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RELSKA Vodka I’d really, rather Relska!

About RELSKA Vodka Relska Vodka originated in Hartford, CT in the year 1721. It is produced by L. Relsky & CIE and made from grain. With 40% of ABV, this bottom-shelf vodka is the perfect mixer drink and has the average price of $6.75.

Marketing History Heublein, producer of Smirnoff Vodka, enjoyed a leading brand with a dominant share of its market for two decades. Smirnoff was then attacked on price by another brand, Wolfschmidt, produced by the Seagram Company LTD. Wolfschmidt was priced at $1 a bottle less than Smirnoff and claimed the same quality. Recognizing a real danger of customers switching to Wolfschmidt, Heublein needed a strategy to protect its market dominance. Heublein introduced a new brand, Relska and positioned it head-to-head as fighting brand against Wolfschmidt’s price and market segment.

Current logo and slogan Red, Gold and Navy Blue logo Packaging can be overwhelming


RELSKA: Playing Cards Edition

RELSKA: How-To Magazine feature

RELSKA: The Diplomatic Drink

Target Audience College students Anyone 21 and over

Redesigned logo and slogan RELSKA VODKA “The Diplomatic Drink Since 1971� Keeping the red and gold theme with white background. Simple that stands out but not overwhelming. Label was enlarged to symbolize official stamp of diplomacy.

Facebook & Instagram In many countries, vodka is national treasure, and so when we drink, it is never about just drinking but a moment of celebration. Nothing captures that sense of celebration - the shared moment amongst friends, families, colleagues - better than a toast. Like vodka, toasts have been bringing people together around birthdays, weddings or a simple gathering of friends for time immemorial. The “I’d Really, Rather RELSKA” campaign will venture from Facebook to announce the #RatherRELSKA introducing their new website and instagram, as well as teaming up with snapchat.

New RELSKA campaign ** WEBSITE

How do you RELSKA?

Guerilla Marketing Raise awareness of Relska Vodka brand and vodka among snapchatters. Convoy brand values of expressing oneself in a natural and unfiltered way. Reach the Snapchat audience on a massive scale. Engage Snapchatters with a one of a kind, interactive, experience unique to Relska. Drive increase in brand equity and purchase intent.

Snapchat Geofilter Snapchat users can engage in toasting with RELSKA Vodka during the presidential debate, encouraging and making users aware of such a diplomatic drink.

It would be as easy as swiping left for the next filter, taking a snap and sharing it with your friends online!

On any given day, Snapchat reaches 41% of all 18-34 year olds in the United States.

Snapchat Discover Takeover Snapchat also includes a discover page where users can watch tutorials and videos on How-To. We will be revamping the Bar Tricks pamphlet and making it interactive on the day of the presidential debate. This will show users how to mix this diplomatic dr

Relska vodka  
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