relating to the Diocese. Diocese of Western North Carolina (Province IV, The Episcopal Church). 11 MONDAY THE DEANERY OF HARWICH—Area Dean: Simon Heron.Lay Chair: John Baker. Gillian Moore (CHP, St Helena Hospice). Diocese of Wiawso (Ghana, West Africa). 12 TUESDAY DEDHAM (St Mary Virgin)—Clergy: Antony Wilson (PIC). Dedham School: Heather Tetchner (HT). ELMSTEAD (St Anne and St Laurence)—Clergy: Pauline Scott (PIC), Pauline Hart (A). HARWICH PENINSULA TEAM MINISTRY: Dovercourt (All Saints) & Parkeston (St Paul), Harwich (St Nicholas), Ramsey (St Michael) w Little Oakley (St Mary Vn)—Clergy: Margaret Shaw (TR), Rosie Tallowin (TV), Sam Winney (AC). LLM: Sioux Thorpe. All Saints School, Dovercourt: Mark Millbourne (HT). Two Village School, Ramsey/Little Oakley: Natasha Bennett (HT). Diocese of Kibondo (Tanzania). 13 WEDNESDAY Lucy, Martyr at Syracuse, 304, Samuel Johnson, Moralist, 1784; Ember Day ARDLEIGH (St Mary Vn) and THE BROMLEYS (St George, St Mary Vn)—Clergy: Antony Wilson (CIC). St Mary’s School, Ardleigh: Donna Parker (HT). St George’s School, Great Bromley: Julie O’Mara (HT). GREAT OAKLEY (All Saints) w WIX (St Mary) & WRABNESS (All Saints)—Clergy: Liz Barnes (PIC), Laura Garnham (A). All Saints School, Great Oakley: Jane Simmons (HT). Diocese of Windward Islands (West Indies). 14 THURSDAY John of the Cross, Poet, Teacher of the Faith, 1591 LAWFORD—Clergy: Gillian Moore, Sally Morris (AC). Reader: Margaret Southgate. Lawford School: Donna Wenden (HT). MISTLEY w MANNINGTREE (St Mary and St Michael) w BRADFIELD (St Lawrence)—Clergy: Dominic Turner (PIC), John Brien (AC), Claire Scargill (A). Reader: Stacie Withers. Mistley Norman School: Karen Jones (HT). Diocese of Wondurba (Loryko, Sudan). 15 FRIDAY TENDRING (St Edmund) and LITTLE BENTLEY (St Mary Vn) w BEAUMONT-CUM-MOZE (St Leonard)—Clergy: Liz Barnes (PIC). The retired clergy, Readers and lay ministers who live and work in the Deanery of Harwich. Diocese of Wyoming (Province VI, The Episcopal Church). 16 SATURDAY Ember Day Tomorrow – or in the Book of Common Prayer today – has an unusual name: “O Sapientia” – “O Wisdom!” It comes from a series of short songs that are sometimes sung in these coming days at Evening Prayer (you can find them in many hymn books in the hymn “O come, o come, Emmanuel”). These are songs of longing, hope and yearning as we walk the last days to Christmas – an invitation to each of us to make space in our busy preparations for the Lord of our lives to renew his presence in us. Diocese of Wusasa (Kaduna, Nigeria). 17 THE THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT Pray for the Church of England Guild of Vergers and give thanks for the work and devotion of the men and women who carry out this important task. Diocese of Wyoming (Province VI, The Episcopal Church). 18 MONDAY THE DEANERY OF SAFFRON WALDEN—Area Dean: David Tomlinson. Lay Chair: Graham Cook. Assistant Area Dean: Margaret Davis. Bishop’s Advisor on Women’s Ministry: Jenny Tomlinson. Diocese of Yambio (Minye, Sudan). 19 TUESDAY ICKNIELD WAY VILLAGES: Great Chishill (St Swithun), Little Chishill (St Nicholas), Chrishall (Holy Trinity), Elmdon (St Nicholas), Strethall (St Mary Vn), Heydon (Holy Trinity), Duddenhoe End (The Hamlet Church). Clergy: nand Sodadasi (R). Chrishall School: Tracey Bratley (HT).

CYCLE OF HIGH EASTER: Please pray for the clergy and congregation on December 6. Note that the church is incorporated into the village sign (inset). Pictures: JON LONGMAN

Most Revd Stephen than Myint Oo, Archbishop of Myanmar. 20 WEDNESDAY SAFFRON WALDEN AND VILLAGES TEAM MINISTRY: Saffron Walden, Wendons Ambo (St Mary Vn), Littlebury (Holy Trinity), Ashdon (All Saints), Hadstock (St Botolph), Debden (St Mary Vn), Wimbish w Thunderley (All Saints), Great Chesterford (All Saints), Little Chesterford (St Mary Vn)—Clergy: David Tomlinson (AD,TR), Richard Spencer (TV), Paula Griffiths, Tim Hardingham, Jenny Tomlinson (AC), Rachel Prior, John Saxon (A). LLM: Marisa Baltrock, Tracey Nicholls. Reader: Graham Davies. St Mary’s School, Saffron Walden: Karen Cayford (HT). Debden School: Louise Gurney (HT). Great Chesterford Primary Academy: Sarah Mitchell (HT) Diocese of Yei (Loryko, Sudan). 21 THURSDAY THAXTED (St John and St Laurence)—Clergy: Philip Tarris (R), Christopher Brown (AC). Reader: Adrian Wright. THE SAMPFORDS (St Mary Virgin, St Michael) and RADWINTER (St Mary Virgin) with HEMPSTEAD (St Andrew)— Clergy: Philip Tarris (R), Christopher Brown (AC).. Radwinter School: Linda Todd (HT). Diocese of Yewa [form. Egbado] (Lagos, Nigeria). 22 FRIDAY CLAVERING (St Mary & St Clement) and LANGLEY (St John Evn) w ARKESDEN (St Mary Vn) and WICKEN BONHUNT (St Margaret); MANUDEN (St Mary Vn) and BERDEN (St Nicholas) —Clergy: Margaret Davies (V). HENHAM (St Mary Vn) and ELSENHAM (St Mary Vn) w UGLEY (St Peter)—Clergy: Gary Townsend (V), Gary Tubbs (AC). Elsenham School: Linda Reid (HT). Diocese of Yirol (Bahr El Ghazal, Sudan). 23 SATURDAY We are nearly at Christmas Eve and the unfolding narrative of God becoming one of us in Christ Jesus so that we might become one with him – songs of angels calling us to the cradle to see the wonder of Christ’s poverty, and the helplessness of God which turns out to be the only way God saves us, his strength in our weakness. Diocese of Yokohama (Japan). 24 THE FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT CHRISTMAS EVE Please pray for the members of the Guild of Servants of the Sanctuary, and the Company of Servers, and all people who serve Christ at the altar. Diocese of Yola (Jos, Nigeria). 25 CHRISTMAS DAY — NATIVITY OF OUR LORD To us a child is born, to us a son is given, and his name will be called the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6) Diocese of York (England). 26 TUESDAY STEPHEN, DEACON, FIRST MARTYR NEWPORT (St Mary Vn) w WIDDINGTON (St Mary Vn), QUENDON (St Simon & St Jude) w RICKLING (All Saints)— Clergy: Neil McLeod (V). LLM: Andrea Harrison. Rickling School: Allan Gardiner (HT). The retired clergy, Readers and lay ministers who live and work in the Deanery of Saffron Walden. Diocese of Ysabel (Melanesia).

27 WEDNESDAY ST JOHN, APOSTLE AND EVANGELIST THE DEANERY OF ST OSYTH—Area Dean: Pauline Scott. Lay Chair: Wendy King. ALRESFORD (St Andrew) and FRATING w THORRINGTON (St Mary), ELMSTEAD (St Anne)—Clergy: Pauline Scott (AD, R), Pauline Hart (A). Reader: John Harper. BRIGHTLINGSEA (All Saints w St James)—Clergy: Vacancy (PIC). Licensed Lay Minister: Catherine Graham. CLACTON (St James)—Clergy: Vacancy (V). CLACTON (St Paul)—Clergy: David Lower (PIC). Diocese of Yukon (British Columbia & the Yukon, Canada). 28 THURSDAY THE HOLY INNOCENTS FRINTON (St Mary Magdalene)—Clergy: Don Smith (R). Licensed Lay Minister: Maggie Wilson. GREAT CLACTON (St John the Baptist)—Clergy: Vacancy, (V), Mark Mulryne (AC), Phillip Sacre (A). Readers: Mary Grint, Sheila Neale, Robin Whitworth, Ruth Whitworth. Great Clacton C of E Junior School (Academy): Alison Syred-Paul (HT). HOLLAND-ON-SEA (St Bartholomew)—Clergy: Vacancy (PIC), David Lower (AC), Susan Wiggins (A). Ti Alan Chase (Lay Missioner). KIRBY-LE-SOKEN (St Michael) w GREAT HOLLAND (All Saints)—Clergy: Mark Holdaway (R). Diocese of Zaki-Biam (Abuja, Nigeria). 29 FRIDAY ST OSYTH (St Peter & St Paul), GREAT BENTLEY (St Mary Vn)—Clergy: Sharon Miles (PIC). Reader: Wendy King. St Osyth School: Mark Carter-Tufnell (HT). THORPE-LE-SOKEN (St Michael)—Clergy: Jeremy Dowding (PIC). Rolph School: Stephanie Newland/Lorraine Ratcliffe (HT). WALTON-LE-SOKEN (All Saints)—Clergy: Peter Edwards (R). WEELEY (St Andrew) w LITTLE CLACTON (St James)— Clergy: Clergy: Jeremy Dowding (PIC). St Andrew’s School: Lisa Finch/Lorraine Ratcliffe (HT). The retired clergy, Readers and lay ministers who live and work in the Deanery of St Osyth. Diocese of Kivu (Rwanda). 30 SATURDAY Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr, 1170 Tomorrow – the Sunday after Christmas – often feels like an optional extra, especially after all the family celebrations, the journeys, and New Year on the horizon. But the Sunday after Christmas, with its special readings and prayers, encourages us not to stay by the crib, not to look inwards, but to get on our feet and go. God has a mission, and has shown us the shape of that in Jesus. Now it’s our turn to respond. Dioceses of Zaria (Kaduna, Nigeria) and Zonkwa (Abuja, Nigeria). 31 THE FIRST SUNDAY OF CHRISTMAS Pray for the staff of the Cathedral, the events to be held there and for all those who will visit during the coming year. Give thanks, too, for all who generously give of their time as volunteers. Diocese of Zululand (Southern Africa).



1 MONDAY THE NAMING AND CIRCUMCISION OF JESUS Please pray for Bishop Stephen Cottrell; for the Area Bishops – Peter Hill and Roger Morris; the Assistant Bishop and PEV – Norman Banks; the Assistant Bishops - Trevor Mwamba and Roderick Thomas; the Honorary Assistant Bishop – Derek Bond; and for their families. Do not be anxious: in everything make your requests known to God in prayer and petition with thanksgiving. (Phil.4:7) 2 TUESDAY Basil the Great and Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishops, Teachers of the Faith, 379 and 389 Seraphim, Monk of Sarov, Spiritual Guide, 1833 Vedanayagam Samuel Azariah, Bishop in Southern India, Evangelist, 1945 BARKING EPISCOPAL AREA—Peter Hill , Area Bishop; Archdeacons Elwin Cockett (West Ham), Vanessa Herrick (Harlow) and John Perumbalath (Barking); and all the members of the Barking Area Team. 3 WEDNESDAY THE DEANERY OF BARKING AND DAGENHAM­—Area Dean: Martin Court. Lay Chair: Dean Gillespie. Assistant Area Dean: Graham Dowling. Chaplains: Mirabai Swingler and Anthony Rablen (North East London Foundation NHS Trust). 4 THURSDAY BARKING (St Erkenwald)—Clergy: Young Lee (PIC). BECONTREE SOUTH TM (St Alban, St Martin, St John the Divine)—Clergy: Vacancy (TR), Mark Blakely (A), Raymond Descombes (A). 5 FRIDAY BECONTREE (St Cedd)—Clergy: Tony Rablen (V), Ruth Dowley (A). BECONTREE (St Elisabeth)—Clergy: Steven Hanna (V). 6 SATURDAY THE EPIPHANY The feast of the Epiphany is a kind of re-run of Christmas and in many Christian churches is seen as more important than Christmas because it is all about Jesus, the saviour of the world, being made known to the peoples of the world. Three themes

BEAUCHAMP RODING: Please pray for the clergy and congregation on December 4

dominate Epiphany: the pagan Magi coming to worship him; his baptism by John in the Jordan; his first miracle at Cana in Galilee, turning water into wine – these extraordinary signs showing that God has come among us in Jesus Christ that the world might be saved through him (John 3.17). 7 THE BAPTISM OF CHRIST (THE FIRST SUNDAY OF EPIPHANY) Almighty God, you anointed Jesus at his baptism with the Holy Spirit, and revealed him as your beloved Son; grant that we who are baptised into his name may give up our lives to your service, and be found worthy of our calling. 8 MONDAY BECONTREE (St Thomas)—Clergy: Gemma Stock (V), Carol Newnham (A). BECONTREE (St Mary, Hartley Brook Church)—Clergy: Vacancy (V). Reader: Cliff McLeod. 9 TUESDAY CHADWELL HEATH (St Chad)—Clergy: Martin Court (V); Christine Harding (AC), Chika Nduku (A). 10 WEDNESDAY William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1645 DAGENHAM (St Peter and St Paul)—Clergy: Joel Edwards (PIC). Reader: Kathy Playle. William Ford Junior School: Richard Hopkins (HT). Dagenham Park CE School: Simon Weaver (HT). 11 THURSDAY Mary Slessor, Missionary in West Africa, 1915 BECONTREE (St George)­—Clergy: Simon Smallwood (V) MARKS GATE (St Mark)—Clergy: Timothy Brampton (PIC). 12 FRIDAY Aelred of Hexham, Abbot of Rievaulx, 1167; Benedict Biscop, Abbot of Wearmouth, Scholar, 689 BARKING (St Margaret)—Clergy: Rt Revd Dr Trevor Mwamba (TR) (Assistant Bishop); Elwon John (AC). St Margaret’s School: Ruth Ejvet (HT). George Carey Primary School: Christopher Harrison (HT). 13 SATURDAY Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, Teacher of the Faith, 367; Kentigern (Mungo), Missionary Bishop in Strathclyde and Cumbria; 603 George Fox, Founder of the Society of Friends, 1691 George Fox founded the Quakers – they got their name because a magistrate in Derby upbraided Fox for “quaking” in court. He was a powerful figure of the “radical” reformation stressing the need for personal commitment and regularly being imprisoned for his attacks on the Church of England. He taught a deeply contemplative way of prayer. Although many Quakers today do not want to call themselves Christian, George Fox’s faith is rooted in the Gospel and in the person of Jesus, with a message for Christians of all traditions today. 14 THE SECOND SUNDAY OF EPIPHANY Pray for the Proctors and Laity of our Diocese who are members of the General Synod, that they may be filled with the wisdom and love of the Holy Spirit. 15 MONDAY BARKING (St Patrick)—Clergy: Graham Dowling (V). LLM: Matthew Harding. Reader: Marco Filipe Lopes. THAMES VIEW (Christ Church)­—Clergy: Vacancy (V). The retired clergy, Readers and lay ministers who live and work in the Deanery of Barking and Dagenham. 16 TUESDAY THE DEANERY OF EPPING FOREST AND ONGAR—Area Dean: Joyce Smith. Lay Chair: Martyn Lockwood. Assistant Area Deans: Malcolm Macdonald, Peter Smith. 17 WEDNESDAY Antony of Egypt, Hermit, Abbot, 356; Charles Gore, Bishop, Founder of the Community of the Resurrection, 1932 BUCKHURST HILL (St John, St Stephen, St Elisabeth)— Clergy: Ian Farley (TR), Sarah Guinness (A). Reader: Steve Bacon. St John’s School: Peter Tidmarsh (HT). 18 THURSDAY Richard Rolle of Hampole, Spiritual Writer, 1349 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins. CHIGWELL AND CHIGWELL ROW TM: Chigwell (St Mary) Chigwell (St Winifred), Chigwell Row (All Saints)—Clergy: Ben King (TR), Paula Preston (TV), Elise Peterson (A). Chigwell School: Simon Paul (CHP). 19 FRIDAY Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester, 1095 EPPING DISTRICT TM—Epping (St John), Epping Upland (All Saints), Coopersale (St Alban)—Clergy: Lee Batson (TR). LLM: Marjorie Austin, Diana Lowry. Reader: Bob Taylor. St John’s Comprehensive School: Allan Osborne (HT). Epping Upland School: Sarah Hurwood (HT). Coopersale & Theydon Garnon School: Teresa Moreton (HT). 20 SATURDAY Richard Rolle of Hampole, Spiritual Writer, 1349 Richard Rolle is one of the four great Christian writers of the 14 England (along with Walter Hilton, Julian of Norwich and

THE MONTH — NB SUPPLEMENT December 2017-January 2018

the author of the Cloud of Knowing). In the middle of a world that was falling apart they all stressed the need for each Christian to take responsibility for their journey with God, always going deeper in silence and prayer. Richard made it quite clear that this call was for everyone, lay or ordained. But – following the teaching of Jesus – he challenged completely the idea that wealth and power could be part of the life of any Christian. 21 THE THIRD SUNDAY OF EPIPHANY Please pray for the Spiritual Direction Co-ordinating Group and all who minister within it. 22 MONDAY Vincent of Saragossa, Deacon, Martyr, 304 LAMBOURNE (St Mary & All Saints) w ABRIDGE (Holy Trinity) and STAPLEFORD ABBOTS (St Mary Vn)—Clergy: Roger Gayler (PIC). 23 TUESDAY LOUGHTON (St John the Baptist, St Nicholas, Trinity Church)—Clergy: Christopher Davies (R); Richard Fisher (AC), Barbara Read (A). 24 WEDNESDAY Francis de Sales, Bishop of Geneva, Teacher of the Faith, 1622 LOUGHTON (St Mary Vn)—Clergy: Malcolm Macdonald (V); Sam Pollard (AC), Lydia Petitt (A). Readers: Pat Laker, Pat Miller. 25 THURSDAY THE CONVERSION OF ST PAUL THE THEYDON PARISHES: Theydon Bois (St Mary Vn), Theydon Garnon (All Saints), Stapleford Tawney St Mary the Virgin w Theydon Mount St Michael—Clergy: John Fry (V). LLM: Martyn Lockwood. 26 FRIDAY Holocaust Memorial Day —Thomas Aquinas, Priest, Philosopher, Teacher of the Faith, 1274 WALTHAM ABBEY TM—Waltham Abbey (Holy Cross & St Lawrence), High Beach (Holy Innocents), Upshire (St Thomas) & Ninefields (St Lawrence)—Clergy: Peter Smith (TR), Trevor Scott (AC), Joyce Smith, (AD, AC), Jane Begley (A), Alexandra Guest (A). High Beach School: Sarah Roffey (HT). Hillhouse School: Jo Willcox (HT). 27 SATURDAY Holocaust Memorial Day Tomorrow – or next Tuesday – churches are celebrating Candlemas, the last day of the Christmas / Epiphany cycle. No one really knows where the candles come in – though blessing candles was traditional on the day in many church traditions. But the heart of the celebration is Jesus being presented in the temple by his parents and being welcomed by Simeon and Anna – in Simeon’s great words, Jesus is a light to enlighten all the peoples of the earth, and that is God’s mission through his church today. 28 THE PRESENTATION OF CHRIST IN THE TEMPLE (THE FOURTH SUNDAY OF EPIPHANY) O God, who in the work of creation commanded the light to shine out of darkness: we pray that the light of the glorious gospel of Christ may shine into the hearts of all your people, dispelling the darkness of ignorance and unbelief , and revealing to them the knowledge of your glory in the face of Jesus Christ. Amen. 29 MONDAY LOUGHTON (St Michael & All Angels)—Clergy: Nina Coulthard (V), Lorraine Smart (A). Reader: Elizabeth Price. 30 TUESDAY Charles, King and Martyr, 1649 BLACKMORE (St Laurence) w Stondon Massey (St Peter and St Paul)—Clergy: Sam Brazier-Gibbs (V), Stewart Gibbs (AC).. Reader: Anthea Gray. 31 WEDNESDAY John Bosco, Priest, Founder of the Salesian Teaching Order, 1888 CHIPPING ONGAR (St Martin) w SHELLEY (St Peter)—Clergy: Noelle Taylor (R), Neil Taylor (AC), Jane Quinton (A). NOTES:

The Cycle of Prayer is also available on the Diocesan website: www. Where parochial links are known to exist the names of overseas workers are placed immediately after the appropriate parish. Further information concerning overseas dioceses, including the names of bishops, is contained in the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, available on their website www.anglicancommunion. org/acp/main.cfm. Honorary Editor: Jenny Robinson, 71 Powers Hall End, Witham, Essex CM8 1NH, 01376 516727 (email: who would be glad to receive comments and corrections and also any items for prayer and praise to be considered for inclusion from the parishes.


A Assistant Clergy; AAD Assistant Area Dean; AC Associate Clergy; ACD Associate Clergy Diaconate; AD Area Dean; ASM Associate Minister, AT Assistant Clergy Title Post; AYO Area Youth Officer, BP Bishop; C Community Worker; CA Church Army; CIC Curate in Charge; CHP Chaplain; EVN Evangelist; HT Head Teacher; LD Locally Deployed; LLM Licensed Lay Minister; MCD Minister of Conventional District; MIN Minister, P Priest; PIC Priest in Charge; R Rector; Rdes Rector designate; RDR Reader; PTO Permission to Officiate; RES Residentiary Canon; SNP Special Needs Post, T Teacher; TM Team Ministry; TR Team Rector; TV Team Vicar; V Vicar; Vdes Vicar designate; WDN Warden.



THE MONTH — NB SUPPLEMENT December 2017-January 2018


month — What’s on near you during December in Essex & East London

Saturday, November 18 ● Valentine Singers' Autumn Concert at Seven Kings High School, Ley Street, Ilford IG2 7BT A Sense of Home, featuring: Hiawatha's Wedding Feast - Samuel Coleridge-Taylor; Four Slovak Folk Songs - Beta Bartok; A Gershwin Portrait - George Gershwin arr Huff. Charles MacDougall - tenor soloist and reader; Tim Smith - pianist; Christine Gwynn - conductor, Tickets: If bought in advance £12 (£7 students/ benefit holders. Under16's free). On the door £15 (£9 students/ benefit holders. Under 16'sfree).Tickets available on line or from 020 8550 4654. Full information on ● Christmas Fayre at Sandon village Hall 12noon - 2:30pm. Lots of stalls including bottle tombola, gifts, children’s stall, cakes, bric and brac, Grand raffle and much more. Offers of help to Liz on 471756. ● Christmas bazaar and open church at St Peter’s, Nevendon SS13 1BZ. ● Autumn Fayre at St John’s Church Hall, Church Lane, Loughton IG10 1PD.11:00am 3:00pmAn enjoyable day with bottle tombola, raffle, cake stall, jams, jewellery, children's craft activities, etc. Refreshments: lunches served from 12 noon. Licensed bar. For more details please email Saturday-Sunday, November 18-19 ● St Peter's Aldborough Hatch, Aldborough Road North, Aldborough Hatch, Ilford IG2 7QN Bus Routes: 66, 296 and 396 – Nearest station: Newbury Park. Christmas Market on the Saturday - 10am-4pm. Grand Draw - Christmas Goods - Craft - Home-made Cakes and Preserves - Christmas Cards and Notelets - Toys - Refreshments. Exhibition of Nativity Sets in the Church on the Saturday (10am-4pm); Sunday 19th (11.30am-6.30pm). Father Christmas will be in his Grotto on Saturday from 12noon to 2pm. Sunday, November 19 ● St Mary the Virgin church is holding a Christmas Market from 10am-2pm in the Village Hall, Stapleford Road, Stapleford Abbotts RM4 1EJ. Admission £1. Stalls will include homemade cakes and preserves, jewellery, clothes, bric-a-brac, tombola and raffle. Refreshments available all day. ● Messy Church at Emmanuel, Laindon Road, Billericay CM12 9LD.10am. We have a new monthly service, especially for young families, in the church hall every third Sunday at 10am -10.50am. A light breakfast will be served from 9.45am. Messy Church is a way of being church for families involving fun as a church. Wednesday, November 22 ● THE Keene Lectures 2017 are entitled Luther’s Heritage with a film night and three lectures commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 1517 and interpreting its significance for today. The final event takes place in the Cathedral at 8pm. Edward Carter, the Canon Theologian at Chelmsford Cathedral, says: “Significant 500th anniversaries don’t come round very often, and the moment when Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door on 31st October 1517 has affected the church in the west ever since." "So I’m delighted that our three Keene Lecturers this year will be reflecting on that moment and helping us think about what it might mean for us today. Duncan Morrow, Judith Champ and Sarah Perry all bring tremendous expertise in their different fields, as well as having excellent reputations as engaging speakers." Dr Sarah Perry will end the series on November 22, addressing ‘The Women and the Common Men: A Gothic Novelist’s take on The English Reformation and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs’. l For further information, go to www. Friday, November 24 ● Chair-based Exercise Class at St Nicholas church, Canvey. 11.45am - 1.30pm. Come and join in Chair-based exercises, short prayers and a light healthy lunch (donation please).

Regular events Every Sunday unless otherwise stated ● Chelmsford Cathedral. 3.30pm. Evensong. See advertisement on back page for complete list of main services in the cathedral. ● Afternoon Teas at All Saints’ Epping Upland. CM16 6PH.Come and enjoy our lovely rural setting and fantastic views, whilst tasting delicious home-made cakes, tea and coffee. We are dog friendly and have water bowls for our four-legged friends. 3pm-5pm Monday-Saturday ● Kings Cafe (above Aldi), London Road, Lexden, Colchester. Monday-Friday 10am4pm; Sat 10am-2pm. Every Wednesday ● Chelmsford Cathedral. 1pm-3pm. ‘Welcome on Wednesday’ in the Cathedral with our lay chaplain Jean Standen; tea/coffee and cakes. All welcome. ● St Mary the Virgin, Church Road, Corringham. 10am-4pm. Church will be open every Wednesday for visitors, to see this historic building, there is a Saxon wall, Norman tower, 13th century tombstones, Medieval stained glass and more. All welcome. ● Chelmsford Cathedral 9.30am. Baby and Toddler Group (term-time only). ● St John's Church, Stratford. 1.10pm. Lunchtime Concerts. For information www. Every Friday from September 6 ● Chelmsford Cathedral. 12.30-1.15pm. Lunchtime Concert. Admission is free, but we welcome your contributions, which are divided between various charities and Cathedral expenses. Light refreshments are available in the Cathedral from 12 noon, or you are welcome to bring your own if you wish. The performers for each concert can be viewed online at www. Saturday, November 25 ● All Saints, Church Street, London E15 3HU. Winter Fayre.12 noon - 4pm with festal activities and events for young people, community groups and schools. St John Ambulance training, seasonal performances, useful gifts for all on sale, festive tombola and raffle, varied multiethnic food for sale and refreshments, lots of fun, 50p entrance, stalls for rent (0208 519 0764). ● St Michael's church, Fobbing. Bazaar in Gardner Hall. 11am - 3pm. Stalls: Cakes, Gifts, Tombola, Books, Refreshments. ● St Lawrence Church Bradfield - Christmas Craft Market. Bradfield Community Centre Bradfield, Manningtree CO11 2UU. 10am - 4pm. Craft & food stalls, refreshments, raffle, tombola, plus Father Christmas. Admission £1 (accompanied children under 16 free). ● Big Bang Bazaar at St George’s Church Hall, Ongar Road (near Robin Hood roundabout), Brentwood CM14 4XU. 10:30am - 2pm. Presents' stalls, cake & sweets stall, toys & games, raffles, tombolas, books & DVDs, candle stall, Advent candles and calendars & Advent and Christmas books. Father Christmas. Admisison 50p - event in aid of Church Funds. ● Christmas Bazaar at Church of Our Saviour, Chelmer Village, 10am-1pm. Sunday, November 26 ● Back to Church Sunday 08.30am Service and 10.00am Service at St Nicholas church, 208 Long Road, Canvey Island SS8 OJR. Friday, December 1 ● St. Andrews Sandon Patronal Festival, 7.30pm. Saturday, December 2 ● Chelmsford. 10am-12 noon. Cathedral Coffee Morning in the Chapter House. Enjoy fresh coffee, home-made scones and bring & buy. ● Friends of Messing Church Christmas Market in village hall from 11am-2pm (postcode CO5 9TY). Stalls will include Totham Bangers, homemade cakes and preserves, smokehouse, bread, cards, crafts, children's table, mulled wine, tombola and raffle. Refreshments. ● St.Nicholas Church Christmas Fair, South Ockendon RM15 6SD,from 11am to 2pm.Free door entry draw.Xmas decorations.Santa and sweets for the children.Stalls will include gifts,cak

es,cards,jams,chutneys,and bottles.Xmas cafe. Great seasonal raffle prizes and,for the first time,pay a £1 for a chance to win £50. ● Men's breakfast at St Leonard's church, Lexden. 9.15am. In the Nicholls room in the church, breakfast of cereals, bacon rolls, fruit juice, tea/coffee. Friendly chat followed by prayer time. ● 7:30pm - 9:30pm Clacton Choral Christmas is coming at St James, Clacton. ● 7:30pm - 10:00pm J.S.Bach Christmas Oratorio at St Michael and All Angels, Leigh-onSea. Saturday-Sunday, December 2-3 ● Christmas Tree Festival. St Mary's Church, Church Street, Kelvedon, Colchester CO5 9AL Opening times: Saturday 11am - 6pm; Sunday 11am - 5pm. More than 30 Christmas trees decorated in all manner of styles by local families and societies plus seasonal enterainment and refreshments. Now in its ninth year! ● 10:00am - 5:00pm. Christmas tree festival and Christmas market at Holy Trinity, Hatfield Heath. Sunday, December 3 ● St Mary’s, Maldon. Advent Carol Service. 6pm Wednesday, December 6 ● The Fox, Layer de la Haye, Colchester CO2 0JH. Noon-1.30pm. Men’s Pub Lunch. A friendly bunch of men from Layer de la Haye and nearby villages enjoy a pub lunch, a drink and each other’s company. It's simple, totally informal, no strings and we each pay for our own order. In odd numbered months we meet at the Donkey and Buskins, Layer de la Haye. In even numbered months we meet at the Fox, Layer de la Haye. Please e-mail or 'phone him on 01206 738 759 by the Sunday before the lunch if you're coming. ● Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock. 1pm3pm. Café Theology. Meet at the Food Court. ● Library at the Diocesan Office, 53 New Street, Chelmsford. 1pm. The Chelmsford Christian Bookshop Reading Group. Everyone is welcome and it is free to join in. For details, please contact the bookshop on 01245 294405 or email Thursday, December 7 ● The Benfleet Operatic Society presents Night of Miracles at St Nicholas Church, Canvey Island, SS8 OJR. Starts at 8pm. Tickets £6.00, Concessions £5.00. Tickets available from Parish Office 01268 511098 8:00pm - 10:00pm A Night of Miracles at St Nicholas Church, Canvey Island. Saturday-Sunday, December 9-10 ● Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Danbury 55 Main Road Danbury. Come and see a festival of Christmas Trees decorated by local groups Saturday 9 December 10.30-4pm Sunday 10 December 11.30 -4pm Free admission to church and all activities Children’s Activities include: Visiting Father Christmas (either afternoon), Christmas Story time, Christmas decoration making, Christmas Tree decoration. Saturday, December 9 ● St Mary’s Maldon, Handel's Messiah with the Choir of St Mary’s and Pegasus Baroque Orchestra. 7.30pm. Full details ● 1:00pm - 6:00pm All Saints' Church, Barling Magna, Frost Fayre. In picturesque Church Road with its beautiful Christmas lights, the Annual Frost Fayre takes place this year on 9th December, 1-6pm. New features this year as well as old favourites. Santa Claus will leave St. Mary's Church, Little Wakering at 12.45pm in his sleigh and drive to All Saints' arriving at 1pm. Barbeque, mulled wine, home-made cakes, Bric a Brac, Children's Tombola. "Dinosaurs", Candyfloss, Guess the Weight of the Goose, "Knock Down Snowmen" and much, much more. Church Road planned to be traffic free. Car parking and traffic stewards. ● Christmas Market by the Friends of Sandon Church 4pm This evening will include a visit from Father Christmas, lighting of the Christmas Tree, carol singing and various craft stalls in church. Come and buy your Christmas presents. ● 7:00pm - 9:00pm Epping Forest Singers Concert at St John's, Loughton.

● 7:30pm - 10:00pm 'Times and Seasons' Christmas concert at St George's Brentwood. Monday, December 11 ● 7:00pm - 10:00pm "Creative Christmas" in aid of the Flower Fund, All Saints' Church, Barling Magna. Sunday, December 17 ● St Mary’s Maldon. Ceremony of Nine Lessons and Carols. 6pm. ● Messy Church at Emmanuel, Billericay. A new monthly service starting at Emmanuel, especially for young families, will take place in the church hall every third Sunday at 10.00 am - we aim to finish at 10.50 am. A light breakfast will be served from 9.45 am. Messy Church ... is a way of being church for families involving fun is a church, not a craft club, that helps people learn more about Jesus is for all ages and is based on creativity, hospitality and celebration ● 3:00pm - 4:00pm Crib & Christingle Service at St Mary's Buttsbury ● 6:30pm - 8:30pm Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at St. Andrews Church Sandon. Tuesday, December 19 ● 7:00pm - 9:00pm Beer and Carolsat Crown public House, Sandon. Thursday, December 21 ● St Lawrence Newland Church, St Lawrence Hill, St Lawrence, CM0 7LN. 7:00pm - 8:00pm The traditional service will be candle-lit and supported by the St Lawrence Singers. Light refreshments to follow. Saturday, December 24 ● Midnight Communion Service at St. Andrews Church Sandon. Come and welcome the new born Christ child Arrive early to obtain a seat at this popular service. Christmas Day ● Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services will be taking palace across the Diocese. Find the details of your local church services on the new A Church Near You website. Visit the website at Sunday, December 31 ● St Mary's Buttsbury. 3:00pm - 4:00pm Nine Lessons and Carol Service with candles Wednesday, January 4 ● The Fox, Layer de la Haye, Colchester CO2 0JH. Noon-1.30pm. Men’s Pub Lunch. A friendly bunch of men from Layer de la Haye and nearby villages enjoy a pub lunch, a drink and each other’s company. It's simple, totally informal, no strings and we each pay for our own order. In odd numbered months we meet at the Donkey and Buskins, Layer de la Haye. In even numbered months we meet at the Fox, Layer de la Haye. Please e-mail or 'phone him on 01206 738 759 by the Sunday before the lunch if you're coming. ● Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock. 1pm3pm. Café Theology. Meet at the Food Court. ● Library at the Diocesan Office, 53 New Street, Chelmsford. 1pm. The Chelmsford Christian Bookshop Reading Group. Everyone is welcome and it is free to join in. For details, please contact the bookshop on 01245 294405 or email Saturday, January 6 ● Men's breakfast at St Leonard's Church, Lexden. 9.15am. In the Nicholls room in the church. Breakfast of cereals bacon rolls fruit juice tea/coffee, friendly chat followed by prayer time. ● Chelmsford. 10am-12 noon. Cathedral Coffee Morning in the Chapter House. Enjoy fresh coffee, home-made scones and bring & buy. Sunday, January 7 ● St Mary’s Maldon. Epiphany Carol Service and Plough Sunday blessing of the plough. 6pm Latest events ● You can find the latest events online at calendar. ● Cathedral events can be viewed online at events-diary.

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