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TV Remote controller-User Interface

Introduction Brainstorming Analysis Thinking Flow

Table of Content Storyboard Model Prototype Icon Design

Nowadays, there are many products that are used by touching interface; therefore, if some products can include touching function, that will attach value for products. In our lives, television and technological device are popular and normal in each house. If they can be combined with the touching screen that will be make better and good for users.


A redesign is being proposed for several reasons: 1. No touching screen on TV and making touching screen more humanity 2. If we can use touching screen on TV or some devices, that will make usability friendly. 3. People spend a lot of time on TV program. First concept: My plan will focus on television's interface; therefore, we will create new icons to make users who control TV easily. Though the redesign TV's interface, that will make users who feel more easy and convenience. The process of design: 1. Researching the products, product interface, and icon design. 2. Analysis the questions and problems. 3. Making a smooth interface and images.


Problems: Housewives don’t like to use dirty to touch the screen by hands while they are cooking. If controller could combine with some electric devices, users could use the devices which help them to unmiss the TV show.

Analysis (remote controller)

Analysis (Icons) Icons are important for products because they can make users feel easily to control products. Simple shape , bright color, and cute icon are main design style

Thinking Flow Finding: The devices, which can control many player such as DVD, Aux, radio, is important for from this process.



Prototype TV controller system

(1) Push on TV button

(2) On the controller system, and chose a button you want

(3) On the controller system

(4) Playing the TV show

Buttons (up & down)

Prototype (Volume) Volume system

(1) Push on the volume button

(2) Using the up & down buttons to make volume to go up or down

Buttons (up & down)

Prototype (Channel) Channel Number

(1) Push on the channel button

(2) Using the up & down buttons to make channel number to go up or down







Icon Design



Final Version

Thank you

i-phone tv controller  

i-Phone will be a TV controller while people are watching the TV

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